Top 20 Hottest Pictures Of The Ruthless Aggression Era

Anyone who has followed the wrestling business over the decades would be able to tell you that there is no time period in wrestling that is more romanticized than the Attitude Era. As a result, it sho

Anyone who has followed the wrestling business over the decades would be able to tell you that there is no time period in wrestling that is more romanticized than the Attitude Era. As a result, it should be obvious that the period that followed it had a difficult road to tow if it wanted to stack up to it at all in the minds of wrestling fans.

That difficult task fell upon the hefty shoulders of the Ruthless Aggression Era, and while it will never be seen in the same way as its predecessor, there is no doubt that fans have fond memories of those years. One of the most noteworthy changes that viewers noticed has to be the way the “Divas Division” was booked. Following up on a period of time that is remembered fondly for the incredible female talents, the ladies that were then hired got their jobs due to their looks. While the match quality slowly but surely began to dip, there was one positive for those who like to look at sexy ladies, as there were a lot of hot moments that were photographed at that time.

In order for a photo to be considered for this list, it needed to be taken during the Ruthless Aggression Era, which is defined as taking place between 20002 and 2008. However, the photos don’t have to have been taken directly from WWE television, as long as the person featured was working for the company at the time. With those requirements in mind, let’s get to the list.

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31 Molly Holly’s Bikini


A photo from one of the many bikini photoshoots the WWE put on at the time, these specials would be named things like "Tropical Pleasure" or "Desert Heat" but they were really all about the ladies. While it was typically the case that women like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler or Lita that got the lion’s share of the attention due to their amazing figures, Molly Holly was a gorgeous gal. Often pushed in WWE’s television storylines as the frumpy one of the bunch who was reluctant to show off her body, this photo proves that in any typical group of women she would be scorching. Even amongst the tough competition for inclusion on this list this photo met, it was never far from our minds and it became obvious that it needed to take a spot.

30 HLA


We’ve already touched upon the fact that this time period was seen as a step down by nearly everyone from the years that preceded it. As a result of gigantic stars like The Rock or Steve Austin walking away from the ring, the WWE’s ratings began to decline and in their attempts to bring them back up certain gimmicks were tried that you wouldn’t see today. One of those moments is pretty difficult to forget for viewers at the time and was marketed as HLA. A Monday Night Raw segment in which a couple of local female wrestlers came to the ring, undressed one another and kissed before being attacked, it is seen as a lowlight by many for good reason. Still, the WWE produced another segment based around HLA and the results were a lot more titillating as it included a couple of women slowly undressing a woman we knew, Stephanie McMahon.


28 Christy Hemme’s On The Cover


The first of several Playboy covers that have found their way onto this list, this time around it is the first ever winner of the Divas Search, Christy Hemme, that was chosen to grace the magazine’s pages. A fiery redhead with a body that was very fit, the opportunity to see her in her birthday suit was one that had millions of wrestling fans around the world salivating at the possibilities. Although we can’t see any of her private parts in this particular photo, it is arousing to realize that just a few pages after this one were graced were many photographs that did. On top of that, the fact that she is bottomless here and her nether regions are only obscured by the positioning of her leg and a strategically placed piece of fabric really gets the mind going.



25 Fatal Foursome


The second, and last, photo on this list that came from one of the WWE’s bikini photoshoots that were prevalent back then, this time around four lovely ladies were included in the action. What a foursome it was too as Stacy Keibler, Victoria, Trish Stratus, and Lita were definitely among the hottest women on the roster at the time and arguably ever. All wearing skimpy bikinis, it is marvelous to see so much flesh on display. While there aren't any one of these ladies that stand out amongst the rest, considering they all are rocking super fit bodies and have curves like crazy, but there is one aspect of the photo that stands out. The fact that the rears of Victoria and Trish Stratus are in direct contact with one another has to be fantasy fodder for anyone happy enough to notice.

24 Rated R Show


Edge was someone who the WWE was clearly grooming to be a part of their main event picture for years before they finally decided to give him a shot and have him win the big belt. Making a huge deal out of his ascension to the top of the card, Edge promised fans an unforgettable segment that perfectly fit his Rated R Superstar character afterward. Taking his girlfriend at the time, Lita, to the ring with him, the pair took part in a “Live Sex Celebration” in the middle of the ring, surrounded by thousands of fans and with million around the world watching. Undressing Lita in the process, she was totally topless under the sheets, as proven by the fact that her one breast was accidentally caught on tape at one point. The fact that we know her bare chest is but a sheet away is more than enough to put a huge smile on our faces.

23 Mickie & Trish Kiss


One of the most acclaimed feuds featuring women the WWE has ever put on, Mickie James and Trish Stratus’ storyline where Mickie was obsessed with the WWE veteran turned a lot of heads. A couple of performers that are pretty much always in the conversation of the best women wrestlers of all-time, their matches were always fantastic. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that the sexually provocative parts of their story didn’t play a significant role in what made it so remarkable. Taking on a role that brings to mind a stalker, Mickie’s behaviour towards the object of her eye, Trish, also included an aspect of sexual attraction. Personified in this moment in which she planted a big kiss on the lips of her peer, it absolutely sent a lot of people’s mind running in appreciation of the visual.

22 Melina’s Entrance


Joining the WWE main roster as the manager of a tag team, the trio was known as MNM and they quickly made a huge impact on the division. Accompanied by a pair of dynamic in-ring performers, Melina still managed to steal the world’s attention due in large part to her distinctive manner of entering the ring. Putting one leg on the apron and then thrusting herself up and doing the splits, it gave the audience and television watchers an appealing view each time. Although a lot of the photos of her entrance were too revealing and provocative to be featured here, this one gives us a great view of what she is working with even though she is totally covered. Blessed with an ample backside, her attributes are quite something to behold.

21 Kelly Kelly’s Expose


One of the youngest women to ever be given a prominent role on WWE television, Kelly Kelly was a model when the WWE came calling and made her television debut at the age of nineteen. Introduced as an overtly sexual character, she was a part of the relaunched ECW roster and starred in her own segments each week. Called Extreme Expose, they would feature her doing a strip show in front of the crowd each week that would end for the first several weeks just after taking her top off but before actually exposing her chest to the audience. Always put to an end by her onscreen boyfriend at the time, Mike Knox, the audience would be disappointed that they didn’t get to see the goods but as far as things got was always a good sight to behold.

20 Torrie Wilson’s Cover


When Torrie Wilson broke into the wrestling industry as part of WCW’s roster, wasn’t hired because she was a particularly skilled athlete or due to years of in-ring experience. In fact, neither of those things were probably ever said in relation to her during her career yet she remained gainfully employed in the industry for just about a decade. A feat that is impressive considering she was never a dynamo in the ring and was, frankly, pretty atrocious on a microphone, there is only one reason she was able to have such longevity, she is stunning. That is why so many people stood up at attention when it was announced that she would disrobe and then have her photo taken for publication in Playboy magazine. Seen topless here with only her arms to cover her naughty bits, she has cleavage for days and it is hard to not get lost in it.

19 Stacy Sprayed


It is crazy to look back on as it is the opposite of how their business is now but for those that don’t recall it, let us inform you that the WWE actually co-promoted a pay-per-view with Girls Gone Wild. In their efforts to get the word out about the upcoming event and convince people to pay to see it, they had an especially salacious segment air on RAW one week. Featuring a wet T-Shirt contest that was actually somewhat tame, they had one of the hosts of the upcoming event, Stacy Keibler in the ring with the unknown women that took part. Then it came to an end with Stacy stealing the spotlight by allowing Jerry Lawler to spray her butt, which she pretty much presented to him and the world, with water which is what you are looking at here. Need we say more?

18 Torrie & Candace Water Fight


The second photo on this list to feature the heavy use of water, this time instead of being sprayed with water, the women involved were just shy of bathing in it. A water fight that featured Torrie Wilson and Candace Michelle wearing all white clothing, the pair literally poured water and threw water balloons at one another which was extremely revealing. There really isn’t much in this world that is hotter than a woman with water running down their supple flesh and this match was that phenomenon personified. Although this photo is but one moment in the mind-boggling “match” it truly is one of the best parts.

17 Maryse’s Vignettes


A mainstay of WWE Smackdown these days, it may have been forgotten by many that Maryse appeared in a series of backstage vignettes that saw her appear in captivating poses with little clothes on. A unique manner of introducing one of the sexiest women to ever call a WWE ring her home, this French-Canadian oozes sex from her every pore. Having previously appeared competing in a season of the Divas Search, her aloof attitude resulted in her being eliminated but that didn’t mean that fans didn’t want to see more of her. Fortunately for them, these segments allowed for just that as her appearances became more regular and her outfits skimpier. All that we can say while looking at a photo like this is The Miz is a lucky man.

16 Torrie Wilson & Sable’s Cover


We’ve already featured a Playboy cover with Torrie Wilson on it but this time around things have been taken another step further. No longer by herself, this time around she is accompanied by Sable, a woman who was a WWE legend at the time due to being one of the first women employed by the company whose identity was linked with her sexuality. Someone who had left the company for years on end, Sable had recently come back into the fold and was quickly thrust into a storyline with Torrie Wilson, more on that later. A sexy pair who looked amazing together, someone had the brainstorm to include them in a Playboy pictorial together, which made sense since they’d both already posed for the magazine before, and it was brilliant. Pictured together here, they are still dressed but knowing that was about to change and they would be nude in each other’s direct proximity soon after this photo was taken is splendid.

15 Lingerie Battle Royale


A photo that features the likes of Stacy Keibler, Victoria, Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and several other of the WWE’s hottest female performers ever in school girl outfits, this is a mind-blowing image. For any wrestling fan that has come of age after the conclusion of the Ruthless Aggression Era, the idea that the WWE would take their female performers and put them in outfits like that must be unthinkable. However, in a time that was flush with matches that could only be won by stripping your opponents of their clothes, this didn’t come as too big of a surprise. Still, despite the fact that this was almost par for the course at the time, looking back at it and seeing so many alluring ladies in the ring with such a sparse amount of clothes on is hot as hell.







8 Maria Kanellis' Cover


The final Playboy cover to grace our list, this is our top pick for a number of reasons. First off, there is no debate in our minds that Maria Kanellis, as she is known now, is the type of woman who seems like she’d have to try really hard to look bad. Secondly, at the time this magazine was announced to be coming out she didn’t seem like someone we might ever get the opportunity to see in the nude. After all, the other women on Playboy covers we’ve included here had a sexy edge to their characters from the get go while Maria was portrayed at the time as an innocent ditz. Finally, she looks amazing here and even though we can’t see her private parts here there is an element to her top that allows us to obviously see a lot of her boobs.

7 Summerslam Car Wash


From this point on, all of the photos on this list were in real contention to take the number one slot on this list and even as we write about them, there is some part of us that thinks they belong there. A picture that was taken as part of a campaign to promote the 2005 edition of Summerslam, it involves pretty much the entire diva's roster at the time in skimpy clothing while wet. Including several women who’ve already been featured on this list and others, like Joy Giovanni, Michelle McCool, and Jackie Gayda, seeing them all wet and sudsy is dazzling to the eyes. We’re not sure if this campaign improved the buy rate for the pay-per-view but it definitely worked for us considering we immediately thought of it when putting this list together.

6 Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie Kiss


Another moment that instantly came to us when putting this list together, this photo arguably came about as part of one of the crappiest WWE storylines ever. A feud that took place between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie and revolved around Dawn seducing, marrying, and then having a hand in “the death” of Torrie’s dad, it was silly and outrageous in all of the worst ways. Often extremely cringe-inducing due to the horrible acting of all involved and the poor writing of the characters, it lurched forward week after week much to the annoyance of many viewers. The sole part of it that many people look back on fondly, this segment illogically was centered on Dawn blackmailing Torrie and claiming she’d break it off with her dad if she slept with her. While that is just an odd sentence for us to write, we can forget all of that garbage and just enjoy these two exquisite women embracing.



3 Lita Teases Matt Hardy


At one time seen as one of the most beloved couples in wrestling history, Matt Hardy and Lita spent years as a duo inside the ring and out. Then, it came to light that while Matt was at home nursing an injury, Lita had an affair with one of his closest friends, Edge. Thrust into a feud after Matt was fired for going public about it all and then was rehired due to a massive fan outcry, the two men’s matches were seen as much more of a blood feud than the others on the card. While things were tense between all three parties, it was somehow even more striking when Matt would be seen onscreen with his former lover, Lita. One of the sexiest moments in WWE history we can think of is when Lita sought out Matt backstage and proceeded to taunt him with her body. Wearing a hoodie that covered her torso, she slowly undid it until the moment this image stems from where she was wearing a top that just barely covered her up.

2 Stacy Puts On A Show


One of the most famous women to ever work for the WWE, due in large part to her time dating George Clooney and her time on Dancing with the Stars, Stacy Keibler is also one of the sexiest. Blessed with legs for days, she joined the wrestling world after showing off her looks and skills as part of a search for more Nitro Girls WCW put on. Eventually brought into the WWE after they bought out their competition, she added a huge amount of sex appeal to their product and shows. Case in point, this moment from Monday Night Raw, where she got up on at the announce booth and proceeded to put on a strip show for Jerry Lawler. Showing off her best feature, her ravishing rear end, there is no doubt that it is one of the hottest photos from the era.

1 Torrie Wilson Teases Sable


Remember earlier when we said we’d touch on Sable and Torrie Wilson being put into a storyline together? This is what we meant. On an episode of Smackdown from 2003, Sable was brought out as the host of an invitational bikini contest. Entered by both Dawn Marie and Nidia, it wasn’t until Torrie Wilson joined the fray that the crowd became really interested and they ended up being far from disappointed. Coming out in a robe, Torrie eventually took it off and rubbed all over Sable in a moment that was totally arousing for the majority of those that watched. Add in the fact that she teased Sable with a lollipop, even rubbing it in her cleavage and having her lick it before putting it back in her mouth and the minds of many adolescents began to race.

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Top 20 Hottest Pictures Of The Ruthless Aggression Era