Top 15 WWE Wrestlers In Desperate Need Of A Push Going Into 2016

Since the beginning of the WWE, there have always been perfectly capable wrestlers that get stuck in the mid-card, whether it's from politics or lack of the creative staff listening to what the fans w

Since the beginning of the WWE, there have always been perfectly capable wrestlers that get stuck in the mid-card, whether it's from politics or lack of the creative staff listening to what the fans want.

WWE always needs mid-carders to step up to show their worth, but they need it now more than ever. With the devastating injury to one of the only capable heels in the business, Seth Rollins, not only did the company lose its WWE World Heavyweight champion, but it also lost its top heel. With "the future" of the company out of action for a significant amount of time and other big superstars out for the time being, now should be the time for them to push someone who can truly hold the fort down until major superstars like Rollins, Cena, Lesnar, and Orton can get back.

The past few years have seen a steady decline in ratings for WWE. WWE hasn't been in this bad of a situation, talent wise, in a while. So it is urgent that the creative team can find the next Daniel Bryan to capture the hearts of WWE Universe and bring back some better ratings.

Here are the top 15 wrestlers that WWE desperately needs to push in order to help their careers, and the company.

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15 The Lucha Dragons 


With the obvious lack of exciting talent in the tag team division, The New Day needs another tag team to step up and deliver solid matches with the champions, and make the tag team division watchable again.

Of course the obvious choice was The Dudley Boyz when they returned, but they have fallen so far since their return to the ring that they truly aren't even close to being in the title picture. The Lucha Dragons bring a level of excitement every time they are in the ring and can make anybody look good.

14 Neville 


Like The Lucha Dragons, Neville brings a level of breathlessness that only he can. Unfortunately, his high flying style has landed him as only a glorified mid-carder since his call up from NXT.

Whether it's when he sets up for The Red Arrow or his out of ring dives, "The Man that Gravity Forgot" has a way of capturing your attention in every match he's in. He is perfectly capable of putting on a great match every time he steps into the ring. His time spent in NXT and even his US title match with John Cena back in May showed just how great he can be and it's time for WWE to capitalize on that.

13 The Usos 


Yet another tag team that WWE creative can use to help boost excitement in the tag team division.

2014 was the year of The Usos. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury to Jey Uso in April caused the former tag Team Champions to miss most of 2015. Now that both Jey and Jimmy are healthy they bring a fun, experienced tag team back into the mix for the titles. The future of the tag team division can surely be bright if the creative team pushes The Usos back to where they were in 2014 and let them put on the types of matches they used to have with The Wyatt Family.

12 Luke Harper 


Speaking of The Wyatt Family, it's hard to believe WWE dropped the ball with one of the most underrated wrestlers on the entire roster. Luke Harper has been part of a top tag team, The Wyatt Family, and an Intercontinental Champion in singles competition.  He is built like an NFL linebacker and on top of that, HE CAN EXECUTE SOLID DROPKICKS. It's a scary and exciting combination.

If that alone doesn't convince you, go watch his Intercontinental Title match with Dolph Ziggler at TLC 2014. They put on a spectacle, in one of the greatest ladder matches in recent history. That match truly showed that he deserves the singles push again.

11 King Barrett 


Wade Barrett was once an up and coming rookie in the WWE with a bright future ahead of him. He was the winner of season 1 of NXT and then was the leader of one of the greatest faction storylines in WWE history, Nexus.  He's a multiple time Intercontinental champion and currently a member of the newly formed League of Nations.

Barrett has proven himself as a singles competitor time and time again, as you can see from his multiple title reigns. Now with him being considered a part of the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion's League of Nations, this should hopefully be able to relaunch his career to where it once was.

10 Dolph Ziggler 


Like Luke Harper, Dolph has fallen a long way from where he was just one year ago. At this time last year, Ziggler looked poised to become one of the next superstars in the company when he was the sole survivor of Team Cena at Survivor Series 2014 against Team Authority. The pop from the crowd was as loud as anyone's when Ziggler entered the ring on any given night.

But, after poor booking, an injury, and a god awful rivalry with Rusev that benefited absolutely no one, Ziggler has fallen incredibly far down the card since then. With his current feud with Tyler Breeze, a push for the proven Ziggler can benefit Ziggler and the rookie.

9 Becky Lynch 


Oh the Divas Revolution. At a time when the Divas division needed a huge boost and far more talented wrestlers, the creative team had one of their greatest ideas in the division. By bringing up NXT Divas, it provided WWE with young, talented wrestlers, and it helped bring in a more exciting style of women's wrestling, while also bringing fans of the NXT Divas division over to WWE as well.

While the Divas Revolution was a great idea, the execution was not so great. With so many talented Divas making the jump to the next level, and WWE only giving the division a certain amount of time each week, naturally some Divas weren't going to get as much screen time as the likes of Paige or Charlotte. If given a chance, Becky Lynch can become a serious player in the Divas division and compete with the rest of the top Divas, as she's proved from her time in NXT.

8 Alberto Del Rio 


Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE champion, World Heavyweight champion, Royal Rumble winner, Money in the Bank winner, and currently he's the U.S. champion. He is a proven superstar, so why is he feuding with Jack Swagger in his first feud after returning?

We've seen this same feud, and same matches again, and again, and again, and it's getting old. No offense to Swagger, but Del Rio deserves better. After recent reports, and a hostile interaction on Raw, everything hints that he's dropping Zeb Colter as his manager. Hopefully this will allow him to reach his full potential and move on to a better rivalry after he retains the title at TLC.

7 Bray Wyatt 


The "New Face of Fear" has been a marquee name since his debut in the WWE. While he has had no title reigns, he has been the leader of The Wyatt family and been involved in major rivalries with some of the top superstars and proven veterans.

The major problem with Wyatt isn't his in-ring abilities and it's definitely not his mic-skills, it's the fact that he is never written to win these rivalries. He is consistently losing major rivalries that he should be winning, and that is holding him back from reaching his full potential. In order to truly be considered the "New Face of Fear," he needs to start coming out of these feuds looking strong to actually induce fear in other superstars.

6 Tyler Breeze 


Tyler Breeze has everything. He has the look, a solid gimmick with loads of potential, the charisma, and he has excellent in-ring skills to succeed in the WWE. The only thing he needs is for WWE creative to make sure he is in solid feuds. so he doesn't get stuck as another Fandango or even worse, Adam Rose.

His current rivalry with Dolph Ziggler isn't the greatest but it's a solid start to Breeze's young career. Ziggler is a proven veteran who can help show Breeze the ropes and slide him into a feud with someone who is currently a little higher on the card.

5 Sasha Banks 


Sasha Banks is another NXT Diva that was moved up during the Divas Revolution and another top tier talent that seems to have been forgotten about. "The Boss" is a former NXT champion and a spectacular in-ring performer with solid charisma that has a legitimate shot at becoming a multi-time WWE Divas champion, if WWE creative can pick up the pace with they way she is used in the company.

If you need proof that she can handle her own in the company, watch her Ironman Match with Bayley at NXT Takeover: Respect.

4 Rusev 


If you were to take a poll, at this time last year, of who you thought was the most dominant wrestler in the WWE, chances are Rusev would be near the top of the list. If you were to take that same poll today, Rusev wouldn't even be close to the top of the list.

Rusev has fallen a very long way since his undefeated run until WrestleMania earlier this year. It's amazing how much one single terrible rivalry can hurt someone, even a former undefeated U.S. champion. Once again, the Rusev-Ziggler feud hurt everyone involved. The recent love story with Lana hasn't helped show how dominant he's supposed to be either. Let's hope WWE will focus more on his new alliance in the League of Nations to help boost his character more than they focus on his love with Lana.

3 Kevin Owens 


I like to consider Kevin Owens as the internet's "golden child." He can do no wrong. His mic skills are amazing and he puts on a solid show in almost every match he's been in since his WWE debut.

It's clear that WWE are planning a big future for the Intercontinental champion as one of the top heels in the company. In his very first match, he defeated John Cena, and if that's not trying to put someone over, I don't know what is. In fact, it reminds you of Cena's first match where he defeated the veteran Kurt Angle. WWE just needs to use him as a top heel and showcase his superior mic skills, and if they do that, Owens can easily handle the role as the company's top heel.

2 Dean Ambrose 


When The Shield burst into the WWE in 2012, you couldn't help but feel that the company was introducing three of the future top superstars of the company. That's 2/3rds of the way true so far. Roman Reigns is being pushed as the company's next uberstar and Seth Rollins was the only bright spot as the WWE World Heavyweight champion in the company before his injury.

Ambrose isn't a bad wrestler, he's actually just the opposite. He's just been stuck in some pretty bad situations since the disbanding of The Shield. The former U.S. champion had a few solid feuds after the disbanding, but has floundered in the last few months, being used as Roman Reigns' sidekick. WWE missed the perfect oppurtunity to turn him heel at Survivor Series, where he would shine in the absence of Rollins and other top heels like Lesnar. Ambrose has the character and exciting in-ring skill set to seriously be a top superstar in the near future.

1 Cesaro 


Seriously, is there anyone on the WWE roster that is more undervalued and deserving of a serious push than The Swiss Superman? He's an athletic freak and puts on a spectacular show every single time he's in the ring. More importantly, he has a huge following in the WWE universe. And with great reason.

Every time Cesaro steps in the ring, he wows. Even the most casual fan notices how great he is. He's strong, fast, athletic, technical, and again, fans love him. It's hard not to.  e's won the U.S. Championship, he's a former Tag team champion, and he's won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but it seems like every time he seems to gain traction, WWE creative likes to throw him back into pointless feuds and send him back down to the mid card. There is simply no one more deserving in this company than Cesaro. Let's just hope that WWE gives him the push he rightfully deserves.

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