Top 20 Hot Pictures of Eden Stiles You NEED To See

Eden Stiles burst onto the scene in WWE back in 2011 when she served as a ring announcer on WWE Superstars. She then asked for her release from the company and didn’t return until 2013. Upon her return, she became the ring announcer for SmackDown and NXT before stepping up to Raw when Lillian Garcia was forced to undergo surgery in March of 2015.

Before all that fun stuff, Eden was training to be a wrestler as she was a part of WWE’s development territory when it was called FCW and she seemed to be progressing well before she decided to head in a different direction.

She is married to fellow WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes (currently known as Stardust) but the WWE have never mentioned this on screen and the only time the duo have appeared on TV together was when Cody appeared on NXT to deliver the trophy for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Even though Eden has only been in WWE for a short amount of time, she has become a big hit with many fans of the WWE Universe. In honor of that, here are some of the hottest pictures of Eden you are ever likely to see.

20 Wedding


In one of the few pictures of Brandi Reed (her real name) and Cody Rhodes at their wedding back in 2014, she can be seen here sharing an embrace with her husband and looking incredible in her beautiful wedding dress.

19 Ring Announcer


It is the job that has made her a household name and here she is showing why she has managed to climb the ranks in WWE and, at one point, even take over Lillian Garcia’s position.

Eden is a well known voice in WWE now and contrary to popular belief, this is not due to the fact that she married a WWE superstar. It's entirely because she is a talented performer and announcer.

18 Natural Beauty


Eden is one of those people, who can look effortlessly beautiful in a natural way, as she doesn’t need to cover herself in make-up to look incredible and the following picture probably once again doesn’t fully do her justice.

17 In a Box


In perhaps one of her more random photo shoots, this photo is taken from a shoot that was done back in March of 2014 and it shows Eden inside what looks like a box wearing only heels and a bikini.

16 Brandi Rhodes


Eden had an entire career of her own before she married Cody Rhodes and during this time she was known as Brandi Reed. He name obviously changed when she was hired by WWE but the attractive star was a part of many different projects and many more photo shoots before she was placed under WWE’s umbrella in both 2011 and then again in 2013.

15 Family Life


As mentioned earlier, Eden is married to WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes and is now an official member of the Rhodes family and back in 2014 WWE did a feature on Eden, along with many other Divas, looking at the way she spent her day off.

14 Lingerie 


Another picture from Eden’s now famous leopard print lingerie photo shoot shows why Eden is such a popular presence in WWE.

Eden has turned around in this photo and is showing off an amazing bootie that even The New Day would be proud of (which is cut out here sadly). She is once again managing to pull off this photo shoot in a classy and tasteful way while also giving the WWE Universe just enough to keep them happy.

13 Maxim 


Before she was hired by WWE Eden was known as Brandi Rhodes and she appeared in an edition of Maxim magazine in one of the most scorching shoots she has ever been a part of.

Eden looks like she has just stepped out the shower, looking soaking wet in just a black sequin pair of panties. She has placed her hands over her chest to cover her modesty but still manages to look effortlessly amazing.

12 Salute to the Troops


As part of WWE’s “Salute to the Troops,” the company once again gave the Divas the opportunity to be a part of another photo shoot.

In this photo, Eden looks sizzling in a purple low cut dress while she lies down and rests her feet on two suitcases. She is also wearing some white heels which effortlessly match her outfit in a fashionable way.

11 Independence Day


Nothing says “Happy Independence Day” better than an attractive girl standing in front of an American flag with a smile on her face.

10 Leopard Print


Since Eden’s return to WWE in 2013, she has become known as one of the Divas and being a “Diva” means that you are obligated to be a part of many photo shoots where you wear hardly anything.

Eden obviously obliged and the following is one of the photos in question. She shows off her incredible body in a leopard print bikini from one of her earlier photo shoots in 2013.

9 Christmas Time


There is nothing WWE likes more than dressing up its Divas in festive attire to help fans prepare for the holiday season.

8 Valentine’s Day


As part of the build up to Valentine’s Day back in 2015, WWE’s divas once again took part in a photo shoot to mark the occasion. Eden was one of the Divas who was a part of this and the photos were released with Eden looking smoldering in a tight red dress.

7 Valentine’s Day - Take 2


Once again Eden played a part in WWE’s build up to Valentine’s Day in 2016, which was a much different take on the shoot that was done the year before.

The pictures show Eden wearing a short white dress whilst standing in what looks like a bedroom surrounded by pink balloons that set the scene as a romantic setting.

6 Red


In another photo shoot, Eden is shown here in a basic red satin dress similar to the ones that she wears in WWE when performing her ring announcing duties.

She manages to look smart and effortlessly beautiful in all the photos from this shoot, but the following one is the one where she seems to look the most at home.

5 Pink Is A Woman’s Best Colour


There is a theory that Pink is every woman’s favorite color and when you look at the following image of Eden, you can completely understand why.

This photo shoot was another WWE sanctioned one and it was done in 2014, just before Eden took over ring announcing and backstage interviewing at WWE Smackdown.

4 Rugby


Ahead of last year’s Rugby World Cupm WWE had their Divas take part in a Rugby inspired photo shoot where all the Divas dressed up in the traditional attire worn by the rugby players.

3 Summer Vacation


Eden has always had a flair of educated attraction about her and one of the reasons WWE’s fans have warmed to her is because they are aware that she is also a very smart person as well as a talented one.

She graduated from Miami University with a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism before she was hired by WWE and has since put her skills to good use on WWE TV.

2 Eden’s Style


Eden has been a part of many tasteful photo shoots and the following is another one of those. In beach wear, she is seen posing without a top on.

Once again, Eden isn’t showing off anything that would make the photo inappropriate, because she always ensures she covers up and only shows off what she can in the bounds of the PG banner.

1 Tease 


No list of the hottest pictures of Eden Stiles would be complete without her fantastic, teasing photo shoot where she posed naked, but in a very tasteful way.

Eden is seen posing on a bed in the following image where she is completely naked, but not in a Playboy way, the current WWE ring announcer posed in a tasteful way as a way of showing the WWE Universe that she isn’t afraid to show off a little skin if it’s in the correct way.

The following photo could be one of the reasons that she has become so popular with the WWE Universe over the past few years.

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Top 20 Hot Pictures of Eden Stiles You NEED To See