15Bray Wyatt

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Some may find it hard to believe that Bray Wyatt will be WWE lifer. After all, he’s only 29 years old and could still conceivably sell his prime wrestling years to another company for a big payday. Not only that, but some may also argue that WWE’s failure to give

Wyatt a sustained push and the way that they’ve diluted his character following an excellent debut may eventually lead to Wyatt simply feeling burnt out. However, you have to look at things from Wyatt’s perspective. In a few short years, he’s had WrestleMania matches against The Undertaker and John Cena, several main event programs, and has been consistently booked into feuds where he has something to do. Not only that, but he’s currently making around $250,000 a year and should be in line for a pay bump very shortly. Most importantly, however, Wyatt would lose his gimmick if he went elsewhere which would be a huge blow to his value.

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