Top 20 Hot Pictures of Torrie Wilson You NEED to See

For nearly ten years,  Torrie Wilson was the quintessential definition of a girl-next-door crush for wrestling fans. She debuted as Samantha, a valet for the nWo, and then moved on to second the likes of Billy Kidman and, the Franchise, Shane Douglas to the ring.

But like most of the WCW stalwarts, once Torrie came into the WWE, the Diva became that much better and the girl-next-door became the centerpiece of the women of the time. The blonde bombshell graced many magazine covers, video shoots, and at times, the lap of the Chairman himself. Whether she was hamming it up with Tajiri, steaming it up with her bestie Stacey Kiebler, or waltzing to the ring with her dog, the fans, along with the camera, simply loved her.

However, the Boise native will be remembered for her sultry angle with Sable and strange soap-opera style feud between herself, her father and Dawn Marie. But for most of her fans, the former Playboy covergirl will be remembered for taking breaths away and melting hearts.

Here are some of the hottest pictures of the All–American Diva to remember her by.

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20 Back to the Nineties

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Torrie reminds us all why the nineties was such a special time - high rise bikinis tantalizing and seducing all who gaze upon them. This look was all the rage in the mid-nineties, although it’s not clear when the picture was taken. That being said, Torrie on the beach in any outfit is generally a winner. She began her career innocently enough when she went to a Nitro taping and Kevin Nash saw something in her. Go figure, fans owe Nash a debt for forcing the WWE to get some Attitude and bringing Torrie Wilson to the mainstream.

19 Sometimes Silly is Hot 

Currently. #DuckOnMyHead #HappyNewYear 2016!!! #LoveMore #FearLess 💜👻

A post shared by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

Sometimes just watching an All-American girl like Torrie be silly with a duck on her head is all you need to start your day...and this list. Most of her Instagram shots are simply put–mouthwatering and showcase a great many of the former Mrs. Kidman’s assets. But part of giving off a girl-next-door persona is showing how fun you can be, as well as how fetching. While it is a strange shot to include on this list, a great many of Torrie’s male fans will be happy knowing she’s sultry, sexy, and can be funny as well.

18 Woman in White

Nothing gets between Torrie and her Calvins. LHGFX Photography takes shots of beautifully fit and physical women like the former Miss Galaxy. Posting the image on her Instagram with the caption, “Nothing starts humpday better than dancing in Calvin Klein whiteys. Don’t take it all too serious!” is just enough to drive the boys wild. Plus, hotties wearing white somehow always show slightly more skin than they might be intending to show.

17 Easy Like Sunday Morning

In another LHGFX shot, Torrie says she’s just relaxing on a Sunday, which apparently means letting it all hang out for the former WCW Diva. Like Diamond Dallas Page used to exclaim, “Good Gawd!” Imagine waking up to this gorgeous creature every day. The slight wrinkle on her stomach isn’t showing her age, just showing that even at 40, the All-American Diva works very hard to look this good and can teach plenty of women who want to get in shape a thing or two along the way.

16 Torrie’s Instagram Should be Required Viewing 

Torrie swears by working out and pictures like this showcase how it benefits every single inch of the blonde bombshell. Her Instagram again proclaims that her image is not a reason to skip a workout. Her body should be an inspiration to men and women everywhere who are trying to get healthy – yes, you can look like Torrie if you work hard enough to. There is certainly something about a lady wearing red; after all it is the color of passion.

15 Torrie in Tri–Fold

via instagram.com

Like one of the comments in this instagram post says – this would make for an awesome poster. It would most likely adorn more the half of the bedrooms of the male population. Sometimes a person is so beautiful, one picture is not enough; you need a three-piece. Like many a great modeling shot, the perfection known as Torrie mixes gracefully with the beautiful skyline to create a visage that is hot and steamy at the same time is cool and refreshing. One things for sure, if you haven’t heard of LHGFX before seeing these pictures, it might just become one of your new favorite sites after seeing them.

14 Bombshell in Her Natural Habitat 

This picture helped the male population of Boise leap about 137 percent. Even during Torrie’s early modeling days, it was obvious she was poised for bigger and better things than her beloved home town. Once she moved to Los Angeles those bigger things would start. She would take some acting classes and try to become Hollywood’s newest starlet. Fate brought her and an ex–boyfriend to a Monday Nitro taping. She caught the eye of Kevin Nash, became a freak for Scott Steiner and the rest is history.

13 Enrolling in School 

via listas.20minutos.es

It's a good thing Torrie doesn't limit herself to the three inches below the knee for her skirt–now there's just more of her to adore in this shot as she saunters to the ring. So many Divas matches over the years have taken place in um...fluids, as well as various costumes. But there is always something to be said for a girl in a School Girl Outfit. That something is the naughtiness and tawdriness behind many male fans thoughts. Somehow, Torrie always managed to keep her outfit wholesome, while still making all the men crazy.

12 Weapons of Mass Seduction

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So there was a moment in time a few years back that Alex Rodriguez and George Clooney might have hung out together simply because the women in their lives made them. Torrie Wilson and Stacey Kiebler are wrestling's original dynamic duo of besties. Starting in WCW around the same time, it was in the WWE that both Torrie and Stacey Keibler became legendary beauties. Despite not having shared the ring a lot, if at all in WCW, the pair came over together as members of the Alliance. Soon enough though, Torrie would start hanging out with Tajiri, which led to a brief feud between the two Divas.

11 Willem Dafoe isn’t the Only Marilyn 

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Almost all blonde bombshells have created their own version of Marilyn Monroe's iconic picture, here's Torrie's. Just like the original centerfold, Torrie, along with many other Divas have graced the pages of Playboy. The All-American Diva first appeared on the cover and in the pages of the men's magazine in 2003 in one of the publications biggest issues ever. One year later, Torrie was embroiled in a storyline with the returning original diva, Sable. The pair's issues would crossover into the pages of Playboy in 2004 in a crowd-pleasing two for one photoshoot.

10 “The Name’s Wilson…Torrie Wilson”

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A smooth twist on pictures of hot girls and cars, here is the classiest of fast cars; the Lamborghini and a dolled up Torrie with no doubt all kinds of places to go. Once Torrie signed with WCW, it was clear that she was primed and destined for superstardom, which she found once she went to the WWE. It's a shame the Fastlane PPV wasn't created when Torrie was still around. Here's your money shot to sell the house out.

9 “Good Morning Devils... Good Morning Vince”

via villains.wikia.com

Shes not bad, she's just booked that way...Torrie, along with Candice Michelle as part of Vince's Devils. At some point, Vince got it in his misogynistic mind that there should be a stable of women named after him. Enter Vince's Devils...now while just on name alone it might have been cool to see the WWE do a full Charlie's Angels ripoff, but instead it was just Victoria, Candice, and Torrie running around. Once the writers realized what most fans already knew–we love Torrie and show little interest in booing her, Torrie left the group - who split soon after.

8 One of the Biggest Parties of the Summer

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Every so often, a superstar showcases off their patriotism. Sting at the 1990 Great American Bash, Brooke Tessmacher in TNA, even The Deadman showed off the original flag with 13 Stars and Bars for the 1993 Survivor Series. But Uncle Sam himself would be happy to tell you Torrie represented better than the rest. Torrie appears on the poster for the 2004 Great American Bash, which is one of the most memorable posters of all time, even spawning a Torrie action figure too. But here, the All-American diva is just posing with Old Glory, and neither have ever looked finer.

7 Past, Present, and Future Fitness Friends 

via fitness-bodybuilding-beauties.blogspot.com

Who knows who girls number one and number three are, but two and four are pre-wrestling Divas Torrie and Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria/Tara. Two thirds of Vince's Devils met as young fitness models. Wilson tried to get her friend a job in WCW, but the two wouldn’t work together until they formed Vince’s Devils, along with Candice Michelle. Nowadays, these two are both in their early forties; both are proving when you take care of your beauty, it will never fade and only gets better with age.

6 Oh Baby Blue... 

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Blue lingerie and the total blonde bombshell, the always inviting and alluring Wilson quickly defected from her original home in WCW and officially became part of the WWE during the Invasion storyline when she began hanging out with the Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri. However as great as Tajiri is in the ring, he wafitness-bodybuilding-beauties.blogspot.coms just as insecure out of it and began making sure Torrie would be covered up in kimonos. A woman as independent and beautiful as Torrie wouldn’t stand for this for long and would eventually leave Tajiri and begin working with her then real life husband, Billy Kidman.

5 Classic Diva Shot 

via listas.20minutos.es

Torrie shows off just enough to tantalize, but not enough to not be considered wholesome – everything a model should aspire to be. Besides the multitude of male (and female fans) she has enthralled with just her looks, Torrie has been married to Billy Kidman and has dated baseball star Alex Rodriguez. But she’s a lot more than just pure dynamite physically. Outside of the ring, Torrie owns her own clothing line, Officially Jaded and has helped with the Wrestlers Rescue Charity, dedicated to helping wrestlers with their healthcare.

4 Tag Team Bombshells

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Sable might be woman enough to tame The Beast Incarnate, but Torrie Wilson is an entirely different creature all together. The original bombshell, Sable, returned to the WWE in 2003 and sided with Vince in his feud with Stephanie. But appearing on the cover and in the pages of Playboy alongside the new model bombshell Torrie briefly made Mrs. Lesnar a face again and the pair of cover girls would team up against Stacy Kiebler and Jackie Gayda in a lingerie match at WrestleMania XX before turning on Wilson and exchanging victories with her at the Great American Bash and on Smackdown. As for the March 2004 issue of Playboy that the vixens teamed up for–it's one of the bestselling issues of all time.

3 New Face, Same Phenomenal Body 

Every other pair of jeans in the world is jealous of the pair that Torrie's wearing in this shot. In another LHGFX photo, Wilson with an even hotter face than she had a few years ago is showing off one her best features, a washboard stomach that all men and women interested in fitness and health yearn to have. Wilson, a former Miss Galaxy, hasn’t been without one since becoming a fitness model. During her years in the ring, Wilson would work out at least 4 days a week, spending at least an hour a day on cardio and a half hour or so lifting weights. Combine that routine with a healthy diet and we all can have a shot at looking this good.

2 Gaze Upon and Despair

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During Torrie's heyday, every Diva had to show a little more skin than just skimpy tights, as they all had to dress down to their skivvies for some shots. The former Mrs. Kidman knew how to wear them better than most, melting many a man's mind in the process. How Vince didn’t take full advantage of her beauty and have men destroy each other in gladiatorial combat matches to win her affections is a topic for another day. Pictures like this one is just one of the many reasons some fans would love to see the WWE return to more attitudinal times.

1 An Open Challenge – Get in the Ring!

via fr.virtualdj.com

Torrie's FHM shoot from 2006 has some of the most sizzling shots seen on the net. This picture simply has the best message of any picture Torrie has ever been in. The wrestling goddess dares any man to step through the ropes with her. This entire photo shoot is as perfect as shots of a beautiful gorgeous wrestling Diva should be. Wearing next to nothing, bound and unbound, clothed and unclothed–many a man’s desires fulfilled all with just a few pages of print.

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