Top 20 Hot Photos of Candice Michelle You NEED to See

One thing World Wrestling Entertainment has been known for over the years is its Divas. Their beauty is without question and in my opinion, they're some of the most athletic women in the world. Well..

One thing World Wrestling Entertainment has been known for over the years is its Divas. Their beauty is without question and in my opinion, they're some of the most athletic women in the world. Well... For the most part. In the 90s and into the 2000s, the most popular Divas had one major thing in common; their bleached blonde hair. Sunny, Sable, Debra, Trish, Terri, Torrie, Stacy, and Kelly Kelly. So... many... blondes. And that's not even half of them. Probably not even a third of them. You get the point. Blonde was in.

Although we had brunettes like Ivory, Victoria, and Molly Holly, there wouldn't be a brunette representing WWE as their major sex symbol until Candice Michelle burst out of her top... I mean, burst into the scene during the 2004 Diva Search. No, Candice Michelle didn't win the competition, nor did she even make the top 10. However, WWE saw something in Candice anyway and decided to hire her, briefly appearing on Raw before being traded to Smackdown.

On the blue brand, she would briefly feud with Melina before before being drafted back to Raw because she was "too hot for network television" as she would say. Her, Torrie Wilson, and Victoria would make up the faction called Vince's Devils and Candice would surprisingly become the breakout star of the group. Landing the cover of Playboy magazine may have had something to do with it. Candice was red hot!

Let's be honest here, when Candice Michelle first appeared on our television screens, I don't think anyone expected too much. To our eyes, she seemed like the rest of the up and coming Divas during her era. Candice was beautiful, but with nothing different to offer. But something interesting happened, she actually started to get pretty damn good in the ring, even managing to capture the Women's Championship!

But unfortunately for the GoDaddy girl, a few injuries would lead to her eventual release from the WWE, but from 2005-2008, Candice Michelle was WWE's It-Girl. This is why we're providing you a whopping 20 reminders of why Candice Michelle was one of the sexiest Divas to grace our television screens.

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20 Arriving In Style


We will be starting the list off right, with this jaw dropping photo of Candice Michelle coming out from a limo. Candice was no stranger to the bra and panties, having her clothes ripped off on more than one occasion during her stay with the WWE. Candice Michelle literally oozed sex appeal, and this photo kind of makes me wonder if this is how she arrived to Monday Night Raw every week. Only in our fantasies I'm sure.



Candice Michelle landed a gig as the spokeswoman for, an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Lucky for her, her Super Bowl commercial spoofing the Janet Jackson scandal from the year prior proved controversial and had everybody talking, thus Candice would soon receive her first major push in the WWE. We all know Vince McMahon doesn't mind a little free publicity, and Michelle certainly "busted" into the mainstream with this commercial.

18 Divas 2005 Magazine


In 2001, WWE began issuing out annual Divas magazines but for some reason the tradition stopped in 2007. Candice would make her first appearance in the 2005 edition, soaking up the beaches of Mexico along with her fellow Divas like Trish Status, Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Keibler. At this point in her career, Candice had yet to become a big player in the division, but after seeing her here I think we all really took notice of her.

17 Another Shot From Divas 2005 Magazine


As you can see, one photo from the Divas magazine isn't enough. At this time, WWE was finally starting to branch out from the typical bleached blonde look, with other Divas such as Christy Hemme and Joy Giovanni being big features of the magazine as well. Even though Christy Hemme landed the cover, I think a fair case can be made that Candice stole the magazine.

16 Yes, ANOTHER Shot From Divas 2005


Another breathtaking picture from Divas 2005, the ladies of wrestling never looked better; especially Candice Michelle. She was easily one of the hottest Divas featured in the magazine and this photo is a prime example. I bet you're not even reading this, too busy looking at the above picture. Blah blah blah. All you need to know is Candice Michelle is absolutely stunning here. A bikini top that's see through. Yes please!

15 Divas 2006 Magazine


Starting to see a trend here? Candice would make her second appearance in the Divas Magazine series in the lingerie themed issue that hit stands in 2006. Candice was the Diva chosen to be featured in the opening pages of the magazine, proving that saving the best for last doesn't always ring true. If you look closely enough, her bracelet matches her outfit. I'm sure you didn't notice. She really had a presence about her in the mid 2000s.

14 Yep, More Divas 2006


Ok, this is the last Divas, but truthfully every photo could be on here from the magazine. Draped in pearls, Candice wore lingerie oh so well, didn't she? This has to be one of the best photos in the Divas 2006 magazine. On the road to Wrestlemania 22, Candice Michelle would win a Battle Royal to face Trish Status in her first Women's Championship match. She failed to win and and blamed Torrie Wilson for the loss, sparking a feud between the two Divas.

13 Playboy


Following in the footsteps of Sable, Chyna, and Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle would become the fourth Diva to land the cover of Playboy magazine in 2006, in which Candice proclaimed she was "the hottest Diva to ever pose for Playboy." Attempting to get Torrie to agree, Torrie instead told Candice she was "the biggest b**** to ever pose for Playboy." This didn't make Candice happy, and the two settled their differences in a "Playboy Pillow Fight" at WrestleMania 22. This match would be the second to last match of the event, but could have main evented the show.

12 Eye Candy


Like many other Divas to come before her, Candice would start her career in eye candy matches, being involved in Pillow Fights like stated in #13, Bikini Contests, Paddle on a Pole matches, and Bra and Panties matches to name a few. I don't think the WWE Universe had a problem with it though, as they continued during her career - this picture being an example as to why. Eventually though, as Candice improved, she was given more opportunities in regular matches.

11 The First Women From The Diva Search To Win Gold


The hard work would would finally pay off for the beauty, and before the Women's Title would be removed in favor for the Divas title (that awful butterfly belt), Candice managed to defeat Melina and win the championship at Vengeance in 2007. Michelle would become the first women from the WWE Diva Search to capture a Title in the company. Not bad for not even placing in the top ten.

10 In Action


It appeared as if Candice was going to be the next Trish Stratus, a model with no wrestling background who eventually would transition into a good wrestler. Her improvements were a surprise, and the WWE fans were quick to taking a liking of her. If it wasn't for her being so injury prone, who knows the career she could have had with the company. Oh what could have been.

9 Face It, She Looked Good As Champ


Of course, Candice Michelle wouldn't be a proper champion if she didn't bring sex appeal to the title. In this little red number, Candice Michelle proved that she has to be one of the most beautiful Divas to have ever captured the prestigious Women's Championship. Also, just as a side note, doesn't the Women's Championship look much better than the Divas Championship?

8 Magic Wand


Ah, there's that signature magic wand that Candice Michelle always carried around with her. Oh, you didn't notice the wand? Well, we can't blame you. Well, if we're going to give some history behind this wand, Candice brought it out back when her role was mostly as eye candy, but as she improved as a wrestler, she soon substituted the wand for the Women's Championship, which also looked good with her.

7 Beach Beauty


Now that we have Candice's career accolades out of the way, let's begin to enjoy what you all clicked this article to see, And that's various hot and sexy photos of the GoDaddy Diva. So here's another one of her on a beach, taken during one of her many photo shoots. Candice Michelle has a body like no other, and apparently flexibility like no other with this arched back pose.

6 Gorgeous


In this sexy photo, Candice Michelle adorns a red corset to match her ruby red lips. She implemented what looks to be like one of her ring attires throughout her career. This one matches her gear from 2005 and 2006 when she made up one third of Vince's Devils. The former Women's Champion would also would bring a metal wand into the ring with her, but that is missing from this picture. She didn't need a wand to cast a spell on anybody.

5 Football Diva


Did you know women also play football? Have you ever heard about the Legends Cup (formerly the Lingerie Bowl)? It is a knock off the Super Bowl, and it's nearly the same, except instead of big hulking men it's women in lingerie. Candice Michelle has been featured in the Lingerie Bowl, and in this picture above, it gives you an idea what Candice may have looked like in one. That uniform can't be too safe if she gets tackled...right?

4 Voluptuous


Like many of the WWE Divas of the past (and even today), Candice Michelle was busty like the rest of them. So here is a picture highlighting this fact because you all know you've been looking at her chest this entire article anyway. If you want to see the full version of this picture, you should probably utilize Google's Image search...later not now, you have more pictures to see.

3 Adam And Eve


It is told that at the beginning of time, the first man and woman on earth were Adam and Eve. Spoiler alert, but the way the story ends is by Adam sinning when he eats the apple and the world turns to crap for him. But what if at the beginning of time, there was no Eve and it was Adam and Candice instead. Hmm. I'm sure the apple would have been the least of his worries in that situation.

2 Lady In Red


Let's not forget why Candice Michelle was hired by the WWE in 2005. She was breathtakingly beautiful, and it is evident in this shot taken before she was officially signed. I'm sure this photo helped her get the attention she needed, landing herself in the first ever Diva Search. Vince McMahon may have been looking at some of her assets, beside her wrestling ability.

1 Yellow Is Our New Favorite Show


Our final image of one of the hottest WWE Divas in the history of the company, is another shot of Candice Michelle before WWE. The article is sadly over, and if you actually read all these descriptions, kudos to you. Now enjoy this photo!

Why the heck are you reading this anyway? This article is like Playboy. You don't buy it to read, do you? I joke. If you're reading this, you're a true Candice Michelle fan and I don't blame you, especially after seeing her in this photo.

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Top 20 Hot Photos of Candice Michelle You NEED to See