19Stone Cold/Brian Pillman Gun Segment

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In a moment that could have not only ended the Attitude Era and the Monday Night War, but also the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian Pillman were involved in an angle that seemed almost too real to certain people. The background of the angle was that Pillman was

at home recovering from an injury being interviewed when he learned that Stone Cold Steve Austin was coming to attack him. Soon Pillman had a handgun in his hand aimed at the door, waiting for Austin to come through, threatening to shoot him. Austin eventually showed and fought a few of Pillman’s friends before a shot rang out through the house and the camera cut out. It cut back in with both men screaming at each other, which included some uncensored and colorful language. The segment got the WWE in some very hot water with USA Network, who threatened to cancel Raw outright if something like that ever happened again. 

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