Top 20 Hot Pictures Of Natalya That You NEED To See

Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, or as she's know in the ring, Natalya. Not only is she a badass within the ropes, but she looks good while doing it. Fortunately we are blessed with her looks while she's smacking down her opponents and also when taking a scroll through social media.

The Canadian born beauty comes from the well-known Hart wrestling family and has learned plenty over the years. Natalya has won various wrestling championships, graced our TVs with wrestling performances and the show Total Divas, all the while looking better than ever. While she's never been marketed by WWE to be one of their standout beauties, us fans aren't blind. It's easy to see that Natalya looks good and she provides a different appeal than other women on the roster. When she first came into the WWE, the company was in a rut of hiring models to become wrestlers, but Nattie has wrestling in her blood.

In case you're in need of a daily pick up, or just want to look at the always attractive Natalya, here are 20 hot pictures you need to see. They are in no particular order, because honestly, I don't think you could truly narrow these down to a proper order. Instead of filtering the order, just look and enjoy.

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20 Patriotic

via wallpaperscharlie.com

Yes, I'm well aware and mentioned earlier Natalya was born in Canada, but wrestling fans and all Americans will gladly claim her as one of our own. She does currently live in Tampa, so that's enough to qualify her to rock this outfit for the good 'ole U.S.A.

What could possibly be better than seeing this gorgeous lady, wearing that outfit, while in front of the stars and stripes of America? I'm not sure anything else really can, but I'd be totally okay with her replacing Uncle Sam on a few posters. Canadian fans would probably want to see a similar photo shoot of Natalya proudly posing in front of a maple leaf, but Natalya has always shown her pride in being of a Canadian background. She has two countries in her heart.

19 Squats

via dailywrestlingnews.com

There's a reason she kicks ass and looks great while doing it. In case you couldn't tell from other pictures or just watching her beat down her opponents, Natalya clearly spends time in the gym and repping out these squats have without a doubt paid off. I know if I was at the same gym as her, I'd be motivated to work harder.

Plus, who doesn't enjoy seeing a blonde beauty like her working hard in the gym? Natalya didn't get her muscles by accident. Sure, she has a tremendous athletic background, as her father Jim was a discus thrower and a football player, but Natalya has worked hard to get where she's at. Here is further proof that she works hard every day to be the best she can be.

18 Winner Winner

via wwe.com


We all loves winners. It makes a woman even hotter when she is really good at what she does and takes care of business in the ring. Natalya was Stampede Wrestling "Women's Wrestles of the Year" back in 2005 as well as winning championships both in the NWA Canadian SuperGirls Championship and of course WWE's Divas Championship.

Clearly Natalya is really good at what she does, it also doesn't hurt that she is easy to look at too. Her opponent is definitely feeling the pain, but I'd be willing to watch her use her signature Sharpshooter finishing move on anyone over and over again. It seems like it's been forever since Natalya has held a championship in the WWE. Hopefully she can add a Women's Championship reign before her career is over.

17 Sparkly Dress

via wrestlingmedia.org

Natalya doesn't have to be wearing tight clothes or in a swimsuit to look good. As we can see hear, she is drop dead gorgeous while rocking a nice sparkling dress. Now don't get me wrong, we don't want her to stop wrestling in the outfits she wears now, but she shouldn't be shy about wearing clothes like this. Natalya can likely pull off any look. Again, Natalya doesn't tend to be WWE's first choice when it's time to show some glamor, but Natalya has proven time and time again that she can pull it off.

I don't about everyone else, but I'd gladly take her for a ride in that Mercedes with the top down. When did she accompany Del Rio to the ring, again? Bah, who cares.

16 Baywatch

via pinterest.com

Now last time I checked I don't think Natalya has been featured in anything to do with Baywatch, but boy she should be based on this picture alone. I recommend finding her a role in the upcoming Baywatch movie, because at that point I'll for sure go see it.

Another option is for her to be a real lifeguard. Heck, she doesn't even have to know how to properly rescue someone because I think by her just standing along the beach would be enough to motivate some people to find their way back to shore. It's hard to tell when this picture was taken, but it's clear it was a while ago. Perhaps it's time WWE's photographers take Natalya to the beach for another photo shoot.

15 Ripped

The classic mirror selfie. In this case, it's perfect. We all would like to see girls nice and toned throughout, but rarely do we get the whole package like with Natalya. She obviously doesn't stop at squats. This pic is for those that appreciate a solid core to go along with everything else. Natalya, thank you for showing off being the perfect level of being in shape.

We've already seen pictures of Nattie working hard in the gym, so she deserves to share the results when they're so clear. Natalya's outfits tend to hide her chiselled abs, so good on her for taking the opportunity to share what she's earned with her followers. Is that motivation to hit the gym or what? Time to hit the iron!

14 Merry Christmas

via pinterest.com

Nothing says 'Tis the Season like seeing Natalya rocking a Christmas colored outfit with a giant candy cane. I really wish this could just be the cover photo for every holiday calendar or sign for the rest of time, because who wouldn't want December to come more quickly if it meant you see this for an entire month while crossing off the days approaching Christmas.

Please spread the holiday cheer for all those to hear if someone finds this calendar somewhere, we will all be thankful for your holiday spirit and appreciate the Christmas gift. The WWE always loves to do a Christmas themed photo shoot in December and it's clear Natalya didn't disappoint when this particular photo shoot came around. Is it December yet?

13 Lady in Red

via pinterest.com


The artist Chris de Burgh may have written his classic song "Lady in Red" well before this picture was ever taken, but my goodness does it apply here. Any update, new rendition, or remix to the song should keep this picture in mind and feature it on the cover.

Whether it be for Valentine's Day or any other time Natalya is wearing this outfit, she should be serenaded with that song at all times. We all must truly appreciate how great she looks in this photo and I really hope whenever you hear this song played, it reminds you of this. Being that we're now in the Valentine's Day season, it seemed fitting to include this picture on the list. Does WWE have anything in store fo

12 Fun 

via instagram.com

This fun, energetic photo goes to show that even simple pictures like this can show off how gorgeous Natalya is. The perfect amount of pink streaks in her hair and that pearly white smile gives off the right kind of vibe that goes along with her beauty. I'm sure she also likes that fact that she can step out onto her balcony and take a picture with water and boats hanging around in the background.

There's plenty more of these kind of pictures streaming through her Instagram feed. It's definitely worth checking out. Natalya also loves interacting with her fans on social media, so she's not just there to post pictures and have you sit there silently. She definitely isn't a heel in real life.

11 Gym

via allwrestlingnews.com

We already saw her squating, but we can't get enough of seeing Natalya working out. Even 17 years after she began training all the way back in 2000 in the Hart House, she has obviously not lost her desire to work hard in the gym so she can continue her performance within the ropes.

She was once quoted as saying, "Everything I have I've earned it. I go into the ring with confidence because I know I can go in, kick ass take names and not have to apologize for it."

Natalya definitely doesn't have a reason to apologize and by all means keep training like that and she should have no shortage of confidence. Being that she's a descendent of the Hart family, expectations have always been higher for her, but she's always met them.

10 Take Down

via wwe.com

Even the ref is thinking this is about to hurt. No matter which one of them gets the worst of this take down we can be sure that Natalya will be just fine. At 5'5" and weighing in at about 135, she can take a hit.

Also, there probably aren't many people out there, that can pull off the outfit she is wearing. On top of that, Natayla is doing a lot of hard work with some not very athletic boots on. Credit to her for looking good while taking it to her opponents. Here Natalya is taking a Rear View from Naomi, one of the many women Natalya has helped mentor in the WWE. She's seen as a locker room leader in the women's division and anybody working with her has said nothing but good things.

9 Trying It On

via instagram.com

I'm not sure if she was trying on the rest of those swimsuits hanging on that rack behind her, but she can just stop with this one. Posted on her Instagram, it looks like Natalya is taking a well deserved break from training to have some fun. It really looks like she's enjoying her day and shopping spree. Wrestlers get so few days off, so you can bet when Nattie gets a free day at home, she's going to make the most of it. Her fun-loving nature can be seen on Total Divas often and she's usually in high spirits.

If you don't follow Natalya on Instagram, you probably should. Whether you choose to or not, we must appreciate being blessed with this fun loving picture.

8 Fitness

via instagram.com

Whether this is before or after a workout, we can clearly see whatever she is doing is paying off. It looks like this is coming from a hotel room somewhere, so it goes to show that Natalya is putting in work while traveling around a bit. There's never time to rest for someone reaching for that championship. Wrestlers travel for 300 days a year, so they can't wait until they have a day off to work out. Workouts have to be squeezed into a tight window, even if a wrestler merely has 45 minutes to work with. They have to do whatever they can with the time they have.

Referring back to her quote from earlier, she should be confident when looking like that.

7 Grand Entrance

via wwe.com

The hottest part of this isn't the tight pants, it's the grin of her knowing she's about to enter the ring and put a hurting on her opponent. The pure confidence of her making a grand entrance can't be beat and is clearly seen in this picture.

On top of the grin and confidence, the tights are a great look too. Obviously with Natalya wearing a SmackDown shirt this was taken around Survivor Series this past year when SmackDown sent a team of five women to take on a team of five RAW women. Nikki Bella was initially in the match but was attacked backstage and replaced by Natalya. This would lead to Nattie's recent heel turn when it was revealed she was the one who laid the attack.

6 Wonder Woman

via wwe.com

Well, we already have her jumping into Baywatch, so while we're at it can she get in on the DC movies too? Nothing toward Gal Gadot at all, but this version of Wonder Woman would bring out even more viewers. Plenty of women in the WWE have put on a Wonder Woman outfit at some point in their WWE careers. The most memorable version had to be Trish Stratus, but Natalya sure pulled her own here.

Even though she may not be able to jump into the upcoming blockbuster this summer, she can wear this costume any time. If she limits it to only on Halloween, hopefully some of us can be invited to the party. Either way, let's see more of her in a Wonder Woman outfit at some point.

5 Basic

via instagram.com

Remember when we said that we could use a photo of Natalya draped around a Canadian flag or wearing a Canadian themed outfit? Well, aside from perhaps a missing hockey stick, this is as Canadian as it gets; sipping a Tim Horton's coffee on a brisk day in the Great White North.

Here we get to see another fun loving side of Natalya. Every girl loves to get a delicious cup of coffee and take a selfie. The only difference is that she may look better than most that go for the basic selfie.

The most satisfying part of seeing pictures like this isn't the looks of Natayla, but the fact that she likes to hang out and do normal stuff that any other girl in the world loves to do.

4 Hotel PJ's

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Once again, even though she's at a hotel, she isn't stopping putting in work. From the looks of it shes's in some comfortable PJ's, but that shouldn't stop her from showing off when she feels and looks as good as she does and we're glad she doesn't hold back. The lighting in the room is dim, so perhaps Nattie is either about to go to bed after a very long day or she's getting up bright and early to get her day on the road started. Either way, she sure looks good in those PJ's. Once again, her core muscles are on full display here as she shows her toned look off well.

Like the rest of these pictures, sit back, relax and enjoy.

3 Hard Work

via wwe.com

This is where all the hard work pays off. The gym and dedication from all of her past training goes into moments like this. Natayla is a true champion and here she is punishing her opponent for even trying to ruin it.

This picture encapsulates her commitment to wrestling. We can clearly see the focus of the moment and dominate position she's in while her opponent simply tries to protect herself from the pain Natayla is bringing. This is why she's the champion she's become. She's the most tenured veteran of the business on the SmackDown women's roster and she's there to show the other women how it's done. You know why SmackDown's women's roster is better? Balance. There's the perfect mix of veterans and the new guard on the roster.

2 Tiny Bikini

via instagram.com

As we said earlier, the song lady in red applies to a red dress, but she's still in red here so lets make it work. Throughout these pictures we have obviously been able to see that Natalya can pull off any outfit at any time. Here we can just admire how gorgeous she is in a simple swimsuit. Natalya has been seen as a more serious wrestler on the roster and she was a different breed than that of the 'divas' that typically were on our screens during the early stages of the PG Era. Natalya has it all; she looks good in swimsuits, she looks good in wrestling tights and she can go when the bell rings.

We're not complaining when she decides to post a picture like this.

1 Wedding Dress

via imgur.com

Whether you're married or not, a woman in her wedding dress is the most beautiful thing in the world. Even if you're not a hopeless romantic or don't care much for marriage, we can see the happiness in her smile while she is looking absolutely incredible in her wedding dress.

Natayla married longtime partner T.J. Wilson, aka Tyson Kidd back in 2013. They had known each other since she was 12 years old. That in and of itself is a beautiful story and we're all happy for both Wilson and Neidhart. They're now going strong, about to celebrate their four-year anniversary and one has to wonder when their first child will come. That Hart legacy has to live on, right?

Congratulations to the both of them and best wishes to a long lasting, happy marriage.

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