Top 16 Insane Real Life Stories of Chris Jericho

Very few wrestlers from World Championship Wrestling are still wrestling, and their relevancy is down partly to Vince McMahon. Only Steve Austin and Chris Jericho have enjoyed considerable success in WWE, and coincidentally, the duo has shared more insane moments with the Chairman when compared to the rest of the current and former roster. Given his close association with him, the following article will shed light on many insane stories featuring the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla and the Evil Genius.

With the wrestlers' real lives brought under intense scrutiny, the current roster is expected to behave sensibly in the public, but in the yesteryears, they enjoyed a lot of liberty. Scott Hall has had his share of marijuana, and Shawn Michaels has consumed more somas than anybody should ever withstand. Sunny has done it all, and even The Undertaker has popped LSD on a few occasions. Y2J, despite being a part of a rock band named Fozzy, has refrained from consuming hard drugs. However, he has seemingly drunk more vodka than any other wrestler has in the history and accordingly, the writer will take through his insane stories with alcohol.

Edging closer towards 50 years of age, he is still in shape and is undeniably the most handsome sports entertainer today. Being handsome, famous, and rich invites many crazy encounters with obsessive female fans, and Y2J is no exception as he has had his share of bizarre moments with fans. Jericho has chronicled many of his experiences through his three books, but hopefully you will learn at least one new thing today.

As always feel free to share your opinions in the comments below, and let us know if you have heard even crazier stories about Chris Jericho. Without further ado, let the writer take you through the top 16 insane real life stories of Chris Jericho.

16 Preserving His Hair And Eyebrows

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Y2J has been known for being an ace drinker as much as he is known for putting young talents such as AJ Styles over. He credits retired professional wrestler Tim Flowers for helping him get accustomed to the wrestling business, and the drinking that comes with it. However, early in his career, he had to be a little cautious while drinking as some pranksters used to spike the drinks of wrestlers with halcion pills, only to shave their eyebrows and cut their hair akin to that of Lloyd Christmas.

We revealed in another TheSportster real life stories series how X-Pac of the Kliq got his eyebrows shaved by the Smoking Gunns. In order to escape the pranks and preserve his eyebrows, let alone the Backstreet Boys haircut, he wrote in his book that he would place his thumb on top of the beer bottles every time he hits the bar or a party.

15 Going Too Far

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Only a few wrestlers embrace kayfabe as much Y2J does, as he wanted to be recognized as a heel, which is why he intended to mildly disrespect fans in 2008. An obsessive fan swam through a sea of WWE fans to talk to him as he exited his vehicle. Drowned in excitement, she grabbed his hand, and Y2J ended up pushing her. Despite that, she proceeded to ask him for a picture only to be turned down while being cursed at by Jericho.

The video went viral as it looked as though he had punched her thanks to the camera angle. Sometimes the WWE Universe needs to respect the boundaries of the wrestlers. Sometimes, the WWE employees need to stop taking their gimmicks so seriously.

14 Saving WWE With The Phenom

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The antics of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash are well documented. When the New World Order debuted in the WWE, a few former World Championship Wrestling wrestlers were worried that they might witness the abuse of power and blandishment that not only destroyed the company, but also made working for WCW a pain to work for.

Concerened, Y2J sought the assistance of The Undertaker, who promised him they would act in accordance with McMahon's orders lest they faced the wrath of their fists. WWE escaped its Fingerpoke of Doom and David Arquette moments thanks to the timely reaction of the Savior.

13 Jack Daniels Gargling Contest

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Every smark knows about the drinking habit of the "Savior", but he has always had shortcuts to trick people into believing he never passes out. He has revealed in his autobiography that he would toss every third shot over his shoulder, or pour it into a flowerpot. He would stand tall or on his feet at the end of the drinking session while the others had passed out.

He has also admitted to cheating his fans in Jack Daniels gargling contests by dribbling the liquor outside of the other side of his mouth. He credits Ric Flair for helping him learn the art of winning Jack Daniels drinking contests. The Nature Boy really is the dirtiest player in the history of wrestling.

12 Jack Daniels Influenced Advice

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On the road to WrestleMania XXVI, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, John Cena and John Laurinaitis had to fly from Nashville to Phoenix for a press conference in McMahon's private jet. During the four-hour journey, they drank Jack Daniels, played cards, and listened to the Rolling Stones to kill time. Upon landing, Kingston got up first to leave the plane; the Chairman poked fun at him stating he would "get over one of these days" with no response from him.

Y2J instructed Kofi to stand up for himself as the Chairman would walk over timid individuals, and Kofi accordingly wrestled his employer in the aisle after a heated exchange. Much to Kingston's surprise, McMahon congratulated him for manning up. Chris Jericho gave him the thumbs up after getting off the plane.

11 Put To Bed By John Cena (Literally)

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Not a lot of wrestlers have bested the Man of 1,004 Holds as far as drinking his concerned. However, one man buries him every time they drink together... and his name is John Cena. While touring Alaska, the duo hit the bar to keep themselves warm since the temperature was below zero degrees outside. After a mad drinking session that lasted a 'few' hours, Y2J passed out in his hotel room only to wake up a few hours later to a dark figure in the corner of the room. Apparently, the dark figure was the Cenation leader still drinking while listening to Jericho's tunes on Jericho's iPod. Despite drinking for so long, Cena had the composure and class to tuck Y2J into the bed. No wonder why John Cena hasn't turned heel.

10 Earning Vinnie Mac's Respect By Fighting Goldberg

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Goldberg and Chris Jericho were not the best friends while working for WCW. The animosity was still there when Goldberg set foot in the WWE many years later. Kevin Nash informed Y2J that Goldberg had been badmouthing him, and Jericho wasted no time in confronting him. One thing led to another, and the former WCW employees were exchanging blows on the floor.

The fight was broken up, and Y2J earned the respect of the roster, especially Hurricane, who became a Jerichoholic after the incident. Even Vince McMahon lauded his bravery; he said to him, “I can't believe you beat up Goldberg, you really need to text me about stuff like that!"

9 Toppling The Ninth Wonder

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Back when inter-gender matches were booked on a regular basis, Chris Jericho was put in a match with Triple H's then girlfriend Chyna in Miami, Florida. Before the match, Vince McMahon instructed Y2J to "not go easy" on Chyna just because of her gender. The duo had a good match, but Y2J gave her a black eye during the scuffle. Expecting some form of appreciation from the Chairman, Y2J entered his room only to be lashed out at for giving a woman a black eye.

Jericho was also forced to apologize to the woman he shared the Intercontinental Championship with. Upon consultation with Chris Benoit and Bret Hart, he came to know that it was one of McMahon's traditional methods of breaking his employee down before making a soldier out of him.

8 Outacting Golden Globe A Winner

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Chris Jericho won a three-on-one handicap match against legends such as Rickie Steamboat, Roddy Piper, and Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania 25. After the match, he would start beating up Ric Flair only for actor Mickey Rourke to save the day. In the buildup to the iconic fight, the "Savior" lashed out at the Iron Man 2 actor on Larry King to intensify the storyline, but it did not bode well with the boxer/actor as he perceived the kayfabe segment as a real dig.

On WrestleMania eve, during the rehearsal, he came to know that the 2009 Golden Globe winner had hired three tough bodyguards, including former UFC fighter Frank Shamrock to dismember him if Y2J ever tried to attack him. After a few uncomfortable minutes, Y2J explained the intention behind his move, and the duo embraced shortly afterward.

After all the bustles, Y2J told Vince McMahon everything that had unfolded, and much to his surprise, the Chairman told him that he would take down all four potential attackers with the aid of Y2J, Dean Malenko, and Fit Finlay.

7 Strange Kentucky People

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A verified Twitter account always calls for obsessive fans. Y2J has had his share of weird fans, but this story is genuine, unlike the Gertrude one. While at Paintsville, Kentucky, a fan came up to him and handed a videotape; she told him she loved him, and added that the videotape comprises every single Smoky Mountain Wrestling match of his career. A fascinated Y2J watched the videotape, but much to his astonishment, it did not feature him, but the girl who handed him the tape.

She confessed her love for him and started dancing alongside her ill-mannered hillbilly family. Y2J claimed that he could not tell whether they were thespians or real people. According to the grapevine, the "Strange Kentucky People" tape remained a classic in the videotape market.

6 The Vinnie Mac Joke

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It is not a secret in the wrestling business that WCW wrestlers were not treated with respect by the WWE head honchos. Although Stone Cold, Big Show, and Chris Jericho have grown into McMahon's favorite pets, they did not have it easy. On the night the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla was penciled in to win the Undisputed Championship by defeating both Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night, Vince McMahon commented that the wrestling business must be going down the drain, with Y2J set to hold the two most prestigious straps then.

Bizarrely, The Undertaker and Vince were walking past Jericho while making that comment. Years later, Y2J said that he was initially perplexed but figured out the wicked sense of humor of the man with the passage of time.

5 Best At Everything But Celebrating

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Even earning a WWE debut calls for a big celebration. When Chris Jericho lifted the Undisputed WWE Championship, however, he spent the entire night frustrated. Firstly, he could not party with his colleagues as everyone left the arena early. With partying out of the question, Y2J chose to get a good night's sleep after supper, but much to his dismay, the hotel he stayed in did not serve food that night.

Having ordered pizza, he was waiting for the delivery boy only to be notified by him that his company never delivered pizza at the doorstep; he collected his pizza in the lobby. On his way back to his room, he realized he had left the key inside of his room. Annoyed, Y2J ate the cold pizza on his first day as the Unified WWE Champion.

4 Christian The Ribber

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Wrestlers of the Attitude Era have often revealed how ribs were a major part of the road life. On screen, Y2J looks cunning and bold, but Christian and then-rookie Daivari made him shiver in fear by pulling off a very astute rib. The duo set up a deaf translating service to call Y2J every fortnight to speak on behalf of a make-believe British deaf fan named Gertrude, who had attended every Fozzy concert.

The duo would have the service tell him that she looked beautiful despite weighing more than 350 pounds. While the WWE was touring England, Christian asked the service to inform Y2J that she would track him all the way to his hotel room to have forceful intercourse with him with a knife in his chest, and to talk about their future together. Y2J admitted that he was downright terrified until Christian divulged the rib.

3 Ribbing Christian Back

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Despite the stardom, Christian and Y2J have always been just like you and your friend James. Christian and Y2J have always laughed at the five-minute long WCW career of Lash LeRoux given the absurdity of his Cajun gimmick. When Christian was on the sidelines nursing his knee injury, Y2J thought making Lash LeRoux call him to wish him luck would cheer him up.

The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla hid the identity of Christian to the wannabe celebrity, and instead had him wish good luck to 'little' Jason Reso (Christian's real name). Thinking he was, in fact, calling a child, the wannabe celebrity called Christian 'little buddy' leaving the Captain Charisma baffled and transfixed. Y2J later stated that the Lash LeRoux rib served as the motivation for the Gertrude from England rib.

2 Working For WCW And WWE At The Same Time

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Apparently, Vince McMahon and Chris Jericho have shared many insane moments. With Y2J still under his WCW contract, the Chairman invited him to his residence through his pal Don Callis. He even arranged a secret meeting and brought him to Connecticut under a fake name. As soon as entering the house, Jericho was asked to take part in a Raw booking meeting with McMahon, Vince Russo, Jim Ross, and Bruce Prichard.

With Monday Night Wars headlining wrestling magazines, it was a bizarre move from the Chairman. Years later, McMahon revealed that he invited Y2J to the booking meeting to test his dignity and see if he could employ him. There can never be a manipulative individual in the wrestling business than Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

1 Kissing the Deadman

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At some point in time, you are bound to kiss your male friend while being drunk. However, even the Dean Ambrose types will think twice before trying to kiss their buddy, when the male friend is The Undertaker. The entire Raw and SmackDown rosters got hammered at a bar in Roppongi, and an intoxicated Y2J spent the entire night pleading the Phenom to let him give him a kiss. Unsurprisingly, The Undertaker did not give his consent; however, after much cajoling, Y2J managed to kiss him on the cheek. Let that sink in.

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