Top 20 Disturbing Backstage Wrestling Incidents Revealed

The following list highlights several of these kinds of stories revolving disturbing backstage incidents in professional wrestling history.

Professional wrestling is an interesting work environment, to say the least. There are some things many of us can relate to. In any company – store, restaurant, office, etc. – there is going to be a collection of males and females who come from different backgrounds and cultures. This can sometimes lead to tensions that range from “could have been easily avoided” to “well, that got weird pretty quickly.”

Wrestling events have similar stories. However, WWE and other promotions are not typical work environments that have the same problems that the Average Joe or Janet has to deal with. In fact, there are some times when a story from a backstage incident can become cringe-worthy. Wrestlers sometimes get a little too violent when confronting another wrestler about a disagreement.

There are also a number of stories about hazing and bullying that many would question should not be tolerated today. And yet, we are often reminded how disturbing the world of professional wrestling can be. Some wrestlers feel they can get away with doing certain things depending on their position in the company. This can lead to someone feeling it’s okay to use a racial slur or touch another wrestler or staff member in a sexually harassing manner.

Aside from all of that, there are tragic stories with disturbing twists that can come out of nowhere. Someone’s depression finally leads to having a emotional and mental breakdown, leading to a murder-suicide that causes shock waves still felt today. The following list highlights several of these kinds of stories revolving disturbing backstage incidents in professional wrestling history.

20 The Miz Forced to Dress in Public Restrooms


Mike “The Miz” Mizanin had to pay a lot of dues when he first came into the WWE. Not the typical stuff that every wrestler has to cover. Miz came into the WWE with a lot of attention after being a star on a reality television show on MTV. That actually made him a target as he claimed in interviews that several of his peers wanted to get him fired. He was bullied early on and wasn’t even able to use the locker rooms for several months.

19 John Cena’s Relationship With Mickie James


John Cena has long been known as one of the biggest role models for young WWE fans for more than a decade. But the 16-time world champion who recently tied Ric Flair’s record does not have a perfectly clean history. In fact, he actually had relations with multiple women. Not only that, it was with a female WWE superstar who was in a relationship with another wrestler at that time.

18 Michael Hayes’ Use of Racial Slurs


There are certain things one can say that would automatically lead to someone getting the pink slip. However, the WWE is not what you would considered a “traditional workplace environment.” In 2008, WWE agent and producer Michael Hayes was at a post-WrestleMania party with a number of wrestlers. As one would imagine, alcohol was served and Hayes had a little too much to drink as a discussion with MVP and Mark Henry took place.

17 Sid Vicious And His Squirrel


This might be one of those urban myths in the history of wrestling. But it’s been told and shared many times over the internet and it’s certainly worthy of being on this list. First off, Sid Vicious (a.k.a. Sycho Sid) was known for having a pet squirrel that he brought with him on the road. That alone is somewhat disturbing in a small sense. People have them as pets, but it was certainly weird to take one on the road.

16 Plane Ride From Hell


One of the most infamous incidents behind the scene incidents in WWE history was during an overseas flight from the United Kingdom in 2002. Now there have been a number of chaotic backstage moments in wrestling, but it felt like this one plane ride had several of those moments rolled up into a fiery ball set for a collision course. First, Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar had a shoot wrestling match on the plane while it was in the air.

15 JBL’s Shower Hazings


Several wrestling forums have stories about how John “Bradshaw” Layfield would make a number of wrestlers uncomfortable in the locker room; specifically in the shower. This doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch for JBL, who has built up a reputation of being a bully to younger wrestlers throughout his career. One incident that was pretty disturbing involved Edge when he was starting to build his status in the WWE.

14 Raven and an Underage Girl


Raven has had an interesting career in the world of professional wrestling. It was early in his career with Extreme Championship Wrestling when he was known for having regular sessions with “ring rats.” There was one incident he admitted in a shoot interview that he went into a hotel room with three women. One of them was the wife of Joel Gertner. Another was a separate woman and the third was a very young, 15-year-old Becky Bayless.

13 Jerry Lawler’s Crown Used as a Throne


Jerry “The King” Lawler was considered guilty of having an ego. He was considered the King of Memphis before first joining the WWE in 1992. This may have had something to do with multiple WWE Superstars deciding to use Lawler’s crown as a throne, in a not so regal way. During a shoot interview with Jim Cornette for Ring of Honor Wrestling, Percy Pringle said the first to poop in the crown was Steve Kerr.

12 Harlem Heat’s Initial Racist Gimmick in WCW


Hints of racism can be found throughout the history of professional wrestling. Many people viewed Virgil’s character as a slave to Ted DiBiase in the 1990s. But very few things could rival how World Championship Wrestling had a plan for booking the team of Booker T and Stevie Ray. Before they became Harlem Heat, they were first called the Ebony Experience before being signed to WCW in 1993.

11 Dennis Condrey, Phil Hickerson’s Prank Goes Another Direction


In the late 1970s, Tojo Yamamoto was considered a good man in the wrestling business; at least by Jim Cornette’s account. But he was very judgmental of fellow wrestlers Dennis Condrey and Phil Hickerson. Yamamoto was homophobic at the time and had opinions of the two who had gimmicks to draw a lot of heat in the very conservative state of Tennessee. Condrey had an interesting way to prank Yamamoto.

10 The Not-So-Healthy Relationship Between Chris Candido and Sunny


Very few relationships that form in high school work out for the long-run. Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known as Sunny, were a couple who entered the world of professional wrestling at Smoky Mountain Wrestling and eventually to the WWE. But Sunny was known for having relations with other WWE wrestlers, including Shawn Michaels. Candido was viewed as loyal “puppy dog” who would follow Sunny.

9 Sunny Doing Favors for Drugs


This is almost like a “Part II” for the last section about the relationship between Sunny and Chris Candido. When Tammy Lynn Sytch made the switch to ECW, she was still in a relationship with Candido – for whatever reason. A number of ECW wrestlers had stories about how Sytch was willing to sleep around with other wrestlers in exchange for drugs. Sandman claims she gave blowjobs to multiple wrestlers for pills.

8 X-Pac Had a S****y Demeanor


Sean “X-Pac” Waltman has had his share of backstage incidents. However, he has crossed the line a few times in a disturbing way that should have gotten him fired on the spot. For example, X-Pac would decide to do something about Sunny’s ego rubbing many of the WWE superstars the wrong way. It was a prank that many people on the roster knew Waltman would be up for doing – pooping in Sunny’s food.

7 Nailz Attacks Vince McMahon


The WWE has often shown the boss, Vince McMahon, get beaten up by the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and other popular superstars. Many fans who wished they could physically respond to their boss at work lived through the Texas Rattlesnake and others. However, it’s hard to believe that someone would actually want to attack Mr. McMahon in retaliation for not getting the pay he thought he deserved.

6 New Jack, Balls Mahoney Incident Gets Ugly


ECW originals New Jack and Balls Mahoney had a bit of an altercation behind the scenes of an “Extreme Rising” event in 2012 that has roots going back to 2011. Apparently, Mahoney was accused of taking a girl to a hotel room paid for by a promoter where both used blood as part of their “relations.” This left was part of a large mess Mahoney left behind that cost the promoter about $300 in clean-up costs. New Jack took offense and made public comments on YouTube about the incident.

5 Bill DeMott As WWE Developmental Trainer


In 2015, former WWE developmental wrestler Austin Matelson, who has wrestled as Judas Devlin, would release a letter that he wrote to WWE Talent Relations in 2013 about allegations against WWE NXT head trainer Bill DeMott. One was a case of being harsh on Matelson about a back injury that he insinuated needed to be covered up. Matelson also wrote that DeMott would slap Enzo Amore on multiple occasions.

4 Fabulous Moolah’s ‘Wrestling School’

via Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Fabulous Moolah has been viewed as one of the pioneer female wrestlers through the 1940s in the territory days of professional wrestling and all the way up to her time in the WWE until she went into semi-retirement in the 1980s. While viewed as one of the best women’s wrestlers in history, details have since come out about her running a shady wrestling school operation initially out of her house.

3 1992 Sex Scandal in WWE


The WWE certainly has been in the spotlight for things beyond the action in the ring. In 1992, they had a scandal involving sexual harassment and abuse of a young Tom Cole. Cole was working as part of the company’s ring crew. During the early 1990s, Cole claimed that Terry Garvin, the director of wrestling operations for WWE, harassed him sexually. He also noted that ring announcer Mel Phillips was a little too interested in Cole’s feet.

2 Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide


While it’s not technically something that happened specifically in the backstage area of WWE events, a lot happened behind the scenes that led to the WWE taking a lot of criticism. The initial story in June 2007 on a Monday revealed that Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and his 7-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their home in Atlanta, Ga. There was still an investigation as the WWE spent the entire episode of RAW to honor the three; which was supposed to originally be revolving around Vince McMahon’s storyline death.

1 Bruiser Brody’s Death in Puerto Rico


Deaths in wrestling have taken place throughout the years. But none have been covered up as much as that of Frank Goodish – also known as Bruiser Brody. Multiple wrestlers have come forward about what has happened during a show in July 1988 in Puerto Rico. There was an apparent confrontation between fellow wrestler Jose Gonzalez and Brody. It ended with an alleged stabbing by Gonzalez that killed Brody.

Gonzalez claimed it was an act of self-defense. A number of wrestlers refused to testify while others like Dutch Martel were more than willing. Martel said his subpoena was issued Jan. 3, 1989, but wasn’t mailed until 10 days later. He would receive it the day after the trial and Gonzalez was acquitted of the murder charges. The disturbing part is how things were covered up by locals in Puerto Rico to prevent a wrestling “hero” from being charged.

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Top 20 Disturbing Backstage Wrestling Incidents Revealed