Top 20 Hottest Pictures Of The Attitude Era

The Attitude Era represented the WWE in its boldest stage ever, as the company dared to show things during their events that others wouldn't, making for some of the most entertaining wrestling shows i

The Attitude Era represented the WWE in its boldest stage ever, as the company dared to show things during their events that others wouldn't, making for some of the most entertaining wrestling shows in the history of the business. Going up against WCW in the Monday Night Wars for wrestling supremacy, the WWE created some of the raunchiest content in its history, and the women at the time were used mostly as eye-candy.

The Attitude Era was a time when sexuality trumped actual wrestling when it came to women, as matches like "Evening Gowns" or "Bra and Panties" were a mainstay at the time as the WWE hired stunning women who attracted a lot of viewers. Some of the hottest divas of all time in the likes of Sable, Terri Runnels and Trish Stratus rose in the company because of their striking bodies and erotic demeanors, which got them over with the crowd.

These women didn't only have to look stunning inside the ring; they also had to look hot as hell outside it, as they loved to show off their heavenly figures, being a pleasurable sight for the fans.

Let's take a look 20 of the hottest pictures from the Attitude Era.

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20 Trish Stratus Really Is Magical


Trish Stratus entered the WWE when the Attitude Era was closing towards its end, as she debuted as a manager for Test and Albert as they went onto feud with Team Extreme. She would then hang around with Mr. McMahon as his glorified slave, before changing her focus towards wrestling. But Trish looked extremely hot right from the start of her WWE career, as it can be seen in this picture of her donning that magician's hat and cane, looking irresistibly sexy. The outfit only makes her seem more amazing, as Trish wasn't only a great wrestler but a stunner to the eyes as well and this picture of her goes on to show why she was hired by the company.

19 Lita Like You've Never Seen Her


Lita is someone every fan who watched wrestling during the Attitude Era or even the Ruthless Aggression Era will know very well, as the diva wasn't only a sizzling hottie but a spectacular wrestler who gave it her all in the ring. The multiple time Women's Champion can be seen in this picture during her glory days, as she shows off her spectacular body and amazing assets in a revealing manner. We're used to bikini photoshoots and her punk rock in-ring gear, but to see her with studs and chains like this is a rare sight indeed!

18 Tori Likes Animal Print


Tori was one of the more well toned Divas in the WWE during the Attitude Era, as the former body-builder had some serious muscles on her which made her an intimidating diva at the time. She debuted as Sable's fan and even challenged Sable to a match at WrestleMania XV, but lost due to interference from Nicole Bass. Tori would later feud with Ivory, going onto have the first female hardcore match against her, losing in the process. She'd later return as the girlfriend of Kane, who quickly grew hysterical as D-Generation X tried to recruit her. She would leave Kane for X-Pac, join DX for a bit but an injury meant the end of her WWE career (though she'd return in a Black Ninja gimmick to help Raven). Even though Tori had a muscular body, she was pretty hot and this picture of her at the time shows how amazing her body was and her sizzling assets in this picture go onto show how stunning she really was.

17 Molly Holly Has Some Serious Curves


Molly Holly came into the WWE late into the Attitude Era, but would be a force to be reckoned with as she started to peak just as the golden era of women's wrestling approached. Holly would be one of the best things about women's wrestling, as she'd win the Women's Championship 2 times in her career, while winning the Hardcore Title once as well. Even though Holly lost was shaved bald after losing to Victoria and dressed more to wrestle than to be eye-candy, she was a beauty in her early days as this picture of her in a photoshoot goes onto show exactly how gorgeous she truly was. With the beautiful hair and stunning figure, she is dazzling in this picture as one's perception of her can be changed with this spectacular picture which shows the real sexy side of her.

16 We <3 Debra


Debra came into the WWE as a manager, as she would accompany Jeff Jarrett to the ring but soon caught the attention of the audience as she started to flaunt her "puppies" which were always on display. She would win the WWE Women's Championship from Sable in a rather controversial manner in an Evening Gown match, but couldn't hold onto the title for long. She'd soon go on to make only sporadic appearances, but was definitely one of the sexiest women in the WWE at the time. This picture of her showing her "puppies" and spectacular figure go on to show why she was so popular, showcasing why she had a huge fan-following going at the time.

15 The Kat's Sexy Swimsuit


Stacy "The Kat" Carter was also brought in the WWE as a valet, but her sexual antics made her a big hit among the audience and forced the WWE to push her into the women's title picture. The Kat had an amazing figure and wasn't afraid of revealing her assets either, as she won her first and only WWE Women's Championship in a Four Corners Evening Gown Pool match. She had the reputation for a sizzling figure, as she wore many eye-catching outfits throughout her career and dazzled everyone with her revealing clothes which showcased her outstanding figure superbly, as the Kat's superb body is what kept her in the company at the time and this sizzling picture goes on to show why.

14 Terri Runnels


Debuting as "Marlena" who was the manager of Goldust, Terri Runnels always had that erotic irresistibility to herself as she smoked while watching the matches which added to her sexiness. She'd later be part of many story-lines which were focused to display her sexual predator side more, as she'd once even have a sex slave and fool around with people. But Runnels had the most gorgeous body to pull it off, as this picture of her during a photo-shoot back in the days shows why she was one of the sexiest elements of the Attitude era as we can see her glorious body at its best and Terri was definitely a stunner back in the days and this dazzling picture of her goes only show why she had a fan-following at the time, as her superb figure and attractive looks is what kept her relevant in the company for all those years.

13 Ivory


Ivory was another sight for sore eyes who didn't really show off her figure that much in the WWE and let her wrestling do most of the talking, but when she did reveal her stunning figure, it left many floored. Ivory was one of the better wrestlers of the Attitude era as she won the WWE Women's Championship 3 times and was part of some crucial story-lines involving Divas at the time as she was quite the formidable wrestler, but was a stunner looks-wise as well. This picture of Ivory which was taken in a photo-shoot shows exactly how hot she was, as this revealing blue dress almost bares it all for her as we can see how sexy her figure really was, and even though many might have not noticed how stunning she was back in the day, this picture goes onto show that she wasn't far behind the other hot divas in terms of looks as this is something which can definitely turn one to love her because of how sexy she is looking in it.

12 Sunny


Sunny was one of the reasons on why the Attitude era came into being, as the beautiful blonde is regarded as one of the best managers in WWE history and also one of the sexiest women in WWE history. Sunny went onto manage many wrestlers in her career, as she started to manage the Bodydonnas at first but then moved onto manage The Godwinns for a point of time. She also managed Farooq for a short amount of time, also managing The Legion of Doom towards the end of her WWE career. But Sunny was mostly relevant for her sensational looks, as this picture of her in a photo-shoot shows exactly how hot she was back in the days as she has the most perfect figure even a model would be envious off, and her beautiful looks and sexy assets make her the woman of any man's dreams. Although she might have ruined her reputation recently with all her antics, she was the dream of many back in the day and going by this sexy picture, who wouldn't?

11 Trish Stunning At The Beach


Trish Stratus has been an icon in the WWE ever since she appeared in the company, as she might not have joined the WWE at the core of the Attitude era, but she was definitely the stunner during its latter part. The 7 time WWE Women's Champion was quite the stunner upon her arrival in the WWE, as she often did many photo-shoots showing off her body as she had a figure which many models would be envious off. This picture of Trish showing off her body at beachside is the stuff of dreams for many, as her stunning body is on display in this sexy picture as the Hall of Famer not only had a perfect body, but also had the assets and looks to charm anyone at her time as this gorgeous picture of her flaunting her body goes onto show why she was beloved by the audience during her time in the WWE.

10 The Beautiful Blonde Bombshell Barbara "BB" Bush


Not many remember Barbara Bush from the Attitude Era, but she was part of some of the really raunchy stuff in the company and wasn't afraid to bare it all either. Bush came in as an EMT on WWE TV, but later went onto be revealed as Barbara Bush, with her stunning figure making her the perfect fit for some erotic matches. She had a short feud with Ivory as the two tried to strip each other (literally) in the matches and Bush even went topless, something only Triple H would get to see. She would be part of some swimsuit competitions later on, as this dazzling picture of her at the time goes onto show her "assets" superbly. This gorgeous blonde wasn't afraid to show off her figure and is looking hot as ever in this particular picture of her back in the day.

9 Stunning Stephanie


Stephanie McMahon has probably become hotter as she has grown, as she still looks like a million bucks at the age of 40, appearing on almost every episode of Monday Night Raw where she is the commissioner. Stephanie has been in the company for almost 2 decades now, as she looks very different from what she looked like when she was new to the company, but she was still pretty hot back then. McMahon also won the WWE Women's Championship once during the Attitude Era, as this picture of her posing with the title shows how hot she was back in the day, as she dazzles with her beauty. Stephanie looks well-toned and stunning in this picture, as she might have become hotter with age, but was quite the stunner back in the day as well.

8 Three Hot Ladies Having Fun


The Attitude Era definitely had its share of gorgeous divas who had some of the most astonishing figures which helped to use them as eye-candy for the company, as almost every Diva at the time had a sexy figure which got them over with the crowd. So it was rather obvious that many of the divas would have photoshoots to flaunt their well-toned figure to the people, as we can see in this picture where WWE Divas Chyna, Lita and Debra are showing off their spectacular figures by wearing white bikinis. They seem to be having fun in this picture, as the sexy bodies of these divas along with their glaring "assets" goes onto show why they were so popular in the company and this rare picture is the stuff of dreams for some.

7 Sable Posing For Playboy Magazine


Probably one of the most erotic WWE Divas of all time, Sable was definitely not afraid of showing herself off during her time in the WWE and as her popularity began to peak after her initial debut with Marc Mero, she went her own way and dazzled everyone else with her five star body and beautiful looks. She was the perfect model for the WWE to revolve their divas division around, as she was also offered to pose for Playboy. This picture of her posing for the cover of the famous magazine shows her wearing this hot, skin-tight ensemble as she looks absolutely gorgeous (it's a shame we can't show any of the actual pictures inside the magazine...). This picture goes on to show why she was so highly regarded by the WWE, as she would pose for Playboy multiple times in her career, with this stunning photo showing her sexiness at its best.

6 Jacqueline Covering Up


Jacqueline was the first African-American woman to really gain any success in the WWE, as she debuted by feuding with Sable, but soon won the WWE Women's Championship, becoming the first African-American woman to do so. She'd have quite the career in the WWE after that, having a stint as part of the Pretty Mean Sisters and also winning the Women's Championship a second time later on. But she was also pretty hot as well and dazzled everyone with her eye-catching figure which can be seen in its most glowing light in this revealing picture, where she's topless with her hands covering her chest. Jacqueline looks stunning in this picture as this photo from a shoot goes onto show how sexy she really was, as her gorgeous looks were also a reason for her rise in the company.

5 The Sultry Cynthia Lynch


Another Diva who probably won't be remembered by many, Cynthia Lynch had a short time in the WWE but got her name in the history books in that time nonetheless. She didn't have much training in wrestling before coming to the WWE, as she was made to be one of the "hos" for The Godfather and had some feuds with the divas at the time while in developmental. She gained relevance out of nowhere, as she won the Hardcore Championship (which was under the 24x7 defending rule at the time) from Crash Holly, even though she would lose it almost minutes later. Unfortunately she was released soon after, but this picture of her at her prime looks to be absolutely stunning as she's glowing in that gorgeous white bikini and showing off her superbly toned figure amazingly.

4  4. Debra's Sizzling Photoshoot


Now we've already pondered into how Debra used to look on WWE TV and when inside the ring, but it turns out that her photos-hoots outside the company were just as amazing, as she can be seen in this picture wearing this bikini and pulling it off amazingly. The beautiful woman had a very well maintained figure, and because of WWE's constant promotion of it, her assets or "puppies" are the main point of attraction in this sizzling picture of her during a photoshoot. She maintained her figure very well at the time and her hard-work seems to have paid off, as this outstanding picture of her goes onto show why she's regarded as one of the hottest divas of all time and this picture displays her "assets" and stunning figure amazingly.

3 The Red Hotness Of Lita


Lita was a dream for many during her WWE run, as she was not only one of the most athletic women on the roster, but also one of the most gorgeous women in the WWE as this picture of her during the Attitude Era is absolutely sensational. So this rare picture of her showing the red goddess in all her glow is absolutely sensational, as the multiple time Women's Championship seems to be showing off her gorgeous figure very well in this picture, as the color of red everywhere also goes on with her figure and color superbly and makes for a heavenly picture which shows the hotness of Lita amazingly. The Hall of Famer still looks pretty good, but this stunning picture of her at her early stages during the Attitude era goes onto show how sexy she really was back in the days as well.

2 Miss Kitty's Dazzling Beauty


Stacy Carter was known in the WWE for having multiple gimmicks, but Miss Kitty was her first gimmick in the company as she started to dress like Chyna(whom she was managing at the time) by wearing a black wig and dressing like the phenomenal woman as well. Before becoming "The Kat", Stacy Carter was sizzling as Miss Kitty as she rocked that black wig amazingly and in this picture of her in the days of her gimmick of Miss Kitty, she looks absolutely gorgeous as she's pulling off that beautiful hair perfectly with her beautiful looks and superb figure which is the reason she got over in the company in the first place. Carter was a sight for sore eyes at the time, and this rare picture of her posing in a photoshoot shows her character of Miss Kitty in its most sexiest form and displays exactly how hot she was at the time.

1 Sable Bares It All 


Now We've already seen earlier on upon how popular and sexy Sable really was during the Atttiude era, as she was the top diva at the time and her popularity was soaring because of all the antics she pulled. Although she was pretty popular during her time with Marc Mero, but she decided to take it up a notch when she met Jacqueline in a bikini contest in Fully Loaded in 1998. While Jacqueline was stunning herself with that amazing figure, Sable decided to up the ante as she stripped topless, with only handprints covering her breasts. This caught a lot of cheers from the crowd who almost started worshipping her afterwards, as this image of the moment go onto show how hot she was during the time, as she was also pretty bold and intelligent to put those handprints which helped her bare it all but not quite. This also led to a push later on and making various covers for PlayBoy magazine, as Sable was the ultimate dream for any wrestling fan at the time with this stunning picture the one which put her on the map.

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Top 20 Hottest Pictures Of The Attitude Era