Top 18 Wardrobe Malfunctions in Wrestling History

Wrestling has had its fair share of embarrassing moments, many of them being times where the wrestler's outfit for the evening decided to be their own worst enemy. "Wardrobe malfunctions" -- as they h

Wrestling has had its fair share of embarrassing moments, many of them being times where the wrestler's outfit for the evening decided to be their own worst enemy. "Wardrobe malfunctions" -- as they have been dubbed ever since the infamous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl incident -- have been fairly common in the history of professional wrestling, from all of the times where tights have been pulled down to reveal a backside, to many of the moments during The Attitude Era where certain women's tops would mysteriously (intentionally) just happen to fall off at the right time.

This list will feature a ton of partial nudity, because that's sort of the nature of the beast. However, there happen to be a few moments on this list where absolutely nothing was revealed to the world besides an enlarged sense of humility. Accidents do happen, sure, but once they happen sometimes it's best to laugh it off and go off script for a second about the experience. Jeans rip, heels explode, and weird entrance attire sometimes gets stuck in the worst places. We know that there are a ton of other ones that we've left off the list, but we felt that these are some classic examples.

With that out of the way, let's all take a close look at some of the times where the wardrobe has had a major malfunction, intentional or not. Please note that this list may be a little "NSFW" at times, so use your best discretion if that's the case.

We hope you enjoy!

18 Nikki Bella

After taking a brutal beating inside of the ring, Nikki Bella was kicked to the outside by a group of Divas, but when she was writhing in pain on the floor, she neglected to realize that her top was no longer containing one of her lady parts. She continued to not notice while Stephanie McMahon was busy berating her about her sister Brie being the reason why this was all happening, and the cameras also didn't seem to notice because they kept the shot on Nikki for quite some time before shifting off to a further away shot featuring all of the Divas standing at the ropes.

17 Cameron


During the lopsided WrestleMania XXX Divas match against champion AJ Lee, Cameron had the misfortune of having her top break open from the back after delivering a suplex in the middle of the match. She tried her best to notify the referee for some help, but she also had a responsibility to hit her cues, so for nearly the rest of the match she was physically holding her top onto her body while she performed. She did a codebreaker, an irish whip to the corner, and received a tarantula all while not revealing herself. Now THAT'S what I call difficult!

16 Rosa Mendes


It has to be common knowledge by now that if you pull on a pair of tights that something might get revealed that maybe shouldn't be, right? This idea couldn't be any more clear, but when Layla was trying to stop Rosa Mendes from re-entering the ring, she still yanked down on her tights hard enough to uncover her previously covered rear end. You could immediately hear Michael Cole briefly gasp outloud with an "ohhh!" while she falls to the floor, and WWE footage has now been edited to show a blank screen for the duration of the time that she was fully exposed.

15 Kurt Angle


It's as clear as day: this was planned. What I think nobody expected, however, was the fact that Kurt Angle was wearing a thong underneath his tights. So this one makes the list purely off of the shock factor, because who would have ever thought that he would agree to wear something so ridiculous during a match? Angle was up against Triple H and Hulk Hogan when Hunter felt it necessary to pull down Angle's tights, exposing his backside and causing him to dance around the ring like a goof for all the world to see. Cheap pop, of course, but it works every time.

14 Lilian Garcia


Proving that anything can happen in the WWE whether or not you're even a wrestler, announcer Lilian Garcia was making her way to the ring in a snazzy purple dress and silver strap back heels when she had some sort of a blowout, turning her left shoe into a smaller version of the game "Skip-It." Miraculously, she managed to maintain her balance and not make matters any worse, laughing the whole thing off and high-fiving rows of people along the ramp. Sometimes it goes to show that it's best to roll with the punches and learn to laugh at yourself from time to time.

13 Ivory


Classic Attitude Era stuff right here. Ivory and Debra weren't even participating in the match between D'Lo Brown and Jeff Jarrett, but once D'Lo pinned Jarrett, Ivory and Debra met in the middle of the ring and had themselves an altercation. Ivory slapped Debra square across the face and Debra responded by grabbing Ivory's hair and pulling her head down to her waist. Ivory had the misfortune of having her right boob pop out of her dress momentarily -- and I mean momentarily -- because she was quickly covered up by D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry before anyone could really notice.

12 Batista


Not even strong denim jeans can contain the animal. Batista was cutting a promo with Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton when he said something along the lines of Stephanie having been drooled on before, after which Stephanie slapped his sunglasses right off his galaxy guarding face. Orton starts falling over in laughter and Stephanie leaves the ring, but Batista wasn't done just yet. Without saying a word, he delivered a spear to Orton, effectively splitting his jeans all the way from his left knee to his thigh. But, the show must go on; he didn't seem rattled at all and hoisted up both belts to the crowd without skipping a beat.

11 Stephanie McMahon


The best heel on the current roster had an unfortunate mishap over a decade ago when she was about to take a pedigree from Triple H on top of the announce table. She was wearing what appeared to be an all leather dress, and when she hunched over, her right boob ended up popping out. She quickly realized what had happened and was barely able to adjust herself before Triple H locked her arms behind her back, which would have been disastrous because she would have been exposed for much longer with little to no way of covering herself before Jericho came in and stopped Triple H.

10 Randy Orton

Randy Orton was booked in a match against Goldust on Monday Night RAW under the stipulation that if Goldust happens to win the match, his brother Cody Rhodes would be reinstated to the company. In one of the best matches of Goldust's career (based off of fan support, reaction, and general match quality), Orton and Goldust found themselves on the outside of the ring on several occasions. During one of those times Goldust went for a run of the mill back rake, but he went a little too far down and very briefly tugged on Orton's trunks, which got pulled just enough to show Orton's derriere.

9 Lita


Not surprising at all, but when she and Edge were having their controversial on screen sex-capade live on Monday Night RAW, Lita showed a little more than she was supposed to. In one of the more awkward segments of WWE television, they actually put a bed in the middle of the ring, and after Edge cut his promo they dimmed the lights and started to play some of the more typical saxophone music while Edge and Lita stripped and performed several risqué actions with each other. Lita was briefly seen on camera exposing the left side of her chest, but she quickly covered and the camera switched nearly immediately.

8 Rory Fargo


"Wait, who?" - pretty much everyone. Rory Fargo was practically in a squash match against Zack Ryder when all of a sudden Ryder took Fargo by the front of the tights and threw him into the corner, causing Fargo's tights to rip all around the bottom. Everything below the waist was now visible, but Rory and WWE cameras did an excellent job of concealing it from the live television audience. The in-house audience, however, was not so lucky. Ryder had to quickly end the match as soon as possible, and Rory can be seen holding his tights together with both hands during the pin.

7 Shawn Michaels

Shawn never had any trouble flaunting what God gave him and several times throughout his career his tights would "malfunction" and the ladies in the crowd were exposed to his backside. However, this malfunction is just hilarious and has nothing to do with partial nudity (unlike the majority of the rest of this list). HBK was on his way down the ramp to the ring and when he paused to do his pyro routine his chain vest got stuck in the ramp. He fell flat on his back and I don't know how Edge -- who was waiting in the ring -- could maintain a straight face the entire time.

6 Kaitlyn


AJ Lee was busy cutting a promo about being the best in the world (see what I did there?) with Stephanie McMahon when Kaitlyn interrupted the show and went medieval on AJ for a good 10 seconds. After Big E dragged AJ out of the ring by her heels and the dust quickly settled, Kaitlyn noticed that something had come loose in her attire, which she promptly put back before a bigger scene was made. It's been edited out of nearly all footage available, but it's never completely gone once it's been out there...

5 Dawn Marie


For what it's worth, Dawn Marie's ring attire was actually a good example of one of the more conservative styles, with long pants and a tight top that wasn't overly revealing at all compared to a lot of the rest of the Divas on the roster. She was in a match against Torrie Wilson at Judgment Day in 2004 when Torrie went for a "schoolgirl" roll-up on Dawn, pulling her tights for extra leverage and ripping them all around her waist. Dawn, ever the professional, continued on with the match as planned for another minute or so, pulling up her pants whenever she could.

4 Brie Bella


I don't even know how this happens, because all she was doing was sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring yet somehow her left boob popped out of her dress during a segment of Miz TV. How? Granted, she wasn't wearing her typical wrestling gear, but it's not like there was a match or anything like that going on at the time. She took to Twitter and issued an apology that stated that the humidity in the arena caused her tape to come off, and that she was embarrassed over the situation and that it won't ever happen again.

3 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Clearly NOT planned, Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake had the misfortune of having his tights betray him in one of the worst possible ways: it split at the seam directly over his rear end. Yeah, not the best visual in the world, but Brutus was doing his usual post-match routine where he would take his comically large shears and cut a lock of hair from his fallen opponent, and when he went into his squat, something had to give. The fans quickly noticed, laughing at the scene and recording video for all the world to see. Side note: apparently he goes commando for his matches...

2 Jacqueline


Probably one of the most blatant occurrences of "intentional wardrobe malfunctions" (which I understand is an oxymoron), but hey, it was the Attitude era, so these kinds of "malfunctions" happened pretty often. In a mixed tag match between the team of Jacqueline and Christian versus Sable and Marc Mero, Jacqueline received a TKO and was pinned by Sable, but after the pinfall she started to attack the referee of the match, Tim White. White then hoisted her on top of his shoulders when Sable came up from behind and ripped off Jacqueline's shirt, exposing her bare breasts to the live British crowd.

1 Francine


Fairly sure that this instance was unintentional, but it was definitely inevitable. Bad things tend to happen when gravity and scantily clad women in wrestling combine, so it's understandable that ECW's Francine had a problem keeping herself inside of her clothing when she was stalled upside down by Tommy Dreamer. She hunched over to receive a piledriver, and in the process of the maneuver the upper portion of her attire slid down and she was left exposed for a good amount of time. To make matters worse, Tommy stepped around the ring to show fans all around the ring while Francine tried her best to cover herself up prior to entering the move.

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Top 18 Wardrobe Malfunctions in Wrestling History