Top 20 Former WWE Superstars Who Will Likely Never Return

The work force is a cruel animal – an evil rodent who will devour your flesh and suckle on your bones until ever ounce of marrow has been absorbed – leaving nothing for the vultures to pick as it dige

The work force is a cruel animal – an evil rodent who will devour your flesh and suckle on your bones until ever ounce of marrow has been absorbed – leaving nothing for the vultures to pick as it digests and expels all your hopes and dreams in the middle of some rotten sewer system; a perfect end to a pitiful life.

The forty-hour weekly working man wishes he could summon the fortitude to walk away from his surroundings,  to find that wanderlust which is buried deep within his heart. The dream is nice but the working man has mouths to feed and people who depend on his paycheck to survive another week within society's constraints.

The working man lives in a nice little home with his nice little family. While his wife prepares meatloaf for the second time in a week, the eyes of his children are locked onto their devices. They have become desensitized digital demons, fearful of fresh air and the idea of scraped knees. Their environment is bland and controlled with their thumbs.

Professional wrestling may be the counterpoint to the “normal” life. The schedule varies and the road becomes home. However, the bumps and bruises along the way leave scars and sometimes irreparable damage to the body. It takes a special kind of psychopath to live that life and to enjoy the hardships and pain that come along with being a professional wrestler.

In such a world, there is but one place that remains where Superstars are made: WWE. Dreams comes true when you sign with Vince McMahon … or do they? The WWE has closed its doors on many former superstars and vice versa for a multitude of different reasons. The following article will take a look at some of these cases and situations.

These are the top 20 former WWE Superstars who will likely never return:

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20 Ted DiBiase Jr.


Ted DiBiase Jr. will be remembered most for his time in WWE as a member of the Randy Orton led stable known as The Legacy. Once the faction folded, DiBiase would slowly descend into WWE obscurity, becoming a rarity on WWE television.

When his contract was set to expire, DiBiase would opt not to resign with the company. While he seemingly left WWE without any bad blood; DiBiase chose to leave in order to spend more time with his family.

Ted DiBiase Jr. is a third generation wrestler who now works on the independent scene. Despite his look, mic skills and in-ring ability, WWE never found proper use for Ted DiBiase Jr. – which would happen again should he chose to return, so chances are Ted DiBiase Jr. and WWE are done.

19 Gail Kim


Gail Kim made her WWE debut in 2003, participating in a seven-women Battle Royal for the Women's Championship. A match which Kim won, capturing the gold on her very first night. Kim's title reign lasted all but a month and she would regain the championship. Due to cost cutting, WWE would eventually release Kim.

Following a stint in TNA, Gail Kim was brought back into WWE. However, her second run with the company proved less-than-stellar as Kim grew unhappy with the direction of her character and the women of WWE. Gail Kim has since left WWE and has publicly stated that she would never re-sign with the company.

Perhaps if the money was right but WWE would never break the bank for Gail Kim.

18 David Hart Smith


David Hart Smith – son of the late Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog) – was once a prominent member of The Hart Dynasty, which were meant to be The Hart Foundation of the next generation. However, in spite of their pedigree, The Hart Dynasty could never quite capture the same momentum as their predecessors.

Following his release from WWE; Smith would work for a number of different promotions around Japan and the United States before landing in the newly established Global Force Wrestling. Since his departure, Smith has has been critical of WWE and the way they operate.

The son of The Bulldog has wrestling in his blood and can seemingly find work all over the world. Therefore, a return to WWE is probably not on the table for Smith.

17 Carlito


Carlito is another former WWE Superstar who managed to capture a title in his debut match – defeating John Cena for the United States Championship on an episode of SmackDown. Carlito's debut vs. John Cena is not quite as memorable as that of Kevin Owens but it was still impressive.

During his tenure in WWE; Carlito managed to to piece together a solid resume as a mid-car talent never quite elevating to that next level. Carlito was released from WWE due to a Wellness Policy violation and his refusal to attend rehab as such.

With the current state of WWE and their perceived notion of “talent safety,” it is safe to assume that Carlito will not be back spitting apples anytime soon.

16 Kharma


Kharma was brought into WWE in 2011 as a different kind of Diva, one who was hellbent on destruction. Someone who cared less about materialism and more about the infliction of punishment. While things were looking bright and it appeared as though Kharma would take the Championship, she soon fell pregnant and was forced to take a leave of absence from the company.

Kharma would return at the 2012 Royal Rumble as surprise entrant, making the Rumble her first and only WWE match. Since her release, Kharma has returned to TNA where she is best known as Awesome Kong.

The original plans for Kharma were laid out nicely but WWE will likely not take another chance on Kharma as she does not fit the “Total Diva” persona of the current division.

15 Chavo Guerrero


Chavo Guerrero will always be known as a good wrestler who came from an established wrestling family. However, while nobody can take the Guerrero name away from Chavo, he will never be considered the Guerrero as that distinction belongs to the late Eddie Guerrero.

Chavo Guerrero parted ways with WWE and has been very vocal about the company since that day – making claims on Twitter that he would boycott watching WWE if John Cena surpasses Ric Flair for all-time World Championship victories.

The Guerrero legacy will forever live within the WWE Universe, but unfortunately for Chavo, an invitation back into that atmosphere seems too far gone.

14 Montel Vontavious Porter


Montel Vontavious Porter was once “signed to the biggest contract” in SmackDown history during his time with WWE. MVP was a solid talent (with terrible ring gear) who did find some success within the company. MVP was a two-time United States Champion with a combined total of 419 days as champion.

MVP is now employed by TNA where he has become somewhat of a “big player” on what is the equivalent of a high school basketball court. MVP returning to WWE would simply mean a shift back to the mid-card.

Expect MVP to remain with TNA, at least until the well runs dry.

13 Teddy Hart


Teddy Hart – nephew of The Hitman – was once the youngest person to ever sign a developmental contract with WWE but was released due to attitude issues. Years down the road, WWE decided to take another chance on Hart – hoping that a new level of maturity had been reached by the promising talent.

However, Teddy Hart would never make it on the main roster as his personal problems would persist and he was once again let go by the company. Hart is a talented in-ring performer who just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble.

Teddy Hart has joined the ranks of “indie darling” performer, which is about as high as he will climb in the wrestling industry.

12 Melina


Melina was one of the more talented WWE Divas in recent member, having held the Women's Championship three time, as well as the Divas Championship twice. While Melina possessed a good in-ring work ethic, she was said to have a tumultuous backstage attitude.

Melina was eventually released from the company, alongside a number of stories regarding personal issues and problems backstage that would often include her boyfriend, John Morrison, getting in on the act, in defense of Melina.

Keeping morale up in the locker room is a must and if Melina truly was a backstage nuisance, then a WWE return seems unlikely.

11 The Sandman


The Sandman may have been an ECW legend but in WWE, he became just another hack that was brought back for the relaunch of the brand – a disastrous decision that seemed great at first as the original concept of ECW was in place. However, the brand would soon transition into third-string WWE programming.

The Sandman was never a great wrestler nor a pretty sight but he was certainly one of the coolest characters to emerge from ECW. During the Attitude Era, The Sandman would have made a great addition to WWE. However, by the time he was brought into the company, times had changed.

The Sandman does not fit the WWE mold anymore, in any way, shape or form, and as a result will probably never been seen again in WWE.

10 Kenny Dykstra


Kenny Dykstra came into the WWE as a member of The Spirit Squad – a group of obnoxious male cheerleaders who actually found a brief moment of main event status when they feuded with the reformed D-Generation X.

When the cheerleader thing was axed, Kenny Dykstra set off on a solo career. While Dykstra was a little rough around the edges, he displayed a lot of natural ability that could have translated into something more that what he had become.

Kenny Dykstra once dated WWE Diva Mickie James, who in turn had an alleged affair with John Cena. When Dykstra was released from WWE, it became safe to assume that he would not return – as nobody wants to poke the biggest bear in the company.

9 Sabu


Sabu was another ECW legend who came along just in time for the relaunch of the WWE version. During his tenure with the company, Sabu would find himself involved in an angle with John Cena – technically making it the biggest angle of his professional career – based on the opposing name alone.

However, much like The Sandman and many other ECW originals; Sabu does not fit the guidelines of a modern WWE Superstar. Sabu is a torn and terrifying example of an extreme past that WWE does not want thrust into the limelight.

Sabu is simply too hardcore for PG-TV.

8 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley was a major WWE disappointment. While the look was there, there was nothing special about Lashley – no charisma, no spunk, no stank – just another muscle-head-wrestler who has been seen a million times over.

WWE would get behind Bobby Lashley and attempt to push him up the card but the fans were not having any of this guy who was more boring than brutal. Even a feud with the boss himself, Vince McMahon, could not make Lashley a main event star.

Bobby Lashley has since moved on to find success (as much as a person can find) in TNA, where he will remain and suck as much money as he can out of the promotion.

7 Mr. Kennedy


Mr. Kennedy was once a Money in the Bank winner and thought to be a future World Heavyweight Champion before he lost his briefcase to Edge due to injury – never regaining the momentum he had following the victory.

The story of Mr. Kennedy's release begins with Randy Orton, who reportedly complained backstage that Kennedy was too rough in the ring. This would prompt Orton to enlist the help of John Cena, who in turn would also file complaints about Kennedy (All this is according to Mr. Kennedy).

The end result: Mr. Kennedy was released, wound up in TNA, and will never be brought back to WWE – not as long as the two top dogs stand guard.

6 Sin Cara (Original Version)


Sin Cara – the original version – was a cosmic bust in WWE. The pet project of Triple H would turn out to be a dud for a number of reasons. Cara could not speak English, which of course did not fair well in North America. Cara also struggled with the adaption of his style.

While working in Mexico as Mistico, Sin Cara was the hottest and most exciting wrestling around. However, being forced to change his in-ring style and adopt the WWE performance style caused for many botches and sloppy spots during his matches.

Following his releases, a lawsuit over his name was filed. This along with supposed attitude issues and poor performance will all lead to the original Sin Cara never wrestling in another WWE ring.

5 Chyna


Chyna was a female wrestling pioneer – fighting against the men, entering the Royal Rumble, capturing the Intercontinental Championship, and posing nude for Playboy magazine somewhere in-between the madness.

Of course, we all know about Chyna and her post-WWE life: the adult movies and the deep-seeded personal problems have left the once alpha-female of the WWE a battered and broken mess of a woman.

Chyna will not be back in WWE, despite constant rumors and internet jibber-jabber about the issue.

4 Jeff Jarrett


Jeff Jarrett and his tenure in WWE can be summed up with two words: Guitar Smashing. Jeff Jarrett knows a hell of a lot about the wrestling business but not much about his own personal spot on the card.

Jeff Jarrett has always fancied himself a main event talent while never drawing a dime anywhere. Jarrett is certainly a solid competitor but was never in the same league as Hulk Hogan – even if Jarrett and Vince Russo believed in that delusion.

Jeff Jarrett has since founded his own promotion: Global Force Wrestling which Vince McMahon could give a s**t about. The same can be said about Jeff Jarrett, as Vince McMahon was never a fan.

3 Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner truly is a Genetic Freak. The wrestling world's own personal Frankenstein Monster. Steiner along with his brother, Rick, first made waves in WWE as an aggressive and assertive tag team – two rough dudes who could go with the best in the division.

Years later, following the purchase of WCW, Scott Steiner would return to WWE and was quickly shot into a main event feud with Triple H. However, the angle would conclude and Steiner was left with nowhere to go storyline wise.

Scott Steiner would eventually part ways with WWE and has not held back on his feelings since leaving the company; speaking his piece on everybody and everything. Steiner scares people physically and shoots off verbally, thus a new WWE contract does not await Big Poppa Pump.

2 Goldberg


Goldberg is and will forever be a WCW guy. However, when WWE saw an opportunity to bring in the former World Heavyweight Champion, they pounced. Goldberg spent a year with WWE but not in the same fashion as WCW.

Following that year of action, Goldberg decided to leave the company. Over the years that followed – much like other former Superstars – the rumor of Goldberg and WWE coming to terms on this and that began to circulate with the end result being nothing as usual.

Goldberg has stated that he does not want to return to WWE and while the company would surely welcome him back again, it would appear as though Goldberg is content with the time he spent in WWE.

1 Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy still holds a place in the hearts of the WWE fans who he entertained and mesmerized during his years with the company. The innovative Superstar has left an indelible mark on the WWE Universe.

Jeff Hardy has had a long history of personal problems which include problems with the law and drug use – issues that lead to multiple suspensions while working in WWE.

These factors, along with an ailing and aging body, may result in Jeff Hardy never returning to WWE.

Prediction: The Hardy Boyz will someday be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but will not see anymore in-ring action.

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