Top 20 Hottest Pictures Of WWE Women Working Out

Through the years, the image of women in WWE has changed by leaps as they initially gained a lot of recognition in the Attitude Era for their raunchy, erotic behavior. While they were used mostly as eye-candy at the time, that changed once the Monday Night Wars were won by the WWE and the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita brought in the "Golden Era of Women's Wrestling" with their impeccable feud. These two showed how women can be equally good as the men when it came to wrestling, putting in memorable matches to win over the fans.

The Golden Era laid the groundwork for Women's Wrestling in the WWE, which dipped for a few years after Trish and Lita left. But it's picked up amazingly over the past few years, as women's wrestling is getting much more focus right now rather than the sexualization of the "divas". These women now have to work and train hard to perform consistently, but do display their sexy side in some pictures of them working it out in the gym.

While these pictures of WWE's Women working out are meant to show how hard they work to get to the top, one can't help but notice just how hot these women look while working out.

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20 Alexa Bliss

via wwe.com

Alexa Bliss has jumped leaps and bounds in the WWE over the past year or so, as the "Goddess of WWE" has asserted her position at the top with her amazing heel character and stunning looks. The Raw Women's Champion hasn't gotten to where she is without hard-work, as Bliss is also a former body-builder and spends a lot of time in the gym. This picture of Alexa working out shows just how gorgeous she can look even when she's going hard in the gym. Alexa looks absolutely stunning in this picture where she's lifting weights and this shows just how hot she can look even she doesn't want to. Bliss' perfect figure is quite apparent in this sexy picture where she proves that she can look like a knockout whenever she wants to.

19 Emma

via officialfan.proboards.com

Emma has transformed herself from a goofy character to one of the hottest women in the WWE over the years, as she worked really hard to get herself to the "Emmalina" figure. Emma has been quite undermined by the company who haven't utilized her all that well, but she's definitely kept herself in a top shape over the years. This picture of Emma working out outside shows just how sexy she can look even when she's training, as her exquisite figure stands out in this sensuous picture. Emma's amazing assets can be seen in shining light in this picture which not only proves that she works really hard to have become what she is now, but she can now also flaunt her terrific figure with much pride.

18 Mandy Rose

via instagram.com

Mandy Rose might not have won the "Tough Enough" contest last year, but her impressive work in the competition along with her attractive looks got her a place in WWE NXT. She has wrestled a few matches in NXT, but she mostly spends her time training harder and this picture of Rose's gym selfie shows just how much of a smoking hot women she really is. Rose looks absolutely amazing in this selfie where she's flaunting her perfect figure and her "assets" with her tight outfit and one can see why she's being developed as an NXT Diva. She has the looks to make it in the WWE and is seemingly training hard to develop the wrestling skills, but we're happy as long as she keeps on posting these kinds of stunning pictures.

17 Charlotte

via muscleandfitness.com

Charlotte has asserted herself as the rightful "Queen" of WWE over the past few years, as she seems like royalty in the Women's Division with her incredible work ever since stepping into the main roster. Ric Flair's daughter hasn't become what she is on her dad's reputation, but has worked really hard to attain that stunning figure and is almost a fitness freak in real life. This picture of Charlotte working out shows just how much of an insane hard-worker she is in the gym and how she manages to look absolutely gorgeous at that as well. Charlotte looks sexy in this picture where she's working out, as she has the looks of a Queen who has worked herself to the limit to reach the top of the Women's Division, which has resulted in all her successes and an incredible figure as well.

16 Lana

via wwe.com

Lana has been quite the marvel ever since debuting with Rusev in the WWE, as the Ravishing Russian has definitely stayed worthy of her name because of her stunning looks. Lana has developed from a manager to a wrestler really well, as she has had to work really hard to train herself to become a wrestler who will have her official debut at Money in the Bank. But Lana isn't just all about looks, as she works out really hard with her husband as this picture of her training shows. Lana is doing skipping in this picture where she's also wearing a really sexy outfit and is looking smoking hot as ever. Lana is definitely one of the hottest women in the WWE right now as it can be seen through this gorgeous picture and her hard work in the gym is the reason for her ravishing looks.

15 Paige

via wwe.com

Paige has become a controversial person in the world of wrestling ever since her leaks a few months ago, but there's no doubt about her wrestling ability. The way she climbed the ladder in WWE was nothing short of extraordinary and nothing can diminish what she has accomplished in the company. Paige worked really hard to get where she was and is known to put in a lot of work in the gym, as it can be seen in this stunning picture of her working out. She seems to be lifting weights in an intense training session but manages to look extremely hot at the same time as well. Paige's amazing figure and gorgeous looks definitely stand out in this amazing picture which proves that her beauty will be intact even during the most intense periods of training.

14 Eva Marie

via wwe.com

Eva Marie was a wrestler who definitely had a lot of opinions on her because of how she was pushed by the WWE despite lacking in wrestling skills, but one thing which kept her at a high ground in the WWE was her stunning looks. Marie is still contracted with the company but hasn't performed in a long time as she's slowly moving into modelling or something else, but did work hard to become a WWE wrestler. This picture shows how Eva trained to become a proper WWE wrestler as she's seemingly working really hard in this sexy picture. She is looking extremely hot in this picture with her "assets" shining through and Marie might not have had what it takes to be a proper wrestler, but she definitely wooed many with her incredible looks as she's doing so in this picture.

13 Dana Brooke

via 411mania.com

Dana Brooke might not be a favorite of many WWE fans because of her "inferior" wrestling skills, but she's definitely worked hard to climb the WWE ladder. Brooke is obviously a former professional body-builder who got recruited in NXT for her stunning physique. She has definitely shown a rather sexy side of her after joining WWE and shaped herself really well, as this picture of her working out shows how much of an amazing athlete she is. She's doing push-ups on one hand and manages to look pretty hot with her "assets" being on full display as well. Brooke might be on the muscular side because of her amazing training regime, but she's shown herself to look sexy when she wants to, with this picture being a shining example.

12 Billy Kay

via 4cornerwrestling.com

Billy Kay has quickly risen as one of the real finds of NXT as this tall, stunning woman has created a menacing partnership with Peyton Royce and has dominated much of the NXT's Women's Division alongside her. Kay has quite the striking looks and backs it up with her compelling wrestling style and she works really hard in the gym to shape herself perfectly. This gym selfie of Kay shows just how hard she usually works out in the gym and she also manages to look really hot in this picture as well. Kay has an absolutely stunning figure and that can be seen in this amazing picture which not only shows how fit she is but also goes onto show her knockout figure in the best possible way.

11 Brie Bella

via girlsinyogapants.com

Brie Bella might not be an active wrestler anymore, but she did show some significant improvement in her last couple of years as a wrestler after she started to date Daniel Bryan. It seems like Bryan worked her to the limit to improve herself as a wrestler, while Brie made sure for herself to look sexy in all that while. This picture of Brie working out in the gym shows how hard she trained to get herself into shape, but she definitely shows her sexy side by wearing the exquisite outfit as well. Her absolutely stunning figure shines out in this picture, with those tight pants display just how "fit" Brie is in real life. Bella might now be looking after her family, but was definitely one of the hotter divas in the back in WWE a few years ago and this amazing picture proves so.

10 Carmella

via twitter.com

Carmella is being treated like quite the "Princess" on Smackdown Live where she has definitely improved her character in all these months. Carmella definitely has the looks of a princess as well and she works really hard to make sure that she keeps her perfect figure intact. This picture of Carmella working out in the gym shows how fabulous she manages to look even when she's in a rather bad mood(mostly because of Bayley working out behind her). Carmella has an amazing figure which can be displayed in this stunning selfie where one can see just how much of a perfectly toned figure she has. Carmella manages to look absolutely exquisite despite that weird expression in this picture where her figure stands out and proves why she's hailed as the "hottest chick in the ring" in WWE.

9 Naomi

via wwe.com

Naomi's growth in the WWE in the past few years has been amazing, as she started out as Brodus Clay's cheerleader and worked really hard to find a right gimmick for her. Now she's making everyone "feel the glow" as Smackdown Women's Champion and is at the top of the Blue Brand, but she makes sure to work hard at the gym and keep improving. This picture shows how Naomi puts in a load of work in the gym and also manages to keep her sexiness intact all the while. She's not only doing her fitness work well in this picture but is also showing just how sexy she is with this stunning pose which shows how much of a fine figure she really has, as she's definitely making us "feel the glow" in this smoking hot picture.

8 Sasha Banks

via wwe.com

"The Boss" Sasha Banks has made quite the impact in WWE's Women's Division ever since her NXT days where she asserted herself as the Boss of the Women's Division. She has since won the Raw Women's Championship multiple times and is definitely over with the fans right now, but she's not taking anything lightly. Banks keeps on working really hard and hits the gym whenever possible, as this glaring picture of her working out with boxing gloves on shows how hard she works to pack a strong punch. She might look intimidating in this, but Banks looks absolutely stunning in this picture where her impeccable beauty and hot figure show how sexy she manages to look all the time as well. Banks isn't called "The Boss" for nothing as she proves herself to be a dangerous yet attractive woman in this sensuous picture.

7 Summer Rae

via wwe.com

Summer Rae has been missing from the WWE for a long time now, as the stunning diva doesn't seem to have a place in the Women's Division despite being fit and ready to compete in it. Rae isn't being utilized by the WWE that well, but she's definitely keeping herself fit and ready for the occasion and making sure that everyone notices just how hot she is. This picture of Summer Rae working it out in the gym shows just how sexy she looks even when she's training hard and she's looking absolutely beautiful in this picture of her practicing her punching in training. Rae was on Maxim's Hot 100 list this year and pictures like these prove how she manages to look like an absolute knockout all the time, be it training herself to the limit or anything else.

6 Becky Lynch

via beckylynchsource.com

Becky Lynch has reached the top of the WWE just for her sheer will and hard-work over the years, as she was down the peck in NXT but impressed management with her work-rate to get a main roster call along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Lynch has since only gotten better and is currently one of the top women on Smackdown Live! but she still works herself to the limit to get even better. This picture of Becky's insane work-out shows her doing strong push-ups and she also manages to look absolutely stunning. The Red Hair Lass-kicker actually looks smoking hot, with her perfect figure and stunning beauty being on full display and this shows how she definitely has the looks to make it in the company, looking straight fire in this picture!

5 Aliyah

via reddit.com

Aliyah is another one of the rising talents in WWE NXT, where she has been working for a year or so now and looks to have a lot of potential. But Aliyah needs to train herself to become a top diva and she's training really hard to achieve that goal, as this picture of her working out shows as such. Aliyah's sexy picture of herself working out shows how hard she's training herself, as she's lifting a lot of weights but she also manages to find the time for an absolutely amazing picture like this. This mirror picture shows both her back and front, as her impeccable figure and stunning "assets" can be seen in all its' glory in this picture which proves how hard she's been hitting the gym and also how amazingly she's managing to look absolutely stunning at that too.

4 Natalya

via wwe.com

Natalya has been carrying the legacy of the Hart Family on her shoulders in the WWE for the past decade or so, with the Queen of Harts always being quite the commendable wrestler in the company. She's now found her place in Smackdown Live! and despite any highs or lows, she's always worked really hard to keep her in a top shape. This picture of Natalya training shows the insane training regime which she follows every-day, but she also manages to look absolutely stunning in this picture as well. Natalya looks extremely beautiful in this picture and her sexy figure is on full display because of her gym-wear as well. Natalya has not only kept herself as one of WWE's most technically gifted athletes but has also made herself look extremely attractive over the years and this smoking picture shows that perfectly.

3 Alicia Fox

via wwe.com

Alicia Fox has recent reasserted herself into the Raw Women's Division, as she was going through a rough patch in the past few years. Fox has actually spent almost a decade in the WWE and is a former Divas Champion as well, but she's probably kept her place in the WWE because of her hard-work. Fox has definitely put in a lot of effort in the gym to get herself where she is now and keeps on working hard as it can be seen in this stunning picture. Fox seems to be quite athletic as she's climbing this rope as part of her workout, but she looks extremely sexy in this picture. While not many fans fancy Fox right now, this exquisite picture of her will change many opinions on her as she looks absolutely gorgeous in this, with her smoking-hot figure being displayed in an exquisite manner.

2 Stephanie McMahon

via thesportster.com

Stephanie McMahon might be way older than the Women in the WWE right now, but she's definitely as fit if not fitter than most of them. Stephanie has been in the WWE for almost two decades now as this evil authority figure, but she's kept herself in check and has almost gotten hotter as she has aged. This picture of McMahon working out shows just how much of an unreal fitness freak she really is, as her unreal training regime is a reason for her amazing looks right now. She has even featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine because of her hard-work and looks extremely hot in this picture where she's training herself to the limit. Steph's got a knockout figure which is something ladies half her age can envy and is proving to be the Sexy Boss in the WWE as the years pass by.

1 Nikki Bella

via girlsinyogapants.com

Nikki Bella has climbed the WWE ladder and is at the very top at the moment, as the former Divas Champion is somebody who is extremely precious to WWE right now. Bella is also a really hard-worker and her training regime is a reason why the company advertises her and John Cena as the "fitness icons" of WWE. This picture of Bella training shows how focused she becomes when it comes to working out, but does manage to make herself look extremely hot despite no make-up or anything. This glaring picture shows just how hot Nikki is in real life, as her stunning assets are standing out in this picture and she definitely knows how to pull off the gym pants gorgeously. John Cena is definitely a lucky guy to have Nikki as his training partner, as the Fearless One always manages to look smoking hot even when she's training herself to the limit.


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