Top 20 Hottest Female Wrestler Selfies

It is likely abundantly clear to anyone who watches wrestling that the powers that be in charge of handing out jobs in the industry are inclined to hire women who are good looking. Sure, a great deal of that perception may come from the land that McMahon built but even companies like TNA seem to be predisposed to following suit. So, we decided to put together a list of some of the hottest selfies women in the wrestling industry have taken of themselves.

While putting together our list, the principal rule was that the focus of the photo must have made a name for herself in the wrestling industry. It should also go without saying that the photo needs to have been taken by the subject whether they used a timer, selfie stick, mirror, or just an outstretched arm. We chose not to limit ourselves to women who are known for in-ring grappling, instead leaving the door open to women like Renee Young, who work in the business but not inside the ropes. Finally, women who are no longer active but spent years in the industry also qualified for consideration. With that aside let’s take a look at some pretty ladies.

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20 Noelle Foley

via imgur.com

A prime example that this list is open to all on-air wrestling personalities, Noelle is employed by the WWE as the star of a “reality” show with her father, Mick. Holy Foley will focus on this unique father-daughter pair that seem to really care about one another as they live their lives. Shown critiquing her father’s rather unorthodox fashion sense in advertisements for the WWE network show, it seems like the hook will be seeing this odd couple style duo interact. Hopefully, the series will focus a great deal on her interest in training to become a wrestler herself as she revealed that her father is helping learn the basics of the business when they appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast.

Seen here in a bathroom, one of the traditional locations selfies seem to be taken, Noelle is wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of Batman panties. A beautiful young woman, she knows what she is doing as she pulls her top up just enough to give viewers a hint of underboob.

19 Santana Garrett

via twitter.com

First coming to the attention of many mainstream fans during her time in TNA, she had a very short run at the side of Orlando Jordan before creating a name for herself as Brittany years later. Taking her character in several directions, including a cookie cutter face persona that was replaced by a highly entertaining mentally unhinged one, her run, unfortunately, came to an unceremonious end.

First making a name for herself on the indy circuit way back in 2009, Santana has recently been paid by the WWE for several appearances on their NXT brand. Immensely talented, it appears she hasn’t received a WWE contract yet but we really hope that changes soon, especially in light of the extra demand for talent the brand extension poses. Seen her shooting her body from a perfect, cleavage barring angle, her gorgeous face, infectious smile, and incredible body are on full display. We may only see a hint of midriff but it is still a great view.

18 Sasha Banks

via imgur.com

Arguably the most beloved female in the entire company today, with Bayley serving as her main competition, Sasha has regularly had her name chanted when she is nowhere to be seen. First introduced in NXT, where she and her peers helped to create the spark that thankfully sent a term like diva into the history books, her young career has been impressive. Taking part in the very first Iron Woman match in WWE history, against Bayley, the match wasn’t just groundbreaking but it was also one of the best efforts in years, no matter the gender of the participants. A former NXT Women’s Champion, it seems like it is only a matter of time before she grabs the gold on the main roster, especially now that her long-time friend and foe, Charlotte, is champ.

Seen here adorned in a bikini, this shot provides a rare shot at her cleavage but the highlight for us has to be the look we’re getting at her midriff and thighs. Bottoms that don’t exactly sit high on her thighs, it seems impossible to not take a gander at how low on her belly it goes and take great enjoyment in that.

17 Maryse

via Tumblr.com

Best known today as the wife of The Miz, recent fans may be unaware of the fact that her history in the business and The WWE goes back several years. Failing to win one of the seasons of the Divas Search, it seems as though the higher-ups in the company would have been blind to not see that her ego and French accent was tailor made to be a wrestling heel. Thus, she received a contract and very quickly began to make appearances on the main roster where her persona and a rather sexy style of pinning her opponents made her a star and champion. After a long hiatus she has recently returned and begun to serve as her husband’s valet but it is hard to imagine she won’t break out on her own if she desires it.

An obviously exquisite beauty, she can be seen here wearing a fringed bikini that gives a great view of what she is working with. Blessed with a rather bountiful chest, the fringe certainly ensures that our eyes can’t escape looking at them, not that we’re trying. Finally, her choice of stance and the way she angles the camera provided her lens with a great glance at her thighs and the side of her rear.

16 Kaitlyn

via imgur.com

A wrestler who seemed to be a natural at the business Kaitlyn’s run in the company was surprisingly short. Competing in and winning the third season of NXT, when the show was a competition despite almost missing out on the show entirely, she went on to create a team with her onscreen and real-life friend AJ Lee. Eventually defeating Eve Torres for the Divas Championship, she would have a healthy four month run with the title before dropping the belt and taking part in a series of feuds with women like Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Ultimately requesting and receiving her release, seemingly out of nowhere, she has walked away from the business and seems to be happy with it.

After her self-imposed retirement, she has transitioned into being an entrepreneur and fitness model. Consistently featuring shots of her muscular body on her social media in outfits that leave little to the imagination, this shot is a great example of the type of pics she dabbles in these days. Revealing a huge amount of sideboob as her boob seems to be barely able to be contained, she knows what we want to see.

15 Natalya

via Twitter.com

A member of the legendary Hart wrestling family, Natalya was born into the business and judging by how fantastic of a grappler she has become, it is a perfect fit. A one-time Divas Champion during her tenure with the company, she mostly has served as the elder statesman of the company and a manager of tag teams that include her husband, Tyson Kidd.

Recently adding a more sexy tone to her image, as best evidenced by her form fitting and flesh revealing ring gear, her edgier look has made her an even more sought after member of the roster (even though her skills should have been enough). Seen here in what appears to be workout gear, her cleavage and midriff stand out but it is the intimate feel of the shot that adds a lot more sex appeal. Seemingly taken in a hotel room, the clearly slept in bed behind her gives the impression that in this photo we’re getting to peer into her private world. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

14 Renee Young

via instagram.com

A former Sportscaster, Renee likely came to the WWE’s attention when she, Mauro Ranallo, and former WWE employee Kyle Edwards hosted Aftermath, a wrestling discussion show. Brought into the company to serve as a host, interviewer, and jack of all trades, she provided exceptional commentary on NXT for a while and will hopefully get that opportunity again soon. Best known now as the host of preshows for much of WWE’s biggest shows, including pay-per-views, RAW, and Smackdown, she also hosts Unfiltered, an underrated interview series on the WWE Network.

In a shot that appears to have been taken backstage at a WWE show, this photo is made special and was chosen for inclusion here because of her elegant and dazzling looks. The majority of the shots that made the cut here feature an abundance of flesh or views that we don’t get to regularly see. Here, the only thing Renee needed to stand out was her face and a touch of class which seems to come naturally to her.

13 Jojo Offerman

via dailywrestlingnews.com

We might as well keep the trend of featuring talent that are principally known for their voices on this list going and Jojo would belong on any list looking at sexy women. Brought into the company as a part of the first season of Total Divas, she and her partner in crime, Eva Marie, were thrust into the spotlight despite having exactly zero experience in the industry. Meant to show what it is like for rookies breaking into the business, it quickly became clear to viewers that the over the top histrionics that make up “reality” TV were not a good fit for this woman. Transitioning into ring announcing, she seems perfectly poised to be a WWE mainstay for years to come.

Dressed in a tight yellow dress that is classy enough to attend a gala but tight enough to send tongues wagging it is her natural assets that are so alluring. Blessed with a large rear which this photo shows off without focusing on, it makes the shot sexy and sophisticated.

12 Kelly Kelly

via instagram.com

Introduced to the wrestling audience as a member of WWE’s version of ECW, where she was the star of her own segment, Kelly’s Expose, she would tease the crowd by beginning to strip weekly. Somehow turning that start into a multiyear run with the company that saw her become an in-ring worker, fans enjoyed her body but necessarily her body of work. A former Divas Champion and Slammy Award winner, she was briefly positioned as the face of the Divas division to the shock of many long-time fans.

The personification of an era in which the WWE were more interested in hiring models and teaching them how to wrestle, the fact that she is a relic of a bygone era doesn’t mean she isn’t young and hot. Seen here in a bikini and a pair of short shorts, her hair may be fancy but it is her banging bod that many of her fans are paying attention to. Extremely fit, her long legs, ample chest and tight belly are all striking.

11 Becky Lynch

via imgur.com

A woman who oozes personality from her every pore, Becky is the type of performer that you can’t help but root for at every turn. Trained in part by the man known as Finn Bálor, there is no questioning her wrestling pedigree and skills. Signed by the WWE in 2013, after runs in promotions like Shimmer and SuperGirls Wrestling, she went through a number of failed personas before hitting on the character that has made her a star today. Brought up to the main roster to serve as the backbone of the soon to be relaunched Women’s division, she has quickly eclipsed many of her coworkers due to her ability to draw out fan’s empathy.

Seen here in what appears to be workout gear, the snarky look on her face is the perfect example of the star quality she exudes at every turn. Of course, the fact that the angle gives a great glimpse of her cleavage while we also steal a look at her belly adds a great deal of the energy that earned this shot a spot on our list.

10 So Cal Val

via imgur.com

At one time one of TNA’s biggest Jack of all trades, the only she didn’t seem capable of doing at the time was actually taking part in the wrestling action. Best remembered by most as a ring announcer, she also spent a lot of time as an interviewer, ringside attendant, and right-hand woman of Jeremy Borash. Turned into a stand-in for Miss Elizabeth when Jay Lethal, who was known as Black Machismo at the time, recreated the Hogan and Savage feud against Sonjay Dutt, she came between the former friends. We can see how a sexy lady like her could cause such a chasm. That’s for sure.

Scantily dressed in a set of lingerie, this photo seems to be the embodiment of how sexy underwear are supposed to be by accentuating the figure of beautiful women. Made all the sexier by the inclusion of a garter belt, that aspect still pales in comparison to the alluring nature of the bra that makes her cleavage all the more inviting.

9 Paige

via imgur.com

Arguably the best all-around female wrestler in the world today, Paige has recently been pushed toward the background, aside from a pair of recent RAW matches, which is a crying shame. The first woman to be crowned NXT Women’s Champion, her match against Natalya arguably started the revolution that has changed the way women are used on WWE TV. Winning the WWE Divas Championship the first night she made her main roster debut, the pressure on her was immense and she thrived under it. We’re sure that it is only a matter of time before she takes her rightful place on top of her peers for the third time, (she has won the title two twice already) and we look forward to that day.

The most gothic woman in the WWE, her look has garnered her lots of fans who find her darker image sexy as all hell. Seen here wearing only panties or bikini bottoms, her dangling top obscures our view but the implication sends our imaginations running. On top of that, the aforementioned top is tight around her chest which is also accentuated by the necklace that dangles between them.

8 Catrina

via twitter.com

A part of an extremely long lasting season of NXT, when it was still a completion show, Catrina was known as Maxine at the time and started wearing a catsuit that drove fans wild with desire. Asking to be released after she began to feel that she wasn’t getting the opportunities she deserved and after one of her peers, Aksana, stole her style, many thought her days in wrestling were through. Boy, were they wrong. Joining Lucha Underground, she rechristened herself Catrina and created a dark persona that served as the leader of several supernatural-tinged characters, while dialing up the sex appeal even further.

Seen here in a shot she posted to her Instagram account, she appears to be lying on a bed while looking sultry and wearing a sexy outfit. A top that is cut across the chest, her cleavage is on full display as she beckons us to look further.

7 Lana

via instagram.com

A former actress, model, dancer, singer, and multiple time Playboy model, there is zero question that Lana knows that the world finds her attractive. Brought under the WWE wing in 2013, to serve as part of NXT, she was quickly packaged with the man that would come to be known as Rusev. Serving a role for The Bulgarian Brute that brings to mind the Russian duo from Rocky IV, the Ravishing Russian would join him as the duo was called up to the main roster. Soon becoming one of the most popular figures in the company despite managing an American hating antagonist, crowds chanted to see more of her.

Seen here in an alluring yellow bikini, her energy is a relaxed one but the effect of the photo on her audience is anything but. Due in large part because that bikini covers very little of her body and her boobs are front and center which is tantalizing.

6 Emma

via twitter.com

An Australian wrestler who spent years in the indies before getting an opportunity to plie her trade for the biggest wrestling company in the world, Emma has a loyal fan base. Starting out as a sticky sweet and awfully innocent character who awkwardly danced to the ring, when she was called up to the main roster, she was never properly introduced and was demoted soon thereafter. Recreating herself, she embraced her dark side and set about attacking and fighting those who she felt deserved their success less than here. Finally brought back to the limelight of WWE, her new character should have made her a star but she got bit by the injury bug. Hopefully, she will gain the success she deserves after she finally finishes mending.

Pictured here from the chest up, the peak we get at her bikini top provides us with all we need to know that this photo had to be included here. Featuring cleavage that she knows the world will likely not be able to resist, the smirk on her face tells us she knows exactly what she is doing.

5 Maria Kanellis

via twitter.com

Another former Diva Search competitor, Maria placed fifth before receiving a contract and being brought up to the main WWE roster. Serving as a backstage interviewer, her character adopted a ditzy persona that was uninspired but was soon greatly improved when she would randomly spout knowledge that hinted at an inner brilliance. Chosen by her bosses in WWE and their corporate partner at the time, Playboy, to pose for the magazine, her nude pictorial earned her greater emphasis on TV for a short time. Dismissed from the company, she became a popular figure on the indy circuit where she would begin to manage her future husband, Mike Bennett, before the duo joined TNA together.

Taking a picture of herself in what appears to be a changing room; Maria’s nude form is only covered by the inclusion of a pair of skimpy panties, her hair and a barely seen bra. The fact that this shot is hot enough to make us overlook her duckface is the perfect testament to her appealing its subject is.

4 Eden Stiles

via imgur.com

The final member of the broadcast team to make our list, Eden trained to be a wrestler during her two tenures with the WWE but seems to have found her best success for her voice instead of her body. Shocking looking at that photo, we know. A former ring announcer for shows like Smackdown and Main Event, she managed to make her pay-per-view debut at the grandest show of all, WrestleMania 31. Married to Cody Rhodes, the man also known as Stardust, she recently requested her release shortly after her husband did. Considering it was the second time the WWE let her go at her own request, it seems she is not destined for the wrestling world.

What is there to say about a photo like this? Wow, just wow. We’re not certain cleavage has ever looked better than that. The subject of this picture taken on the beachfront, her red, white and blue bikini may not be patriotic but its contents are definitely awe inspiring.

3 Nikki Bella

via imgur.com

The face of the Divas division, Total Divas, and the entire company, alongside her sister, for several years, many people have forgotten that The Bellas were rejected from inclusion in the Divas Search. Initially brought to television to accompany performers to the ring, Nikki spent a long time as arm candy for the various RAW guest hosts before she was given the opportunity to actually wrestle. Improving incredibly over her time in the company, she ended up becoming a two-time Divas champion and has the longest reign with that belt ever. Currently on the mend, she seems determined to make her way back to the ring again.

A sexy woman who appears to have extreme confidence in her looks, her social media accounts exude her desire to show off the figure she has worked hard to get. Case in point, this Instagram pic which feels natural and gives us an intimate view of her chest and what it might feel like to spend a morning with her.

2 Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams

via imgur.com

A former WWE employee who was also rejected from the Divas Search, Brooke’s time in the company was unfortunately pretty underwhelming. Added to WWE’s version of ECW, she became a part of Extreme Exposé, a trio of women who would dance sexily in the ring, alongside Kelly Kelly and Layla El. Remembered for a single WWE match, a battle royale of all things, she would be released and eventually join TNA’s roster. Dedicating herself to training to wrestle, she ended up becoming a much better worker than her detractors ever expected her to be and eventually won the Knockouts Championship three times.

A former Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters, Brooke may just have the sexiest body of any woman to ever take part in the wrestling business. Photographing herself in a pink bikini, her outfit perfectly emphasizes her most bewitching attributes, of which she has many. The only way her clothes could make her look better is if there weren’t any.

1 Eva Marie

via wrestlinginc.com

Probably the most hated women in the wrestling world at various parts; Eva was added to Total Divas without any wrestling experience due to her looks. Included in a few high profile RAW matches in the wake of the first season, her many botches would earn her the ire of many. Clearly, someone who the WWE continues to bank on, as evidenced by the merchandise she receives that more experienced employees lack, she has begun to slowly improve. If nothing else, she is able to generate incredible amounts of hatred from attendees of wrestling shows, which, if used properly, could be a big asset to WWE storytelling. Seen being trained by Brian Kendrick, a highly respected and talented worker, during the latest season of Total Divas, hopefully, his skills will rub off.

Seen here a skin tight gray body suit, her firm chest, thighs, body and legs seem barely covered. Her form in this pic has us struggling to find words. Ah, screw it, just look at that.

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