Top 20 Hot Pictures of Lita You NEED To See

Lita is one of the most decorated Divas in WWE history. Many women entering sports entertainment would be lucky to reach only half the accolades she did, with multiple championship wins and being involved in some of the most memorable storylines and matches of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras.

What made her such a popular worker was her unique, punk style. Divas were very much clean-cut beauties, especially the company’s other top woman Trish Stratus, which made Lita a perfect image for the alternative crowd. In fact, many of her biggest matches were against Trish, as the clashing styles made them an easy pairing, and their position at the top of the women’s division lead to many memorable battles.

It helped that she was also part of the legendary Team Xtreme. Lita, along with brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy, captured the Generation X scene perfectly in their attitude, with Jeff Hardy’s theatrical high-flying style solidifying their popularity. Lita was a big part of their staying power, and became one of the key components in making the team work.

After a real life affair with WWE Superstar Edge behind the back of her then boyfriend Matt Hardy, the three were put into a storyline together on TV. From then on, she became Edge’s manager, and helped him break into the main event spot.

But for all her championships, teams and manager spots, the one thing most will remember Lita for is how hot she was. Because back in the day of Attitude Era programming, that was how the women’s division was sold to us – and Lita sold it very well to the more rebellious youths.

So in honor of her alternative beauty, here are 20 hot pictures of Lita you NEED to see.

20 Lita out of water

via tumblr.com

Sporting a do-rag to keep her alternative flair alive, Lita graced the cover of 'WWF Divas 2001' with plenty of hot pictures throughout to make her the main attraction of the Jamaican themed magazine. Taken during what could be called the best years of her career, she certainly knows how to allure an audience with her sexy gaze and teasing what’s underneath her wet top.

While there are certainly more revealing pictures from this shoot, none of them capture the same sexiness that the Queen of Team Xtreme breathes here.

19 Overhead view

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Wearing leather trousers, hands on hip in a defiant gesture, proudly showing off her tattoo, Lita glances up towards the camera in this sexy and powerful image. The downwards view helps get a cheeky look at her chest, though her tight red top already helps show what only a husband should see.

The tattoo on her right arm is of a dragon, and joins other tattoos on the back of her neck (“Rebel” written in Russian) and one in her mouth on her lower lip (That says, simply and truly, “Punk”)

18 Lita with Edge

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The R-Rated Superstar Edge made headlines when he got involved with Lita, who was still involved with Matt Hardy at the time. It was weird seeing Lita come out with someone other than the Hardy Boyz, but after a while the image of her in Edge’s arms seemed natural, especially after the infamous “live sex celebration.”

This picture is a classic showing from the two of them. Lita wearing something revealing, looking ever the desirable punk girlfriend, with Edge looking smug and cocky about the woman in his arms. It’s a hot picture of Lita, but it’s a hotter picture of the two of them.

17 Lita Gives The Eye

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When you see Lita staring at you like this, it’s no wonder that she is the girl that all the bad guys want. From Matt Hardy, to Edge, to CM Punk – she never attracted traditional, clean-cut guys, and it’s easy to see where the alternative appeal came from.

In a weird twist of fate, A.J. Lee ended up getting with CM Punk after he broke up with Lita, and the two eventually got married. Why is that so weird? There’s a fairly famous video online of A.J. Lee as a child crying meeting Lita at a press signing because she’s so happy to be meeting her hero. If only she knew back then they’d end up sharing a man.

16 Ready for some Football?

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A sizzling picture taken for the BBQ Blowout feature in a 2006 issue of WWE Magazine, Lita stares at the camera with a sultry and confident stare. The photo actually used in the magazine was airbrushed a lot more, but I opted to go for the original, unaltered version for this list as it was more colorful than old magazine scans, and Lita still looks stunning in either variant.

While Lita has a lot of beach photographs (and trust me, you ain’t seen the last of them on this list), I really like this one as with the cargo pants, it keeps the “punk” flair Lita carries so well.

15 Ready for her Match

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I love this photograph. There’s something iconic about Lita in clothes like that, and the young star looks dazzling as she prepares for a match. The thong proudly showing out the top of her trousers was one of the main draws to Lita as a young man, as not only did it help with the Gen-X aesthetic of her early days in the company, but it also was sexy as hell.

Before joining the WWE, Lita was actually part of ECW as “Miss Congeniality”. While she was still as hot as she is here, the younger Lita definitely looks better in this style.

14 Tough Enough

via instagram.com/machetegirl

While the younger Lita stole our hearts, the older Lita knows how to keep them. She uploaded to this picture her Instagram last year while she was a coach on Tough Enough, and although it had been a few years since she’d been on TV, she instantly reminded people why she they loved her with a pair of tight, leathery leggings and a pose that showed off how great her body still is.

Tough Enough ended with Sara Lee and Josh getting contracts from the WWE, and it’s expected they’ll make their house show debuts sometime in 2016.

13 Lying on a Beach

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Another picture from the Jamaican shoot in the 2001 magazine, Lita goes more overt in what she’s showing off in this picture. A gracious helping of breast peeks from beneath her white shirt, as her rear cheekily teases us in the distance. Her hair looks elegantly disheveled, and you can tell a lot of time went into making her hair look as wet and unkempt as it does.

While Lita was never a traditional beauty due to her style, she can easily make you hot-under-the-collar in a traditional sexy pose, as she shows off here.

12 Lita at the Gate

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How appealing would a place look to you if Lita was there waiting at the gate? Even when doing a simple bikini shoot, Lita is still able to send off that vibe that separated her from so many other divas. That sly look on her face as she stands in front of the gate, either to guard it or let you in, could get any man excited. As for her attire, it's a simple lavender bikini with some punkish design on it.

11 Women's Champion

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The hottest accessory a girl can wear is a championship belt, showing their rise to the top of Sports Entertainment. Back when it was called the Women’s Championship, Lita was a name always uttered when the conversation of the best woman in the game came up.

A four time champion, she actually only ranks 17th in terms of combined reign lengths. But despite being low down the rankings, she will be remembered far longer than most of those ahead of her.

10 Little Red Riding Hood?

via WWE Magazine

Has the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood ever been so sexy? Here, Lita snuggles up to the big bad wolf in bed, a red hood discarded while she holds up a pair of furry handcuffs. With the look on her face, it seems the cuffs are meant for the wolf.

What I enjoy most here is her shoes. She’s wearing a typical Lita pair of converse-esque shoes, despite the rest of the scene being relatively themed around Red Riding Hood. Even when playing dress-up, she keeps that element about herself.

9 Punk Rock

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This picture is quintessential Lita. The thong proudly stretching above her trousers' waistline, a small bit of her black bra poking from underneath her skull crop-top, and her hair dip dyed a fantastic pink color. When you remember Lita, chances are you remember her looking like this – hot as hell and ready to kill.

It’s a shame this style is somewhat a relic of the 90s, as I daresay most girls would look hot dressed in a similar vein, though Lita pulls it off better than most.

8 Lita in the Club

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Lita admitted in her autobiography, Lita: A Road Less Traveled, that she once stripped at a club to make money for a trip in Europe. Unfortunately, there’s no photographs or video of that time in her life, but there is this delightful image of her in a velvety room dressed down to her underwear.

Scantily clad and an inviting expression, it’s easy to assume she would have been a hugely popular dancer, though I think we can all agree that it’s probably for the best that she ended up pursuing a career in wrestling.

7 Team XTreme

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Team Extreme were honored in the Sports Hall of Fame in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2001, with Lita taking the center stage of their shoot. I honestly don’t know what Lita is wearing here, as the lines between what’s top and random mesh is blurred, but I don’t think it matters exactly what it is. What does matter is how revealing it is. And it’s pretty damn revealing.

Even excusing the amount of skin on display, there’s something undeniably charming about seeing her alongside the Hardy Boyz, a team that she is most recognized for being part of.

6 Lita in Fur and Mesh

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In 2003, Lita returned after a neck injury only for Eric Bischoff to demand she pose nude in Playboy to give Raw some publicity, adding that she should let him get a sneak preview. The segment does a great job of establishing Bischoff as a creepy heel, and Lita’s rejection shows her as the bad-ass she was. As cool as it made Lita look, it was unfortunate we didn’t get the Playboy shoot.

But when images like this appear, it feels like we very almost did. Dressed in big boots with mesh stockings and a furry coat draped over her otherwise naked upper half, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a Lita Playboy shoot.

5 Lita in Leather

via divaliciouswwe.blogspot.com

Honestly, picking an image from the Divas Do New York photoshoot from 2006 was tough. Every photo of Lita in this shoot is startling and wonderful, with her black, leathery attire only being beaten by the constant look of dominating seduction on her face.

If there was one image that would make me want to go to New York, it wouldn’t be a picture of the Empire State Building, or a picture of the iconic times square – it would be any picture of Lita from this photoshoot.

4 Lita in chainmail

via whoa.in

I don’t know if this image is cooler or hotter. Because a chainmail bikini one-piece is pretty cool, from a medieval fantasy fan sort of way, but the image of Lita standing tall inside it is pure hotness. Being a wrestler, Lita is often seen as a warrior in the ring, and although her sexuality was pushed in the WWE back when the product was aimed at young men, it’s appreciative that they found a way to combine both aspects of into one, hot image.

3 Lita's Innocent Beauty

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While most of Lita’s oeuvre of sexy pictures show her with a dominant or passionate expression on her face, this one showcases the innocent beauty she holds as well. There are no scowls or cheeky smiles here, and yet she manages to be just as attractive, if not more so. While I love Lita for her domineering looks, part of me wished there were more pictures of her like this. It’s easy to forget that behind the thongs and leather, there is a genuinely beautiful woman who just wanted to wrestle in the biggest promotion in the world, and in a way, this image helps remind us of that.

2 Viva Las Lita

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Lita’s photoshoot at the Grand Xcaret Hotel for the Viva Las Divas DVD and Magazine is full of sexy bikini pictures, but this photo of her rising out of the water beats the rest by a clear mile. Her wet hair sticking to her body as the water runs down her creates an image almost straight out of a Greek poem about Goddesses and Sirens.

It’s almost like a scene from a movie, with the gorgeous vixen merging from the pool to send the hero a clear message with her facial expression, despite the obvious distractions below her face. It’s impossible to not get a bit flushed when seeing this image.

1 Lita in New York

via tumblr.com

It’s very easy to confuse hot for revealing, and sometimes it’s the mere suggestion of what’s underneath combined with some sexy extras that make the number one spot, as this picture does here.

Honestly: Wow. From the boots, to the mesh stockings, the corset, to the bra poking out, the chains, the face, the hair, the pose…everything about this picture of Lita screams hotness, while keeping her alternative charm alive. For my money, it is the hottest picture of one of the hottest Divas on the planet. Narrowing down to just 20 pictures of Lita was hard enough, but singling out the number was not hard at all.

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