Top 15 WWE Wrestlers With a Soft Side

Through years of watching and witnessing, WWE fans have seen the biggest, baddest wrestlers in world wrestling history, so much that it has become difficult to believe that some of these superstars have a different life outside of the ring. Most people are aware of the action-packed, muscle-ridden world that is the WWE. However, professional wrestling has subtly introduced characters with a softer, more serious view on the world outside of sport. Whilst the ruthless stars have destructive and hostile characteristics in the ring, their personalities in the real life prove polar opposites. These WWE stars, despite their aggression in wrestling, have a soft side that impacts people around the world.

WWE is actually one of the most charitable sports organisations of all time- dedicating decades to working with endless charity organisations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Kids Wish Network and smaller charities that have been organised and led by many individual WWE wrestlers. Many of these WWE stars are affiliated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity providing children with life-threatening illnesses with the opportunity to experience WWE Events and personally meet their wrestling idols. However, individuals in the world of wrestling have taken it upon themselves to go one step further.

Of course, the dedication of these superstars varies with each goal. Some contribute part of their lives to charity and helping those in need, whilst others simply have a personal side to them that differs from their wrestling careers. Nonetheless, this list is dedicated to the individuals in WWE that are merciless in the ring and selfless in reality, whether it be related to charity, donations, personal characteristics, the hopes for a global impact or just genuinely a soft-sided person.

Here are your top 15 WWE Wrestling superstars with a soft side:

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15 Randy Orton

via whenyouwishuponastar.org.uk

With a consistent dedication to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Randy Orton has made dreams come true for so many. He takes time out to meet with his fans and young children with terminal diseases, including Madison Heights boy Justin from the Kids Wish Network. Born prematurely with bleeding on the brain and cerebral palsy, Orton and the Kids Wish Network organised for Justin to be driven to the WWE arena in a limousine, led to a restricted area to meet Randy Orton and invited to sit ringside to watch the show.

14 Dean Ambrose

Although it may have been at the expense of another WWE star, Dean Ambrose showed a charismatic soft side to the world of WWE at the near end of an interview with Seth Rollins, which contrasts his role as a psychopath on WWE television. Just 24 hours after being defeated by Rollins at SummerSlam in a lumberjack match, Rollins wrapped up an interview, before Ambrose decided to assist Seth Rollins with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge- even though he hadn’t asked him to. With a light approach to the good cause, Ambrose’ response to Rollins was, “What? It’s for charity.”

13 CM Punk

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Taking part in the Kerry Woods Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament and working alongside the Organic School Project in Chicago, former wrestler CM Punk has shown a soft side that touched the lives of fans every day. This includes young cancer patient and CM Punk fanatic, Aubrey. Aware of her condition, the ex- wrestler organised a backstage meeting with her idol and later on, described her as a “firecracker” and “the cutest little thing”. The former WWE superstar has also openly stated his desire to assist in the well-being of children and making an impact on their healthy food choices from a young age.

12 Kane

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He is a literal monster in the ring , but bountiful outside of WWE. Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane, took time out his wrestling world to make an appearance a Fountain City Elementary, to pass on the message of “The Kindness Revolution.” With this, he focused on the promotion of integrity, respect and the recognition of a kind act. After his speech, he gave each student a “Pay It Forward” bracelet with the hopes that every time someone saw their friend doing something kind, they would give them a bracelet as well.

11 Diamond Dallas Page

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Although retired from WWE, Diamond Dallas Page had reinvented himself as a fitness guru - one in which actually saved some suffering friends from the brinks. Men like Arthur Boorman, a former crippled war veteran to hand-standing hero, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, an addict whose wrestling career was overshadowed by his addiction and Scott Hall, a former wrestler who had also given in to his addictions. DDP had dedicated his time to put these men back on track and results are growing more positive every day.

10 Rey Mysterio

via community.wwe.com

Being regularly involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Rey Mysterio has touched the lives of many children associated with the organisation. Mysterio admits that it overwhelms him that children use their last wish to meet him, however he asks God to give him strength to meet them with a smile and make their wish come true. Furthermore, he shares stories from the charity with his kids so they understand not to take life for granted. Mysterio’s generosity has impacted so many and granted the wishes of children who never thought they would meet such a significant character in wrestling.

9 Andre the Giant

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The legendary Andre the Giant stood at over seven feet tall and is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. However, regardless of his giant build and immense skills in wrestling, he was also famous for his affectionate and generous side. Andre, being a warm-hearted and selfless being, gave away the majority of his money to charities and organisations throughout his career. Now passed on, his legend and good deeds continue to impact those he knew.

8 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan has assisted in various charities throughout his wrestling career, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Special Olympics. He consistently raises money at fundraisers, raising thousands of dollars for good causes and daily meets with fans and children with terminal illnesses and disabilities. Hogan has upheld a reputation of being both one of the best wrestlers in history and one of the most giving celebrities globally.

7 The Rock

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Besides working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has developed a charity to help children with special needs, ‘The Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation’. The foundation assists children who have spent most of their lives in hospitals and provides help with the recovery of children, and money to support them. With the success of the foundation, The Rock has expanded the charity by also assisting children who have issues with obesity, along with children that cannot afford a proper education.

6 Bam Bam Bigelow

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One of the biggest, most agile men to step into a ring, Bigelow admits that his greatest accomplishment was in the summer of 2000, when the wrestling superstar saved three children trapped inside of a burning house. The rescue resulted in 40 percent of his body being burnt, having to spend spent several weeks in a hospital . On top of that, it also ended his wrestling career. Nonetheless, he expresses that saving those children was ‘the best move he’s ever made’ and indefinitely the most brave and selfless. A selfless and heroic move from one of the more vicious in-ring competitors from the 90s.

5 Vince McMahon

via wrestlinginc.com

Even though he's not technically a wrestler, he's still competed in the ring multiple times and owns the largest wrestling company in the world, so he's allowed to be on any list about wrestlers. Vince McMahon has donated millions of dollars to universities and a military school around the USA, became the top donor for the Donald J. Trump Foundation and has ultimately paid for the construction of a Pennsylvanian tennis facility. McMahon has also worked alongside the Close Up Foundation to give school students the opportunity to visit Washington D.C.

4 Daniel Bryan

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WWE’s Daniel Bryan gave Connor Michalek, an eight year old cancer patient who idolized the superstar, a series of dreams come true firstly with backstage passes. Michalek carried Bryan’s tag-team champion belt backstage, bfore the wrestling hero let Michalek put him in in a submission and tapped him out to meet. Then he extended an invitation for him to see WrestleMania 30 in the front row. The boy witnessed Daniel Bryan win the World’s Heavyweight Championship and as Daniel Bryan saw the young boy in the crowd, he got out of the ring and told him to “Please, keep on fighting.”

3 The Undertaker

via YouTube

The Undertaker had raffled off his West Coast Chopper, Ghost, to raise money for the American Mighty Warriors Veterans Support Group and the Lakes Church in Austin a few years ago. This motorcycle was the last one he had and the one he had the most affection for, therefore his generous giveaway showed the soft side of a wrestler known for being a deadman. The Undertaker also has his own cause, the Zeus Compton Calaway Save the Animals Fund. However, his softest side was admitted in an interview where he admitted that he spends his free time with his family, children and working on his horrible golf skills.

2 Triple H

— Chris Olds (@chrisolds2009) January 20, 2015

Triple H has helped create a charity for brain and spinal research, “Connors Cure,” which is dedicated to the young boy who passed away due to terminal illness (the same Connor we spoke about in the Daniel Bryan entry).

Also, while playing his heel character as a part of The Authority, Triple H frightened a young boy in the crowd who then began to cry; whether it was from Triple H’s choice of words or the frightening persona he gave off. Nonetheless, Triple H noticed the child and immediately broke from character to reassure him with a hug. A really classy move from the COO.

1 John Cena

via sportskeeda.com

Possibly the most generous and impactful WWE superstar, John Cena embraces his role as a leader in and out of the wrestling world. He is an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting the most wishes ever by a single person. In 2012, Cena became the top wish-granting celebrity in America. At just over 450 wishes granted, Cena has worked with NBA legend Michael Jordan to expand the foundation throughout the USA. Cena has donated millions of dollars and makes it his duty to meet as many fans as he can, every week, as well as inviting children to live WWE events.

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