Top 20 Hot Pictures of Wrestling WAGs You NEED To See

WWE wrestlers are global superstars who become known all over the world when they debut for WWE. So it makes sense that when they decide to settle down and be tied to a relationship, that it would be

WWE wrestlers are global superstars who become known all over the world when they debut for WWE. So it makes sense that when they decide to settle down and be tied to a relationship, that it would be with someone who was absolutely stunning. Some wrestlers met their spouse before they were signed to WWE and it is beautiful to see how loyal they are to them. Kevin and Karina Steen are the stand out couple for most of the WWE Universe, given that Kevin is always talking about her on Twitter.

Other wrestlers decide to date inside the business, with the likes of Nikki Bella and John Cena as well as her sister Brie and Daniel Bryan all meeting through WWE and becoming some of this era’s biggest power couples. Whether it is inside the WWE or women that the companies stars have managed to meet through their travels all over the world, some of these women are among the most attractive the WWE Universe have ever seen.

WWE Superstars are on strict diets and training schedules which in turn makes them some of the most athletic and attractive male athletes in the world, so it hardly comes as a surprise that their spouses are also rather athletic and absolutely stunning. As they say, beauty matches beauty.

The following list of the 20 hottest photos of WWE wrestlers WAGS only goes to further proving the fact that WWE’s world of WAGS is among the most beautiful in the world.

20 Sable


The wife of former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Sable is also a former WWE Women’s Champion in her own right and is thought of as one of the first WWE Divas. Sable retired from wrestling in 2007 after her second stint in WWE and after a brief stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Sable has began to settle down and has two sons with the current WWE Superstar, as well as a daughter from a previous marriage. In 2012 she became a grandmother when her daughter Mariah gave birth to a baby girl.

19 Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss is the rumored to be the girlfriend of former NXT Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy and considered to be one of the new generations of female wrestlers that are coming through WWE with the foresight of changing the business completely. Alexa often accompanies both Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake to the ring as their valet, but she is also an accomplished wrestler herself having turned heel in early 2015 and gone on to face Bayley in a fantastic NXT Women’s Championship match later the same year. It is unknown when Alexa will be heading to the main roster, but right now she seems to be taking over NXT.

18 Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson found fame on American Idol before she was chosen to be a part of the film Dreamgirls along with Beyonce, which was a film based on the career of Diana Ross and The Supremes and has since become a well known actress in recent years. Hudson then met WWE Superstar David Otunga and the two later married, Otunga hasn’t been seen in WWE for almost two years when he resurfaced in 2015 and now he rarely wrestles for the company, but has instead taken over from Alex Riley as the host of the Raw pre-show on the WWE Network.

17 Michelle McCool


Michelle McCool was one of the first women to hold both the WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Divas Championship, and was considered to be a stand out wrestler. But she has remained in the public eye since her departure from the company, mostly thanks to her marriage to The Undertaker. Michelle and The Phenom married in 2010 and it was announced in 2012 that the couple were expecting their first child, a daughter that was born later that year. Michelle hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since she left in 2011 and it seems that there are currently no plans for her to make a return.

16 Natalya


The former WWE Divas’s Champion is widely considered to be one of the most gifted technical female wrestlers in WWE history, while also being married to former Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd. Nattie is a regular cast member on the E! Reality show Total Divas and often opens up about her family life and the life of one of the most famous wrestling families of all time, as well as living with her husband who is also on the road as much as her.

15 Naomi


The former Funkadactyl and wife of Slammy Award winning former Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso, Naomi is thought to be the most athletic WWE Diva on the current roster, despite the fact that she has failed to have been a part of the championship picture for the past few months.

Naomi is a talented dancer and singer outside of WWE and as seen in the photo above, she's gorgeous. It seems Jimmy hit the jackpot when he met her and the duo were a big part of the first few seasons of Total Divas.

14 Eden Stiles


A WWE Ring Announcer and occasional member of the broadcast team, Eden Stiles is the wife of WWE Superstar Stardust, formerly known as Cody Rhodes. Eden is actually a trained wrestler and was a part of many feuds with current WWE female talent while in WWE’s training facility FCW. She was instead hired for her ability as a ring announcer and is now announcing on both Raw and pay-per-views.

13 Carmella


Bada-bing, hottest chick in the ring! Carmella is taking NXT by storm since her boyfriend Colin Cassidy made the step up to the main roster without her. It seems she is retaining her place in NXT because they are currently lacking legitimate female talent. The Princess of Staten Island was first known to the WWE Universe as the valet of NXT tag team, Enzo and Cass, but she has since stepped out of their shadow and become a force of her own after she faced her best friend Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship earlier this year, and is considered to be one of the stronger female talents on the current roster.

12 Lana


The Ravishing Russian met her fiancé Rusev when the duo were placed together in NXT. They have since been promoted to the main roster together and despite splitting up on screen. Lana made a big mistake by leaking the news to TMZ when she and Rusev decided to get engaged.

Since then, Lana and Rusev were kept at a distance for a little while and Lana has instead been allowed to become a wrestler in her own right and even made her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 32.

11 Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon is the most powerful woman in WWE, but she is still considered to be a WWE WAG since she married Triple H earlier in her career and is even a former WWE Women’s Champion herself.

Stephanie has been an integral part of WWE and its main storyline of the past few years as she joined up with her husband Triple H and became known as The Authority. On a personal level, Stephanie manages to juggle time on-screen with her duties as a principle owner of WWE and being the mother of her three girls.

10 Galina Becker


Galina Becker is one of the few WWE WAGS that has no link to the wrestling business and hasn’t been a part of WWE herself. Galina and Roman Reigns have been together since his time as a professional football player and the duo have a daughter together. Galina is rarely seen on WWE TV and has only made an appearance with her husband at the last three Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

9 Sarah Backman


Sarah Backman is a former Swedish professional wrestler and former eight time arm wrestling champion. She met her husband, Bo Dallas, when she was signed to WWE’s NXT developmental territory, but she later was granted her release from the company merely months after she signed. Backman is absolutely stunning and many thought that Bo Dallas was punching way above his weight when the duo married in 2014. Sarah has since dropped out of the wrestling business and has instead began a career as an estate broker while Bo has continued to climb the ranks on WWE’s main roster.

8 Renee Young


Renee Young is a current WWE broadcaster and interviewer and has become the face of all of WWE’s pay-per-view pre-shows. Since early 2015, Renee has been in a relationship with former Shield member Dean Ambrose. Renee has come through the ranks with WWE and was signed to the company following a stint with The Score Television Network. She has been handed many promotions and is thought to be one of the best broadcasters WWE has ever had, and she was made a regular cast member of Total Divas in 2016.

7 Brie Bella


The former WWE Divas Champion retired from WWE the night after WrestleMania 32 after she won her match for her team by forcing Naomi to tap to her husband’s Yes Lock. Brie married Daniel Bryan the week after WrestleMania XXX when Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the two have remained a power couple since.

6 Dana Brooke


The newest addition to the main WWE roster is (allegedly) dating former WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler and the duo are thought to be one of the best looking couples in WWE. Dana is a former fitness model and showed off her incredibly toned body and athleticism regularly when she wrestled on NXT. She met Dolph Ziggler while she was wrestling for WWE’s NXT brand and the two hit it off straight away and have been (reportedly) dating ever since. Dana refers to herself as the Total Diva and looking at the above photo, you have to agree that she really is the total package.

5 Emma


Emma has been a part of WWE for many years and was even a part of its main roster for some time before WWE decided to send her back down to NXT to develop a new character, something Emma has done over the past year before she was promoted again earlier this year. Emma has been dating former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder since late 2015 and the duo finally went public with their relationship when they revealed on Twitter that they were spending New Years Eve together. As the above photo shows, Zack is a very lucky man.

4 Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella has been dating 15-time WWE World Champion John Cena since 2012 after Cena went through a messy divorce with his first wife. Before she began dating Cena, Nikki was in a long term relationship with Dolph Ziggler. Nikki is currently out injured after undergoing surgery on her neck and the timetable for her return is still currently up in the air. But fans can still check up on her via her Instagram account if they're curious as to what she's up to these days.

3 Kim Marie Kessler


Kim Marie Kessler is the second wife of former WWE Champion Randy Orton, she is also considered to be one of the most beautiful WWE WAGS. She is another women that makes the list despite having no contact with the wrestling scene other than her relationship with the Legend Killer.

Orton met Kessler after his divorce with his first wife and it seems he was happy to go through marriage again because he believed he had met the right woman. Randy has been out injured for almost a year after sustaining a shoulder injury, which means he has had a lot of time to spend with his beautiful wife.

2 Karina Steen


The wife of Kevin Owens is yet another absolutely stunning woman who has no background in the wrestling business. The duo have two kids and Owens is often updating about them and sharing his love for his family with the WWE Universe, which is a stark contrast to the stories that used to come out of WWE about couples rarely surviving WWE hectic travelling schedule. However, if you married someone that looked like Karina, you would do everything in your power to ensure you returned to her.

1 Maryse


Former WWE Divas Champion and wife of current Intercontinental Champion The Miz, Maryse returned to WWE recently and seems to have easily picked up where she left off.

Maryse was introduced to the WWE Universe through the WWE Diva Search and because she had very little wrestling experience, she was sent to learn the craft at OVW. She returned to WWE a few months later and was easily one of the best wrestlers in a bad crop of talent. She met and married The Miz during her time in WWE. Looking at the above photo makes you wonder, what took Miz so long?

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Top 20 Hot Pictures of Wrestling WAGs You NEED To See