Top 20 Embarrassing Images WWE Stars REALLY Want You To Forget

WWE Superstars spend their entire careers in the spotlight and it;s not just when they’re on WWE TV either, as their private life becomes public as soon as they sign their first WWE contract. The W

WWE Superstars spend their entire careers in the spotlight and it;s not just when they’re on WWE TV either, as their private life becomes public as soon as they sign their first WWE contract.

The WWE Universe assume that they are allowed to know everything about a certain wrestler because they have placed themselves in the spotlight and many wrestling websites (ourselves included) play to this by running every story that the wrestling business releases, no matter how personal they might be.

Mugshots would be the one image that most wrestlers would want us to forget, but by law they are released to the media and once something is put online then it can never be deleted. That means that a quick Google image search for most wrestlers would show whether or not they have a criminal record.

Some stars are smarter about this, as they have a Twitter page where they can monitor what they put out to the world and the hope is that if they feed information to their fans over time then that would be enough, but fans still go searching and they manage to uncover some information that was never supposed to be released.

Every person has secrets they wish stayed in the past and every superstar has images they wish were never leaked online. The ones that they act like they don’t see and the ones that they think no one else sees. The WWE Universe are aware of all these images and the following is a list of 20 of the ones WWE Superstars wish they could permanently erase.

20 Cameron


Cameron burst onto WWE TV as a member of The Funkadactlys along with Naomi. Given that she had very little ring training, WWE opted to allow Naomi to do a lot of the wrestling in their matches and Cameron was basically a cheerleader.

She was finally given her opportunity at WrestleMania XXX as part of the Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational but instead of making it count, Cameron managed to lose part of her ring attire in the middle of the match and had to roll outside and cover herself up until the match was over. Not the best way to make a statement.

19 Eve Torres 


Many WWE Superstars forget the fact that there are cameras all around the ring while they are wrestling and sometimes these cameras manage to pick up on the smallest details.

Eve Torres found this out the hard way when she was in a match against Jillian and her shorts began to ride up and show more skin than she had wanted.

The image then went viral as many fans shared it on social media, but this has to be one that Eve looks back on in horror as she realizes one of the biggest downfalls of being a wrestler.

18 Brie Bella


It may have been a part of a story line on Total Divas, but Brie Bella should never have been allowed to sing.

She tried it out in the studio as a way of trying to prove her sister Nikki wrong and well, she actually managed to prove Nikki right. Brie wanted to sing her WWE entrance theme but luckily when she listened back to the track, she realized that she should stay in the ring and leave singing to the professionals.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Maybe Brie and the rest of the world would be better off forgetting all about this one?

17 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan has made a mess of his WWE career over the past few months, to the extent that no one inside WWE is allowed to mention his name on live TV because of the fear that they will be linked to the racist comments he made.

That being said, Hogan was one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world in the 70s and 80s and this image is taken from one of his matches with The Ultimate Warrior from back then. It shows the two in a compromising position and has been used to portrayin a variety of memes since it was unearthed.

16 CM Punk 


CM Punk was always a private superstar when he was a part of WWE, so it comes as no surprise that he wanted to keep his wedding to former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee private.

The ceremony itself was a private occasion, but Punk didn’t want any of the images to be leaked out to the public and when this one was, he went off on a rant on Twitter and claimed that he would block anyone that shared the image.

Now, that is a man who likes to maintain his privacy, regardless of the fact that he is an international star.

15 Trish Stratus


Perhaps the most embarrassing moment of Trish Stratus’ entire WWE career was when Vince McMahon forced her to strip down to her underwear, kneel on her hands and knees and bark like a dog.

This was on a live episode of Raw when Trish was begging for Vince to re-hire her and it is thought to have been the most embarrassing Divas moment of all time.

Luckily Trish went on to have a long and illustrious career that included her winning the WWE Women’s Championship a record seven times before he retirement in 2006, so this was evidently Vince’s form of hazing.

14 Seth Rollins


This isn't Seth Rollins' only entry on this list, but this one is somewhat less embarrassing than his more memorable entry.

This image is taken from WWE Elimination Chamber back in 2015 when it was announced that Dean Ambrose had not won Rollins’ World Championship. His relief was short lived because Ambrose did run away with the title, but this image has since gone viral and managed to become a well known meme for sports outside of WWE.

Seth Rollins can’t be too impressed that an image of a relieved facial expression has managed to travel so far online.

13 Mickie James


Mickie James is both a former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion but her time in WWE was full of controversy and humiliation.

Mickie was told to lose weight by backstage executives at WWE and when it didn't go as quickly as they liked, the “Piggy James” storyline was unveiled.

It was one of WWE’s worst ideas and it glorified bullying to all of their younger generation of fans, which hopefully was not WWE’s intention. Either way, Mickie was highly embarrassed because of this and left WWE not long after. It was a sad end to a WWE career that could have been one of the greatest.

12 Eva Marie


It may have just been a storyline, but it was perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments on WWE TV in 2013.

Eva Marie decided to try her hand at ring announcing, she was told to introduce the members of 3MB, the only problem was that she thought Jinder’s name was “Ginger.”

It was mostly embarrassing because of the disrespect it showed to Jinder, but it also showed that Eva still had a long way to go in WWE if she was hoping to gain any kind of respect.

11 Dean Ambrose


As with many WWE superstars, Dean Ambrose actually appeared on WWE TV a few times before he was haired to be one of their Hounds of Justice.

Ambrose was given a try out match back in 2006 when he appeared under his Jon Moxley name and teamed with Brad Attitude against MNM. It wasn’t a great match and Ambrose appeared with bright pink hair that didn’t make him look like a serious contender at all.

Fast forward a few years and he’s now a main event contender in WWE, so maybe it was the pink hair that was the problem?

10 The Miz


This segment went out live on an episode of WWE Raw, but it was still one of the most awkward moments that WWE has ever shared with its viewers.

The Miz was being tanned by his stunt double Damien Mizdow in a shower room backstage and he was completely naked and apparently okay with being so on national TV.

The Miz must wonder how his career managed to reach this level after being a former World Champion and the last thing he would want to do is find this image online to remind him of one of his lowest career points.

9 John Cena


John Cena is a hard superstar to embarrass. He even openly admitted on an episode of Total Divas that he once “pooped himself” in the middle of a match, so what more could he possibly do?

Back when The Rock and John Cena were on the same page, Cena decided to name him as his partner at Survivor Series, but the problem was he way that he delivered the announcement. Cena was in the middle of the ring and as he uttered The Rock’s name, a large amount of drool escaped his mouth.

WWE cut the camera to focus elsewhere, but the WWE Universe had already seen what had happened and the resulting images went viral.

8 Vince McMahon


Remember that time when Vince McMahon wet himself in the middle of the WWE ring, all in the name of entertainment?

This is the same Vince McMahon that refused to allow Stephanie to have fake mugshots because he didn’t want any executives to be able to find them online. But he didn’t mind having an image of him with wet trousers kneeling at Stone Cold Steve Austin’s feet.

Steve Austin was threatening him with a gun and Vince didn’t know it was fake, so it was a natural reaction to have for the show, but its one that Vince will be hoping he never has to relive.

7 Emma


It was perhaps the most bizarre arrest story that WWE had ever leaked, but it seems that NXT's Emma was arrested back in 2014 for stealing a iPad case.

Given the amount of money Emma would have since signing with WWE makes this a hard one to believe, but it actually happened. Not only that, but WWE then released the superstar the same day before deciding that they may have been too harsh on her and rehired her.

Emma has been doing well down in NXT ever since and it seems she just wants to put the misunderstanding behind her.

6 Rosa Mendez 


Rosa Mendez tried to make a positive story out of this situation on Total Divas and claimed that she gained a lot of Social Media interaction afterwards, but there is no way she could be happy with being exposed on national TV.

Rosa faced Summer Rae on an episode of WWE Main Event when Layla involved herself in the match, as she managed to grab her tights and pull them all the way down to expose her entire rear end. This caused WWE to cut off the programming for a second, but the WWE Universe still has images and there are still many videos online.

5 Triple H


Before Brock Lesnar set his sights on The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, he had a fantastic feud with WWE COO Triple H. This culminated in a fantastic match that was won by Hunter, this being the last time Brock was defeated in a one-on-one match.

That being said, there were many beat downs as part of this rivalry and one happened on an episode of Raw where Triple H was F5d through the announce table. Brock lifted him up but the audience was given a glimpse of his jeans, which had a wet stain. Was it water or did Triple H have an accident?

4 Stephanie McMahon


Payback 2014 was set to be the night that Daniel Bryan was forced to relinquish his WWE World Heavyweight Championship because Stephanie had told him to make the choice between his wife and his title.

Being the strong woman that she was, Brie Bella decided that she would quit the company before she allowed herself to be used in The McMahon's game. She then slapped Steph across the face and The Billion Dollar Princess fled. But images surfaced of her heading to back and they show an inconspicuous stain on the back of Stephanie’s dress.

3 Batista


The Animal returned to WWE in the build up to The 2014 Royal Rumble and for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to wear the tightest jeans possible.

This was obviously a fashion statement, but it wasn’t a problem since Batista was only there to talk up his involvement in the match. He didn’t actually have to wrestle, he just had to deliver a spine-buster to Randy Orton.

As he delivered the move, his jeans split all the way up his inner thigh, giving the audience a glance at his underwear. Luckily this part wasn’t on live TV, but many audience members leaked photos.

2 Lana


There are many photos of Lana that WWE wish they could delete, mostly because she is known model and has been seen in the nude, but WWE are allowing her to play a Russian star, which isn’t fooling anyone.

Lana landed herself in hot water with WWE last year when a photo was leaked of her new engagement ring, after Rusev had proposed. This then ruined WWE’s on-going story line with Summer Rae, Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler and it seems Lana is still being punished for it.

1 Seth Rollins 


It was an image that could have ruined his career, but thankfully WWE stood by Seth Rollins and it seems that the fans did too.

When his fiancé Leighla Schultz discovered that Seth Rollins was having an affair with NXT trainee Zahra Schreiber, she decided to retaliate. A picture of Zahra was leaked onto Seth’s public Twitter account, so Leighla decided to leak one of Seth looking just as vulnerable.

The problem is, once it’s put online, it can never be taken back and that image is still out their haunting the former World Champion, but at least WWE are acting like it never existed.

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