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The French beauty Maryse has recently come back to manage her husband The Miz, which is a role that’s quite well suited to her. What’s not suited to her is competing in a wrestling match.

It boggles the mind how she had two championship reigns, holding the title for a total

of 265 days. She was as sub-par as sub-par could be, and needed a lot more time in developmental before given that kind of responsibility.

But, on the other hand, she’s really hot. Boobs n’ butt to make any guy turn to look, and a sexy French accent that accompanied her arrogant attitude. This was clearly the reason she was given such esteemed reigns with the title, and was one of the major reasons the female division in WWE was seen as such a joke for a long time.

Thankfully, her role as the doting wife and devious manager suits her a lot better. Just hope she doesn’t challenge for the belt anytime soon.

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