Top 20 Hot Photos of Trish Stratus You NEED To See

Trish Stratus retired from WWE back in 2006 because she wanted to marry her childhood sweetheart and raise a family after almost a decade in the spotlight.

Stratus’ wish was granted when she gave birth to Max in 2013, and she has since been able to juggle life as a mom and still remain on the radar of the WWE Universe.

Trish is widely regarded as the most successful female wrestler in WWE History, with some of her accolades being a seven -time Women’s Champion, a three-time Babe of the Year and the only ever Diva of the Decade.

Trish won her seventh and final Women’s Championship in her retirement match at Unforgiven in Toronto, Canada back in 2006. This is a feat that no woman will ever be able to match since the Women’s Championship was retired back in 2010 to make way for the new Divas title.

While her accomplishments between the WWE ropes obviously speak for themselves, Trish is also one of the most attractive WWE Divas to ever grace the ring and the following article will look at some of the best photos of the former champion that need to be seen to be believed.

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20 White 

via thecoli.com

Even though many of the pictures on this list are from Trish’s time in WWE, this picture proves that some of the best ones have been taken since.

This picture was taken back in July 2012, over a year before she announced to the WWE Universe that she was an expectant mother during her induction at the 2013 Hall of Fame ceremony.

This picture shows that Trish has been working hard in the six years since she had left WWE and with her new look hair, she looks a lot different than she did when she was a WWE Diva.

19 Splits

via fashion-celebrite-news.blogspot.com

Trish was well known for her flexibility and athleticism during her time with WWE, her Ma-Trish move was one of the best examples of this, but she rarely showed that side of her in photos.

Trish has always been an avid fan of Yoga and says that it is that alone that allows her to stay in the shape she is in, as well as a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, but the following is a picture that proves this.

18 Flexibility

Via gotceleb.com

This one is from a photoshoot with inside Fitness magazine back in 2012 when Trish was promoting her healthy lifestyle.

This one shows Trish in a famous yoga position where she is showing off her balance and core strength. She is a long ways from the blonde haired, big chested WWE superstar she was six years previously and it seems that this could be the real Trish Stratus that was never introduced to the WWE Universe.

17 WrestleMania Trish

via wrestlingdelorean.tumblr.com

Trish Stratus has had some of the greatest wrestling attire of any Diva during her time as part of WWE and none more so than WrestleMania 22.

Trish Stratus walked into WrestleMania as the Women’s Champion and she handed both the torch and the title over to Mickie James in what is now considered one of the greatest female matches of all time.

However, it was Trish’s outfit that turned many heads on that night in Chicago, as she made her way to the ring in a leather one piece that was tight in all the right places.

16 Pool Trish 

via supermodels-hot.com

As stated above, Trish was always a part of WWE’s most risky photoshoots, along with Lita, the two would probably have gone viral whenever they stepped out of the studio if they were a part of WWE’s current generation.

Instead many fans had to wait until the photos were printed in magazines, or on personal websites, and this is one of the most attractive ones of the wrestler that can be found.

Trish is in a pool in an orange bikini and she is pulling an odd facial expression that seems to be working for her in another beach style photo.

15 Fitness

Via insidefitnessmag.com.au

Following her retirement from WWE, Trish has still remained a fitness enthusiast thanks to her background in gymnastics and yoga.

The former champion dyed her hair brown after she left the company and has since created her own company designed to allow her to continue to work out the way she used to, but without the pressure. Stratus has managed to retain her fitness levels and incredible body tone despite having left WWE years ago.

Below is one of the photos from a shoot she did with Inside Fitness Australia where she was proving that she was still as agile ever.

14 Locker Room

Via strangesports.com

Another of WWE’s photo shoots that was released during Trish’s run as Women’s Champion, this one was given a locker room backing to add to the reasonable dress sense.

Trish is wearing a pink lace up with one of the belts that she regularly wore to the ring that bore her name.

She is made to look like a footballer and the boots that can’t be seen in this photo are an added reason for this thought. Stratus was very good at playing a character, something she mastered from WWE and it seems she has once again pulled it off here.

13 Fun in the Sun 

via 99wallpaper.com

Trish seemed to be a fan of photo shoots on the beach or in the water, since that’s what many of the photos online of her consist of.

There is also a distinct change in Trish’s appearance from some of her early career shoots to some of the ones closer to her retirement.

This one is one of the better ones of her lying in the water in a red bikini, while enjoying the sun with a smile on her face. It is unknown what year this one was taken, but based on appearance alone, it would be guessed to have been around 2004.

12 Why So Serious? 

via twitter.com

Promo shots were another necessity during Trish’s run in WWE and here is one of these shots. They basically consist of the Diva or Superstar standing in their ring attire so that a professional can take a picture of them for WWE to then use for their graphics on Raw and SmackDown.

As mentioned, Trish had one of the best ring attires during this time and it is shown off perfectly here as she still manages to look amazing in a simple black top and trousers combination.

The Trish belt is something that she gradually became famous for during her last stint and even donned a flashing one for her final match.

11 Stratusfaction

Via mrpopat.in

This picture will always be one of the most famous ones of the Canadian beauty since it was one of the ones that she used for the cover of 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed.

This was the DVD that Trish released in 2003, which looked at Trish’s early years in the company and how she went from being a gymnast and fitness enthusiast to a WWE Diva.

This image will always be remembered as that and as a reminder that Trish had only been in WWE a few years in 2003, but she still had enough footage to make a DVD.

10 Raw Fitness 

via hawtcelebs.com

Another picture from Trish’s 2012 Inside Fitness magazine shoot and in this one Trish is sitting in a famous yoga position with a smile on her face.

She hardly even looks like the seven time Women’s Champion that the WWE Universe were used to cheering for, as she looks calm and collected, but still incredibly beautiful.

Most of Trish’s earlier photos were because she was playing to what the fans wanted, but this is different because it seems she has realized that she no longer needs to do that. It seems that we are finally seeing the real side of her.

9 Character  

via pinterest.com

It has been stated many times, by many superstars, that being a part of WWE means that your character is just as important as your in-ring talent.

Trish Stratus was never one to back down from character and once again during one of her last photo shoots as a WWE Diva, Trish decided to wear a lingerie style NFL outfit that was a big hit with WWE’s fan base.

It was already made apparent that Trish would be leaving before these images were released, but it had many fans begging the Toronto native in the hopes that she would change her mind.

8 Wedding Crasher

via talkceltic.net

One of the most infamous WWE storylines of all time saw Lita and Kane about to marry in the middle of the WWE ring during an episode of WWE Raw when suddenly they were interrupted by a rather sarcastic Trish Stratus.

She was there to upstage Lita on her wedding day and wearing this bridal lingerie set made this a very easy feat.

Lita didn’t get around to marrying Kane, but Trish will always be remembered for the part she played in the segment and the incredible outfit, or lack of outfit that she was wearing when she did it.

7 Undressed

Via trishstratus.com

Sorry, Trish isn’t actually fully undressed in this photo, but that was the name of the photo shoot that she took part in back in 2003.

Trish is dressed in a rather tight corset with a necklace made to look like a tie whilst also adding a glittery top hat to the outfit to give it legitimacy.

Trish used to wear a lot of hats to the ring during her early career, so it is feasible that this was a continuation of that form of style. Even if it isn’t, one thing is for sure – Trish was looking just as good back then as she is right now.

6 Hall of Fame 

via wrestlingforum.com

It would be hard to make any kind of list about Trish Stratus without including her 2013 Hall of Fame Induction.

Trish was already a few months pregnant at the point where she was inducted into WWE’s group of elite superstars, but the beautiful Canadian star still looked glamorous and stunning as she took her place on stage to thank WWE for the recognition.

Trish was wearing a blue floor length rhinestone dress that was absolutely perfect for the occasion and she was beaming throughout. It wasn’t until she announced her pregnancy part way through her speech that it was made apparent that she was glowing and it suited her.

5 Lingerie 

via niketalk.com

The obvious change in facial features here shows that this was taken very early in Trish’s WWE career. As noted above, there was a distinct change in her appearance from the early stages to the latter, but not so much that it was noticeable unless you were looking.

Here she is wearing flowered costume style lingerie while sitting e on a bed that has white net type curtains with a strange expression on her face.

This picture has a look of innocence about it which is strange considering what she’s wearing, but it does seem to be a look that is working for her.

4 Trish and Lita

Via 41.media.tumblr.com

They are the holders of the best female rivalry in WWE history, the best of friends and the best of enemies.

Trish’s first Raw main event was against Lita and her last ever competitive WWE match was against Lita, as the two divas defined each other’s career and Lita ended up retiring from WWE just two months after Trish.

It was hard to find a picture that showed the duo’s up and down relationship in WWE, but this one is one of the happiest, smiling photos that shows the softer side of two of the hardest woment to ever grace a WWE ring.

3 Trish in the Sand 

via bigtazz559.tumblr.com

WWE releases a lot of pictures from photo shoots they have been a part of in their time in WWE, but the Divas back in Trish’s era were a lot more risque with the shoots than they are now.

While Trish Stratus has always been outspoken about the fact that she would never pose for Playboy, she was open to many artistic images that left little to the imagination, but they were still considered to be an art form.

Above is one such image, as Trish is wearing very little but she still manages to look stunning while rolling around in the sand.

2 Wet Trish 

via rodosblog-xrisostomos.blogspot.com

What is more attractive than Trish lying on the sand posing in scantily clad apparel? Trish holding a hose pipe whilst also wearing very little clothing.

This is one of the photos where Trish is trying to look attractive because everyone knows that wearing white and then getting wet is a bad idea.

Luckily the Canadian star manages to pull off the picture in style, as it seems that this could have been one of the images used to promote an earlier presentation of WWE’s SummerSlam event. WWE usually goes all out with their promotion and this is just another way of them showing that.

1 PhotoShoot Time 

via seksifoorumi.net

Earlier in her career, Trish took part in one of her more famous photo shoots, one where she promoted bridal style lingerie.

These images can now be found all over the web, but are some of the most overused images of the former WWE Champion in any articles written about her.

While the image is a great blend for Trish with her blonde hair and the white of the clothing, it seems it is the location of the image that is the added factor and it’s easy to see why these images are still considered some of her best.

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