Top 20 Hottest Outfits Worn By Trish Stratus In WWE

A seven-time WWE Women's Champion. A four-time Pro Wrestling Illustrated Woman of the Year. WWE's Diva of the Decade and Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Woman of the Decade. Voted a three-time WWE Babe of

A seven-time WWE Women's Champion. A four-time Pro Wrestling Illustrated Woman of the Year. WWE's Diva of the Decade and Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Woman of the Decade. Voted a three-time WWE Babe of the Year by the WWE Universe.  A WWE Hall of Famer.

What am I doing?

I'm just pointing out the facts. Trish Stratus is one of the most decorated women to ever step foot inside a WWE ring. Brought in as pure eye candy, Trish Stratus would show the WWE Universe that she wasn't just going to settle for being the typical hot blonde fans were used to in the world of sports entertainment. Instead, Trish would perfect her craft in the ring, and help carry the women's division to great heights for nearly seven years.

Although there were many other capable Divas in the WWE during what's been dubbed by fans as the "Golden Era" of women's wrestling, Trish not only had the beauty and the skills to put on some fantastic matches, but also possessed the charisma to rally an entire crowd to either root for her or turn against her on a flip of a dime. WrestleMania XX anybody? One thing is for certain though, Trish Stratus always looked damn good kicking tail.

From her days in T&A, to her steamy affair with Vince McMahon, all the way through to her seven Women's Championship reigns, we will be taking a look at 20 of the hottest outfits worn by Trish Stratus throughout her illustrious career in WWE. Why? For the exact same reason you clicked this article. It's Trish freakin' Stratus.

This list will be chronological because it's too hard to judge any other way. If any of your favorite stratusfying outfits didn't make the cut, you try narrowing a list like this down to 20!

Here are the 20 Hottest Outfits Worn by Trish Stratus In WWE

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21 Debuting Stratusfaction


Trish Status made her debut on a pre-taped episode of Sunday Night Heat on March 19th, 2000, individually scouting Test and Albert in their matches. She did this to eventually form the tag team she would appropriately call... T&A - which stood for Test and Albert of course! Although you could argue it wasn't the most exciting of debuts, it's safe to say that nobody was watching Test or Albert in the arena that night, instead focusing their attention on the new beautiful bombshell that stepped foot in a WWE arena for the very first time.

The long jacket and cowboy hat combo would become a signature look for years.

20 Her First WrestleMania


It didn't take long for Trish Stratus to step foot onto the grandest stage of them all by managing her newly formed team of Test and Albert at WrestleMania 2000 just two weeks after her arrival, which is quite an impressive feat. Trish didn't do a whole lot, besides stand around, look pretty, and clap for her boys, but with that black cowboy hat and that shining barely-there outfit, Trish Stratus made quite the impression.

19 Taunting Bubba With A Table #1


In the early months of 2000, the Dudley Boyz were powerbombing WWE's women left and right through tables like it was nobody's business. Terri Runnels, B.B., Mae Young, and Lita had already fallen prey to their savage wrath at that point. So what did Trish Stratus do only a month after her debut? She thought it would be fun to taunt the Dudleys to help get her team noticed, sexualizing tables to try and get under Bubba Ray Dudley's skin. Who knows if it worked, but it definitely stuck in our memories!

18 Taunting Bubba With A Table #2


Stratus continued the taunting on an April edition of Monday Night Raw in lingerie you couldn't quite look away from. Oh, the joys of the Attitude Era. With a fine polish of a wooden table, Trish rubbed the table down for that squeaky clean finish because why? "The more you rub it, the better the wood starts to look" is why. Trish was quite the naughty girl, wasn't she? You'll probably never look at a table the same way again.

17 Taunting Bubba With A Table #3


To finish off the steamy backstage segments featured in entry #17 and #18, Trish Stratus adorned white lingerie and seductively laid on top of a wooden table, stating that on Sunday at Backlash there would be a table set for two. She of course was talking about her and for Bubba Ray Dudley. I think what Trish was thinking, was that by seducing Bubba Ray Dudley, it would stop him from wanting to harm her. Boy was she wrong. Which leads us to...

16 The Night She Got Wood


All the fun and games finally came to a stop on the night of April 30th, 2000 when the Dudley Boys finally succeeded in getting the blonde bombshell where they wanted her. Although her team would pick up the win, the Dudley Boyz would get the last laugh by powerbombing poor Trish through that hard wood. With those white boots and that pink concoction, we can see why Bubba had a hard time crashing her through a table after she planted him with a kiss to try and distract him. However, Trish should have known she was barking up the wrong tree. Or in her case, barking up the wrong table.

15 Loser Of The First Ever Bra And Panties Match


We're not talking about what she wore to the ring that night, we're talking about what she wasn't wearing by the end of the match. Commissioner Mick Foley sanctioned the first ever Bra and Panties match between Trish Stratus and long-time enemy Lita on Monday Night Raw in October of 2000. Trish failed to pick up the win, but I believe most of the fans that night didn't want her to win anyway if you catch my drift. Little did we know (okay maybe we suspected it) but the match would become a mainstay on WWE programming.

14 Short Skirt, Long Jacket


If you ever heard the song Short Skirt Long Jacket by the band Cake, you'd think the song was written about Trish Stratus. Even after her departure from T&A, Trish continued to showcase her own T&A by wearing short skirts and long jackets on more occasions than not, in the starting months of 2001. And on the road to Wrestlemania X-7, Trish had been "sleeping" with Vince McMahon to advance herself in the company (Trish, how naughty!) and this was one of her outfits used to get his attention.

13 Her First High-Profile Match


In her first high-profile match at No Way Out in 2001, Trish Stratus would surprise audiences by legitimately putting on one of the matches of the night with the Chairman's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. She looked damn good doing it too. Though it was a hard hitting match, this is early Trish Stratus we're talking about, and she never failed to bring the sex appeal. Her outfit was almost ripped off several times during the match, and Stephanie even dumped a pitcher of water on her. Yikes!

12 Showing Off To Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler was scheduled to have a Bikini Contest with Torrie Wilson on a Thursday night edition of SmackDown in 2002. After jealous boyfriend Tajiri interrupted the shenanigans by covering poor Torrie up and redirecting her backstage, Stacy declared herself the winner without even showing off her bikini.

We didn't think that was fair, and neither did Trish Stratus, who came out for an impromptu challenge. Though she didn't have a bikini prepared, she did have a nice set of red bra and panties to show off.

11 Divas Undressed



WWE held a first and only Divas Undressed special on Spike TV in 2002, where every Diva on the roster (except virgin Molly Holly) participated in a runway-esque fashion show. The competition was to determine which Diva would be voted by the judges to win the coveted Golden Thong Award!

Yes, you did read that correctly, and chances are you won't ever see Sasha, Becky, or Charlotte competing for one of these. In round one of three, Trish Stratus arrived looking super-fine in a black teddy, and if it hadn't been for Jazz knocking her out of the competition by brutally beating her up on stage, Stratus may have had the competition won.

10 WrestleMania XIX


At the 19th annual Wrestlemania, Trish Stratus picked up her first major win on the grandest stage of them all, by winning the Women's Championship for the fourth time. She achieved this highlight in her career in a Triple Threat match against former Women's Champions Victoria and Jazz. The match was very good, and Trish looked quite scrumptious and adorable in her shiny lil' outfit, don't you agree? They always said Stacy Keibler was known for her legs, but Trish could come in a close second. Or first, depending on whose opinion you ask.

9 Maid Of Dishonor



After a "Till Death Do Us Part" Match at SummerSlam in 2004 resulted in Kane defeating Matt Hardy, Lita had no other choice but to marry Kane on Monday Night Raw in one of the more bizarre storylines to play out that year. If Lita's life wasn't hell enough, Trish Stratus made it even worse (for Lita, not us) by interrupting the ceremony to show Lita support as her Maid of [dis]honor. To do so she wore an outfit that has been imprinted in every hot blooded man's memory for all of time. What a terrible best friend Trish was.

8 A Naughty School Girl


At this point in her career, Trish Stratus had become quite the accomplished grappler, no longer having to participate in eye candy matches on the regular, as she was finally taken seriously as a competitor. However, this is World Wrestling Entertainment after all, so of course they would use Trish's spectacular good looks to their advantage every now and again.

Look no further than the first Taboo Tuesday PPV, where the WWE Universe voted for all the Divas to be dressed as school girls to compete in a Battle Royal for Trish's title. Let's just say Trish Stratus rocked it and successfully defended the Women's Title as well as her title as top Diva.

7 Simplicity



When Christy Hemme was chosen to be on the cover of Playboy magazine, Trish Stratus wasn't having any of it. Seeing how Trish denied being on the cover of Playboy several times, it wasn't jealousy; she was a ticked off Christy Hemme was getting all this attention for posing nude, while Trish was the Women's Champion. In one of the many segments between the two leading up to their battle at WrestleMania 21, Trish's outfit here was simple enough yet showed off just the right amount of skin to get the boys drooling.

6 Lingerie Battle Royal


The following year after the first Taboo Tuesday event, the WWE would do it again by hosting another event that had the fans voting on what they wanted the Divas to wear. This time, it was lingerie, and of course... Trish Stratus looked hotter than ever. Somehow, Trish Stratus managed to make competing in lingerie look oh so classy. Again, like the year prior, Trish would successfully defend her Women's Championship with the help of Mickie James.

5 Referee


We kind of wish referees always looked this good, after seeing Trish adorning black and white stripes. After months of butting heads, Trish's buddy Ashley Massaro took on Mickie James in a singles match at the Royal Rumble PPV event in 2006 to settle their differences. Trish was stuck in the middle forced to call the shots as referee, and even though she was the ref, all the attention was on her. It's a shame she wasn't a referee more often.

4 WrestleMania 22

Trish Stratus had one of the biggest moments in her career, when she took on Mickie James for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania 22. Although her reign would come to an end that night, the storyline between both women was so well done that it goes down in history as one of the best women's matches to take place in the WWE. Covered up in tight leather... for the most part... this is one of Stratus's sexiest and most recent outfits.

3 Always Flaunting Them


Towards the second half of Trish Stratus's career, pants were always included in her ring attire. As her wrestling improved, she didn't feel the need to show off her body as much. But no matter what, one thing she always stuck to was her trademark cleavage. If you got'em, might as well flaunt'em, am I right? The image above is just one example of hundreds of examples we could have went with, Trish always looked fantastic.

1 Her Last Wrestlemania Match (So Far)

Five years after her last Wrestlemania match with Mickie James, Trish decided to come back to compete one last time at the biggest event of the year in a Six-Person Tag Team Match. The bout saw her, John Morrison and celebrity guest Snooki, against the team of Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. Trish's outfit displayed a body that had only improved since her departure from wrestling, by a strict yoga workout routine. This entry is last but certainly not least.

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Top 20 Hottest Outfits Worn By Trish Stratus In WWE