Top 20 Hot Pictures of Summer Rae You NEED to See

Summer Rae was introduced to WWE back in 2014 through its NXT brand before she was then partnered up with Fandango and made her main roster debut as his beautiful dance partner. Summer has since partnered with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Tyler Breeze while also being a part of WWE’s newly branded Women’s Division and maintaining a role on Total Divas for its third season.

Summer is still yet to make a full impact on the Women’s Division in comparison to the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks since their debut, but Summer showed when she was down in NXT that she does have some technical wrestling ability.

Her feud with Lana back in 2015 could have been something special if Lana hadn’t been injured, which forced Summer into a storyline with Dolph Ziggler and in turn allowed her to bring Tyler Breeze to the main roster, even though the duo didn’t last very long.

The newly branded Women’s Championship should allow her to be a part of many more matches than she was before, as it seems WWE are now focusing more on the wrestling ability of their female talent, which will open more doors for Summer.

The following are 20 of the hottest photo’s of the former model which need to be seen to be believed. It may still be cold outside but never fear, because Summer is here to warm you up.

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20 Unique Talent

Via dailywrestlingnews.com

WWE could have chosen any Diva on their developmental roster to be brought up to take the place as Fandango’s dancer and Eva Marie even fancied her chances, as shown on one of the first episodes of Total Divas, but it was Summer Rae that managed to land the position full time.

Despite her not coming from a dance background, Summer managed to take to the role easily and proved her versatility. As the above image shows, this is only the beginning of her incredible talents, and her looks and insane physique are also things that work in her favor.

19 Charity Work

Via hdwallpaper4u.com

Like many WWE superstars currently with the company, Summer is a fan of using her time in the spotlight for good and of being able to be a face for charity work. So she has become one of the spokes people for the Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation, which is a charity that helps families with medically fragile children.

Here we can see Summer taking a well deserved day off. Wearing a very revealing but nonetheless tasteful low-cut shirt and shorts, along with some matching knee socks, it's easy to see why why she's as popular she is.

18 Black Beauty

via instagram.com

Being a WWE Diva and a constant face in the public eye, Summer obviously knows how to dress to impress and often shows off her style on her Instagram account. Many of her fans follow her and even re-post many of her images so that they too can share her style. The above image shows Summer in a knee length black dress and matching heels. Being blonde and having a fair complexion gives the image an extra edge and even though Summer isn’t looking at the camera in the photo, we are still able to see just how stunning she looks.

17 Plaid Patterns

Via images6.fanpop.com

It is hard to imagine an outfit that Summer Rae can’t look good in, but for this photo shoot it seems that she is channeling her inner Mickie James as she rocks the plaid and denim look in a way that even Mickie James would be proud of. It would be hard to decide who wore this better, because as already stated, Summer Rae could wear anything and still look incredible.

16 Party Girl

via instagram.com

After being a part of Total Divas, it would seem that Summer Rae would be used to the spotlight and as the image above effectively manages to demonstrate, she does this while looking effortlessly amazing. Though bikini selfies are pretty common on Instagram, Summer manages to look flawless while leaving just enough to the imagination to leave fans wanting more.

15 Flashy Ring Attire

via vavel.com

Summer has become known for her incredibly long legs and her rather skimpy ring attire. Luckily, Summer has so much confidence that she can pull of just about any outfit and still manage to look absolutely incredible and her ring attire only serves to prove this theory.

WWE Divas are given the opportunity to design their own attire as a way to make their character unique to the WWE Universe and it seems that Summer has managed this with hers because it is one of the stand out outfits in WWE’s Women’s Division currently, despite a number of new additions.

14 Practically Perfect

via instagram.com

Summer Rae hasn’t been on the WWE main roster for very long, but it seems she has already allowed fans to gain a very positive impression of her. Summer is shown above in a photo that she posted to her Instagram account after a makeover with some friends. Summer is proving here that she is absolutely stunning without really having to try to look the part.

13 Those Legs

Via gerweck.net

Summer has been likened to Stacy Keibler because of her incredible legs. As seen in the photo above, she has maintained a level of flexibility that has allowed her to become one of the most underutilized female superstars on WWE’s roster.

Summer’s legs have become one of the things that have defined her over the past few years and she has began to use these much more in the ring and has developed many moves that only she can do because of her leg strength and length.

12 Devious in Denim

via instagram.com

Looking at Summer Rae, it is hard to tell that she is actually 30 years old and she actually didn’t get into wrestling until much later in her life, which is later than many of the current NXT Women’s Division members, even though she was given her call up sooner. Many would guess that Summer wasn’t a day over 22, which would make her younger than Paige, who is currently the youngest Women’s wrestler on WWE’s main roster. Either way, with looks like that and the speed that she is currently aging, it seems Summer could be around for a while longer yet.

11 Lingerie Football League

via twitter.com

Summer is pictured wearing clothing that is close to that of football players, but that is because she was once regarded as a football player herself when she was a part of the Lingerie Football League (LFL) which is much like the NFL but with less clothes.

Summer was the team captain for the Chicago Bliss Football Team and played as a corner back, she was widely considered to have been one of the best players in that position before she then made the switch to wrestling, which could be thought of as just as athletic as her former sport of choice.

10 WWE Movie Star

via i.wwe9.com

Summer is shown here looking dark and mysterious as part of one of WWE’s Halloween photoshoots that the company annually release around October as a way to build up the support for their Divas during this time.

While a variety Divas took part in the photoshoot, it's easy to assume that Summer Rae was the standout of the punch and she looks incredible in this photo.

9 Summer and Fandango

Via vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net

Summer Rae was brought to the main roster as a dancer for Fandango after she had already proved that she had what it takes to be a main fixture in the NXT locker room.

WWE needed to find a new partner for Fandango after his previous one had departed and she seemed to match up to their expectations. It was here that Summer was first properly introduced to the WWE Universe. The above image shows her merely months after her WWE debut as she poses for a photo shoot as part of the July 4th celebrations looking fantastic as always.

8 Summer’s Debut

via Instagram.com

Contrary to popular belief Summer actually made her debut in wrestling back in 2011, when she headed to FCW after being signed by WWE and this is where she picked up most of her technical ability after beginning at the company with no prior wrestling training. She is pictured above at this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony and we see her looking stunning in a tasteful black dress that surely caught the attention of every man there that night.

7 Ring Announcing?

via instagram.com

Summer made her debut in NXT as a ring announcer before the creative team decided that she had much better talents that could be displayed. The above image shows Summer in a photo shoot that she leaked a few weeks ago, looking great in short yellow dress while posing in a field on a beautiful day.

6 The Slayers

Via celebmafia.com

The above image shows Summer Rae in last year’s Halloween photo shoot where she was a part of the haunted house theme along with many other WWE Divas. Summer here looks like a heroine much like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and was once teamed up with Layla when the duo were known as The Slayers.

Both Layla and Summer were used as Fandango’s dancers after Layla filled in for Summer while she was away filming The Marine. When she returned there was a short feud between the two women before they decided that they would benefit more by teaming together.

5 Valentine’s Day

via instagram.com

WWE’s Divas have become well known for the amount of photo shoots that they take part in over the course of their careers. These are often more special on holidays when WWE decides to spice them up, mostly on Christmas and Halloween. As the image above shows, WWE decided to have their Divas pose for Valentine’s Day inspired photos this year and this is one of Summer Rae’s incredible portraits. It shows her looking stunning while sitting on a chair surrounded by pink balloons that signify that add to the cutesy image this photo is going for.

4 Work Out Regime

Via summer-rae.net

Many members of the WWE Universe have commented on Summer Rae’s incredible physique, even suggesting that she could have one of the best female figures on WWE's current main roster roster, putting her in competition with the likes of Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

Summer has a pretty hectic travelling schedule when she’s on the road with WWE, but she still manages to find time for a work out. This was shown during her short stint on Total Divas. Summer works hard to maintain the way she looks and the fact that she continues to look this way is a testament to how hard she works.

3 Sporty Background

Via celebmafia.com

As already mentioned, Summer has an extensive sporting background, which could be why she looks so natural posing above with a Rugby ball as WWE prepared for the Rugby World Cup. Summer was of course in the LFL, which has now been renamed as the Legends Football League. Here we can see her tapping into that part of her career while posing with a rugby ball, looking athletic and fit.

2 Future Prospects?

Via summer-rae.net

Summer is shown above posing in what looks like her underwear in a wooden cabin, which looks like a great kind of place for a photo shoot. But Summer’s career seems to be all over the place currently. She seems to be going from a run on TV to not being on TV for a while, and back to TV. Summer has the ability now to hopefully be a part of the Women’s Division which would do wonders for her in the future.

1 Showing off Some Skin

Via summer-rae.net

Even though Summer appeared on Total Divas for a short time, she was a part of Team B.A.D. and Blonde at WrestleMania 32 when they fought off the current team of Total Divas. This suggests that WWE are looking at Summer Rae as more of a wrestler now, much like Naomi, Emma and Tamina rather than as an entertainer like many of the current Total Divas' cast. Summer is shown above wearing a black and white costume style outfit that wouldn’t look out of place as part of her ring attire if she decided to spice it up a little.

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