Top 20 Hottest Beach Bound Divas We Can't Wait to See This Summer

When it comes to making it in the WWE, there is no doubt that you need to be in impeccable shape. This is especially true if you are trying to make it in the Women's division, where if you don't look the part, you aren't going to get very far in the industry.

As if it wasn't evident when they entered the ring, there is no room for doubt when you see these women stepping out onto the beach. Don't believe me? You will by the end of this list that contains 20 sexy photos from females who are confident about strutting their stuff. Who's your favorite of all time? There's a good chance we've got them below. Included is a mix of not only all time greats, like Trish Stratus and Stacy Kiebler, but also some of the new-school like Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella. No matter who your favorite is, by the end of the list you may agree that your favorite 'season' is swimsuit season.

You may also be thanking your lucky stars that some of these women are still active in the WWE and, as a result, you can imagine they're going to be supplying their Instagram with beach photos all summer long. If you're at home and still deciding on if you want to go to the gym and get a six pack...or going to the fridge and getting a six pack, maybe seeing these lovely ladies on the beach will be motivation to get your beach bod on!

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20 Kelly Kelly

I came, I saw, I'm conquering 👊

A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

It was clear when you saw Kelly Kelly in the ring, that she had a background in gymnastics and cheerleading. It was also clear, given that she had a segment called 'Kelly's Expose,' that the WWE was well aware of what her main 'draw' was. Kelly's talent levels grew as a wrestler as she put the work in, but she failed to have any significant impact on the Women's division (though she is a former champion). In 2011, she was the cover model for the magazine Maxim and placed #82 on their Top 100 list. Despite that success, she was released from the company in 2012. At least she was able to have some memorable experiences and gain experience as a model before Vince gave her the boot.

19 Eva Marie

Via postingimg.com

Is it really any shock that Eva Marie used to model before her time in the WWE? Given that some of her modelling was for fitness products, you can imagine she has also always been in amazing shape. Eva trains hard at the WWE Performance Center and while she is far from the most talented woman on the roster, at least you know she's put in the effort. Eva is all about social media, so you can imagine there are going to be beach photos of her being posted all summer long. You can also imagine she'll be accompanied by some other members of the Total Divas show, which means that all eyes are sure to be on them. Though I am not too sure how practical it would be to have those heels on by the pool.

18 Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle made a name for herself as a model before she decided to enter the WWE Diva Search in 2004. While she did not win the competition, she still made a strong enough impact on the company. Her modelling experience came in handy as she was eventually asked to pose nude for Playboy. The WWE encorporated the Playboy photoshoot into a storyline and while it was not the most entertaining, it was arguably the peak of Candice's career in the WWE. While she looks great in the issue, one look above and it is clear that Candice is also a stunner in a bathing suit. While she has not been with the company since 2009, something tells me she would still be able to draw a crowd on the beach.

17 Eden Stiles

Via blacksportsonline.com

Eden Stiles has recently parted ways with WWE and spent most of her time with the company serving as a ring announcer; though on the beach, nobody would need to announce her presence. She is married to Cody Rhodes who has recently left the company as well, maybe they'll head to a beach to make him feel better?

As well as her time in the WWE, Eden spent years of her life being a competitive figure skater. I suppose that helps explain how she has always been in fantastic shape!.

16 Kaitlyn

While you probably don't want to tussle with any of these women, Kaitlyn may be the most intimidating of them all. Prior to being in the WWE, Kaitlyn was a body fitness model and won the 'National Physique Committee (NPC) John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship.' Kaitlyn stepped away from the business in 2014 stating she wanted to focus on her marriage and her clothing line. Talk about having a lucky husband being able to have a wife that is able to step away from her demanding career, to focus on her family and what is truly important. Not to mention a career based around a clothing line is probably a lot easier on the body. Let's also hope that the fact that she isn't wrestling means she gets to spend even more time on the beach.

15 Sasha Banks

Via thecoli.com

The WWE Women's Division is continuing to get stronger and gain more respect, and that is definitely due in part to Sasha Banks. She helped blow people away with her fantastic Triple Threat match at WrestleMania, and as you can see above, she would be sure to blow you away at the beach as well. While she has yet to be given a shot with the title, you can imagine she is continuing to impress the right people backstage with her work ethic. Don't be surprised to be seeing a lot more of Sasha in the near future, you may just be hoping where you see her is the beach.

14 Summer Rae

via allwrestlingnews.com

Before Summer was signed by the WWE, she spent some time playing in the Legend's Football League, so you better believe she knew how to tackle. While she's had several different on-screen roles during her time at the WWE, you may just be hoping her next 'role' is a swimsuit model. As clearly evident by her Instagram, Summer is ecstatic about the prospect of summer coming and I am sure her fans are too. While she probably does not have a title reign coming her way anytime soon, that doesn't mean she won't have an incredibly fun summer ahead of her.

13 Mickie James

Mickie James has bounced around a few different wrestling companies, but let's just hope she keeps bouncing around to different beaches. Mickie held nine different championships in between her time on TNA and WWE. As well as this she's spent some time trying to make it as a musical artist, releasing two albums.While that's not exactly the most conventional career choice for a post wrestler, more power to her. Plus, as you'll read below, she is not the last former Diva to try and take up a music career.

No matter how her music does, at the very least in the above photo she looks like she may be feeling like she is on top of the world. In the past Mickie had a storyline where she was a stalker of Trish, but something tells me she has had to fend off more than her fair share of creepy guys in her past.

12 Stacy Keibler

#tbt to such a fun @NaturalHealthMag photo shoot! Still on stands until Feb!

A post shared by Stacy Keibler (@stacykeibler) on

When you look at how beautiful Stacy Keibler is, it should not come as any surprise that she has had success in various ventures outside of the ring. On top of placing third in Dancing with the Stars, Keibler has appeared in a variety of television shows as well as various modelling gigs. Keibler was known for her long legs in the ring, and you can imagine they get plenty of exposure when Stacy is out on the beach. Stacy has had a high-profile relationship in the past with George Clooney, who you can imagine could afford to take her to all kinds of exotic beaches and locations. Alas, the relationship was not meant to be and Stacy has been married to Jared Pobre since 2014.  Let's hope they are also planning some family trips to the beach soon. Though she just gave birth, we have no doubt that she'll still look great on the beach.

11 AJ Lee

Via pinterest.com

The fact that AJ Lee is a former Diva is really too bad. She was great in the ring, charismatic on the mic, and beautiful to look at. As the above photo shows, AJ Lee was adamant about letting her own style be displayed. Only she would have her converses and wristband on display during a bikini photoshoot! Lee left the company alongside her husband CM Punk in one of the most high-profile moments in the company's history. While she is not going to be making a return to the WWE anytime soon, at least not without some awkward conversations at home with the husband, we can only hope that she and her husband will continue to use social media to try and stay engaged with their fanbase that is not soon to forget them.

10 Michelle McCool

Hair looks like tree roots. That is all...

A post shared by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

You have got to be one powerful woman to be able to tame a beast like The Undertaker. The two have been married since 2010 but unfortunately 'Taker does not exactly seem like the type of guy that loves the beach. McCool has since left WWE but if you take a look at her Instagram, she states that now she thinks she has the best job in the entire world, being a mommy to her daughter, Kaia, who is featured all over her social media. While this means Michelle is probably not stepping back into the ring again anytime soon, at least there she still posts photos like this to remind you that she looks terrific on the beach.

9 Lena Yada

Via wwediva.com

It is clear that Lena Yada is absolutely gorgeous. Given that she is also a professional tandem surfer, you can imagine she is also incredibly confident out on the beach in a bikini. Lena had some time as a backstage interviewer and Valet for the ECW brand, but only lasted one week in the company after making her in-ring debut. Despite her bad turn of luck, Lena was not deterred and spent a bit of time on the independent circuit. Unfortunately for her, she did not have any more memorable moments in wrestling.

8 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus may have been out of action for years now, but she is still quickly named by many when thinking of who their favorite Diva is. Trish continued to grow in the ring throughout her career, making sure both the fans and her opponents were Stratisfied. While she has come back to the ring in the past sporting some brunette hair, I think everyone can agree that Blonde is definitely the most iconic hair color choice for this bombshell. Though you'd still turn your head if you noticed Trish at the beach, regardless of her hair color.

7 Lita

Lita is no stranger to controversy, but thankfully for you, she's also no stranger to swimsuits, even to this day. It's easy to see how she would be able to seduce both Matt Hardy and Edge, but that doesn't exactly make it the nicest thing for her to have done. Lita left the company in 2006 and ended up forming a punk rock band. While she isn't going to collaborate with Mickie James anytime soon, at least it's interesting to see Divas who are also musically inclined. She's since returned to the company in a backstage role and continues to look drop dead gorgeous in a bikini.

6 Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes may be better known for her role on Total Divas than in the ring, but that thankfully just gives her plenty of time to look fabulous in outfits. As you can guess with the theme of this list, this also includes some days to the beach. Hailing from Vancouver, Rosa grew up near beaches and despite being 36, is still one of the most beautiful woman in wrestling. As you can see from the picture above, Rosa continues to look better with each passing day.

5 Brie Bella

Good Morning!!! Enjoy the Sunshine ☀️

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Brie Bella has definitely had some highlights while in the ring, including a stint as Divas Champion. One look at her and it's clear she also has some features that get highlighted when out on the beach. Though if you are following her career, you'll know she's stepped away from wrestling in order to try and start a family with Daniel Bryan. Given that Daniel has also had to step away from the ring due to injury, you can imagine it made the decision all the easier for Brie. Let's just hope that before she starts having her family, that if she is going to be stepping away from the ring, she'll be stepping onto the beach.

4 Emma

via ink361.com

If you are going to try and make it as a professional wrestler, it can be a lonely time away from your loved ones. That may be why you see Divas hooking up with Superstars so often, as is the case with Emma and Zack Ryder. Yes, Zack landed this beauty! Emma has bounced between the main roster and NXT, but her dedication to the sport is commendable. Unfortunately for fans, it was announced in May that Emma requires surgery after suffering a back injury during a live event. A sad reminder of how hard wrestlers work and how often they put their body on the line. Looks like she may be sitting this beach season out.

3 Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson is one of the most recognizable Divas of all time. While she was originally hired for her good looks, there is still something that can be said for having time in both WCW and on WWE. Torrie's beauty also became evident when like Candice, Playboy asked her to pose for the magazine. Hugh was clearly happy with the look, because he asked her to appear a second time as well. Wilson has also had a high-profile relationship in the past with Alex Rodriguez which involved several trips to the beach, allowing for many paparazzi's to get their hands on photos that showed this former WWE Diva is still very much 'in-ring' shape.

2 Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis may not have been able to stay in the WWE for as long as people had hoped, but there is no doubt that she is one of the most beautiful former Divas. On top of being a backstage interviewer and occasional wrestler, Maria posed for Playboy back in 2008. While she may be wearing more clothes on the beach, I am sure she is still attractive enough to make it clear why she got offered the chance to pose for the magazine. If you want some brownie points, you may be able to talk to her about her musical album which came out in 2010 and featured four songs. Sadly, it did not do well and her musical career never took off.

1 Nikki Bella

Love Sunday's & freckles. #sundayfunday

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

At the moment, Nikki Bella is away from the WWE to rehab a serious injury, but that doesn't mean she won't look amazing when she heads to the beach. I am sure fans would have no issue if her, her sister, and their Superstar boyfriends all decided to go out for a beach vacation this summer. At least provided the pictures made their way to Instagram.

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