Top 20 Hottest Booties In TNA History

TNA Wrestling has become somewhat lackluster lately. Outside of ECIII, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, The Wolves and Trevor Lee, there really isn't much to get excited about. That wasn't always the case though. There was a time when TNA was a serious threat to the WWE and showcased some of what has become the greatest talent in the world. AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, The Motor City Machine Guns, The Young Bucks, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Xavier Woods all got national exposure for the company. However, because of some bad booking, bad financial decisions and overall miss management, TNA never lived up to the potential that the Jarrett family showed us, and we never got a serious competitor to the WWE.

One place that TNA has always been far superior to the WWE is their Knockout division. From the start of the company they were able to find unbelievably talented and beautiful women. They had no problem giving the women ample time to work in the ring and fun engaging story lines outside of the ring. Throughout time TNA has developed some of the best female wrestlers since Trish Stratus and Lita retired. They can wrestle, they can act, they are beautiful and some of them like to show off their assets. Whether it's during their entrance or in the ring, we have all been enthralled with what we have seen.

Lets take a look at the top 20 hottest booties in TNA history.

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40 Maria Kanellis

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She is married to "Miracle" Mike Bennett and is one of the main reasons to watch him. After placing fifth in the 2004 WWE Diva Search competition, Maria was brought in to the WWE in 2006. She debuted as a face and was believable in it due to her wholesome look. However she then transitioned to a comedy character and that didn't work so well. Playing the heel in TNA she has really hit her stride. Her work along side her husband and as a foe for Gail Kim has been top notch and special thing to see. She also had stints in both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as a few other independent promotions. To make things even better she has posed nude for Playboy too. These pictures are a little harder to find because the WWE went to the PG era shortly after she posed. However, when you do find them it is well worth the time searching.


38 Lacey Von Erich

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Lacey Dawn Adkisson is the daughter of the legendary "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich and the granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich. She signed a developmental deal with the WWE and made a few appearances with FCW.  Lacey spent a couple years bouncing around independent promotions before finally landing with TNA in October of 2009. She immediately aligned herself with a variation of the greatest female faction in the history of wrestling, The Beautiful People. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne took her under their wing and she became the groups enforcer. Even though her time was short, she spent just over a year with TNA, it was certainly memorable as Lacey held the Knockouts Tag Team Championship on time under Freebird Rules with the Beautiful People. Lacey was involved with two variations of the Beautiful People. the First as a heel along side Velvet and Madison The second time as a face when she was saved by Velvet and Angelina Love from an attack at the hands of Madison.


36 Mickie James

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Her real name is Mickie Laree James-Aldis. She is married to former TNA World Champion Magnus (Nick Aldis) and she is also an actress, model, and country singer. Mickie had a couple runs in TNA broken up by a very good run in the WWE. In TNA's early years she was known as Alexis Laree and was the first member of Raven's group "The Gathering". When she returned to TNA in 2010 she was an established star and it showed. She was a three time Knockouts champion and involved n some of the better female angels of the first part of this decade. Mickie has also released two studio albums and is currently signed to Jeff Jarrett's new promotion, Global Force Wrestling. If that wasn't enough she gave us a very fun "not safe for work" photo display when she appeared in the buff for various magazines.


34 Lauren Brooke

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Lauren was brought in to TNA as a backstage interviewer and instantly became a fan favorite. This popularity led her to getting involved in various angles most notably with "The Beautiful People". Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love would spend entire interviews taunting her. Shortly after her run in with them she became the apple of Abyss's eye who, due to his story line unstable personality, thought she was his girlfriend. Lauren became active in his feud with Matt Morgan. and eventually she found herself in an angle with Taylor Wilde who was her on screen best friend and sorority sister. Her time in TNA was very brief but she showed she had what it took to make the guys drool. She is currently working for the Golf Channel as and interviewer and co-host of the "Morning Drive" which is their daily morning show that reviews the world of golf.


32 Traci Brooks

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She was the single most identifiable woman with TNA having worked there since 2003. She debuted wearing one of the sexiest school girl outfit we have ever seen and was able to pull of pigtails with a referee shirt better than anyone else ever did. Traci was one of a kind in TNA and had many jaw dropping moments throughout the years she was employed by the company. Her feud with Payton Banks was one of the top women's feuds of all time and her work as the boss of the knockouts division also led to some really good television and story lines. Then just to top things off we got a Playboy photo shoot added to her credits in 2009. The photo spread was never printed in a paper issue of Playboy Magazine but did appear on their web site. She married Frankie Kazarian in 2010 and much like the rest of the TNA talent she was ultimately let go by the company for financial reasons.


30 Winter

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Katrina Waters could quite possibly be the most underrated female wrestler of all time. She was a standout wrestler in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Then as Katie Lea Burchill in the WWE she got off to a rough start. She really suffered from the incest angle between her and her on screen brother Paul. However coming to TNA did breathe some fresh air into her career. She became an on screen stalker of Angelina Love that could only be seen by Angelina. Now known as Winter she would appear out of nowhere during backstage segments when Love was all alone. After a supernatural type beginning to her TNA career, Winter would soon make herself known to all the Knockouts when she appeared to save Angelina during a backstage brawl. Less than three months later she was a tag team champion. During her time in TNA, Winter became a two time Knockout's Champion and a Tag Team Champion with Angelina Love.


28 Jackie Gayda

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When the reality show craze first started in the early 2000's WWE was all in with the show Tough Enough. As the co-winner of season two, Jackie came in with a lot of hype. She was stunningly beautiful with a lot of raw potential but she needed a lot of seasoning. The problem with the show was that everyone expected these winners to contribute right away when they didn't have the skill set yet to do so. Jackie lasted a few years on the roster and met her now husband Charlie Haas while employed with the WWE. When her time ended  she made her way over to TNA and was involved in a very confusing story line with Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim. After winning the knockout of the year award for 2005 she began managing the stable Planet Jarrett. Soon after it was announced that she was pregnant with her first child she was released from her contract and has been a focusing on being a mom.


26 Kristal Marshall

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She did not have a long run at all with TNA but it was certainly a memorable one. In a rehash of the Jake Roberts versus Rick Rude feud of the late 80s, Scott Steiner started harassing Kristal who was in the audience to watch her story line husband Bobby Lashley. After finally getting into the ring to show off what she could do, the TNA landscape was turned on it's head. The Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff experiment happened and Bobby tried to turn heel by asking for his immediate release along with his "wife".  What started off as a story turned real in a hurry when Lashley subsequently asked for his release in real life so he could pursue an MMA career. Unfortunately for the fans that meant that Kristal's time in TNA was over as well. Her stay was just over three months but she was hot enough to appear on this list.


24 SoCal Val

As far as ring announcers go, Val is easily the hottest. However in the land of TNA it didn't take long for her to transition from ring girl to ring announcer to valet when she started showing interest in Jay Lethal. It was a  during her heel turn where Val really showed her potential. The story went that she and Jay Lethal were going to get married when Jay's friend Sonjay Dutt turned on him by attacking Jay during the wedding. At the following pay-per-view, No Surrender,  Val turned on Jay and took on the role of a gold digger who was with Dutt due to his father having lots of money. Unfortunately this story line never really amounted to much when Dutt was released from his TNA contract shortly after Val's heel turn. She was then sent back to being a ring girl and TNA wasted a ton of potential and one of the nicest booties they had in the company soon would be gone as well.


22 Rebel

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Much like the majority of this list there has been some odd booking with Rebel to say the least. She is currently out on maternity leave so here's to hoping TNA gets it right when she gets back. When she first appeared it was as a carnie in the Menagerie. She was okay in the role but entirely to hot to be playing the part she did. Then after a heel turn she joined the Dollhouse which she was better suited for and really excelled in the role. Unfortunately very few factions (except the four horsemen) have any real staying power so it wasn't long before Jade, Rebel, Taryn Terell and Marti Bell went their separate ways. A slightly underwhelming singles career followed the Dollhouse break up before Rebel took some time off. Here's to hoping that she returns to her villainous ways when she returns.


20 Gail Kim

Widely considered the best female wrestler in the world, Gail was significantly under appreciated in the WWE. She was given the Divas title in her first match with the WWE but only lasted a couple of years with the company before leaving for TNA. She became the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion and has held the belt five times while also being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame this year. When she first battled with Awesome Kong for the Knockout championship it is not only some of the best matches in TNA history, or female wrestling history but in wrestling history as a whole. She makes a great face playing the underdog and has excelled in that role for years. TNA doesn't get a lot right but they definitely did with how they have used Gail Kim. And she is a stunningly beautiful woman on top of it. She is definitely one person the WWE significantly missed the boat on.


18 Payton Banks

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Her real name is Bonnie Maxon but she became famous on the independent scene as Rain. After having a very successful four years with Shimmer she showed up on TNA as a planted fan with a sign that said "president of Robert Rhoode fan club". After a few weeks of this she ended up becoming involved with Rhoode's valet Ms. Brooks. As most wrestling story lines go this led to her becoming Rhoode's new valet and was renamed Payton Banks. She didn't last long with TNA, in fact it was just under a year, but in that time she showed us how great of an athlete she really was. Rain is something of a cult hero on the independent scene and she is a beautiful woman that looked really good dressed up and even better in her ring gear. But she never looked better than the year she was involved a feud with the woman who appears next on this list.



15 Salinas

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A quick google search for Shelly Martinez will give you an eye full of this little hottie. Having posed nude on many occasions, Shelly has definitely given the fans everything they have wanted. Her wrestling work is well known in the United States and Mexico. Getting her start in southern California independent promotions she was soon discovered and offered a contract to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Not long after she was called up to the main roster to work in WWE's version of ECW. Alongside Kevin Thorn, as Ariel, they tried to revitalize the vampire gimmick to no eval. Didn't take long for the WWE to send her packing. Her next stop would be to TNA where she would adapt to her heritage and align with the Latin American Xchange calling herself Salinas. She only lasted about a year but was one of the more beautiful women to ever appear in the company.


13 Brooke Tessmacher

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Debuting with TNA as Eric Bishoff's assistant Ms. Tessmacher. Brooke immediately caught our eyes. If the name Ms. Tessmacher rings a bell it's because the name came from the original Christopher Reeves Superman movies. Ms. Tessmacher was Lex Luthors assistant so it's only natural that Brooke would be the assistant of the evil boss Eric Bishoff. She didn't spend long in that role before Bishoff putt her in charge of the Knockouts division. That position wasn't sustained for long either and she eventually found herself as an in ring competitor. Although she started out very rough around the edges Brooke eventually turned herself into quite the wrestler. She turned her in ring career into three Knockout championship reigns and one Knockouts tag team championship reign with Tara. Unfortunately for Brooke she got caught up in what could be considered the worst wrestling angle of all time, "Aces and Eights". Portraying Bully Ray's girlfriend which did nothing for her career and she is currently out of TNA.


11 Christy Hemme

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Christy started out as a host of Impact before her feelings of equal rights got the better of her. She interrupted B.G. James and Kip James who were known then as the Voodoo Kin Mafia. Interrupting the hugely popular former New Age Outlaws garnered her very little fan support and led to a heel turn. She spent the next few months feuding with VKM by bringing in multiple tag teams to face them before finally settling on the Rock 'n Rave infection. Thankfully this feud ended and Christy was sent off to start a singles career. While Christy never really belonged in the ring on a stage as bright as TNA, she really did improve as time went on. She was a model before her wrestling days having competed in the 2004 Lingerie Bowl and also appearing in Playboy. Christy is one of the more beautiful women to ever compete in a wrestling ring so she makes this list even if her wrestling ability never quite made it to the main stage level.


9 Angelina Love

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Angelina gets bonus points for being a co-founder of the greatest woman's faction in the history of professional wrestling (the other co-founder to come). The Beautiful People ran roughshod over TNA and the knockouts division for years and Angelina was at the forefront of the group. One of the most memorable moments in TNA history is the Beautiful People's first heel turn. At the 2008 Sacrifice event the women competed in a "Make Over Battle Royal" where the final two participants competed in a Shears on a Pole Ladder match. Gail Kim and Roxxi were the final two but since Kim had won immunity from having her head shaved the final person eliminated from the battle royal would replace her. Love, being that person, interfered in the match while turning heel on Roxxi and kicking off the Beautiful People gimmick. She is a six time knockouts champion and one of the best looking women on the roster. Whether she is playing heel or face she gives her character that little something extra to make us love her.


7 Taylor Wilde

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Taylor had a couple of really memorable moments in TNA. However the most memorable has to be the $25,000 Awesome Kong Challenge. Kong came into TNA as a wrecking ball, destroying everyone n her path. She issued a challenge to anyone who could beat her and after a couple of weeks of challenges by "fans", Taylor was finally selected to gave it a shot. She came the closest out of anyone to defeating Kong and was able to work her way into a $25,000 challenge rematch with the title on the line. After defeating Kong and winning the Knockouts championship, Taylor went on to a successful defense and then a feud with the Beautiful People. This feud followed her through out her TNA career as she remained a fan favorite and feuded with the villainous Beautiful People on and off until she left wrestling in 2011. She also was the inaugural Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Sarita, making her the first woman in TNA history to hold both the Knockouts tag team and Knockouts championship.


5 Taryn Terrell

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As Tiffany in WWE's version of ECW her talent was severely wasted. When she appeared in TNA as a referee we thought they would make the same mistake. Luckily for us TNA got it right with Taryn and she blossomed into one of the best female wrestlers in the world. She would go on to a feud with Gail Kim over some bad calls that were made as the referee. This feud would last until Taryn had to take time off for her real life pregnancy. After returning to TNA and joining forces with a newly turned baby face Gail Kim her attention switched to a feud with non other than "the Beautiful People". Shortly after this feud Taryn would win the Knockouts Championship and hold it for a record 279 days. During this title reign we got to see just how talented she really was after a heel turn to become the leader of the Dollhouse.


3 Madison Rayne

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She may be one of the hottest female wrestlers to ever compete in TNA. That being said she has had as many heel to face then back to heel turns as the Big Show. One week she is feuding with the Beautiful People then she is part of the Beautiful People. Then the Beautiful People turn face and she is feuding with them again. Then she turns face and is part of the beautiful People again. It honestly gets exhausting keeping track. However it is never exhausting watching her wrestle. She was involved in some of the best story lines in TNA during their highest point and while she was either friend or foe with Angelina Love she was always fun to watch. Her hottest moment, however, was her outfit at Victory Road in 2010 which made us all do a double take as she walked out in flesh colored wrestling gear.


1 Velvet Sky

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The other co founder of the beautiful people and the fourth and final entrant from that amazing faction. Velvet may be the hottest member of the greatest woman's faction in wrestling history and she is a two time Knockouts champion as well. She also held the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich under Freebird rules. She has feuded with the top female stars in TNA and spent a little time as valet of her then real life boyfriend Chris Sabin. As with most relationships (real and fake) in wrestling this one ended with Velvet dumping Sabin. Velvet has been back and forth in the company since her debut in 2007 but one thing has remained she is much watch TV. Currently she is the real life girlfriend of WWE's Bubba Ray Dudley so here's to hoping, that even though her time in TNA is seemingly done, we may still see her on our televisions again soon.

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