Top 20 Coolest Rides in Wrestling History

The professional wrestling world is one that is filled with gimmicks regardless of the size of any particular organization or federation. Wrestler ring entrances is just one example of portions of the business that have been turned into over-the-top events that are used as ways to fire up in-house crowds and also get performers over with fans. Take current World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Bray Wyatt as just one example. Wyatt was an instant hit among WWE fans upon making his first true appearance at a Raw event due in part to his original ring entrance and the theme song associated with the character.

One thing could have made Wyatt's entrance even that more entertaining for those attending WWE shows: a vehicle of some sort. Cool rides have been featured by organizations such as the WWE and formerly World Championship Wrestling over the years. Some of those were used seemingly just to be used, but that fact did not make them any less important to the show or to those moments in time. Others, however, were extensions of characters that were featured on television and pay-per-view segments, and thus the rides became just as important as were the wrestlers.

20 Vince McMahon's Exploding Limo

19 WWE Airplane(s)

18 WCW “Sumo” Monster Trucks

17 John Cena's WrestleMania 22 Entrance

16 Steve Austin's Monster Truck

15 nWo Garbage Trucks


14 Randy Orton's NASCAR

13 The Undertaker's Motorcycle

12 DX Express

11 The Undertaker's Hearse

10 Lex Express

9 Vince Russo's “Popemobile”

8 Steve Austin's Zamboni

7 JBL's Limo

6 Alberto Del Rio's Cars

5 Kurt Angle's Milk Truck

4 Eddie Guerrero's Lowriders

3 Four Horsemen Rides

2 Steve Austin's Beer Truck

1 WrestleMania Ring Carts

These are perhaps the most underrated wrestling rides in the history of the business. The ring carts that the WWE once featured at events such as WrestleMania III gave the aura that the show was different and far more special than what fans see any other time of the year. It is more likely than not that fans will never see these ring carts again at a WrestleMania since the WWE has put such a strong emphasis on wrestlers having original entrances that are even flashier than normal at the biggest show of the year. Maybe, just maybe, we will once again be treated to these sweet rides at a WWE throwback show.

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Top 20 Coolest Rides in Wrestling History