Top 20 Hottest Pictures From WWE.com Photoshoots

Earlier this year, during WrestleMania 32, the WWE announced that moving forward the female talent in the WWE will no longer be referred to as Divas. Instead, we are now going to refer to them as either Women or Superstars, but no more sexism by labeling all female's in the organization as Divas. It worked for awhile, during the Attitude and Golden Era's but then the Divas turned into a group of gorgeous wrestlers that, outside of the incredible AJ Lee, lacked talent worthy of the main roster.

But simply changing their title doesn't mean we have to pretend they never existed. In fact, now is the best time to take a stroll down memory lane and honor all of those beautifully sexy moments that they gave us, especially the WWE.com website.

Over the years, the official WWE site has grown into an online media experience cultivating in the addition of the WWE Network where you can access wrestling tapes and videos 24/7. One of their best features on the site is the photo search where you can literally find all of the greatest WWE Divas photo's ever shot.

Let's take a moment to appreciate what the Divas did for the company during a time when things got a little stale on the men's side of things. Here are the 20 Hottest Pictures from WWE.com Photoshoots.

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20 Aksana (Diva's Day Off)

via wwe.com

After spending a few years as a heel, the former FCW Divas Champion and Queen of FCW, Aksana was finally about to get her chance as a face in 2014. But just as a feud between Foxsana and Aksana took off, everything came crashing down when the WWE released her from her contract on June 12, 2014.

WrestleZone reported that Kevin Dunn, Vice President of WWE, was a big fan of Aksana's and was the reason she got such a push to the main roster. However, he started to "cool off" on his feelings towards her and it lead to her eventual departure as she had very little support backstage, or anywhere else for that matter. It just goes to show you how political the system is in the WWE.

19 Becky Lynch (Fight Club)

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At 29 years old, Becky Lynch is finally where she belongs, on the main roster. She would have been there much sooner but back in September of 2006, she suffered a serious head injury which caused possible damage to her eigth cranial nerve. She spent five years away from wrestling before showing back up in the Shimmer Women Athletes promotion in 2011, where she got her start.

The beautiful Irish female wrestler was a big part of the Women's Revolution in the WWE that has completely changed the women's division for the better.

She arrived along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks in 2015 and was the first woman to ever win the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship belt. In fact, she is the only woman to win the belt and is the current title holder.

18 Layla (Christmas '14)

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Before her time in the WWE, Layla had created quite the career for herself thanks to her performance background in dancing. She worked many different jobs including as a dancer with the Miami Heat, Carnival Cruise Lines, and even as a backup dancer for Kanye West. So she shocked a lot of people when she won the 2006 WWE Diva Search contest to earn herself a contract with the company.

Being older than most of her co-workers just added to the pressure of her role. She had to work even harder to remain relevant to the young audience members watching from home. Without their support, she would not have stuck around as long as she did. But once she got there, she became a champion after just a few years with the company.

17 Joy Giovanni (Santa's Little Helper)

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In 2005, Joy Giovanni won the WWE's Rookie Diva of the Year, an award that no one else can claim they won because it no longer exists. It actually ended the year after she won it. So she is not only the first winner of the award, she is the only and will forever remain so.

However, after a promising start to her first year in the WWE, she was cut on July 6, 2005. Her popularity rose quickly and fell just as fast when they misused the hell out her. She might have lacked the abilities that some of the other Divas possessed but she was talented nonetheless.

Her storyline with Big Show was part of her downfall. It rarely works out for a Diva to play the role of on-screen girlfriend in a fictional world during tough financial times. Her cut was part of a few that were also released that year.

16 Eva Marie (Patriotic Cowgirls)

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After serving a 30 day suspension for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy in August, Eva Marie has not been seen on any WWE live programming. However, she is about to show up on SmackDown Live, maybe even this week.

The beautiful red head is one of those women that has the "It" factor. The only thing she lacks is the wrestling skills that would have made her a star a very long time ago.

If you watch Total Divas you would also know that she is not loved by many on the roster because they don't seem to respect how the WWE is pushing her ahead of others without preparing her first. As she gets better, and improves her wrestling skills, the respect will come, trust us.

15 Stacy Keibler (At the Beach)

via wwe.com

When she arrived in the WWE, Stacy Keibler brought with her a set of legs that have become legendary in professional wrestling. They were long, sexy, and went all the way to the floor. Those legs turned her into one of the hottest Divas in both WCW and WWE history.

Not many people can say that they got their big break because of their beauty but Stacy Keibler can because she was spotted during a Monday Night Nitro live taping in the crowd wearing an nWo Wolfpac belly shirt. She ended up winning a contest and the rest is history.

We could have easily featured 15 more of her photos on this list but felt like it was not fair to let one woman dominate this entire post. But she could if we let her.

14 Mickie James ('08 Halloween Costume Contest)

via wwe.com

When the WWE fans were introduced to A. Lee, it was like Mickie James had a little sister, because these two women are the same person in the WWE and are two of the most popular Divas the company has ever had.

Mickie James was fun, sporty, and cute enough to grow into a Superstar in the WWE Women's Division. But it was her storyline with Trish Stratus that really sold her to the fans. The angle started off innocent and put the two ladies together as partners before eventually splitting apart as Mickie started to get more and more obsessed with her. It got to the point where Mickie was in love with her and the lesbian angle was born.

It did not hurt that she could rock the hell out of a mini-skirt either.

13 Candice Michelle (Festive Christmas Gift)

via wwe.com

When Candice Michelle first began her wrestling career, she was only known for one thing, she was the Go Daddy Girl from the Super Bowl commercial. You know, the one where her top pops off and she is left holding her top on, protecting her breasts from being exposed.

That was in 2005. Within a year, she was wrestling Trish Stratus, Lita, and Torrie Wilson and then, in 2007, she ended up claiming the WWE Women's Championship at Vengeance Night of Champions. It wasn't the best match but it was better than the junk we were seeing over the past few years.

That was the problem with Divas after most of these ladies left the ring, it got stale. From about 2008 until 2012, the Divas, outside of a few Superstars, were just plain not good enough anymore. Candice Michelle was thought of as a bad wrestler but she could run circles around Kelly Kelly or Maryse.

12 Summer Rae (Diva's Day Off)

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Every now and then, the WWE comes across a talented individual that they just cannot seem to figure out how to use. Summer Rae is one of those examples. She has all the abilities to be a Women's Champion but she is just not being used correctly. In fact, she has been missing since she was drafted to Raw earlier this year.

It is odd that someone would start earning some heat but then get shut down for nearly a year, as is the case with Summer. The WWE hasn't even announced why she has been missing from television so the fans have been causing quite the raucous trying to uncover the truth.

Maybe she will show up in November, if not, they might as well fire her because she is no longer useful to the company and could work elsewhere if so inclined.

11 Maryse (Halloween Costumes)

via wwe.com

Every year, around Halloween time, WWE.com posts some of the sexiest and glorious halloween costume pictures of their prized Divas. They started doing it around 2004 and 2005 and have since done it every single year giving us some incredible images, like Maryse as a French Maid.

For a long time, Maryse was wrestling in WWE until being released in 2011. It wasn't until April of this year that she showed back up, this time, as her real life husband's valet. She helped The Miz win back the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the fifth time in his career and has remained on as his manager.

Will she ever wrestle again? No one really knows yet but the odds are, she will not. She does not have to, so why do something that you just don't need to do anymore.

10 Sasha Banks (Rugby World Cup)

via wwe.com

Just when the WWE Women's Division was on the brink of collapsing, it found itself involved in a Revolution of brand new talent that has completely rejuvenated the brand, the roster, and the fans as well.

It started in 2014 with the introduction of Paige, who quickly defeated AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship, and it continued last year with the arrival of a few more NXT prospects, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. The three of them have raised the bar for female wrestling in the WWE.

You can thank any one of them but between the group of brand new faces in the WWE, Sasha Banks has done the most damage and is currently the most popular female wrestler in the world.

9 Rosa Mendes ('12 Focus)

via wwe.com

Before we start talking about how Rosa Mendes was never a good wrestler, let's first give her props for being one of the most beautiful Divas ever.

One of the WWE's biggest problems with the Women's Division between 2007 to 2011 was that most of their talent came from the WWE Diva Search, which began in 2003. The Diva Search was a competition where each week someone would get voted off, based on how the fans voting was going. So the WWE basically put up a handful of beautiful former models and asked the fans to vote for the most talented.

OK! Like that is going to ever happen. And just like you would expect, the hottest woman, not the most talented, would win every time. It weakened the entire division and set them back for years before 2014 when the new wave of stars began arriving.

8 Eve Torres (Thanksgiving Day)

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Of all the WWE Divas, Eve Torres is one of the most popular because she is also probably the sexiest of them all. She is a Boston-born, Cali-raised model and dancer who was a dancer for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers in 2006. She also has a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from USC and even graduated with honors. Most people would not look at the WWE Diva as someone who only wrestled because it was fun, but for Eve Torres, that is exactly the truth.

She has an Engineering degree from Southern California. So, she could have gotten a job right out of college that would not require her to throw her body around a wrestling ring everyday but that did not stop her from pursuing something she loved.

7 Nikki Bella (Best of 2015)

via wwe.com

The Bella Twins took a few years to really earn some respect in the WWE and it wasn't until the sisters went their separate ways that one of them started to shine.

Nikki, the oldest sister by about 16 minutes, is a two-time Diva's Champion that now owns the record for the longest title reign at 307 days. She defended it many of times during those 307 days so don't even try to make a claim about how she was injured and not even active for most of the reign, that just isn't the case.

But her solo career reached its' peak late in 2015 when Pro Wrestling Illustrated named her the number one wrestler in their annual Female 50 rankings. That is like being named the NFL MVP or NBA Finals MVP. It is a big deal and Nikki now has a cool award to showcase next to all of John Cena's.

6 Maria Kanellis (Classic Divas)

via wwe.com

When she was in WWE, Maria Kanellis wasn't the greatest of wrestlers. In fact, the most matches she wrestled in one year was 33, in 2008. If you compare that number to any of the other females in the WWE in 2008, that is about half as many matches.

There is nothing wrong with a WWE Diva that is as beautiful and sexy as Maria Kanellis not wrestling. Anyone who complained was just looking for trouble. She was never trying to pretend to be an amazing wrestler, she just played the hands she was being dealt (which included being a ditzy backstage interviewer). She has since turned into a much better wrestler and is now in TNA where she just recently lost the TNA Knockouts Championship to Gail Kim.

5 Trish Stratus (Wanna Wrestle?)

via wwe.com

There has never been a more exciting female presence in the WWE, both in and out of the ring, like when Trish Stratus showed up and completely changed the perception of the entire Women's Division.

The former Canadian fitness model got her start with the WWE in 2000 and quickly rose to the top of the rankings in the Women's Division. She was one of four women to ever have won the WWE Hardcore Championship, is a seven-time WWE Women's Champion, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Woman of the Year four times, and PWI's Woman of the Decade.

Her feuds with Victoria and Lita were some of the best women's wrestling we had ever seen. She did it for about six years before semi-retiring in 2006.

4 Torrie Wilson (Vintage Torrie)

via wwe.com

Torrie Wilson is a rare combination of strength, talent, and beauty. When we first were introduced to Torrie in the WWE, no one knew much about her besides that she came over from WCW. They did not know she was a fitness model and competitor and worked very hard at her nearly perfect body that she was parading around the ring in lingerie, bikinis, and white t-shirts.

She aligned herself with Stacy Keibler and together, the two of them would give us some of the hottest moments in professional wrestling history. From the Lingerie matches to the Eggnog matches, there was hardly any matches that these women would not fight in. But her most memorable feud was with Dawn Marie and the infamous hotel room storyline involving her father and a secret tape of Torrie and Dawn together, in a hotel room, in one of the most sensual moments in television.

She has even posed for Playboy, twice.

3 Alexa Bliss (Supervillain)

via wwe.com

At 5-1, Alexa Bliss is one of the shortest wrestlers in WWE history. But that is not something that has stopped her, or even slowed her down. Before she even began wrestling, she was a female bodybuilder, proving, once again, that it does not matter how big you are, you can do anything as long as you work hard for it.

For the past three years, Alexa continued to work hard while in NXT until she was finally too big for that level and was ready for her shot at the big time. So, after waiting a long time, she finally earned a spot on SmackDown Live when she was drafted to the company earlier this summer.

Within a week, she was wrestling Becky Lynch and on August 9th, she won her first, of many, matches.

2 Paige (Extreme Divas)

via wwe.com

Just a few weeks ago, Paige was suspended by the WWE for violation of the companies Wellness Policy. That could mean many different things but the one thing it means to fans, drug abuse. However, that is not what she was suspended for, according to her father, Ricky Knight, who opened up on Facebook about the whole ordeal.

He explained that the suspension was for the prescription painkillers she was taking to help treat her neck injury she had been suffering with for quite some time now.

She had surgery on October 19th to fix the neck and she revealed that she had a hernia in her neck that was removed and they had to insert three screws to secure it. The injury will keep her out until 2017 but the suspensions she had been dealing with this year have been more than confusing, to say the least.

1 AJ Lee (Unseen Classic Diva Photos)

via wwe.com

Every single person has their own personality traits that differentiate them from the rest of the world. But only a few of them have enough charisma and character to have an "It" factor.

AJ Lee has those features, and plenty more. As Enzo Amore would say, "this is AJ Lee, and she's hot as hell, and you can't teach that!" Her beauty is not something chemically produced, it's all natural and her smile, well, that is just icing on the cake. She is one of the sweetest self-proclaimed comic book nerds the WWE Diva's Division has ever witnessed.

There was even a time when she brought the house down and had one of the most epic shoot promos in Raw's history when she completely destroyed the entire Diva's Division for not being worthy enough of her Championship belt. It was a speech that ended with a mic drop and became one of her final moments in the WWE.

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