Top 20 Embarrassing Real Life Stories of Wrestlers

As children, fans have viewed professional wrestlers as larger than life figures. Almost like the action figures in the toy chest or heroes and villains from a stack of comic books coming to life. The battle between the forces of good and evil has spanned generations within the four (or six, in some promotions) sides of the wrestling ring.

For the most part, professional wrestlers often seem like they were born perfectly. It can be easy to forget that they are human as well. And all humans can make embarrassing mistakes. Wrestlers are no different than the rest of us. They have things come up both inside the ring and out in public that might be viewed as extremely embarrassing.

These stories have usually been kept a secret from the common wrestling fan. But that has certainly changed with the evolution of the internet with easy access to videos and the emergence of social media. There are also many embarrassing real life stories being shared through autobiographies written by other wrestlers.

The embarrassment comes from a variety of reasons. Maybe a fear that a majority of people might view as irrational actually comes from a traumatic moment in one’s past. There are embarrassing stories that involve a bodily function gone wrong. And then there are stories that involve one or more wrestlers devising a prank on a co-worker.

Similar situations have actually happened to many people that could sympathize with these wrestlers. The following are the top 20 embarrassing real life stories from the world of professional wrestling.

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20 Undertaker Has Fear of Cucumbers

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The Undertaker has struck fear in the hearts of his opponents in the WWE for more than 25 years. It’s hard to imagine him being afraid of anything. But he does have one confirmed fear and it’s not what many would expect. The Deadman apparently has a fear of cucumbers. His manager Paul Bearer broke the news by telling Jim Cornette in a shoot interview through Ring of Honor.

Bearer even told a story when The Deadman actually threw up in a Waffle House restaurant after seeing a cucumber floating in his drink. Bearer explained that he was told it had to do with a seemingly traumatic experience as a child. Considering how quiet he is, we might now get the full story from The Undertaker himself.

19 Mark Henry Goes to the Wrong Springfield

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Believe it or not, there are actually 38 different cities, towns and locations that bear the name of Springfield. This has led to a long-running mystery which Springfield was the home of the hit TV show The Simpsons (side note: it’s based in Oregon). So it might be not be too hard to imagine someone going to the wrong Springfield, right? Mark Henry certainly made that mistake. During a recent Table for 3 on the WWE Network, Henry explained how it happened.

During the Attitude Era, Henry flew into a small airport in Springfield, Il. Since it was before cell phones, he contacted D’Lo Brown – who happened to be in Springfield, Mass. Henry said he ended up being fined about $1,500 in addition to suffering what he calls the first panic attack of his life.

18 Wrestlers Attempt Free Entry to Rock ‘n Roll HOF

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A lot of people may not know that there is a way to get free admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. People who are actually in bands can get in with credentials and a copy of one of their CDs. During a show a few years back, Jimmy Jacobs tried to pose as a band with fellow wrestlers Matt Cross and El Generico. Jacobs explained in an interview on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast how it went wrong.

They brought a CD for a band called Liquid that was unopened. The employee at the desk asked them to open it up so he could see if it was them listed or pictured inside the CD case. Jacobs said inside was a picture of five larger dudes with their names listed underneath. Obviously, they were caught. Jacobs did make a save by pulling up a video of a song he did on YouTube. The three did get to go for free, but not without an embarrassing hiccup.

17 Vince McMahon Tears Both Quads

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Injuries can happen at any time during a professional wrestling match. But sometimes, injuries happen to non-active wrestlers. One of the more infamous and embarrassing examples took place during the 2005 Royal Rumble match. Near the end of the pay-per-view, both Batista and John Cena fell out of the ring at the same time. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the end with referees arguing who won.

Vince McMahon would come out, throwing his jacket down as he ran towards the ring. Mr. McMahon would be a little too enthusiastic getting into the ring as both of his legs hit the ring frame while sliding into the ring. McMahon would stumble to get up and fall back down. He would announce to the referees to restart the match between the two, but he had to do it while sitting down due to tearing both of his quadriceps.

16 Natalya Pees During Match

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In a match against Naomi during a match on WWE Superstars, Natalya took a bump to the stomach area which led to her most embarrassing moment in a live match. The blow somehow triggered her to urinate a little during the match. While she finished the match by winning with a Sharpshooter, Natalya wanted to rush to the back before anyone noticed her accident. While no one seemed to have noticed, she rushed straight to the bathroom backstage.

Naomi also attempted to speak with her about the match, but Natalya was not happy about the bump that caused the accident in the first place. The discussion was caught by the cameras that were filming for an episode of Total Divas. But there’s a good chance that no one would have known if she didn’t say anything.

15 Emma Caught With iPad Case

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It’s safe to say that while not all WWE superstars make the millions of dollars that names like Brock Lesnar and John Cena make, their paychecks are probably good enough to afford iPad accessories. Emma had recently made the jump from NXT to the WWE main roster in 2014, but it didn’t take long before a decision hurt her push on television. Emma was caught trying to steal a Slim Swivel iPad Mini case at a Walmart in Hartford, Conn.

The thing is that the case in question was actually on sale for less than $22. Emma was quickly charged with misdemeanor larceny. Her day in court took place shortly after the incident. Her lawyer claims it was a simple mistake since she used the self-checkout option. Luckily for Emma, she was only sentenced to serving one day of community service.

14 Wrestlers Accidentally Go to Gay Beach

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WWE.com used to feature a series of columns titled Road Stories. In 2006, Mick Foley submitted a tale he called “Bamboozled at the Beach.” During a road trip in 1993, Foley was on the road with fellow wrestlers Steve Austin and William Regal. The three split the cost of a room at an economy hotel while at Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Not only were they each spending less than $15 each, they were close to the ocean.

The three decided to go across the road to the nearby beach for some bodysurfing. Foley had taken to the water while Austin and Regal were tanning. When Foley started swimming back, he noticed Austin and Regal heading back to the hotel while seeing there were no females. Not only that, the men were also very friendly with each other. In short, Austin and Regal left Foley on a gay beach without letting him know.

13 Darren Young ‘Sharts’ During Match

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Darren Young isn’t the first, nor will he likely be the last, to admit to having an accident in the ring. Young confirmed the embarrassing moment while interviewed by someone with TMZ. Young said that there was a match where he was in a 2013 tag team match with Titus O’Neil against the Wyatt Family. After taking a body slam from Erick Rowan, Young said it was so hard that he actually “sharted.” Young said it was visible, but not on cameras during the Main Event match.

Young said it was easily the most embarrassing moment in his WWE career. He already disliked the baby blue trunks, but this gave him a reason to get rid of them permanently. While fans might not have been able to tell while watching the match on television, it had to have been tough for Young to still finish the match in that state.

12 Jim Ross Finds ‘Deposit’ in Hotel Bed

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Professional wrestling requires plenty of travel throughout the United States and all over the world. Wrestlers have some of the best stories of hotel room disasters, but the legendary play-by-play commentator probably has one of the worst. During a series of hotel disasters on SB Nation, Ross recalled a time at a hotel in New Jersey while working with WWE.

Ross recalled pulling back the sheets and finding that someone left something behind. Ross called it a deposit, while other people might have some profane phrases for what was found. It’s hard to imagine how one would react to finding someone going “number two” in a hotel bed. Ross said he certainly didn’t find it funny. There’s a good chance most of the people reading this wouldn’t be very happy about it.

11 Taryn Terrell Incorrectly Pins Opponent

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The WWE has brought in a number of great wrestlers from the independent circuit. But it wasn’t too long ago that most of the acquired female superstars were very new to professional wrestling. During an interview on Kayfabe Commentaries, Matt Sydal, who used to work for WWE as Evan Bourne, recalled a match during his time in Florida Championship Wrestling as he saw a tag team Divas tag team match involving Terrell.

The former model was booked to get the pin after executing a facebuster finisher. However, Terrell grabbed her opponent’s leg and tried to get the pinfall while her opponent was still lying face down. Anyone who has watched wrestling for at least a few moments knows an opponent must be pinned while lying on his/her back. She did improve since that point, holding the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship after leaving the WWE.

10 John Cena Poops His Pants During Match

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John Cena has certainly been considered one of the most dedicated WWE superstars in recent memory. Fans might be divided in how they view him as a performer, but he truly guts it out every night; even when dealing with a stomach flu. For a few years, Cena talks about a match where he was facing Scott Steiner, but certainly wasn’t feeling well. After taking a DDT, Cena asked the referee if he could puke somewhere. He was told to do it under the ring. When Cena did that, he not only puked, but he also pooped in his pants.

It’s certainly a story he has shared in the past with the most recent explanation during a 2013 episode of Total Divas. At that time, he said it took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. But in 2008, he claimed it took place in Winnipeg. However, some have found that he only faced Steiner during a show in December 2002. Regardless where and when, it’s still an unflattering story about Cena.

9 The King’s Crown Becomes a ‘Throne’

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Jerry “The King” Lawler certainly had quite a name from wrestling in Memphis. He won several heavyweight championships in the southern states, but he found little success in the WWE. When he first came to the WWE in 1992, he apparently had a number of people upset at him. There are several stories that can be found online of wrestlers taking their turns pooping in Lawler’s signature crown.

Paul Bearer told Jim Cornette in a shoot interview that Steve Keirn was one of the first to do it. Other names that have been mentioned include members of the Kliq and The Undertaker. Apparently, it became such a problem that a memo had to be sent to all of the WWE wrestlers to stop doing it.

8 Brock Lesnar Lectured By Mom For Losing H.S. Matches

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Wrestling fans know about Brock Lesnar’s athletic background. While he’s been a world champion in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts – as well as a failed stint in professional football – he was a national champion as a collegiate wrestler. Growing up in the Midwest, Lesnar was a star athlete who was very good on the amateur wrestling mat. That didn’t mean he wasn’t unstoppable.

In fact, his mother was also his worst critic during his high school wrestling career. In his autobiography “Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, And Survival,” Lesnar wrote that his mom actually lectured him after losing wrestling matches in high school. It actually continued during his senior year. Considering the success he had collegiately and professionally, he probably hasn’t been yelled at by mom in the last 10 years.

7 How Chris Jericho Lost His Virginity

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Chris Jericho looks to be a multi-talented superstar not only in professional wrestling, but also in acting and singing. One would assume that he’s a big hit with the women. While he may have been a star in the wrestling ring even during his early career, he was not the same star in the bedroom. Jericho revealed an embarrassing moment in his autobiography “A Lion’s Tale – Around the World in Spandex.”

His first time was with a Modelo beer model in Mexico and admits that it lasted less than a minute. Not only was it a quick match rivaled only by the likes of Bob Backlund losing to Diesel, Jericho said the model giggled and patted him on the shoulder afterwards. Certainly something most men would want to keep to themselves. But Jericho has courage to admit that moment happened in his best-selling autobiography.

6 Mick Foley’s Ear Thrown Away

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Mick Foley has written a number of autobiographies where he tells little known tales of his professional wrestling career. Fans got to learn about the concussions, second-degree burns and all the different ways he bled in the ring. In the book “Have a Nice Day! A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks,” Foley wrote about his ear being torn off on ring ropes during a match overseas in Europe.

The embarrassing moment comes from when he recalled seeing a nurse after the match. His ear was actually tossed into a medical waste basket after there was miscommunication between him and the nurse. Foley said it was due to him not knowing how to say the word formaldehyde in German. A bit embarrassing that his ear was thrown away in that fashion, but it certainly showed early on that he could be a pretty funny guy.

5 Randy Orton Discharged From Marine Corps

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Before following his father and grandfather, Randy Orton actually enlisted to serve in the United States Marine Corps. However, he went AWOL, which is an acronym for “Absent Without Official Leave.” Years later, Orton would explain and admit that he didn’t have the courage to possibly die for the country. When the story came out again after he was announced for a role in a sequel of The Marine, Orton would comment with a clarification about his departure.

While several news outlets were calling it a Dishonorable Discharge, Orton said he received a “Bad Conduct Discharge,” which is completely different and not viewed as “dishonorable.” It still cost him a lead role in a movie the WWE was producing. The role would actually go to The Miz, who has benefited from becoming the Plan B for WWE.

4 Seth Rollins’ Nude Photo Leak

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The emergence of social media has made it easy for embarrassing content to get online very quickly. Seth Rollins learned the hard way that one has to be careful what he posts online. Early last year, Rollins’ Instagram account posted a nude picture of Zahara Schreiber; who was currently signed to NXT. But Rollins was engaged to another woman – Leighla Schultz. Moments later, Schultz posted nude pictures of Rollins asking about Zaharah.

There was belief that Rollins was hacked. There’s a chance Schultz might have posted the Rollins pictures after learning about his apparent affair with Schreiber. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion would post an apology about “private photographs” that were distributed without his permission. Rollins’ engagement ended and he did have a relationship with Schreiber until shortly after her release from her WWE contract.

3 Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker

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In the last few years, Hulk Hogan’s legacy was tarnished in an embarrassing way. The former world champion for WWE and WCW was blacklisted by WWE when his sex tape was released thanks to Gawker Media. The portion that led to Hogan’s dismissal from his WWE Legends’ contract was a segment when he made a racial slur linked to someone his daughter Brooke was dating. There was also the whole thing with sleeping with a friend’s wife.

A legal battle took place between Hogan and Gawker Media for four years. While Hogan’s image was certainly hurt about the incident, he did end up winning his court battle against Gawker. Hogan was awarded about $140 million in a Florida courtroom. Gawker would file for bankruptcy, was sold to Univision and settled for $31 million with Hogan.

2 Ric Flair’s Lifestyle Causes TNA Incident

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Ric Flair has lived his gimmick outside of the ring. He’s been a party animal who loves riding limousines and enjoying the social drink. Unfortunately, he’s apparently let this lifestyle affect his finances. During a 2011 tour with TNA Wrestling in Europe, Flair had rung up a bar tab that his credit card couldn’t accept. He even attempted to get a cash advance from TNA to help pay for the tab.

When he was declined the advance, Flair actually refused to get on a bus that took the staff to a flight from Dublin, Ireland, to Berlin, Germany. According to multiple reports, Flair has repeatedly asked other TNA wrestlers for money when his credit card won’t pay for a bar tab. Many wrestlers feel that wisdom has not increased with his age.

1 Jeff Hardy Wrestles Under the Influence

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Jeff Hardy is certainly remembered as a well-rounded wrestling superstar who deserves all of the championship accolades in WWE and TNA Wrestling. However, his demons became very public. Shortly after leaving the WWE in 2009, Hardy was actually arrested and charged with multiple accounts of controlled substances with the intent to deliver. This included opium and marijuana. But Hardy’s problems continued as he jumped to TNA Wrestling.

In a rematch against Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the 2011 Victory Road pay-per-view, Hardy actually came to the ring impaired. He stumbled into the ring and didn’t look like he was 100 percent there. This led to the match ending very quickly and fans being very upset in the process. The situation damaged Hardy’s reputation and he had to take steps to earn his spot back in the title picture.

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