Top 20 Coolest Rides in Wrestling History

The professional wrestling world is one that is filled with gimmicks regardless of the size of any particular organization or federation. Wrestler ring entrances is just one example of portions of the business that have been turned into over-the-top events that are used as ways to fire up in-house crowds and also get performers over with fans. Take current World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Bray Wyatt as just one example. Wyatt was an instant hit among WWE fans upon making his first true appearance at a Raw event due in part to his original ring entrance and the theme song associated with the character.

One thing could have made Wyatt's entrance even that more entertaining for those attending WWE shows: a vehicle of some sort. Cool rides have been featured by organizations such as the WWE and formerly World Championship Wrestling over the years. Some of those were used seemingly just to be used, but that fact did not make them any less important to the show or to those moments in time. Others, however, were extensions of characters that were featured on television and pay-per-view segments, and thus the rides became just as important as were the wrestlers.

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20 Vince McMahon's Exploding Limo

The storyline that involves this famous ride belonging to the WWE Chairman was that Vince McMahon was going through a nervous breakdown. McMahon made his way through the back and past groups of performers before exiting the arena and entering one of his many limousines. The car then, to the shock of those watching, blew up, signaling the potential end of the Mr. McMahon character. That story had to be quickly scratched following the tragic deaths of Chris Benoit and his family.

19 WWE Airplane(s)

Vince McMahon was once legitimately a billionaire, and thus it is understandable that he would like to travel in style to and from WWE events. McMahon's fleet of airplanes had, over the years, been mentioned on WWE programming, and one of those planes was put front and center of an edition of Raw during the chairman's feud with D-Generation X. DX would go on to deface the outside of the plane by the time the segment had come to an end, just one of several times that the duo of Shawn Michaels and Triple H would embarrass McMahon during that feud.

18 WCW “Sumo” Monster Trucks

You know those friends and family members who make fun of you for liking pro wrestling? This is one of those moments that you would like to hide from them. WCW had multiple monster truck associations during the 1990s and that included trucks that were dedicated to Hulk Hogan and The Giant. Hogan and Giant once competed in a supposed “Sumo” monster truck event that occurred on the rook of a parking garage, and that contest ended with the two coming to blows before Hogan knocked The Giant off the roof and seemingly to his death (yes, he survived).

17 John Cena's WrestleMania 22 Entrance

There are some wrestling fans who would point to the entrance John Cena made at WrestleMania 23 as being worthy of making this list. Do not no-sell the cool factor had by Cena heading into his WrestleMania 22 match versus Triple H. This segment, which was a throwback to the days depicted in The Godfather, included vehicles from generations ago. Cena's entrance on this night is also famous for being the first time that CM Punk appeared on top-tier WWE programming. Punk would go on to have some great WWE entrances of his own, but that is a different topic for a different time.

16 Steve Austin's Monster Truck

The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin feuded several times when the two were at the top of WWE main event cards, and they once came together for a Raw segment that happened to involve multiple vehicles. The Rock was cutting a promo inside of the ring when he noticed via the Titantron that Austin was outside of the arena. Austin made his way into a monster truck and the “Rattlesnake” went on to destroy Rock's Lincoln and also a hearse inside of the arena as part of the bit. The Rock versus Austin was a one-of-a-kind feud, one the WWE has not been able to recreate.

15 nWo Garbage Trucks

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The first ever Souled Out pay-per-view, one which occurred in 1997 and one that was “hosted” by heel stable the new World order, is widely viewed as one of the worst overall shows of that era of WCW. Eric Bischoff and those running the creative end of the company tried something different for that event, including having members of the nWo arrive to the arena via police escort and on garbage trucks. Hollywood Hulk Hogan and company would eventually ditch the garbage trucks for limousines at editions of Nitro, but this entrance lives on in the memories of fans who watched the first ever Souled Out.

14 Randy Orton's NASCAR

Randy Orton was one of the top heel characters in all of the WWE when a real NASCAR vehicle was created under the “Legend Killer” brand. Orton was, at that time, somewhat out of nowhere put into a feud with Kofi Kingston. Kingston, as part of that feud, defaced Orton's beloved NASCAR ride in what some believed would be a segment to help Kingston take the next step in his WWE career. That did not happen, however, as Orton would squash Kington for the majority of that feud. At least the NASCAR ride was impressive, although it is now largely an afterthought.

13 The Undertaker's Motorcycle

Not everybody loved the time when The Undertaker was repackaged as a character that some referred to as “BikerTaker.” While it is understandable that there are pockets of wrestling fans who will forever be nostalgic for the “Deadman” character that dominated the WWE in the 1990s, you have to remember just how stale the gimmick was when the company switched The Undertaker to the “American Badass” who drove a motorcycle down to the ring. The move needed to be madeand  The Undertaker happened to be involved in some tremendous feuds during that run of his legendary career.

12 DX Express

There were, over the years, different versions of the “DX Express” utilized by the D-Generation-X faction during the Attitude Era. The one that may stick out more than others is the bus that the stable used to travel to and from arenas for Raw and SmackDown events when the group was a heel faction and Triple H was reigning as the WWE Champion. That ride met its doom during an edition of SmackDown when The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin came together to demolish it. Looking back, the WWE has a long history of destroying thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of vehicles.

11 The Undertaker's Hearse

Of all of the rides that have been used in wrestling storylines over the years, none may be more fitting than The Undertaker utilizing a hearse to scare off different opponents over the years. The Undertaker should not ride in a hearse for every match because of the fact that part of his spectacular entrances involves his menacing walk down the ramp and toward the ring, but, every now and then, the vehicle adds a special touch to an entrance or to a segment. That part of the character may have been put to bed for good considering he is in the twilight of his career, but The Undertaker utilizing a hearse one final time could make for a throwback moment for fans.

10 Lex Express

It is easy, 22 years after the fact, to look back at the Lex Express gimmick that was supposed to turn Lex Luger into the next Hulk Hogan and roll your eyes at the concept. Luger's campaign around the United States that would lead up to a championship match versus Yokozuna included a bus that was decked out in USA red-white-and-blue, and his tour drew fans wherever the bus would park. The WWE eventually decided that Luger was not, in fact, going to be the next Hulkster, and the company instead went all-in on Bret Hart being the next top babyface in the company.

9 Vince Russo's “Popemobile”

Vince Russo got plenty wrong during his days with the WWE, WCW and then later on with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The guy has to get some credit for having a sense of humor about his reputation in the business when he gave himself his own version of the “Popemobile” while he was, in storyline, the boss of WCW. Russo would not last long in WCW, nor would the company exist long after Russo signed his first contract with that brand, but these segments offered some funny moments during a time when WCW was visibly on its deathbed.

8 Steve Austin's Zamboni

Part of the charm of the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin character that got it over with wrestling fans from all around the world was that Austin was able to pull off stunts that many of us could only ever dream of doing at our places of business. One of those instances involved Austin utilizing a Zamboni – yes, a Zamboni – to blast through what was meant to be a protective wall of police officers all so that Austin could get his hands on Vince McMahon inside of a ring. Moments such as this one offer reminders of why the WWE has desperately been trying to recreate the “babyface versus heel authority figure” feud for nearly two decades.

7 JBL's Limo

Some of the best characters in wrestling history were merely amped-up personalities of the individuals who played those roles. John “Bradshaw” Layfield would be just one example. JBL was a classic heel during his run as the WWE Champion on the SmackDown brand, a bad guy who took a limousine to the ring before matches and who flaunted his wealth just because he could. He may not have been the best overall worker in the business during his final run as a champion heel, but JBL remains an under-appreciated character who now features as an announcer for the Raw program.

6 Alberto Del Rio's Cars

There are certain instances when the WWE seemingly does not know what it has in a talent. Alberto Del Rio would have to be considered to be one of those cases. The WWE did well to pair the performer up with a character who, in storyline, had access to some of the most expensive and coolest rides in all of the world, and Del Rio did all he could to get that gimmick over and also have memorable matches with a variety of opponents. Del Rio's time atop WWE main event cards did not last long, however, but at least fans can go back in time and re-watch his many ring entrances during his time with the company.

5 Kurt Angle's Milk Truck

It is a popular opinion among wrestling analysts and among fans who watched the WWE at the time that the company thoroughly botched the Invasion angle following the downfalls of ECW and WCW. That feud, which did not even last a calendar year before it was wisely abandoned, did create some positive memories, and that includes the edition of Raw when Kurt Angle drove a milk truck down to the ring. Angle soaking members of the Alliance was a throwback to an old bit involving Steve Austin (more on that later), and Austin sold for the milk like a champ.

4 Eddie Guerrero's Lowriders

Eddie Guerrero could have easily become a forgotten figure among the majority of WWE fans after his first run in the company ended because of the wrestler's battles with some personal demons. Guerrero ultimately turned his life around and he eventually became one of the top babyfaces in the company during the era of the “SmackDown Six.” Part of Guerrero's charm during his time at the top of main event cards involved him driving different types of lowriders down ramps and to the rings before matches. Choose of your favorite of the many rides that Guerrero had while with the WWE.

3 Four Horsemen Rides

The truth of the matter is that you can take your pick from the arsenal of cool rides that different members of the Four Horsemen had over the years. There were, of course, the standard limousines that picked the Four Horsemen up at airports and then dropped them off at different venues around a city. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and his other teammates also drove flashy cars to flaunt their real-life wealth and their statuses in the wrestling industry. Say whatever you will about the Four Horsemen. They lived the gimmick and there will never be another faction like the Horsemen.

2 Steve Austin's Beer Truck

Plenty of iconic and memorable moments occurred on WWE television during the Attitude Era. It is entirely possible that none was more memorable than the time when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin obtained possession of a beer truck and then soaked Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and The Rock as the three members of The Corporation were standing inside of the ring. Austin could not have been booked any better by the company during his run as the top performer in all of the industry, and it was moments like these that helped them defeat WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

1 WrestleMania Ring Carts

These are perhaps the most underrated wrestling rides in the history of the business. The ring carts that the WWE once featured at events such as WrestleMania III gave the aura that the show was different and far more special than what fans see any other time of the year. It is more likely than not that fans will never see these ring carts again at a WrestleMania since the WWE has put such a strong emphasis on wrestlers having original entrances that are even flashier than normal at the biggest show of the year. Maybe, just maybe, we will once again be treated to these sweet rides at a WWE throwback show.

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