Top 20 Hot Photos of Becky Lynch You NEED To See

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is one of my favorite wrestlers. A great presence on social media and in the ring, she’s always a lovable, wholesome and charming lass kicker capable of capturing hearts and submission victories on any given day.

I once invited all the WWE superstars to my birthday and no-one showed up except Becky Lynch. While this was in a dream, I feel like what it tells us about Becky Lynch as a person is true. She’s exactly the type of person you could imagine doing that. Well, maybe for a child, I doubt she’d show up to a twenty-four year old's birthday…

Becky Lynch started her career in 2002, being trained by a little known NXT and New Japan superstar called Finn Balor. She was only 15 years old when she started training, and went on to light the indie scene on fire by competing throughout Ireland, the United States and Japan before joining the WWE.

She quickly established herself as the Lass Kicker, showing off a handsome variety of suplexes, each of them performed with the kind of care only a veteran of the game can bring. While it was Emma and Paige that lit the fire in the NXT Women’s division, it was Becky who kept the flames going with her fellow “horsewomen” Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

It wasn’t long before she was called up to the main roster, and not even a year after that she’s involved in one of the most anticipated matches of WrestleMania. From a 15-year-old girl in Ireland trying to get away from drugs and alcohol to one of the leaders of the women’s revolution in wrestling, Becky Lynch is one hell of a lass.

She also has one hell of an ass. Here’s the Top 20 hottest photos of Becky Lynch.

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20 Oh Hay There 

via instagram.com/beckylynchwwe

Shot for a Wrestlemania 32 promo shoot that’s not currently out at time of writing, Becky let us have a sneak peek on her Instagram. While her costume looks more like a warrior’s than a farmer, she still looks a natural fit while sitting on the hay, her low-cut top giving us a glimpse of something we don’t see a lot of on WWE television.

At WrestleMania 32, Becky took on Sasha Banks and Charlotte for the newly christened Women’s title. While she didn't win, she took part in arguably the greatest women's match in WrestleMania history and that's a hell of a WM debut.

19 Colorful Attire 

A photo posted by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

I’ve stared at this for a long time, trying to work out what is attached to that ridiculously tiny jacket’s sleeve, and the conclusion I’ve come to is that Becky Lynch has a killer body. Uploaded to Instagram earlier this year, this picture shows Becky at her finest.

She tweeted at Jeremy Scott, a creative designer in the photo's caption, so I assume he’s responsible for whatever the hell that is on her sleeve. I don’t know much about fashion. What I do know, is that Becky is one fine gal.

18 Backy Lynch 

via myspace.com

Oh, I’ve never wished for a mirror more in my life. While her being very obviously completely topless is alluring in of itself, what’s really nice about this picture is it shows how great Becky Lynch’s body really is. Toned and muscled, she looks stronger here than most guys I know. When she calls herself the Lass Kicker, she’s not kidding around – she’s obviously got the body and the skill to take on anyone who dares face off against her in the squared circle. The only thing missing from this picture is her trademark red hair, having been taken before she decided to dye it the color we’ve grown to love her for.

17 Training Hard 

via beckylynch.net

Becky is an incredible athlete, and in order to maintain her high standard of physical fitness she has to hit the gym hard every day, while taking supplements to help her maintain her ideal body. While I do go to the gym five days a week, doing the regiments that wrestlers go through makes me short of breath just thinking about it, and seeing how calm and collected Becky is in this shot shows how dedicated she is to her workout. Whether it’s at the beginning of a gym session or at the end, you can bet Becky Lynch will always be putting in 110%.

16 Bathroom Selfie 

via instagram.com/beckylynchwwe

While the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras of WWE gave us more indecent and sexual moments on the show, the PG era has coincided with an explosion of social media pictures taken by the divas themselves. Becky is a prime example of how social media has changed the game. In the ring, she’s mostly covered, rarely sexualized, and is all business. But on Instagram, she’s always posting selfies like this, wearing tight fitted gym clothing and showing off her abs. It’s great proof that a female wrestler can still have a great sex appeal without diluting the in-ring action.

15 Mirror Image 

via instagram.com/beckylynchwwe

I wish I saw that staring back at me whenever I look in a mirror. The beautiful Irish maiden checks herself out after hair and makeup, and obviously loves what she sees. If her twitter is anything to go by, Becky is a hilarious girl, and always has a pun ready to sling into a conversation. I imagine every time she posts one of her groan-worthy puns, this is the face she makes. The smug face only a naturally funny girl can do.

14 The Girl Wonder 

via zifunny.com

Halloween is a fantastic time to be wrestling fan, as many superstars and divas share pictures of their crazy costumes on social media. Lynch is no different, and this picture of her and Sasha Banks dressed as The Joker and Robin quickly made waves when posted on Instagram. While they are posing to fight, this picture is all smiles as both Divas can’t help but contain their smiles while dressed in their ridiculous costumes. Honestly, I would love to see these two wrestle a match like this, if only to satiate the comic book nerd inside me.

13 Fighting Beauty

via gotceleb.com

Becky Lynch is fine. And I don’t mean fine as in “okay”, but rather “FIIIIIINE”. Standing among the punching bags and weights, posing for the camera in a shredded top with dog tags hanging around her neck, Becky shines here as one of the hottest girls on the roster. She knows she’s sexy, and she knows how to show it. Her great body is the sum of many years of hard work and dedication, and it’s all paid off.

12 Farmer’s Daughter 

A photo posted by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

Taken from the same shoot as the earlier hay image, Becky uploaded to this to her Instagram very recently. It looks like it might be a screen capture from a video, but offers a great behind the scenes look at her as she poses from the camera. But let’s be honest, the main draw of this photo is her breast, elegantly showing itself off in the bottom right corner. If the teasers are anything to go by, this shoot is going to be dynamite, and Becky is going to be the star.

11 Rugby 

via wwe.com

Being from Ireland, Becky is probably very well versed in the sport of Rugby. After all, it’s a hugely loved sport over here in the United Kingdom, and Irish Team has enjoyed great success in recent years, winning the Six Nations Championship in 2014 and 2015.

And doesn’t she look a natural fit, jumping forward with the ball, her exquisite body stretched out as she reaches? I for one am glad she’s found her home within a WWE ring, but there’s definitely something to be said about watching Becky with a rugby ball.

10 Babe of the Day 

via prowrestlingdigital.com

Ah, a younger Becky Lynch from her time at Shimmer Wrestling, here we see her pose for the camera for a photoshoot. This picture won Pro Wrestling Digital’s long running Babe of the Day award, showing that even when she was younger she could still turn heads.

But it’s hard to call her a “babe” when looking at this picture. There’s an innocence to her here, from her pigtails to her tie dye top. Even with her tiny top showing a large section of her belly, and her cheeky pulling of her trousers, she still looks like a young girl trying to cut her teeth in the wrestling business, and there’s something undeniably charming about that.

9 Not So Innocent 

via ringdivas.com

Maybe I was bit too quick in calling her innocent. In the above photo, it says she’s with Shimmer, who she joined in 2006, and this is from a photoshoot done while at RingDivas which was before then.

As far as I know, this is one of the very few photos to make it out of this photoshoot. While gifs of a video taken are all over the internet, the actual photographs seem to be strangely missing. But regardless, this is one that has surfaced, and what a photo it is.

She’s wearing a sexy bra, and while her mouth isn’t curved into a smile, you can tell she’s enjoying herself by the alluring sense in her eyes.

8 Jamming 

via twitter.com

I spent a long time thinking only Cesaro and Kidd could pull off wearing headphones, but Becky proves me wrong in this stunning picture of her listening to some tunes, presumably her own theme music (because it is rocking).

While this is obviously a staged photograph, Becky looks as stunning as you’d expect. Her trademark beautiful body is on display, and she looks happy to be listening to tunes even though I suspect there’s no music actually playing through those phones.

7 Strict Diet 

A photo posted by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

Uploaded to Instagram on Easter Sunday, Becky complains that her coach is being strict about her eating Easter Eggs. But despite not being able to binge on chocolate, this picture gives us plenty of other things to enjoy. Dressed in her typical gym attire, this selfie gives us a sly look at the steampunk Diva’s cleavage and her (presumably) rock hard abs.

Becky is one of the sexier Divas on the roster, but also probably the funniest, and this gives us both of that in one image.

6 Lass on the Grass 

via pinterest.com

While I’m sure she’s trying to look tough, what I love about this photo is that it genuinely looks like Becky doesn’t want to be in it. She looks like she was dragged out of bed early, thrown through hair and makeup, and stuck in front of a camera for a quick promotional shot.

But despite that, she still manages to pull off one of the hottest divas photos in years. Sporting her ring gear and trademark goggles, Becky looks like she’s legitimately about to rip the photographer's arm off, and shows a silent ferocity behind the usually chipper and happy girl’s eyes.

5 Keeping It Simple

via wwe.com

Sometimes it's keeping it simple is the best thing for a woman to do...and that's what perfectly describes Becky Lynch in this picture. Posing in the WWE Performance Center, Lynch is showing just enough of her rock hard abs to keep the guys looking, but covering up enough to make them want more as well.

On top of that, her smile and eyes are near perfection, and standing inside of the squared circle itself is the perfect combination of beauty and badass - something Lynch always captures, but especially in this picture.

4 Damp Hair and Glistening Lips 

Hello flavor country, so long Abs. See you at #nxttakeover #abs #thanksgiving #nxt #wwe #deltydiva #teambae @simplyshredded #nofilter

A photo posted by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

Her hair slightly damp, her lips catching the light at just the right angle, sporting her typical gym attire and walking barefoot, Becky completely blows past any other Diva’s selfie game with this exquisite photograph. Originally posted when she was still in NXT, it’s been shared a lot since then, and crops up any place where people are talking about Becky.

I’ve said it several times throughout, but look at this woman’s body. It is absolutely incredible, from top to bottom, and makes me slightly bashful every time I see it.

3 Ring Diva 

via imgur.com

People have careers before WWE, it’s something we all know. AJ Styles became TNA legend before joining NJPW and having a great with the Bullet Club, Roman Reigns was a footballer, and Becky Lynch starred in this incredibly sexy video for RingDivas.com

It was part of a DVD which included an interview with a young Becky Lynch, then Rebecca Knox. Although the DVD was named after the interview, it would have been the near 20 minute featurette of Becky posing in her underwear that many would have paid for.

And can you blame them? Look at her. She knows exactly how to seduce the camera, and has a great body and pretty face to go along with that.

2 Back in the Gym 

via tumblr.com

Despite having an incredible posterior, there aren’t many pictures of Becky showing off her moneymaker. But this picture, taken from the same boxing ring set from earlier, shows her seductively looking over her shoulder as her shorts wrap around her booty. Her oiled and tensed arm reminds you to look but not tough, but as long as she’s as gorgeous as she is, I’m going to help myself to all the looking I can.

Though, I can’t help but looking at her bracelet. I wouldn’t be training or fighting while wearing that – I’d worry about it getting damaged. You may be sexy Becky, but irresponsibility for your personal items isn’t.

1 Fit 

via amazonaws.com

This is probably Becky Lynch at her absolute sexiest. Exposing her beautiful body while staring at us from beneath her dripping wet hair, her skin tanned and oiled to emphasize her natural sexiness. But more than that, she gives us a small hint of something more, as she uses her thumbs to peel down her shorts just an inch, giving us an idea of what her absolutely flawless V-Line points to.

I love Becky Lynch, for her in-ring ability, her twitter antics and her looks, and it’s images like this that completely make me speechless and incapable of thinking straight.


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