Top 15 WWE Superstars Who Dated Multiple Coworkers

Throughout the WWE's history, fans have gotten to see numerous onscreen couples as well as some real life couples. There are those such as The Undertaker who has been married a total of three times, but has only dated one former WWE diva who happens to be his current wife, Michelle McCool. In more recent times, Lana and Rusev can also lay claim in joining The Undertaker and McCool with the same credentials.

There are also those on-screen couples that play a role on television but are not romantically involved such as Ted DiBiase Jr. and Maryse (who happens to be married to none other than the Miz).

Not all WWE Superstars are fortunate enough to find love and happiness with the first coworker they date a la Lana and Rusev. Instead, it takes some two, three, sometimes four tries to find the proper coworker for themselves. Here, we take a look at those WWE Superstars and Divas that dated multiple coworkers.

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17 Batista

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Batista recently tied the knot for the third time in 2015 when he married a woman named Sarah Jade who competes in competitive pole dancing. Prior to that Batista had his fair share of relationships while within the WWE. After his second divorce in 2006 to his wife at the time, Angie, Batista started dating the female third of "MNM", Melina. Batista and Melina dated from 2006 to 2008 for sixteen months. Batista is also said to have dated Rebecca DiPietro, a backstage interviewer for the ECW brand, who many likely don't remember. In addition, Batista has also claimed that he has dated the likes of Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes, but details on the lengths of those relationships aren't known as Batista hasn't specified the length of either.

16 Nikki Bella

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The "fearless" half of the Bella Twins is not only the unmarried twin of the pair, but she is the twin to date multiple WWE superstars. Bella's first fling was with Dolph Ziggler back when his gimmick was that of perfection. Bella and Ziggler dated for nine months before calling it quits in April of 2010. The thirty-two-year-old Bella has been dating the thirty-nine-year-old John Cena since November of 2012. They have been together for just a shade over four years now. With Cena and Bella having conflicting views on marriage and kids it's anyones guess as to how long the seemingly happy couple lasts. Not to worry though, Ms.Bella, Ziggler still may be willing to give you kids and marriage as he proclaimed on Total Divas if things don't work out for him and Dana Brooke.

15 Mickie James

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The most prolific relationship on James' resume is none other than the 15-time champion himself, John Cena. Yet details on James and Cena's relationship are rather sketchy. Kenny Dykstra (Kenny of the Spirit Squad) has alleged the two were never actually an item, but were just hooking up, or friends with benefits. Speaking of the forenamed Kenny, he actually dated James at one point and the details on James and Dykstra's relationship are as concrete as can be considering the two were engaged at one point. James had also dated 1/2 of J&J Security, Joey Mercury, at one point. James is currently married to former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. The two have a baby boy who was born in December of 2015.

14 Kelly Kelly

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The former WWE diva and current cast member of the TV show, WAGS, is married to retired hockey player Sheldon Souray, who is 11 years Kelly Kelly's senior at 40 years of age with Kelly Kelly being 29. Prior to getting hitched to Souray, Kelly Kelly had dated former WWE high-flyer and Nexus member Justin Gabriel. The pair dated for two years from 2009 to 2011 before breaking up. Before dating Gabriel, Kelly Kelly was involved in a relationship with former WWE talent, Test. The two dated for over 2 years and the relationship ended abruptly as a result of the unfortunate passing of Test. According to Randy Orton, Kelly Kelly had her fair share of hookups and/or relationships within the WWE which he claims to be in the double digits.

13 Matt Hardy

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The man who now calls himself "Broken Matt Hardy" married fellow TNA wrestler Reby Sky in 2013. Preceding his marriage to Sky, Hardy had his fair share of relationships. None of these relationships was more prolific then his relationship with former WWE talent, Lita. Hardy and Lita dated for six years until Lita was found to be having an affair with fellow WWE talent, Edge. Hardy may play a broken version of himself on TV today, but it doesn't compare to how his ex-girlfriend and former real life friend played him. Hardy also dated Ashley Massaro for a year, not to long after him and Lita had broken up. Shelly Martinez and Hardy were also involved for close to two years before they broke up in 2009.

12 Beth Phoenix

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The former WWE Divas and Women's Champion hasn't been inside of a WWE ring since 2012. The "Glamazon" had dated former WWE Champion turned UFC fighter, CM Punk for a short while. Prior to that, Phoenix had married former wrestler Joey Knight in 2010. Their marriage lasted one year with the two divorcing in 2011. She is currently married to the man billed as the "Rated R Superstar", Edge. The two recently married on October 30th, 2016, which coincidentally happened to be the 43rd birthday for Edge; Edge now has two reasons to celebrate on October 30th. The couple also has two children, with their eldest daughter being born in December of 2013 and their youngest daughter being born in May of 2016.

11 Dolph Ziggler

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The Showoff's most high profile relationship is likely his relationship with popular comedian and movie star Amy Schumer. While the romance between Schumer and Ziggler didn't work out she threw him quite the compliment when she claimed he was too athletic in the bedroom. That's sure to keep the females interested! Prior to dating Schumer, Ziggler dated Nikki Bella, the current flame of the leader of "Cenation", and the "former face that ran the place" (according to AJ Styles), John Cena. Ziggler and Bella dated from sometime between 2008 and 2010 with concrete dates not being established. Most dates point at them dating from July 2009 until April of 2010 which would equal a nine month relationship. In 2016, Ziggler has recently started dating a fellow Ohio native and the protege of Charlotte Flair, Dana Brooke. The two are not only Ohio natives, but they are both Kent State University alumni  as well.

10 AJ Lee

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The wife of CM Punk, Lee has been rumored to have had a wide array of relationships. Before diving into those relationships, let's establish the confirmed relationships Lee has been in. For one, there is the forenamed relationship with Punk. Secondly is her relationship with her former trainer, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and former ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal. Asides from those relationships, Lee is rumored to have dated former WWE talent, Trent Barretta (who rarely made it on screen). Last but not least, she is also rumored to have dated John Cena not just on screen, but in real life as well prior to Cena dating Nikki Bella. Her relationships with Kane and Daniel Bryan were relegated to television only and not real life.

9 Triple H

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Paul Levesque, the COO of WWE by day, and Triple H, the occasional WWE superstar by night, may look like a surprising name to see at first glance on this list. After all, he has been married to the CBO of WWE, Stephanie McMahon, for over a dozen years now; the couple has been married since 2003. Prior to dating McMahon, Triple H was in a long term relationship with Joanie Laurer, better known to the wrestling world as Chyna. The biggest controversy with Trip and Chyna's relationship is that both parties had a different narrative. Hunter claimed he began his relationship with McMahon after he and Chyna had broken up. Chyna claimed Hunter began his relationship with McMahon while the two were still involved.

8 Lita

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Lita's been in her fair share of high profile relationships. Her first relationship was with Matt Hardy which began in 1999 and concluded in 2005 as a result of her infidelity. To make matters worse, Lita cheated on Hardy with a close friend of his and a fellow wrestler, Edge. Maybe Edge took his "the ultimate opportunist" gimmick a little too literally? Lita and Edge dated for a year before breaking up in 2006. Lita's next relationship in the wrestling world was with the man who refers to himself as the "best in the world", CM Punk. Lita and Punk dated for eight months from July of 2009 to March of 2010. Lita has not had any known relationships with a wrestler since her breakup with Punk.


6 Cody Rhodes

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Cody's been married since 2013 to former WWE ring announcer and backstage interviewer Eden Stiles. The two who met in WWE are now in the TNA promotion with Rhodes being billed simply as "Cody" and Eden being billed as "Brandi Rhodes". Cody is not allowed to use the "Rhodes" name as it is owned by the WWE. Prior to dating Stiles, Cody was involved in a two-year relationship with former Miami Heat dancer and Divas champion, Layla El. El is now also married to a former WWE Superstar in her own right. While not confirmed, Rhodes is also rumored to have had a relationship with Maria Kanellis, who has also found love in the wrestling world herself as she recently tied the knot with wrestler Mike Bennett.

5 Chyna

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The "Ninth Wonder of the World" began dating Triple H in 1996. Chyna was hesitant to reveal that she was dating Triple H as she felt her coworkers would believe she only got her spot because of her relationship with Triple H and not because of the talent she possessed. The irony here is that after Hunter left Chyna for Stephanie McMahon in 2000, many have said he slept his way to the top even if he was a main event player prior to his relationship with McMahon. Chyna began dating Hunter's good friend, X-Pac in 2003. The two were engaged at two separate times from 2003-2005, but never ended up marrying. Chyna passed away on April 20th of this year at the hands of a drug overdose.

4 Edge

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When at one point you're billed as "Sexton Hardcastle" it's only fitting that you find yourself on this list. Edge hasn't had as many relationships within the WWE as most on this list; but his relationships have gone further than most. Edge courted Lita in 2005; the only problem was that she was already in a relationship with his buddy, Matt Hardy. This didn't stop Edge. Lita and Edge ended up dating while Hardy was kicked to the curb. I guess you could say Edge was not only the "ultimate opportunist" on screen but in real life as well. Edge and Lita dated for a year before breaking up. Edge began dating Beth Phoenix in March of 2012. Today, he is married to Phoenix and the two have two young daughters, Lyric Rose and Ruby Ever.

3 Layla El

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The last woman to hold the WWE Women's Championship (before it was retired in favor of the Divas Championship) is currently married to former WWE Superstar Ricky Ortiz. Ortiz had a short lived stay in WWE from July of 2008 to August of 2009; he has since been performing on the independent circuit. Layla and Ortiz tied the knot on November 27th, 2015 in Glendale, Arizona. El had also dated The Miz in years past, as well as the man who formerly went by "Dashing", Cody Rhodes. Layla dated Rhodes for two years or close to it from 2009 to 2011. Details on her relationship with the Miz are more scarce but it is likely to be at some point before 2007 as that is when the Miz began to date current wife, Maryse.


1 CM Punk

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One of the most common names thrown around for the meaning of the "CM" before "Punk" are "chick magnet". Let's have a look see at Punk's resume. He's currently married to former WWE Diva, AJ Lee. He dated Maria Kanellis for two years. He dated Beth Phoenix for a couple months. He dated Tracy Brooks for a year. He's rumored to have dated Kelly Kelly. He dated ROH talent, Allison Danger. Before settling down with Lee, it's clear as day that Punk surely got around. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that with Punk's straight edge lifestyle that none of these relationships were promiscuous. If you need a wingman, Punk's your guy; if you need someone to show you the ropes in MMA, Punk isn't your guy.

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