Top 15 WWE Superstars Who Look Incredible For Their Age

Wrestling is a physically demanding job. Wrestlers spend many hours a day in the gym to prepare themselves for their live matches in the evening, but at some point, the hectic travelling schedule and the sheer amount of stress that the job causes ends up paying its price on the Superstar's body.

By the time Superstars reach the age of 40 they usually look much older than their years because of the sheer amount that they have put their bodies through in the years leading up to it.

Some Superstars are lucky enough to avoid this. Superstars like Rob Van Dam who still looks a fraction of his age and still manages to move like a wrestler half his age. But stars like RVD only come around once in a generation. While there are many others in WWE right now who definitely look their age, there are also plenty more who have managed to conceal their actual age by looking so much younger than they are.

Superstars like John Cena and Big Show have been with WWE for more than a decade and even though the wrestlers are on WWE TV on a daily basis and the WWE Universe have seen them age before their eyes, it still doesn't feel as though they have aged at all.

The following is a list of these Superstars. The ones who seem to be defying the science of time and have managed to stay looking young despite the years continuing to advance on them.

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16 Edge (42-Years-Old)

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Edge has been a part of WWE for the past two decades. Despite the fact that Edge was forced to retire from the company back in 2011 because of a career-threatening neck injury and was then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year, WWE has found a way to allow him to remain part of the company.

Edge currently appears along with his former tag team partner Christian in the Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network. Edge has become a father to two girls recently since his girlfriend and former WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix gave birth to Lyric back in 2013 and Ruby earlier this year. Despite the new additions to his family, Edge still doesn't look anywhere close to 42-years-old. He must have been dipped in the fountain of youth.

15 David Otunga (36-Years-Old)

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The biggest mystery to many people, aside from David Otunga's age is how he still has a job in WWE. The former Superstar also works as a lawyer and it is thought to be the only reason that WWE have kept him around so long. Otunga has been missing from WWE TV for a number of years and only resurfaced following the WWE Draft when he joined the SmackDown Live announce team.

Fans of the new live show haven't been open-minded about Otunga joining the program and have instead slated him on Social Media. However, the 36-year-old obviously isn't letting the stress of the job bother him because he is still looking as young as he did during the peak of his wrestling career, which was a good few years ago.

14 Kane (49-Years-Old)

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'The Big Red Monster' has been in WWE for so long now that there has come a point where it's impossible to remember WWE before him. Kane debuted back in 1995, meaning that he has been with the company for more than two decades.

Even though there are many rumours and urban legends about who the real Kane is and if there was a different person portraying him under the mask, Kane who is currently portrayed by Glenn Jacobs has definitely been playing him for the past decade and he has aged a lot over those years. At almost 50-years-old it is understandable that Kane is looking at other avenues of employment outside of WWE, but you could argue that he definitely still has it in the ring and looks solid for a middle-aged man.

13 Randy Orton (36-Years-Old)

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'The Legend Killer' still holds the record for being the youngest ever World Champion in WWE history, a record that he smashed back in 2004, more than a decade ago. Since then Randy Orton has completely dominated WWE and currently splits opinion when it comes to who is the rightful face of WWE. (Orton or Cena?)

That being said, despite the fact that he has been out injured a few times over the past few years, Orton still looks the same way he did when he debuted in the company. Of course, he's put on a little bit of weight and lost some hair but other than that, Orton could easily still be that 24-year-old kid still needing his father's guidance on his first day with WWE.

12 Triple H (47-Years-Old)

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The COO of WWE and perhaps one of the smartest wrestlers in the history of WWE, Triple H rarely wrestles nowadays and he has cut the hair that he once became famous for. Triple H has personified the COO position in WWE and many thought that the office side of the job would have aged him somewhat.

Triple H hasn't aged for a good few years. At some point, his body will catch up with the way he has allowed it to be treated over the past twenty years but for right now Triple H seems to be in incredible shape for a man who is almost 50-years-old. For a man that helps run a multi-billion dollar company and a family as well as juggling wrestling responsibilities and NXT, Triple H is looking incredible right now.

11 Shane McMahon (46-Years-Old)

via allwrestling.com

We were all thinking it when he Shane O'Mac shuffled back onto WWE TV in February this year. Shane McMahon had taken close to seven years away from the company to pursue other business ventures and it seems the time away did him a lot of good. Shane reportedly left the company when it became apparent that Triple H would be taking over as the owner of the company and not him.

It must have been shocking for him to find out that his return match was Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker, but he has remained with the company in a non-wrestling capacity ever since. Shane turned 46 at the beginning of this year, and although he is almost 50-years-old, still bounces around the WWE ring like he did when he was wrestling almost a decade ago.

10 Karl Anderson (36-Years-Old)

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The former member of The Bullet Club has been in WWE for the past few months and has already had a few shots at the Tag Team Championship with his friend and teammate Luke Gallows. Even though Karl Anderson is new to the world of WWE, he isn't new to wrestling. Anderson has been around the business for the past two decades but doesn't look anywhere old enough to have that kind of experience.

Anderson began training back in 2000 and has been a part of many different companies and promotions for the past sixteen years. Anderson turned 36 earlier this year but still looks like a Superstar in his late 20s. He seems to have been properly conditioning his body to allow it to age in a style that isn't noticeable. Whatever he does or whatever skin care routine he uses, he needs to share it.

9 R-Truth (44-Years-Old)

via maxmfofficial.blogspot.com

One of the biggest shocks on this list is the fact that R-Truth is actually 44-years-old! The comedy-loving Superstar has a family and has been with the company now in his latest run since 2008 but he hasn't aged since his debut.

Well, he still has the same 'What's Up' gimmick, perhaps that's what's keeping him looking young? Either way, R-Truth is close to knocking on the door of 50 but he doesn't look a day over 35. Considering he has spent most of his career as a jobber taking bumps for other people, it is shocking that he has reached this kind of age and still manages to look young. R-Truth is another Superstar who needs to share his secret. The world needs to know how to retain youth!

8 Brian Kendrick (37-Years-Old)

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Brian Kendrick has headed back to Monday Night Raw. the former Tag Team Champion has managed to return to the division where he first found fame almost a decade ago.

Brian Kendrick is the only Superstar in the new Cruiserweight Division who was a part of the old Cruiserweight Division before the original belt was retired in 2008. He has been around the Independent Circuit ever since leaving WWE before returning to the company to train Eva Marie. Kendrick was then enrolled in the Cruiserweight Classic. At 37-years-old Kendrick knows that this could be his last chance to wrestle on the biggest stage, but given that he was one of the best Cruiserweight's ten years ago, there's no reason why he can't step up his game once again.

7 John Cena (39-Years-Old)

via dailyddt.com

The 15-time World Champion has a much more hectic schedule than most WWE Superstars. As well as handling an incredibly busy WWE career, John Cena manages to juggle filming for TV shows, movies, and presenting jobs as well as appearances on Total Divas and his relationship with Nikki Bella.

The thought would have been that Cena would have aged much quicker than most people because of the sheer stress of his life, but it seems this has gone the opposite way. At almost 40-years-old it seems that Cena's WWE career is finally settling down so that he can concentrate on other opportunities outside of the company. This doesn't seem to be coming too soon either, as Cena can't keep up with his hectic schedule forever.

6 Lita (41-Years-Old)

via heartbreakers.me

Lita is still widely considered to be one of the greatest female wrestlers to ever set foot in a WWE ring. The former Women's Champion retired from the company almost a decade ago but has still managed to find a job within WWE so that she can stay where she feels most at home.

Whether she's working as an on-air personality or as a trainer for the next group of women coming through the Performance Center, the WWE Hall of Famer is credited as one of WWE's legends and will always retain that status wherever she goes in the wrestling world. When it comes to Lita the saying must be true that Legends really are not touched by time because at 41-years-old, she still looks as fresh as she did ten years ago.

5 Kofi Kingston (35-Years-Old)

via allwrestling.com

The longest reigning Tag Team Champion and founding member of The New Day, Kofi Kingston has been in the WWE for just as long as many other people in this list. From the Superstar who talked with a Jamaican accent to the Superstar who always pulled the tricks out at the Royal Rumble, Kofi has become a part of the fixtures and fittings in WWE.

But as with everyone else Kofi has aged over the decade he has been in WWE and is now 35-years-old with a young family dependent on him. Kingston has become much more proactive in WWE lately with teammates Big E and Xavier Woods and could easily be on the best run of his career, which is exactly what Kofi needs at this stage in his life.

4 Alicia Fox (30-Years-Old)

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Alicia Fox is now considered to be a veteran in WWE, along with Natalya who has also been with the company quite a while. Alicia has only managed to have one Divas Championship reign during her time with the company but has more recently been involved in more hard-hitting storylines with the women.

As with every other person on this planet though, Alicia has to age and given that she's been with the company since she was 22-years-old, she has reached a milestone birthday this year and shockingly turned 30. Yes, Alicia has recently left her 20s behind but with even the hardest stare one could not tell Alicia has reached her third decade as she still doesn't look a day over 25. However, if she continues to mess with Nia Jax, looking her age will be the least of her worries.

3 Chris Jericho (45-Years-Old)

via zonawrestling.net

From the Attitude Era to being one of the best part-time Superstars that WWE currently has to offer and everything in between, it seems that Chris Jericho has been around WWE forever. Y2J has hardly even changed over the past 20 years which just seems to add insult to injury.

Jericho has gone from strength to strength in the ring and has to be one of the best Superstars when it comes to making catchphrases work. Sadly, at some point Jericho will have to hang up his wrestling boots for good, at the tender age of 45, he must be thinking about spending more time with his band than taking bumps in  WWE ring. But for right now, he is still acting and moving like a man half his age.

2 Stephanie McMahon (40-Years-Old)

via wwe.fr

'The Billion Dollar Princess' is an ever-present fixture on WWE TV lately and she has become one of the most recognizable faces on the brand after being a part of storylines for past two decades. Stephanie McMahon has always looked much younger than she was and many of the WWE Universe will be shocked to know that the heir to the McMahon fortune is now 40-years-old.

Stephanie, along with Triple H have become the power couple of WWE over the past few years and are now recognized as The Authority on WWE TV. Since the recent Brand Split though Stephanie has become the Commissioner for Monday Night Raw along with General Manager Mick Foley and so far she has been doing a fantastic job of running the flagship show for WWE. Turning 40-years-old for the former WWE Women's Champion will not hinder Stephanie at all. She is a successful business woman, wife, and mother and will continue to be the face of WWE in the coming years.


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