Top 20 Greatest Royal Rumble Returns In History

As the traditional first pay-per-view show of the year, WWE's Royal Rumble show has always kicked off the calendar year with a real bang. There is guaranteed to be plenty of drama throughout the show, not least when it comes to the signature match: the Royal Rumble contest. With bodies hurling over the top rope on a frequent basis, it's one of professional wrestling's greatest match concepts.

The beauty of the Royal Rumble match is that, more often that not, fans just do not have a clue what is coming next. Nobody is really certain who will triumph as the victor each and every year, and nobody can be sure who the next person to walk through the apron and enter the Rumble will be. We've had women enter the match, seen tag alliances break up, and even seen injured stars make amazing comebacks in time for the Rumble.

There are plenty of other shocking entrants in the Royal Rumble too, including guys who've been away from the company making a shocking return at the beginning of WrestleMania season. The WWE has a real track record of providing fans with shock returns at the Royal Rumble, and with the 2015 edition just around the corner, here are the 20 greatest Royal Rumble returns in the history of the event.

20 Jim Duggan (2009)

19 John Bradshaw Layfield (2014)

18 The Godfather (2013)

17 Road Dogg (2012)


16 Honky Tonk Man (2001)

15 Bob Backlund (2000)

14 Mick Foley (2004)


13 Kharma (2012)

12 Mr. Perfect (2002)


11 Jimmy Snuka (2008)


10 Roddy Piper (2008)


9 Diesel (2011)

8 Goldust (2013)

7 Booker T (2011)

6 Big Show (2001)


5 Chris Jericho (2013)

4 Rob Van Dam (2009)

3 John Cena (2008)

2 Triple H (2002)

1 Edge (2010)

Of all the angles surrounding a Royal Rumble return, the WWE have never pulled off a shock entrant quite like Edge's return in 2010. He had suffered an awful Achilles tendon injury that was supposed to rule him out for a year, with his tag partner Chris Jericho gloating and mocking Edge for getting injured. All that led to an Edge face turn, but nobody expected it to be as soon as the 2010 Royal Rumble. When Edge's music hit the crowd went crazy, and the look on Jericho's face is priceless. He came in and absolutely cleaned out the ring, going on to win the Rumble by eliminating John Cena last. Of all the Rumble returns, there's never been one quite like Edge's.

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Top 20 Greatest Royal Rumble Returns In History