Top 20 Former WWE Divas Who Are Still Absolute 10s

Throughout the years, there have been a bunch of different characters in women's wrestling. There have been punks, jocks, cheerleaders, chosen ones, nerds, teachers, and much much more. The vast majority of them have been total dimepieces as well. In their WWE careers, these women were arguably some of the biggest female stars on the planet. They were role models to children and they acted like superheroes in the ring and looked like superheroes outside as well. All of them have appeared in various WWE photoshoots or DVD compilations, showing off their bodies.

Making this list was a great review of all the women who helped make the women's division what it is today. Without Alundra Blayze, there wouldn't be a Charlotte. Without Lita, there wouldn't be AJ Lee and Becky Lynch. Most of the women on this list have hung up the boots and moved on to other ventures. Others still wrestle in other promotions or make the occasional indy show appearance. But the main theme between them all is that they've all kept in great shape and still look great. So sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane as we look at 20 former WWE divas who are still absolute tens.

20 20. Alundra Blayze


19 19. Ivory


18 18. Michelle McCool

17 17. Sable


16 16. AJ Lee

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15 15. Christy Hemme


14 14. Mickie James

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13 13. Victoria

12 12. Kaitlyn

11 11. Kelly Kelly

10 10. Melina

9 9. Eve Torres

8 8. Candice Michelle

7 7. Gail Kim

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Gail Kim became the first WWE diva to win a championship in her first match. Sadly, she only spent 18 months in WWE before being released in a cost-cutting decision. There were also rumors, coming from Jim Ross, that Vince didn't think she was attractive enough. Is he kiding me?

6 6. Maria Kanellis


5 5. Lita

4 4. Torrie Wilson

3 3. Stacy Keibler

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2 2. Trish Stratus


1 1. Layla

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I've never heard a single person say that Layla isn't a perfect ten. Seriously. Go ask some people and see what they say. I guarantee that they're going to answer with some variation of "yes, she's beautiful." Before coming to WWE, she was a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami Heat. She even received a championship ring, beginning her acquisition of gold. So even before training to become a wrestler, Layla was an athlete and could move her body in ways that other divas could not. Near the end of her wrestling career, she was managing Fandango and always used to dance with him on the way to the ring. My jaw was on the floor for the entirety of the entrance every single time. Layla knew exactly what she was doing and entertained us fans like crazy. She was also a two-time champion and a solid wrestler to boot.

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Top 20 Former WWE Divas Who Are Still Absolute 10s