Top 20 Hot Pictures Of Brooke Tessmacher You NEED To See

To this very day, it is still one of the biggest head scratchers in recent WWE history. Brooke Adams, who was originally part of the ECW Extreme Expose, was released from the company as Kelly Kelly's star began to rise. Well, the WWE's loss has become one of the biggest gains for TNA. She began as one of the easiest on the eyes female wrestles ever, but she decided to put the work in and become one of the best pre-revolution females in the business.

Parlaying damn fine looks into a lengthy career was pretty easy for Brooke Adams, it simply became part of her earliest storylines. Debuting as the Miss Tessmacher to Eric Bischoff's evil Lex Luthor, she eventually realized she needed to learn how to work and asked Lacey Von Erich to teach her. Von Erich was let go shortly after, but on and off screen, Brooke continued to ply her craft.

One thing is for sure. Miss Tessmacher has a penchant for wearing very little and driving men's hearts into overdrive. Here are twenty of the most scintillating pictures of Brooke Tessmacher that you'll ever see.

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19 Less is More

via tnasylum.com

In ECW, Brooke was part of the Extreme Expose - Vince's PG rated answer to the all of the hardcore ladies of the original ECW. They would perform comically coordinated dance numbers and were more or less the new Nitro Girls, rather than newer versions of Kimona, Francine, and Beulah. But one proud tradition of the group was their penchant for wearing very little and showing a lot more. Brooke would take this fine tradition into TNA, where they try to grab the 18-34 crowd. Brooke has used her curves it to her advantage and knows how to showcase every single inch of her.

18 FHM Shoot

via theoclardy.wordpress.com

While her time in the WWE was brief (and it's a shame that it was), she, along with the rest of Extreme Expose, were featured in Timbaland and The Hives' Throw it on Me. Besides looking WET AND WILD in the music video, the girls partook in a photo shoot for FHM. The threesome, Kelly Kelly, Layla El, and Brook did what they do best - pose in their skivvies and fill our heads with all kinds of deviant thoughts.

17 Hooters Girl

via pinterest.com

Everyone has had odd jobs before landing a steady career, but when you look like Brooke, you get a gig at a place like Hooters. But you don't just get a gig as a waitress, you become a Hooters girl! Imagine if you sat down at your table and the divine Miss Tessmacher comes over to offer you wings!? The Knockout doesn't shy away from her past job, she embraces it. In fact, in 2012, she competed in a contest hosted by the Speed TV network to crown the Hooters Dream Girl for that year. No, she didn't win, some girl named Michelle Sacco won, but Brooke is always the winner in wrestling fan's hearts.

16 Boom Goes the Dynamite

via prowrestling.wikia.com

While Brooke was honing her craft, the TNA brass did the smart thing and paired her with Tara, one of the best workers ever. The result was the tag team, TnT. Tara and Tess' had several feuds on their way to becoming Knockouts Tag Team champions. Unfortunately, for those of us who remember Tara's time in the WWE, she is slightly unhinged and has a desire to be the top female, leaving little room for Brooke to join her and planting seeds for the eventual turn. Jealously would get the better of Tara and she would turn on the babyface sweetheart and defeat her, becoming Knockouts champ in the process.

15 Merry Christmas

via skyrock.net

Knockouts, Divas, and Christmas...someone go grab copious amount of mistletoe, stat! No matter the company, the holidays always bring out some of the hottest pictures you'll ever see. Instead of visions of sugarplums, male fans surely dream of Knockouts like Brooke all through their heads. When it comes to Brooke, anyone on the naughty list is getting a full dose of the Tess–Shocker face plant.

14 Chains for Her Love

via girlswithmuscle

Before she began her career in the business of professional wrestling, Brooke was a successful model. But she also liked being a fit and as tight as possible. Her agent even told her either put on some pounds to keep modeling or go to the fitness side of the business. Miss Tessmacher chose the latter and it shows in shots like this. There's so much going on here, there's no place to begin. If you like risque stuff, this picture has it. A girl ripped to shreds? This photo has that too. A reference to the original Miss Tessmacher helping a chained up Superman? We've got you covered in this picture. Or if you just love all things Brooke, this is your picture.

13 Extreme Expose

via shitloadsofwrestling.tumblr.com

During The Attitude Era, Paul Heyman once had booked Kimona Wannaleia to dance atop the ECW arena in an infamously played over–and–over again video. Eric Bischoff had Nitro Girls dance for WCW crowds in between commercial breaks, and Vince simply had scantily clad women running around, some of whom could actually wrestle. It would actually be over five years before he blatantly ripped off the concept and introduced us to the Extreme Expose. The exhibitionist, Kelly Kelly and her two friends, Layla and Brooke, would dance for the ECW crowds. Too bad that only one of them, Layla could actually dance. Even more of a shame, this was Brooke's only stint in WWE, as she was released shortly after the group began.

12 Pretty in Pink

via instagram.com

In this picture from her Instagram account, Brooke simply declares she might be bad, but she’s pretty good at it. Now there was a moment where she was more of a vixen than a wholesome, American sweetheart (more on that later), and shots like this prove she has everything it takes to be a viscous little minx. Especially in pictures like this, where she is barely dolled up, it is obvious that this woman is, simply put, one of the most beautiful women in wrestling, if not sports.

11 Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir

via instagram.com

To differentiate between their WWE Diva counterparts, the Knockouts of Impact Wrestling are able to get slightly more risqué in today’s marketplace. Hence, the tantalizing photo shoot, paying homage to Moulin Rouge, the fabled birthplace of Cabaret. The Can Can dance actually originated as a dance of seduction and seducing is what Miss Tessmacher goes for in every one of her pictures. In case you were wondering, the phrase voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir, popularized in the film Moulin Rouge’s Lady Marmalade song, means would you like to sleep with me tonight. And a collective “yes!” was heard throughout the internet.

10 Good Gawd, There's Two of Them

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Eight minutes after the eventual hottie Brooke was born, another Adams cutie was born. That’s right, Miss Tessmacher has a twin. We have been blessed with not one, but two different looking and adorable Adams sisters. Somehow the babymaking Gods knew that this planet wouldn’t be able to contain identical versions of Brooke. Her name is Brittaney and while she hasn’t had the kind of career her sister has, she is equally impressive and easy on the eyes to look at. Brooke might be a TNA Knockout, but Brittaney is an anesthesiologist, knocking patients out before surgery.

9 How to Catch a Mermaid

via zahthoughts.files.wordpress.com

As any self–respecting gorgeous model will tell you, the easiest way to tease and tantalize fans is to get wet and wild. She might be fairly dry in this picture, but the former Knockouts Champ is certainly wild, daring, and fearless as she shows just about everything while somehow keeping everything covered just enough. Brooke has before stated that she is fearless. Having cancer as a kid and living on the streets definitely instilled that in her. Luckily, Brooke is never going to be going back to homelessness again and is cancer free. For fans, here is she is all of her glory. WWE’s loss is the world’s gain – she wouldn’t be doing shoots like this in a PG world.

8 Fitness

via wrestlingnewspost.com

Being a natural beauty is a God granted gift. But the work Brooke puts into sculpting her body is astounding. Wrestlers have an obligation to be as chiseled as possible and Brooke is no different. Packing before going on the road includes packing food to keep up her high protein and mild carb diet regimen. Couple that with running, biking, resistance bands, and 24 hour gyms across America and you have one fabulous looking Knockout.

7 Leeloo Dallas, Multipass

via theoclardy.wordpress.com

Whether she knows it or not, Brooke also is a bit of a cosplayer or at least could be confused for one. In our first of two shots to illustrate Brooke in costume, here she's sporting an outfit reminiscent of Leeloo's in the movie, The Fifth Element. In the science fiction action flick, Bruce Willis is trying to save her, as her beauty and skills hold the key to safety and the future of the universe. While Miss Tessmacher might not be a divine entity sent to save us all, she is certainly a heavenly gift from the Gods and surely many fans would go to hell and back to protect her.

7. Brooke Tessmacher, Snake Charmer

via wrestlenewz.com

We already know how fearless Brooke is, so posing with a snake is not going to be a problem for her at all. In fact, she handily dethroned Britney Spears as the hottest girl to appear with a reptile. Pictures like this not just showcase Brooke's strong body, but her strong personality. In an interview with FitnessRx.com, the former Knockouts champ explains the two sides of Brooke - the dominant side, which is strong willed and independent and the other is her soft and sweet in pigtails and daisy dukes, too bad there aren't a lot of those pictures online...must be for her private collection.

6 America's Sweetheart

via aarongoinsnation.blogspot.com

So many wrestlers have proudly worn America's colors and, for the most part, they all become iconic images. Images of Sting at the Great American Bash 1990, Torrie Wilson's Uncle Sam visage at the same event in 2004, and The Ultimate Warrior at the Royal Rumble 1991 all come to mind. But then there's Miss Tessmacher, whose red, white, and blue garb isn't just indicative of her love of country, but her love for her home state of Texas. The home of the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is also home to the equally gorgeous Brooke. Just like the great Lone Star State, Brooke can stand on her own two feet in any situation, as her slogan proudly declares, Don't Mess with Tess'!

5 eBay Store

via listal.com

They may not be daisy dukes and she may not be in pigtails, but this pic does show off a sexier but still soft and sweet side of Miss Tessmacher. For her most devoted fans, like many other superstars, Brooke auctioned off this “hawt” outfit on eBay. Luckily someone on Brooke’s Twitter feed already remarked on the kind of person what the winning person would do with this outfit once they got it. For people who can’t afford the 400 $ pieces of Brooke memorabilia, other swag you could grab from Brooke’s ebay store are a whole slew of 8x10s signed by the TNA beauty. Sadly though, for anything purchased, Brooke’s not included.

4 Angelina’s Got Nothing on Tess’

via twitter.com

As stated before, sometimes Brooke likes to play dress up. Here, the Knockout shows the world that there is still a place in it for the skimpily clad world traveling archaeologist, Lara Croft, better known to video game fans all over as the Tomb Raider. Lara Croft and Brooke share a lot of similarities, so it’s easy to see why she’d rock this outfit. They're both world travellers, dynamite looking tomboys who can fend for themselves against any man, woman, or beast. But Tess’ has one up, if not more, on her pixeled counterpart, as she’s actually real, even if unattainable to most mere mortals.

3 Channeling Her Inner Bella

via twitter.com

The lovely Texan decided to proclaim her adoration for her beloved Houston Rockets and their guard, James Harden. But in doing so, she also subconsciously is channeling the visage of the current head WWE Diva Nikki Bella, who always saunters to the ring wearing a very similar getup. After she recuperates from giving birth, maybe Brooke will come back to the WWE and face off with Nikki, who will hopefully return from neck surgery and the two buxom beauties will tear the house down, showing the Superstars of the WWE that they’re just as capable as other stars like Charlotte.

2 The First Lady

via .fanpop.com

While Brooke was away from the ring rehabbing an injury, Aces and Eights gained a foothold and eventually took over TNA. Eventually it was revealed that Bully Ray was the group’s president. Bully had been talking about his girlfriend Brooke for a while and fans believed he had meant former flame, Brooke Hogan. However, on the August 22nd, 2013 edition of Impact, Bully called out his girlfriend and out walked the beautiful baby face Brooke, now a vivacious heel vixen for the first time in her career. Being a heel in TNA meant more outfits like this for the fans to gaze upon.

1 Lucky Fella, Luckier Shirt

via adamswrestling.blogspot.ca

So Brooke clearly loves herself – why else would she work so hard at looking absolutely dynamite?! She clearly loves wrestling – why else would she work so hard at honing her craft and plying her trade? But the flawless Miss Tessmacher goes the extra mile in proclaiming her love for her boyfriend, which unfortunately is a real person. She is currently carrying personal trainer Weston Wayne’s child, which also explains why she is on hiatus from TNA. Here’s hoping for a healthy happy baby and a desire to get back into the ring to keep entertaining her multitude of fans around the world.

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