Top 20 Botches in Wrestling History

At its best, professional wrestling is a beautiful art form. Men and women locking up in a square ring telling a captivating story through their athletic abilities and larger than life personalities is what propels the business forward and makes any wrestling fan proud to love this "sport". It combines the best features of sporting events, theatre and music into the great spectacle we know today as sports entertainment. It make can you laugh, smile, cry and scream for joy all in the same night. I and millions around the world love it.

At its worst though, professional wrestling is a cringe-worthy, vomit-inducing and dangerous mess. The moments where professional wrestling goes wrong have been dubbed "botches" by fans. Hell there's even an entire video series devoted to these mistakes which you should totally check out AFTER reading this article of course.

Sometimes these mistakes are harmless. A performer can flub a line or just sell a move poorly. While those errors are embarrassing, other times a botch can have more horrible consequences. Bones can break, concussions can be given and in some cases, lives can be changed forever in the worst of ways.

This list will rank those moments in professional wrestling where the botches destroyed fans' suspension of disbelief and shattered the illusion which pro wrestling tries so hard to maintain at all times. Ironically enough, lots of these botches make people laugh, smile, cry and scream for joy just as wrestling is supposed to do. The problem is though, that those emotions are conveyed through all the wrong reasons.

20 Mark Henry "Pushes" Batista

19 Big Al's Invisible Beard


18 Undertaker 's WrestleMania Faceplant

17 Randy Orton RKO Retake

16 Hulk Hogan Shows His Age

15 Sid Vicious I: The Beginning

14 Kevin Nash Fails English Class

13 Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Presses His Head

12 Sin Cara Fails the Landing

11 Sid Vicious II: The Clueless Fool


10 T10. The Abominable Mike Adamle

9 T10. Michael Buffer Gets Ready To Botch

8 Hulk Hogan and the Bloody Screwjob


7 Sid Vicious III: Self Character Mutilation

6 Booker T is coming for you...

5 Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior II

4 Starrcade 1997 Debacle


3 Owen Hart Botches Tombstone on Stone Cold


2 Shock and Horror: The Shockmaster Debut

1 The Tragedy of Darren Drozdov


I've cracked a lot of jokes on this countdown but the laughing ends now. On October 5th, 1999 at a SmackDown taping in Long Island, New York, Darren Drozdov was paralyzed from a powerbomb gone wrong by D'Lo Brown. Rather than landing flat on his back, Drozdov was dumped on the back of head due to the awkward grip of the botch and because of the move, was left a quadriplegic. Out of respect and good taste, WWE has never released the video and only a couple of photographs have ever been leaked.  The incident remains a stark reminder to the dangers that every wrestler faces when they enter this business. Drozdov has not let the accident stop him from enjoying life and does not hold any ill will towards Brown for his condition. It is one of the biggest tragedies in professional wrestling history, and the biggest botch of all time.

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Top 20 Botches in Wrestling History