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The Miz has said time and again that feuding with Cena helped propel his career. "John Cena made me realize what I had to do to get ahead in this business," said Miz to Australia's Herald Sun newspaper. "You have to make your own way to the top because no

one's going to give the spot to you."

However, that fame was really short lived if you look at The Miz's career after his feud with Cena. On a late April 2009 edition of RAW, The Miz called Cena out for the first time and challenged him to a match. However, because Cena was out of action, he couldn't face The Miz. Eventually, when the two squared off, it wasn't much of a contest. The Miz lost two matches in a row, once at The Bash and another on RAW.

In 2011 The Miz would start another feud with Cena, but this time come out on top, beating the leader of the "Cenation" at WrestleMania XXVII while the WWE Championship was on the line. While it was a career accomplishment for The Miz, his push didn't last long. He would lose the title the following Pay-Per-View to none other than Cena in an "I Quit" match.

The Miz is now, at best, a jobber who hosts the poor man's version of Piper's Pit called Miz TV.

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