Top 20 Hottest Outfits Worn By Lita In WWE

When Lita debuted in the WWE at the start of the millennium, she was like no one that had been seen before in the world of sports entertainment. With women before her like Sunny, Sable, and Terri Runnels dominating our television screens, it was refreshing to see a different kind of Diva who a) could actually string along a competent wrestling match, b) wasn't the typical bleached blonde to which we had become accustomed, and c) could do moonsaults and hurricanranas like a cruiserweight champion. What was there not to love? Strikingly beautiful with an unmatched athleticism, it's safe to say Lita's popularity grew much faster than most other Superstars or Divas in the Attitude Era.

A true pioneer, Lita is the only WWE Diva who can say she captured the Women's Championship twice in the main event of Monday Night Raw: the first against the boss's daughter Stephanie McMahon and the second time with Trish Stratus. Unlike Stratus however, Lita wasn't handed the fairy tale ending, instead exiting the company as one of the most hated heels the WWE ever had in the last quarter of 2006. After the WWE Universe learned of her real-life affair with Edge, Lita went from most beloved to what Jim Ross would call "a Jezebel." Being called sexual slurs by the WWE Universe week in and week out towards the end of her career probably wasn't ideal, so kudos to Lita for going out the way she did. Though we must gleefully admit, she was a terrific heel.

One thing we know for sure is that no matter if you were cheering or booing Lita throughout her illustrious career with WWE, you knew she was sexy. If you were a teenage boy during the peak of the Attitude Era, you had a poster of her on your wall. And even if you shared the same chromosomes, you probably wanted to be her. Sorry Sable,but nobody wanted to be you. Lita was so red hot in fact, we thought we might as well throw together a list for our readers. We've already covered Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Keibler, so here's the top 20 hottest outfits worn by Lita in WWE.

The list is chronological (for the most part), starting with...

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20 A Highflying Debut

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What better way than to make your mark in the world of wrestling than by doing a moonsault off the top rope onto the opposite sex? By looking super hot at the same time is how! On a February edition of Sunday Night Heat in 2000, Lita would make her debut in the WWE with partner Essa Rios. At ringside, she would watch as Rios captured the Light Heavyweight Championship from Bill Goldburg ripoff Gillberg in under two minutes time. To add insult to victory, Lita would mimic Rios by delivering a moonsault onto Gillberg herself, impressing the whole WWE Universe with one move.

Lita may have not won gold herself that night, but she sure as hell made history.

Fact: Cool to note Lita's long time rival Trish Stratus would debut the exact same month and both would retire from professional wrestling within a couple months of each other.

19 Red Hot

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As you can see, Lita's signature look throughout her first few months with World Wrestling Entertainment would be all red to match that gorgeous red hair of hers. This tight outfit would stop just about any hot-blooded male from switching the channel. Not that you would switch the channel anyway! But what we also remember most about this sexy number is that she was wearing this when those damn Dudley Boyz decided to powerbomb our poor girl through a table on an episode of Thursday Night SmackDown.

After getting in a confrontation with Chyna and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna would be the one to throw Lita to the wolves, as the WWE Universe had no other choice but to watch the Dudley Boyz victimize yet another WWE Diva on the roster. At the time, Bubba Ray and Devon had a sick fascination with hurting women. Sorry, Lita. Wrong place, wrong time.

18 That Peeking Thong

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After a losing streak proved too stressful for Essa Rios, he would blame Lita and eventually turn on her in a way most men did in the Attitude Era -- by being physically abusive. Surprisingly, the WWE decided to split them up just over three months after debuting.

Luckily for Lita, she is the one who would stick around with WWE and go on to great heights by pairing up with the Hardy Boyz directly after to form one of the most popular stables in professional wrestling -- Team Xtreme. Lita would adapt her style more similarly to Matt and Jeff, opting to wear jeans or baggy pants with a top most likely to show off her midriff. But the one thing most fans would notice was that thong of hers sticking up above the waistline. Every. Single. Week. A new thong every single time. Woo hoo, Lita! Your fans certainly thank you for that!

17 So Many Thongs

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When searching the interwebs far and wide to narrow down the 20 hottest outfits worn by one of the sexiest Divas to ever grace our television screens, we're hard pressed to argue that the Lita from 2000 to 2001 has to be the hottest Lita we laid our eyes upon. Because, well, those thongs! They never failed to peek up above that waistline of hers. Lita, you really did be-still every single one of our beating hearts every single time we saw you.

Eyeing over these countless photos of Lita wrestling as well as the countless backstage photoshoots taken of the babe throughout her career with WWE, we couldn't help but notice something else. Her panties always seemed to match the top she was wearing. How stylish! In the picture above, you'll see what we're talking about. She sure was pretty in pink, wasn't she? If you ask our opinion, she didn't wear the colour enough.

16 An Action Shot

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What is it about women fighting that makes them even sexier?

I think Vince McMahon realized this much sooner than most others, hence the birth of the WWE Divas Division in the Attitude Era. The thing that made Lita stand out much more than the other women on the roster was that she was different. She covered up the goods more than any other Diva, yet still managed to bring the sex appeal each and every week. As you can see from the image above, Lita still wore that thong high and proud even when delivering moonsaults to finish off her opponents. And look, it matches!

Fact: The image above is actually Lita and Trish Stratus's first time wrestling each other in the ring. A Six-Person Tag-Team Match on an episode of SmackDown, pitting Lita and the Hardys against T&A -- Trish, with Test and Albert. And no, Lita didn't win.

15 The Occasional Bra

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When you compare Lita to the other Divas of her era, it's actually quite surprising to learn that Lita was sparingly used for eye candy matches. Out of all the degrading matches the WWE Divas would compete in throughout the years, be it Mud Matches, Paddle On a Pole Matches, Lingerie Matches, Bikini Contests, Gravy Bowls, Wet N' Wild Matches, etc... Lita would compete in just a few Bra and Panties matches in her career. Quite an impressive feat if you think about it. Lita never lost these matches, and the most we'd see her get stripped to is her bra. But it was a fine sight either way! Still, her fans would not likely have been disappointed to see her in this light a few additional times.

The image above would actually be the first ever Bra and Panty match to happen on WWE television, during which time Lita was defending the title against Trish Stratus. How is that for a history lesson?

14 White Top. Blue Track Pants

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Who would think a simple white tank top and a pair of blue track pants more suited for a 15-year-old boy would look hot on a WWE Diva? Well, if Lita's wearing it, it's bound to be pretty damn hot. Lita wore this getup on an episode of Monday Night Raw when she got in a bit of a scuffle with Stone Cold Steve Austin's then-wife Debra after she told the former Women's Champion that Debra was too nice for her mean SOB of a husband. This didn't sit too well with the bleached bombshell, and Lita ended up on the receiving end of a Stone Cold Stunner later that night for getting involved in his match with Matt Hardy.

As you can see, a backstage photoshoot was required that night because Lita looked hot in just about anything she threw on. Yes, even in baggy blue track pants with horrid yellow pockets. We love you, Lita.

13 Santa's Naughty List

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Towards the end of the Attitude Era, World Wrestling Entertainment introduced a wrestling themed nightclub in New York which sadly ended up closing down in 2003. Every single Raw, SmackDown, and PPV event, fans would flock to the club to watch live wrestling and most times, a Superstar or Diva would guest host the event. It's something WWE should really try to bring back because it was kind of awesome.

In December of 2001, Lita would make an appearance at the club by stripping out of a robe to reveal a Christmas-themed red pair of lingerie that had the club roaring with excitement. It was almost a little out of character for Lita, as stripping down to her skivvies just because wasn't something the Extreme Diva did often. But hey, if the boss tells you to go to New York and strip in front of your fans, then you do what you gotta do!

This would air on a live episode of Raw.

12 A Tease

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After Lita and Matt Hardy had become romantically involved both on-screen and in real life, Dean Malenko would attempt to drive a wedge between their relationship with advances on the extreme Diva. Because, you know, Dean Malenko stood a chance, right? The two would eventually meet in singles competition in an Intergender match for Malenko's Light Heavyweight Championship, with Malenko opting only to give Lita the match if she would go on a date with him in the event that he emerged victorious. Not too surprising then, Malenko scored the victory, so Lita suggested the two meet at a hotel for some "fun."

What Lita wore in that hotel was quite possibly one of the hottest entries to make this list. But unfortunately for Malenko, it was all a rouse and instead of sleeping with Lita like he had hoped, he got a champagne bottle smashed over his head by Lita's real boyfriend, Matt Hardy.

See ya later, Dean.

11 Returning to Save Stratus

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Can you believe our next entry is almost two years after the last?

In early 2002, Lita landed a gig to appear on the hit television show Dark Angel starring the equally sexy Jessica Alba. Bittersweet it was, however, as Lita decided to perform her own stunts on the show, and suffered three cracks in her vertebrae while performing them. Surgery was required, taking our Lita out of action for more than a year and a half, removed from the spotlight just long enough for Trish Stratus to snatch the top spot in the Divas Division.

Instead of coming back to feud with her former rival, Lita would make her grand return on Monday Night Raw in assisting Trish Stratus in a dangerous feud with Gail Kim and Women's Champion Molly Holly. After taking Holly and Kim with a DDT and powerbomb respectively, Lita tore off her top, throwing it in Molly's face to reveal a black bra and a body in better shape than ever! Why did she take off her top? Because she's Lita!

10 A Vengeful Red Top

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In one of the more bizarre story lines to occur in Lita's career, Kane would develop a twisted obsession with Lita, which would eventually lead to the Big Red Machine somehow managing to knock Lita up. How that happened, we do not want to know.

Cue in a depressing miscarriage caused by the deranged Gene Snisky, a silly wedding cermony, the story line continued for upwards of a year, culminating at the Vengeance 2005 PPV when Kane took on Lita's new boo -- Adam Copeland -- A.K.A Edge.

Now THIS is where Lita's career takes an interesting turn. Lita, who had always played the good girl up to this point, started getting a chorus of boos every time she stepped into the arena after news broke of Lita's real-life affair with Edge. Fans were led to believe Lita's real-life ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy was released from the company because of the whole ordeal.

We will dive deeper into this subject later.

In this match at Vengeance, Lita watched as Kane laid waste to her new boyfriend. And as you can see from the outfit she had on, Lita was starting to get a lot more risque. Her outfits were getting smaller and smaller. Which leads us to our next point...

9 Unforgiving

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Lita was now a sex-kitten waiting to be tamed, and her outfits seemed to almost reflect this change.

For the remainder of Lita's career, and the bottom half of this list, Lita is no longer the goodie goodie sweetheart we learned to love. But this is what terrific heel turns are all about. With Matt Hardy chants emanating from the crowd every time Lita and Edge would appear on screen, Vince McMahon had no other choice but to bring Hardy back, resulting in one of the best feuds to occur in the 2000s. Real life drama? Yes, please! Staged drama does not hold a candle to that of real life.

At the Unforgiven PPV, Matt and Edge would compete in a Steel Cage with Lita's former boyfriend picking up the victory. At ringside, Lita pretty much wore a bra with some purple netting to spice it up. Top that off with some skinny jeans, Lita was a-okay!

8 Evil and Delicious

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The Love Triangle saga continued throughout fall of 2005, and in an episode of Monday Night Raw, Lita would accompany her man Edge to the ring and boy did she look hot! On first glance, there's nothing particularly interesting about this outfit. She's wearing a pair of track pants but still manages to make it sexy because hey, it's Lita. The top she's wearing isn't too revealing either, but it's nice and snug to showcase those goods of hers. Combine this outfit with how fit Lita's body is at this point in her career, and damn. She was on fire.

On this night, Lita and Edge would get the best of Hardy. Just as we thought Hardy would pummel Edge to a bloody pulp, Lita would sneak up from behind and kick her former-boo right in the groin. Ouch, Lita. That is never cool. Never cool at all. Let's face it though, she can get away with it.

7 Climbing the Ladder to Success

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On October 3rd, 2005, Raw had a special three-hour "Homecoming" episode, marking the show's return to the USA Network after WWE failed to renew with Spike TV. It would also be the first ever three-hour Raw, which was actually a pretty big deal at the time. Strangely enough, now that Raw's permanently three hours, we kind of wish it went back to two, don't we? But that's a topic for another article.

Edge and Matt Hardy would meet once more on this special episode, in a ladder match no less! The action was nonstop but what we most remember is how devilishly hot Lita looked in assisting Edge into picking up the win over her former boyfriend. She would trap Hardy to the ropes by wrapping her legs and arms around his body while he could do nothing but watch as Edge climbed the ladder to victory. Fair? No. Hot? Yes.

6 Live Sex Celebration

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Who can forget the first and only Live Sex Celebration to happen in the closing segment of Monday Night Raw in January of 2006? How times have changed. Could you imagine this happening in today's era with The Miz and Maryse? No. And if you can, you're quite silly.

The night after Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank and stole John Cena's WWE Championship, Edge deemed it appropriate to celebrate the way he wanted to celebrate -- by having sex with his girlfriend Lita in the middle of the ring. Weren't they classy? Still, no complaints from the men in the audience.

Lita would strip down to her lingerie, but before they could fully finish the deed, John Cena would cut the ceremony short. And Lita? Lets just say she wound up on her back by the end of the segment... but uh... not in the way Edge and Lita had originally planned it.

5 WrestleMania 22

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After Edge lost his title back to John Cena, Edge soon developed a feud with good ol' Mick Foley. And of course, our babe Lita was right by the Rated-R Superstar's side. You know what they say. Behind every strong man is a strong woman.

She would accompany her man when the two met in a Hardcore Match at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 22in what many could argue was the highlight of the event. Of course, Lita would never settle for being only arm candy, getting herself involved in the match on more than one occasion, even being the recipient of a very brutal barbwire-wrapped Mr. Socko! Oh, and yes, since we're talking about it, Lita looked really good too. Her outfit matched that of Edge's, down to the pants and the opened jacket. Except on Lita, the opened jacket looked a whole lot sexier, if you catch our drift.

4 Always With the Low-Cut

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During the Attitude Era, Lita was never too concerned about showing off that heaping cleavage of hers, though she never took it too far, as she was focused on being a good role model for her fans. Being a role model was actually one of the reasons for turning down a Playboy spread in 2003. But once she went full-on evil, oh did things change. The WWE Universe came to expect Lita's bosoms to fall out of her top each and every week. Not that anybody was complaining, except for maybe a few women whose children had been watching. But let's be honest. Do you think Lita had much of a choice in her outfit choices?

As you can see from the image above, Lita wore low cut tops like nobody else's business. Every time Edge would speak his mind, Lita was there beside him... distracting... kind of making us forget we were watching wrestling in the first place...

Wait, what are we reading right now?

3 Like WE Said, ALWAYS With the Low-Cut

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See. What did I tell you? More often than not, low-cut tops were Lita's thing throughout the end of her heel run. Bye bye thong. Hello cleavage. But hey, being the sexiest Diva on Raw didn't stop her from kicking ass in the ring.

While Lita was too busy sleeping with Edge in the ring and being a pain in the rear to pretty much all of Edge's opponents, Trish Stratus and Mickie James were tearing up the women's division. And eventually, it was time for Lita to get back in the ring. And back in the ring she went as she managed to win the Women's Championship twice more in her final year, bringing her to a total of four Women's title reigns. After winning the belt on an episode of Monday Night Raw from Mickie James with an assist from boytoy Edge, Lita would flaunt that belt to the ring just like she flaunted that chest. Oh, Lita.

2 Scantily Clad Bride

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Although this happened before the Edge, Matt Hardy, and Lita saga would unfold, we're placing this towards the end of the list because we like to save the best for last, or in this case, second to last.

In her second wedding ceremony in WWE, Lita's dress this time around wasn't the classiest, solidifying herself as the hottest bride we've seen not only in WWE, but in life. Embracing her inner Jezabel, Lita's gown was -- surprise surprise -- super revealing!

It wouldn't be a WWE Wedding without a surprise.

Matt Hardy's music struck during their vows, prompting the WWE Universe to explode when they believed they were about to witness one of the greatest returns in WWE history. But no, it was just a rouse. Matt Hardy was not coming back. Not yet anyway.

However, the drama wouldn't stop there. Kane popped up from under the ring as if he were scary old Michael Myers, tombstoning the priest before Edge and Lita's very eyes, a message for what was to come for the evil power couple.

1 A Return Match

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Years after retiring from World Wrestling Entertainment, Lita would return for one more match (hopefully not her last) in 2012, competing in an Intergender Match, no less!

On the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw, Heath Slater would strut out to the ring and issue yet another open challenge to any past WWE Legend gutsy enough to get in the ring with the former Tag Team Champion. Having lost to so many other legends previously, Heath was determined to finally emerge victorious on such a historic episode.

Cue in Lita's music, and wow, does she still look amazing or what!

With a little help from Bradshaw and Farooq and some other former legends, Lita would deliver one final moonsault in the WWE, scoring the victory on poor Heath while also managing to win the hearts of a new generation of teenage boys. And of course, reawaken the hearts of a generation who never forget her.

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