Top 20 Catchphrases In Wrestling History

Wrestlers are famous for many things. Whether it's their unique dress sense that dazzles the crowd - think someone like Goldust, for example - or a particular style in the ring that the crowd loves, there's always something about a great wrestler that they're remembered for. The hallmark of any great wrestler is that they have something that nobody else doesn't - just look at the WWE Hall of Fame to find proof of that.

Another thing that can hold wrestlers in high acclaim is their signature catchphrases. Not all wrestlers have them - some don't need to, due to the rest of their character being so complex and interesting that they don't really bother with them - but most of the greats do. Catchphrases are something that are becoming less and less common in modern WWE, with focus much more on how the wrestler looks than what they say. Daniel Bryan is perhaps the shining exception to that, but apart from that, not many of the top stars have a favorite phrase.

However, that wasn't the case back in the 1980s, 1990s and even the 2000s. Wrestlers were once famous for the phrase that came out of their mouth; probably because it helped the crowd to relate to them. The wrestling archives are stacked full of guys who had the most iconic phrases which have stood the test of time, and still see crowds saying them to this very day. There were plenty to choose from, but here are the top 20 catchphrases in the history of professional wrestling.

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20 "Oh Yeah!" - Randy Savage

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We start with a guy who for many, should be the next name inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame. Given how popular he was in the 1980s, it's incredible to think Randy Savage is yet to join the exclusive club, or whether he ever will. Regardless of that though, his simple yet memorable catchphrase makes it onto this list. Whenever his trademark voice uttered the words "Oh Yeah!", everyone immediately got excited. Savage was a wrestler for the people, and he had a legendary catchphrase to boot. In fact, his catchphrase was so popular that it was used in that iconic advert for Slim Jim.

19 "Rest In Peace" - The Undertaker

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Every time The Undertaker told someone they would "Rest In Peace", you immediately got chills. It is one of the most memorable and iconic catchphrases in the history of professional wrestling, not least because it was said by perhaps the biggest icon of the past 20 years. With Paul Bearer often by his side whenever he said it, that only added to the dramatic, bone-tingling effect The Undertaker's signature catchphrase had for wrestling fans.

18 "To Be The Man, You've Gotta Beat The Man!" - Ric Flair

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The first of a few catchphrases on this list from the legendary Ric Flair, and it's one that he often used to say to up-and-coming wrestlers that wanted his crown. As a 16-time world champion, Flair knew a thing or two about being challenged by plenty of guys, and as he so often used to tell them, they had to beat the best if they wanted to get to the top. And as we know, more often than not, those guys just couldn't beat the man.

17 "What?" - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has had quite a few catchphrases throughout his illustrious career, but this has to rank as one of the funniest. Introduced for comedic effect initially, Austin used to scream "What?" in anyone that dared to get in his way. It provided many memorable backstage segments during the early 2000s, with the likes of Michael Cole and Stephanie McMahon often on the receiving end of Austin's catchphrase. It became so popular that Austin even had a t-shirt produced with the catchphrase on. In recent years though, it's become a touch more annoying, as wrestling fans tend to scream it at live events whenever they feel like it. Not the best legacy Austin has ever left, in truth.

16 "Get The Tables!" - The Dudley Boyz

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Back to the Attitude Era, and a catchphrase from perhaps the most famous tag team of the past 15 years. When they arrived from ECW, The Dudley Boyz were already pretty well estbalished in the wrestling business. But their move to WWE sent them to new heights - not least when Bubba Ray used to tell D-Von to get the tables. That sent the crowd into delirium, because it meant they were going to get a slice of extreme wrestling almost every time the Dudleys stepped into a wrestling ring.

15 "I'm a Limousine Ridin'.." - Ric Flair

Back to Ric Flair now, and another of his signature catchphrases. To a certain demographic of wrestling fans (probably younger ones), Flair is more fondly remembered for his catchphrases as opposed to his wrestling - and this certainly was one of the more popular ones. Growing up, remembering this entire catchphrase was almost as much of a challenge as your math homework, but Flair rolled it off the tongue to sheer perfection every single time he said it.

14 "Raw Is Jericho" - Chris Jericho

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It's a catchphrase that was first spoken 15 years ago, when Chris Jericho made his debut in the WWE. And since then, most editions of Raw that have seen Jericho in attendance have often heard him declare "Raw Is Jericho" with the flawless style he is famous for. It's become a pretty famous crowd sign too, with "Raw Is.." followed by the location of Raw often seen in the audience at tapings on a Monday night. Still active to this day, Jericho still entertains and produce huge applause when he utters the catchphrase.

13 "Everybody's Got A Price!" - Ted DiBiase

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Ted DiBiase's promos in the 1980s were the stuff of legend, and his entire character was based around his iconic catchphrase. According to the 'Million Dollar Man', everyone had a price, no matter who they were. Scenes like DiBiase closing local facilities so he could have them to himself, or simply mocking members of the active roster with his henchman Virgil, DiBiase became one of the greatest heels of the 80s - and it was largely to do with his fantastic catchphrase.

12 "Woo!" - Ric Flair

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Back to Ric Flair again - and the one catchphrase above every other that made him famous. Even without Flair on WWE TV too much these days, crowds will often scream "Woo!" whenever someone gets a chop across the chest - such is Flair's impact and legacy in the WWE. However, there's no substitute for Flair himself screaming the catchphrase, often in the face of his unsuspecting opponents. Flair even incorporated it into his promo work, and it still remains one of the most iconic catchphrases in wrestling history.

11 "Have A Nice Day!" - Mick Foley

via WWE.com

Given how he had many different alter-egos, Mick Foley was famous for a fair few catchphrases. Dude Love, Catcus Jack and Mankind all had their own, but it was Foley's "Have A Nice Day!" that became his most famous. He used to utter the catchphrase throughout the 1990s, when he rose from the bottom of the roster right through to WWE Champion. In fact, the catchphrase was so popular that it became the title of Foley's own autobiography. Honorable mention for Foley's cheap pops: "It's good to be back here in, (insert town name here)"

10 "Finally, The Rock Has Come Back To.." - The Rock

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From Mick Foley to another icon of the Attitude Era, The Rock. In truth, there's probably not a single wrestler in the world that had more catchphrases than 'The Great One' - but that doesn't make them any less iconic. Every time The Rock's music hit and he entered the ring, he began most promos with an iconic line - "Finally, The Rock has come back to.." followed by the location of the show. Wrestling fans love nothing more than a mega star sweet talking their town, which is why the catchphrase had such a huge impact whenever it was said.

9 "Hey Yo!" - Scott Hall/Razor Ramon

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Let's face it, back when he was in his prime, there wasn't a cooler wrestler on the planet than Razor Ramon. He had everything; the style, the swagger and the cool catchphrase to go with it. Razor's catchphrase wasn't particularly complicated; it just summed up his personality to perfection. When it was accompanied with Razor hurling that toothpick at the camera in his cocky, arrogant manner, you just knew you were in the presence of one of the greats of the wrestling business.

8 "It Doesn't Matter!" - The Rock

A catchphrase which again, like Razor Ramon's signature phrase, summed up the wrestler in question to perfection. The Rock was all about shutting his opponents down, particularly in his prime as a babyface. It was a catchphrase that could be used in all sorts of circumstances by The Rock, but it always had the same effect. The Rock was one of those wrestlers that could produce huge cheers from a crowd whenever he got a microphone in his hand - partly down to catchphrases like this.

7 "Oh, You Didn't Know?" - The New Age Outlaws

via wwe.com

A catchphrase that was so good that it led to a whole song being sung in the ring - that's perhaps what The New Age Outlaws are most fondly remembered for, in truth. Still recited to perfection every time Road Dogg and Billy Gunn make a return on WWE TV, it's a catchphrase that holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of wrestling fans. It wasn't just the opening line of their theme song, it was an indication the crowd were in for one of the most iconic entrances of all time.

6 "What'cha Gonna Do.." - Hulk Hogan

via wwe.com

We're getting to the very elite of wrestling catchphrases now, and when it comes to Hulk Hogan, there's always one thing he's most fondly remembered for. When he was sporting the famous red and yellow all the way back in the 1980s, Hogan more often than not tore his vest off to huge roars from crowds all across the world. That was followed by him asking his opponents what they were gonna do when Hulkamania ran wild all over them. Cue delirium from the crowd, as well as Hogan pumping himself up like only the Hulkster could do, in truth.

5 "The Best There Is.." - Bret Hart

via realworldchamp.com

Of all the catchphrases on this list, there's perhaps none as fitting as the one regularly said by Bret 'The Hitman' Hart throughout his career in the WWE. Adored by millions all across the globe, the Canadian definitely was the best there was, and probably the best there ever will be. That's how good Bret was; and he had a catchphrase that followed him around to perfection. Still seen on banners all across the globe to this day, it was a true reflection of the talent Bret had inside the ring.

4 "You're Fired!" - Vince McMahon

It's a catchphrase that has been said to plenty of guys throughout the years in WWE, and it has always retained that dramatic effect that gets the crowd going. There isn't anyone in the WWE who could deliver the line "You're Fired!" quite like Vince McMahon, with his booming voice screaming in the face of the foe that was being dismissed a real picture. Wrestling fans love it, especially when Vince makes his sporadic returns these days, as a babyface who is adored by millions.

3 "Suck It!" - D-Generation X

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They're perhaps the greatest faction in the history of professional wrestling - and when you're that good, you need a catchphrase to go with it. That's exactly what D-Generation X had, with their "Suck It!" phrase arguably one of the most fondly remembered catchphrases in the history of the WWE. It was so popular that it even remained with the likes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels when the group disbanded - as too with guys like The New Age Outlaws. Attitude Era crowds weren't any happier than when they were telling people to "Suck It!", in all fairness.

2 "If Ya Smell..." - The Rock

1 "And That's The Bottom Line.." - 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Any of the top bunch on this list could have come out top - as they're all fantastic catchphrases that helped to develop and solidify the careers of many top stars. However, if one catchphrase suited a wrestler to perfection, then it was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's iconic promo-closer. There's not a catchphrase that gets people more excited than it, and it's a phrase that fans simply love shouting. When Austin makes his returns in the modern-day WWE, crowds are falling over themselves. And when he utters his famous "And That's The Bottom Line.. 'Cos Stone Cold Said So!", you know you're in the presence of one of the wrestling greats.

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