Top 20 Current And Former WWE Divas Without Makeup

A valuable part of the WWE roster, the women’s division has gone through a lot of transformations over the decades it’s existed.

A valuable part of the WWE roster, the women’s division has gone through a lot of transformations over the decades it’s existed. Whether you think of women from the Attitude Era, like Trish Stratus or Lita, as your favorite or the era of the Diva is the one you care most about, one thing that is certain, there have been many beautiful women under WWE’s employ. Known best as television performers, these multifaceted women are typically seen wearing glamorous outfits, hair professionally fixed and with their makeup game on point. That is why it is so fascinating when we get that rare glimpse of them in their more natural, non-made-up state. If that sounds interesting to you, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re about to compare and contrast the ways in which these ladies look once the makeup comes off.

In order to find a place on this list, the performer in question needs to have been a woman who performed on camera for the WWE after the start of the eighties. Therefore, people like Jojo, Renee Young, Miss Elizabeth, or Lilian Garcia all could be included on this list, despite their lack of in ring time. Also, we were not present when these photos were taken so we can’t say with 100% certainty that the subjects of the photos aren’t wearing any makeup but we can say it certainly appears that way. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the ladies.

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20 Charlotte

via imgur.com

When this talented wrestler first entered into the wrestling she was known simply as the daughter of Ric Flair but before too long she proved she was far more talented than a lot of second generation stars are. Quickly standing out during her tenure in NXT, her incredible genetics and a lot of hard work made her matches must-see affairs. Additionally, as her promos matured and she gained in confidence she started to do some of the best work in the women’s division. A member of the much vaunted Four Horsewomen, she earned her bosses respect and was called up to the main roster because of it. The current WWE Women’s Champion, she was the woman on top of the division when the term diva was dropped and has done her family and bosses right.

Seen here in a selfie while wearing a tiny top and even smaller bottoms, her awe-inspiring physique may grab your attention right away but her face is equally remarkable. Arguably more attractive in this more natural state, her typical look may be gone but we’re definitely not complaining.

19 Stephanie McMahon

via wzronline.com

The Billion Dollar Princess who entered the business as a model of merchandise in her teens, Stephanie has since matured into a business leader and power broker in her father’s business. Working her way up in the company, she first became an executive in the company when she was named the Executive vice-president of creative and serves as Chief Brand Officer today. Also an on-air talent, she came to prominence when her character got involved with Triple H, the man she would come to marry in real life, which turned her into one of the biggest villains in the company. Enjoying a similar role today, her character runs Raw at the side of her brother while she legitimately helps run the company off-screen.

Seen here in a sweet photo with her mother, the duo looks happy to have a moment together. We don’t know for sure that this pair is able to relax during this moment but the looks on their faces certainly makes it seem that way.

18 Maryse

via wrestlingforum.com

One of the most beautiful women in today’s WWE, Maryse entered the business by taking part in the 2006 Diva Search competition. The second person eliminated, we’re certain it wasn’t her looks that caused fans to let her be excused, instead, we imagine that it had a lot more to do with the cocky manner in which she carries herself. Wisely signed to a contract anyway, she became a pretty talented in ring worker and her matches were often memorable due to her overtly sexual method of pinning her foes. A one-time WWE Divas Champion, she left the company for a number of years and during her time away married The Miz, the current Intercontinental champion. Recently bought back to enhance her husband’s egotistical character, the duo has proven that they have a great deal of charisma and remain as innately hateable as ever.

Seen here inside of a car, this former Playboy model who clearly takes a great deal of pride in her appearance is dressed down, something fans rarely get to see on her social media. Also looking as though she hasn’t applied any makeup to her face on this particular day, it shows that she doesn’t need to depend on much assistance to look good.

17 Brie Bella

via hiyyz.com

Someone who auditioned to take part in the Divas search, alongside her sister, the pair was shockingly not picked to compete on WWE TV. Still signed to developmental contracts, once she was promoted to the main roster, it was obvious that she and her sister were seen as eye candy as they spent years on the arms of other talents and Guest Hosts. Finally given a chance at competing in-ring, she managed to get a run with the Divas champion and served as the face of the company’s women division alongside her sister for several years. Cast as the lead figures in the WWE “reality show” Total Divas, the show largely focuses on their interactions with their peers and Brie’s marriage to WWE megastar Daniel Bryan.

Seen her in what appears to be a robe, at the side of her husband, the pair seem to be giving us a look at their intimate time together, something stars of a “reality show” have to used to by now. Looking as though she just exited a pool or shower, her features are every bit as striking as we’ve ever seen them.

16 Maxine

via instagram.com

A gorgeous woman whose WWE career came to an unceremonious end, the person who was once known as Maxine could have made a huge mark on the company under different circumstances. A huge part of Lucha Underground since its debut, she has proven that she can expertly play a character if given the chance she felt wasn’t coming in the WWE. Rumored to have asked for her release from Vince McMahon’s company after several of the aspects of the character she’d created were handed to a fellow employee, Aksana, if true, they bet on the wrong performer. Anyone who has seen her work in her new company can attest that she is a very capable performer.

Seen here beside a cardboard cut-out of her Lucha Underground character, Catrina, the photo could be used to exemplify how she looks made up and not. An enchanting woman who seems incapable of looking bad, her natural looks and that sexy gaze are absolutely enthralling.

15 Eve Torres

via evetorres.com

Yet another Divas Search competitor, Eve was a part of the 2007 edition and ultimately took home the crown before joining the main roster as a backstage interviewer, not exactly what we expected. Eventually given the role the Divas Search winner is expected to receive, she became a full-time wrestler mere months into her WWE tenure. She was also briefly used as a manager who worked with talents like Cryme Tyme, Chris Masters, and R-Truth. That still wasn’t enough, though and she became an onscreen authority figure during her run as the “Executive Administrator” of both Raw and Smackdown. A three-time winner of the WWE Divas Championship, it is abundantly clear that her bosses saw her as someone to build their company around up until the day she opted to retire.

Seen here looking like her face had recently been scrubbed clean, it appears like she may have been taking part in one of many social media makeup free trends. Still looking bright eyed and bushy tailed, her face may not be smiling but we’re happy to see her.

14 Stacy Keibler

via dcurbanmom.com

A former model, actress, dancer, and cheerleader, Stacy entered into the wrestling business when she was hired by WCW after winning a contest to become the latest Nitro Girl. Soon used in a larger role for the company, she served as the valet of Lenny Lane, Lodi, David Flair, and Shawn Stasiak while taking part in a few “matches” including one with mud wrestling. After her contract was bought by WWE in their purchase of WCW, she served as one of the few women who were a part of The Alliance during the ill-fated invasion angle. Working for the company for five years, she feuded with women like Torrie Wilson and Sable and managed men like The Dudley Boyz, Test, and Scott Steiner before leaving. Known by the public at large as the former girlfriend of George Clooney and one of the finalists in a Dancing with the Star’s season, she has arguably become the most famous woman to work for the WWE.

Seen here out and about on what appears to be a cold night, she may not have been planning to have her photo taken. She doesn’t look happy it is happening, but she still looks great.

13 Jojo Offerman

via eonline.com

Brought into the WWE as a star of the first season of their “reality show” Total Divas, she was meant to add an element of a rookie first finding her way in the business to the show. Not even twenty years of age at the time, she may not have been prepared to work a match but she handled her business like a pro which funnily enough made her a bad fit for the show. Lacking the drama of her co-stars, she departed the series after a single season. After a short period of time training in the ring, she transitioned into an announcing job which actually may result in a longer career in the business than most of her peers.

Seen here in a gorgeous selfie on a sunny day, her lack of makeup and the rays of sunshine that are hitting her lend an almost ethereal element to the photo. Looking innocent and kind, she seems immensely approachable and gives off a vibe of kindness any star would likely kill for.

12 Mickie James

via photobucket.com

One of the best all-around talents in the history of the WWE Women’s Division, Mickie has proven that she deserves the spotlight again and again. Entering the company by playing a stalker obsessed with Trish Stratus, the resulting feud set up a match between the talented pair at WrestleMania that may be the best women’s match at Mania or even in company history. Working for the WWE for seven years total, she would have feuds with women like Lita, Melina, Victoria, Beth Phoenix and many others during her tenure. Ultimately leaving the WWE after she was shockingly and stupidly released in 2010,she would go on to work for companies like AAA, Global Force Wrestling and most notably TNA, who were lucky enough to have her for many years.

Seen here in what appears to be a mug shot quality picture, Mickie could be a victim of the harsh lighting, lack of makeup and unflattering angle. Instead, she manages to give us a view of the tenacity that made her so good and looks that made her look great no matter what.

11 Sasha Banks

via blogspot.com

Arguably the most popular female performer in the business today, with Bayley serving as her competition for that mantle, Sasha has proven her passion several times in the past. A former NXT Women’s Champion who was a part of the celebrated group of women known as the four horsewomen, she created a great character during her time there. When she did get pulled up to the main roster she still had a couple of matches against Bayley, one of which, an Iron Woman match, was a match of the year candidate. Not yet given a full-fledged singles push on the main roster, she has still managed to have her name chanted while she isn’t in the ring at the time and finally appears poised to fight for the title.

Seen here in the early days of her career, before the WWE came calling, she has a title belt on her shoulder but looks as clean faced as we’ve ever seen her. Looking like an innocent young woman who couldn’t be happier to be making her way in the business she loves, she looks pretty and sweet in equal measure.

10 Cameron

via imgur.com

A former Tough Enough contestant who was the first eliminated in her season, her time in the business started on shaky ground. Thrown out by the head judge of the competition, Steve Austin, because she wasn’t good and gave a ludicrous answer when asked what her favorite match ever was, she still somehow received a WWE contract. Turned into a “Funkadactyl” she would dance at the side of Brodus Clay while he made his way to the ring and was one of the main cast members of the early seasons of Total Divas. Ultimately sent out on her own and turned into a villain, she suffered great embarrassment when she attempted to pin someone lying on their stomach but seemed dedicated to improving in the ring. Released earlier this year, we may not have been given a chance to see how much her hard work had paid off but we still may one day.

Seen here while she appears to be lying on a bed after getting out of a pool or shower, it makes us wonder why she ever applied makeup at all. Not looking much different than when we saw her on WWE television, she is just an outright pretty lady.

9 Maria Kanellis

via wrestlingmedia.org

First gaining media attention as a part of the “reality show” Outback Jack, she would go on to place fifth in the Diva Search the same year that show came out. Brought to WWE television as a backstage interviewer, Maria adopted a ditzy character who mostly seemed lost and confused but would occasionally impart knowledge far greater than expected. Chosen to pose for Playboy, a magazine WWE had a relationship with at the time, she would notably take part in a storyline relationship with Santino Marella that was extremely entertaining. After leaving the company, she would meet and manage her future husband, Mike Bennett, in companies like New Japan and TNA, whom she works for to this day.

Seen here in a photo that is being taken in front of what appears to be a photo shoot backdrop, the fact that she is appearing sans makeup is somewhat surprising. Still, she looks way hotter than most women in and out of the business and judging from her pose, she realizes that fully.

8 Alicia Fox

via wrestlingforum.com

Signed by the WWE in 2006, she is one of the few women at the time that would go onto fame with the company that was never involved in any way with the Divas Search. Working in developmental for two years, she would make her SmackDown debut as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s upcoming nuptials before causing it to break down. Next showing up as a would-be manager on WWE’s version of ECW, the wrestler she accompanied was swiftly released. Not exactly the most auspicious start to her character, she would bounce around the company for a couple of years before getting a run with the Divas Championship. Going on to adopt a crazy character several years later, she was added to Total Divas and began a team with Brie and Nikki Bella, known as Team Bella that would run roughshod over the division.

Seen here in a relaxed setting, it looks like she is spending time with loved ones based on the background of the shot. Someone who doesn’t always get the credit she deserves, both for her looks and her character, Alicia looks happy and we hope she is happily employed for years to come.

7 AJ Lee

via alfa-img.com

Someone who appeared in the third, all woman, season of NXT back when it was a competition show, she ended up placing third but undeniably had the biggest impact on the company thereafter. A former two-time winner of the Diva of the Year Slammy who was also named the Woman of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated; she was great in whatever position she was given. Involved onscreen at various times with a number of the company’s biggest male stars, including John Cena, CM Punk, Kane, and Dolph Ziggler her character was a lunatic and immensely entertaining. A former general manager of Raw and three-time WWE Divas Championship, the important roles she consistently earned proved the faith her bosses had in her prior to her departure.

Seen here in what appears to be a publicity photo, based on her pose and gear, she looks like her character at the time didn’t want a cookie-cutter overly made up look. A hot woman, who exudes confidence and poise, her look here is working for her.

6 Jillian Hall

via dailywrestlingnews.com

There may not be any female performer in the history of the business that we more associate with makeup than Jillian, based on the period in which she appeared with a fake growth on her face. One of the silliest gimmicks given to anyone in WWE since the nineties, the thing looked as unbelievable as the effects in Troll 2 and thankfully disappeared after the equally silly Boogeyman ate it. Going on to feud with Ashley Massaro, Stacy Keibler, Mickie James, and Eve Torres to name a few, she was taken a great deal more seriously after a short while on the main stage. In fact, the manner in which she was portrayed changed enough that she would be given a run with the Divas Championship; unfortunately it wasn’t the vote of confidence you’d hope for as she lost it the same night.

Seen here from an unappealing angle in a jacket and what may be scrubs of some sort, she looks like she may have gotten plastic surgery on her face since she looks pretty different. We may be wrong though as it might just be because her face is lacking the layers of makeup she consistently wore while working for the WWE.

5 Melina

via forum.bodybuilding.com

One of the most flexible women in WWE history, Melina turned a lot of heads with her legendary entrance while accompanying her Tag Team, MNM, or when she went to the ring alone. Inspired by Al Snow to give the business a try after she was turned away from Tough Enough III, she would go on to be a memorable star for the company that initially rejected her. Once called “one of the best wrestlers in the world” by Bret Hart, her agility, flexibility and intensity in the ring earned her two runs with the Divas Championship and three with the Women’s Championship. A lightning rod for controversy, she may not have been the most popular performer in the back but fans always seemed to enjoy her work and reacted the way she desired.

Seen here at a young age, her pigtails belie the killer instinct that would make her a huge star in the business for years to come.

4 Lana

via dailywrestlingnews.com

A former model, dancer, singer, actress and multiple time Playboy pictorial subject, it seems like this exquisite woman had a bevy of potential careers to choose from. Luckily for all of us wrestling fans, she opted to sign a WWE contract and would become one of the best managers in years, while working with her real-life fiancée Rusev. Standing beside The Bulgarian Brute, when he was one of the most hated men in the business because of his America hating promos, Lana was so stunning that fans still began to chant her name. After an ill-advised separation from her partner in crime and life, she has begun to reclaim her spot at the top of the business and we believe she can be a valuable asset for years to come.

Seen here in what appears to be an airplane seat, her face looks far greasier than we’ve ever seen before but that small imperfection is easily forgettable. We instead choose to focus on the look on her face that confirms that she can play the vixen in the ring, on a plane or just about anywhere.

3 Paige

via weheartit.com

Arguably the best all-around performer in the WWE today, Paige has been relegated to the background of late but we’re certain that predicament won’t last as the cream rises to the top. The first ever NXT Women’s Champion, she never lost the title, instead having it stripped after she was promoted to the main roster and won the Divas Championship during her Raw debut. Reigning supreme in the division, she would eventually become the lynchpin the so-called Divas Revolution would start around for good reason. Also one of the stars of Total Divas, it seems that whenever the WWE wants to promote the strength of their women’s roster, Paige will be there.

Seen here without the dark makeup that is her trademark look, we’re not at all surprised that her face looks practically perfect without it. Our only complaint is that we don’t get to see her looking like this a lot more often.

2 Eva Marie

via movietvtechgeeks.com

Someone who was hired by the WWE simply because she is really hot, she was added to the main cast of Total Divas from the moment she was employed, despite zero experience. Remaining a part of that show to this day, she has been the source of anger for her peers because they feel she didn’t try to improve in the ring for too long. Finally seeming to be truly trying to become an actual worker in the last year, she spent some time in NXT and even appeared as a part of last year’s WrestleMania.

There are few women in the wrestling world who have more depended on their image, which is why seeing Eva out of makeup is so shocking. She doesn’t look much different than typical but considering her look has the WWE looking at her as a future star, you’d think she’d be shy to alter her appearance. The fact that this snap originated from a shot taken for Total Divas explains her choice a little more, we suppose.

1 Luna Vachon

via wikimedia.org

A legend of the wrestling business who unfortunately is no longer with us, there are few wrestlers in the history of the business, no matter their gender, who were better at embodying a character. Hired by the WWE when she attempted to get a job for the man who would go on to become Gangrel, she’d disappeared but they reportedly hired a private investigator to find her since she looked like a star. The enthusiasm was well placed as she would be a difference maker, who could get physical and whose presence would make men like Bam Bam Bigelow, Goldust, and the aforementioned Gangrel better. Also remembered for feuds against women like Sable, Ivory, Sensational Sherri and several others, she deserves to be enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Seen here at an event a few years before her untimely passing, her classic look of over the top makeup, including lightning bolts and dark lipstick are missing. Instead, we’re left with a look at the face of an extremely talented woman who made her industry of choice a more provocative and compelling place.

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