Top 20 Hottest Outfits Worn By Stacy Keibler In WWE

She's got legs. And yes, she definitely knew how to use them within the wacky world of professional wrestling to become one of WWE's most popular Divas of all time. Of course, I'm talking about none other than Stacy Keibler.

Shortly after WCW went under in 2001, Stacy Keibler waltzed her way into the WWE. On her first night, she would make an impact by distracting Rhyno into losing his match on Thursday Night SmackDown. How did Stacy distract him you may ask? By simply just being there; her stunning good looks could distract just about anybody.

As a member of The Alliance, Stacy later set her sights on the Dudley Boyz to become the Duchess of Dudleyville, managing them into WrestleMania X-8. She would eventually break off into becoming WWE's version of America's Sweetheart, taking our collective breaths away every time she stepped those 41 inch legs inside a squared circle.

Before leaving the company to pursue other interests (like landing roles in many television shows and even dating George Clooney), Stacy managed to make quite the name for herself in wrestling, working heavily with the likes of Scott Steiner, Test, and the Chairman himself Vincent Kennedy McMahon, while also wrestling at major PPV events with WWE Divas Trish Stratus, Lita, and Torrie Wilson to name a few.

Although she never won a championship, Stacy Keibler goes down as one of the most beautiful women the company has ever had. WWE sure liked to take advantage of her looks by putting her in as few clothes as possible whenever they could. Keibler is responsible for giving wrestling fans many memorable moments in less than five years with the WWE,  and as such, we will be looking at 20 of the hottest outfits adorned by the beautiful Keibler. The list will be chronological, starting off with.

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20 Her Debut

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For any fans of WCW, it only made sense Stacy Keibler would join her fellow fallen brethren during the infamous Invasion angle in 2001, which saw Vince McMahon succeed in putting a stop to the Monday Night War once and for all. Debuting on the arm of Shane McMahon as part of The Alliance, Stacy came out in a black outfit which showed off exactly what she would famously be known for - her forty-one-and-a-half inch legs. Let's just say Rhyno wasn't as pleased.

19 Bikini Contest

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Stacy Keibler wasn't the only woman from WCW to make the jump to WWE. Her partner Torrie Wilson would eventually switch sides and turn against the Alliance, resulting in a feud between the two blonde bombshells for the final quarter of 2001. To be honest, I don't think anybody knew who to cheer for. On an episode of Thursday Night SmackDown, both Divas competed in a Bikini Contest and unfortunately for Stacy, Torrie picked up the win but if you look at Stacy here, it should have at least been a tie!

18 First Ever Lingerie Match

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Ranked in the Top 10 WWE Matches of 2001, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson would square off in the first ever Lingerie Match at the No Mercy PPV event.

Stacy would adorn black dominatrix-style lingerie and even had a whip that she used to spank Torrie with. How naughty! Like many of Stacy's matches in her career, she ended up losing the bout. However, in the end (as you will see when continuing to read this list), a loss never hurt her career.

17 Duchess Of Dudleyville

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A few months into her debut, Stacy Keibler became the Duchess of Dudleyville as she and the Dudleys were both part of The Alliance representing both WCW and ECW. Stacy's piercing good looks would be used to the Dudley's advantage as she would be able to distract their opponents whenever they would need a helping hand. Or a helping... rear. In this picture above, you can see see why she could be such a distraction. But wait, Stacy. Weren't you supposed to be distracting the other team?

16 And The Bestest Of Dudleyville

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Continuing as the manager for Bubba and D-Von, Stacy accompanied her boys to the ring in her first appearance at the grandest professional wrestling stage of them all - WrestleMania X-8 - in a Four Corners Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Stacy's green and white camouflage may have had us drooling, but it didn't have the same effect on Jeff Hardy like she wished it would. Hardy ended up spanking her bottom for getting involved in the match. That'll teach her!

15 Sucking Up To Mr. McMahon

After the brand extension in 2002, Vince McMahon decided he would need a personal assistant to help with God knows what. And during the live interview process on an episode of SmackDown!, Stacy Keibler came out as the last applicant for the position in what has to be one of Keibler's most entertaining moments. Arriving in a sexy business suit reminiscent of her Miss Hancock character in WCW, she didn't even bother listing off her qualifications, instead opting to dance for the chairman on top of the interview table. Not at all surprising then when we heard Vince say - "Youuuu're hiiiired!'.

14 School Girl

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Most of the WWE Divas of the early to mid 2000s wound up wearing a schoolgirl outfit at one point or another, but Stacy Keibler has to be one of the first. And hottest! At the first and only WWE Divas Undressed Special on Spike TV, Stacy Keibler's best outfit of the night was the naughty school girl outfit which kind of made us all wish we were back in high school. She even brought some books along too! With a short plaid red skirt and pig tails, Stacy Keibler be-stilled our beating hearts.

13 Drafted To Raw

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It didn't take much for Stacy Keibler to steal the spotlight from the other Divas. All the beautiful girl had to do was just show up! In the summer of 2002, Eric Bischoff announced his newest acquisition from SmackDown! wasn't The Undertaker. Nor was it Kurt Angle.

It was Stacy Keibler!

She didn't come out and make a name for herself by challenging the Women's Champion to a match. Oh no. She instead removed her shorts to reveal a red hot thong and proceeded to dance on the announcer's table, all for the sake of making the fans (and Jerry Lawler) happy.

12 Bra And Panties

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Once Stacy was back on the Raw brand, she and Trish Stratus would have a fun little feud for the Women's Championship over a period of a few months. Eric Bischoff, being the pervert that he is, would give Stacy many opportunities for the title but only in states of undress. They would compete in Paddle on a Pole matches, Mud matches, and more than a few Bra and Panties matches to name. If you look at the picture above, Stacy never won any of these matches but we didn't really want her to, if you catch our drift.

11 Super Stacy

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We simply couldn't get through a list like this without including a time Stacy Keibler dressed up in a superhero outfit. Towards the end of her WWE run, Stacy found another team to manage, in the form of Hurricane and Rosey. While the team was funny, the best part was Super Stacy. Being six feet tall, Stacy could have easily passed for a superhero in Marvel or DC. What are they waiting for?

10 Raw Gone Wild

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In 2003, for some reason or another, WWE was helping to promote a Girls Gone Wild Special because wrestling and hot women pretty much went hand in hand at the time. On SmackDown!, Torrie Wilson and Nidia had already promised to be there, but on Raw, Jerry the King Lawler and Stacy Keibler came out to help promote the special themselves. How did they do that, you may ask! Jerry had a water gun with him, and you guessed it, decided to douse Stacy Keibler's white little short shorts to get the crowd riled up! The former days of professional wrestling were oh so classy!

9 Lap Dance

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Stacy Keibler and Test became WWE's "It Couple" in 2003 as they were legitimately dating in real life at the time and WWE decided to incorporate it into the story. To make Test more marketable, Stacy Keibler began to refer to his fans as Testicles. It was all cute and good fun until Test started to get jealous of Stacy Keibler getting more attention than he was. Like most men in wrestling in the early 2000s, Test eventually started to treat Stacy like garbage until Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner intervened to save Stacy from mean ol' Test! To get under his skin, the two of them came out during one of Test's matches and Stacy gave Steiner a lap dance neither he or the WWE Universe will ever forget.

8 Pretty In A Short Dress

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It wouldn't be a Stacy Keibler list without a photo of her signature entrance most fans would come to expect every single time her Kid Rock theme music hit. Seeing how she was much taller than any of the other women on the roster, Stacy could easily climb into the ring through the second rope to get the fans going. What made this so special? Well, we would get quite a nice shot of her rear every time she would do it! Oh, Stacy, you really were quite adorable. Here, a short dress never looked so good. Scott Steiner would certainly agree.

7 Shortest Skirt Ever

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Seeing how Stacy Keibler was technically supposed to be Test's manager even though he was a woman beater (a kayfabe woman beater of course!), Test got himself into a match against Scott Steiner at Unforgiven in 2003 to compete for the managerial services of the leggy beaut. Stacy did all she could to distract him, even pulling up her denim belt... I mean her denim skirt... to try and tick him off. But unfortunately for Stacy, she got too involved in the match and ended up costing Steiner after nailing him in the skull with a steel chair that was meant for Test. Thus, poor Stacy Keibler had no other choice but to go back to being verbally and physically abused. Writing about this makes it only the more disturbing that these were legitimate story lines being produced by WWE.

6 WrestleMania XX

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At the 20th annual WrestleMania, Stacy Keibler competed in her first and only match at the grand spectacle. What would this match be? A Tag Team Playboy Evening Gown Match between Playboy Covergirls Torrie Wilson and Sable against Keibler and Miss Jackie. There wasn't much of a buildup to the match, except that Stacy and Miss Jackie believed they should have been chosen to be in the pages of Hugh Hefner's magazine. To our surprise, the Divas actually all started the match with their gowns off. And Stacy Keibler? Well, let's just say she easily looked the best.

5 Ring Attire

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Unlike most of the other Divas of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, Stacy Keibler didn't need a heaping chest to get herself noticed. It's kind of what made her special. A lot of her outfits would actually fully cover the bosoms, this ring attire being a prime example that she wore in a match against Miss Jackie on Monday Night Raw. Notice, however, that her legs were never covered! She knew better.

4 Dance Off

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Molly Holly was growing sick and tired of Stacy Keibler taking the spotlight each week on Monday Night Raw from the former Women's Champion. To prove she should be getting more attention from the WWE Universe, she issued an open challenge to Stacy, stating that anything Stacy could do Molly could do better. Stacy agreed to the challenge, and the two had a dance off! Hilarity ensued. Again, all Stacy needed was a short skirt to look hotter than ever. The fans thought so too, so Molly attacked her. Jealousy.

3 Wait. What Skirt?

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In an episode of Monday Night Raw originating from England, Stacy Keibler challenged uber heel Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship in the closing months of 2004 in one of her best matches with the company. The fans really wanted Stacy to win the gold, but unfortunately, like all the other times on this list, Stacy failed to win the match. At first glance, Stacy seemed pretty covered up except for those long legs of hers. But as you can see in the picture above, all Trish had to do was lock her into submission to reveal a whole lot more!

2 Impressing Randy Orton

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For some reason or another, Randy Orton had the Divas of Raw out in the ring with him and convinced them all to model their lingerie for him because...well, why not? Melina and Candice Michelle may have looked hot, but Stacy Keibler was the one to really grab Orton's attention. He was so impressed, that the two of them began an on-screen relationship after this heated segment. Too bad he decided to RKO her months later to send a message to The Undertaker for WrestleMania 21. Jerk.

1 Simply Adorable

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In her last professional wrestling match ever in not only the WWE but anywhere, Stacy Keibler took on Jillian Hall in the main event of SmackDown's pretaped-show, Velocity, which aired on Saturday Nights. Jillian attempted to be Stacy's publicist to cash in on Stacy's success but Stacy didn't need one. Jillian wasn't at all impressed, which resulted in a match between the two. No, Stacy Keibler didn't win. But as you can see, little blue short shorts and a black top is all Stacy needed to look super duper adorable.

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