Top 20 Hottest Trish Stratus GIFs

Initially stating her career off as a fitness model, Trish Stratus would become one of the most well known and well liked Divas in WWE history by the time her career ended in 2006. Though she’s made some part-time appearances, Trish has pretty much moved on from the wrestling business. Although it’s been over a decade since she first retired, Trish is still remembered by fans today as one of the most beautiful, charming and voluptuous Divas to ever grace the ring. Though she was initially brought in as eye candy, Trish soon developed into a respectable wrestler and performer in the ring, capturing seven Women’s Championship titles, culminating with a Hall of Fame induction in 2013.

Trish had the look that most WWE Divas at the time strived to pull off. She was often put into outfits or matches that highlighted her sexuality and skill in the ring and because of that always left an impression with the fans. Her career spawned a number of memorable and often risqué moments – some of which you can probably still vividly recall. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the top 20 hottest Trish Stratus GIFs of all-time. Enjoy.

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20 Seductress

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Trish was and is still considered to be one of the hottest women to ever grace the WWE. Though she gradually improved her wrestling skills over the course of her career, Trish was initially brought in – as most Divas of her time were – as eye candy for the fans. From the moment she first debuted she had nearly everyone in the WWE fandom in the palm of her hand. When you have those kinds of looks, you get a lot of attention, and Trish was always able to ramp up the sex appeal – regardless of whether she was in or out of the ring. Many men in the WWE fell victim to her charms, as did many of its fans – and that’s one of the main reasons she remains so popular.

19 Not too Pleased

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As popular as she was, Trish had to put up with a lot during her tenure with the WWE, not all of it great as this next GIF illustrates. Back when she was around, Divas were sexualized way more than the female talent in today’s WWE. While it was pretty out there, they always had to endure weird stuff like this happening every now and then. It looks like Trish has some kind of liquid – potentially oil – that’s been spilled all over her, and though she was a pro through and through during her career, she doesn’t look all that happy about it. However, the fans must’ve been ecstatic as they got to see Trish with this fiery expression on her face, looking fantastic.

18 Walk the Walk

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Trish wore a lot of different outfits throughout her WWE tenure, and to be honest she looked fantastic in just about anything. Hell, she still does. But as it often goes, some things are just more memorable than others and this just so happens to be one of those cases. This outfit was worn by Trish during her WWE debut and is most likely the reason why this look is so memorable to fans. If you’d watched this when she first debuted then you were most likely taken with her from then on. Her beauty shines brightly here and that little strut she pulls off is just incredible. It’s not hard to see why she went over so well during her career.

17 Swagger

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Trish had many admirable qualities as both a wrestler and a performer. She obviously had the looks to be successful, but she also knew how to work the crowd, and really get them into it. She had tons of charisma and always put it to good work, whether she was playing the heel or was acting as a babyface. It really helped sell her matches and is a big reason as to why she’s still remembered so fondly as a performer. But let’s not kid ourselves, her amazing looks play into all of that as well. Trish was arguably the best looking Diva on the roster during her time with the WWE and she knew it. She carried herself with confidence and it shows here.

16 The Paddle

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Though we’re all pretty used to what the WWE offers in terms of its programming nowadays, we can all recall a time when what you saw from the WWE was a little more racy and risqué. Of course, Trish was active right in the middle of this period and benefitted greatly from all the exposure she got in that time. As good as she was at playing the good guy, Trish could make an equally convincing heel and it seems that this is what we’re seeing here. Trish seems to be holdings some kind of leather belt or paddle and has a pretty menacing look on her face. No doubt frightening for the women in the ring with her but it seems like it might have been something that got the fans going.

15 Jiggle

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Say what you will about Trish but she undoubtedly had the assets needed to make it in the WWE. Of course, one has to admire how she improved her wrestling skills and really made the effort to be a legitimate performer in the WWE, but the huge draw there was never going to be her skills, at least not just that. Trish had the looks to succeed from day one and fans took notice. Throughout her career, she along with WWE Creative, were never above flaunting those great looks in order to get some attention. Many matches and occasions had Trish in skimpy and revealing attire, much to the pleasure of the entire WWE male fan base. This is one of those outfits and as you can see, it looks absolutely jaw dropping.

14 Spank

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The Trish-Stephanie feud was memorable for several reasons, but mostly because of all the raunchy moments it gave us between the two beautiful ladies. The match that took place at No Way Out 2001 was significant for a lot of reasons, but most will remember it as the match where Stephanie McMahon pulled down Trish Stratus’ pants and spanked her like a child in front of thousands. It was cat fighting at its finest and at the time, one of the more entertaining women’s fights the WWE could provide. Of course, it also gave Trish fans an eyeful, which went over great with them. It was most probably a planned thing, but it happened so organically that it wouldn’t be too hard to believe that the whole pants incident just happened and the two talented ladies went along with it.

13 C’mon

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Here we get another look at Trish’s cowgirl inspired gear and of course, she looks incredible. Her debut looks is one that’s imprinted itself in people’s minds and is something that most wrestling fans will picture her in from her days in the WWE. The wild and sexy look fits Trish well, and this was one of her better outfits in that regard. Trish managed to handle herself well on camera, and even in cases like this where she showed some frustration, she managed to somehow look absolutely stunning while doing so. Sexiness, style and the ability to rally a crowd. Trish had it all in this picture and she continued to showcase those attributes for the majority of her career as a WWE Diva.

12 Photo Shoot

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Divas pretty much had to look good at all times back in the day. Obviously, looking good in the ring and on camera was a must, but they also partook in a number of promotional videos and photo shoots. Trish was a fan favorite most of her career and no doubt, these extra little activities to promote the Divas division did wonders in increasing her popularity over the years. If you were to go online, you’d find a multitude of swimsuit photos showing off just how beautiful Trish was in her prime. She really was in a class of her own and it’s a big reason why she was as big as she was. This GIF shows just how explosive she looked during those photo shoots and it has to make you say, “Wow.”

11 Sex Kitten

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Let’s not kid ourselves here; the WWE knew what kind of commodity they had in Trish Stratus. Sex sells in almost any industry, and wrestling is no different. In fact, you could make the argument that the wrestling industry kind of relies on this more than most – or at least that they used to. But while Trish was active this was very much the case, and soon after she joined the WWE, Trish was one of the companies most sexualized Divas. They really found someone who could excel in what they were trying to do with Trish. Not only did she have jaw dropping looks and mannerisms, but she also picked up the skills later on. A win for everybody.

10 Slip N’ Slide

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One of Trish’s most memorable rivalries has to be the one she had with Lita. At one point in time, Lita was looking like she’d be one of the biggest Divas in the WWE. And while she too had an incredible hall of Fame career, it’s her rivalry with Trish that most will remember. Their fights were great and their chemistry on screen was fantastic to say the least. They were two of the hottest women in wrestling at the time, and putting them together on opposite sides was a stroke of genius by the WWE. As we can see here, it seems as though Lita had gotten the better of Trish and the Canadian bombshell looks to be running away, disheveled and disoriented. But nonetheless, it’s a great view.

9 Wardrobe Malfunction

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Wardrobe malfunctions in the WWE are a pretty weird thing to think about when you get down to it. While we’ve seen our fair share, especially during the more risqué years, it’s tough to tell whether or not they’re genuine. As we saw with Eva Marie a while ago, some can be planned and worked into a storyline or match while others are just embarrassing slips that happen at the worst possible time. There have been plenty of those over the years, and Trish is no exception. We’re sure many were happy to see the busty beauty get up with what looked to be a serious wedge and an otherwise fantastic view for the fans.

8 Naughty Naughty

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Trish wore a lot of different outfits and swimsuits throughout her WWE tenure, and to be honest, they were all fantastic. Once upon a time, the WWE had its Divas dress p in all kinds of seductive and suggestive outfits, often leaving very little to the imagination. But the crowds loved it and so, this trend continued for years with some of the companies most popular Divas. Of course, Trish was one of them and found herself in a multitude of different outfits, including this naughty schoolgirl one you see right here. As if it’s any surprise, Trish pulls it off flawlessly and looks seductively devious in this short but enjoyable GIF. A little shake of the hips is all she needs.

7 Flirt

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One thing that Trish had established herself as throughout her time as a performer in the WWE was something of a seductress. Male talent was all over her, including the big boss man himself. No matter the outfit she wore, the role she played or the mood she was in, Trish always looked good to just about anyone. She was one of the sultriest Divas the WWE has ever had and there truly won’t ever be anyone like her in the industry. While she was ultimately more than just some eye candy, you can’t overlook the fact that Trish was something to look at. Can you imagine her in the WWE today? It’d be a while different ball game.

6 Tough Chick

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Trish has worn a lot of different outfits throughout her years as a WWE Diva. Some were more revealing than others, and some were just really solid looking pieces of clothing that she of course, looked fantastic in. One of the most memorable things she ever wore was this beautiful brown/aqua outfit from backlash 2006. The climax of her feud with Mickie James saw the two engaging in an intense fight, and you can see just how fired up Trish was in this GIF. Trish also injured herself during the PPV, and caused her to sit out six weeks while nursing the injury. This is also one of the last times we’d see Trish as she’d shortly retire following her return from injury.

5 Underdressed

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The WWE used to feature a number of racier segments in its program that it now, has ditched in favor of a more family friendly product. You had mud wrestling, bikini competitions and even bra and panties matches. Of course, as she was one of the most attractive women the WWE had to offer back then, Trish was featured in a number of these events, and you could safely assume that most fans waited with their fingers crossed to see her partake in them. Here we see just how revealing those bra and panties matches got, as we get a pretty big eyeful of Trish as she leaves the ring, snatching her coat off the floor. It was probably very cold in there.

4 Maid of Honor

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The Lita-Kane relationship and eventual wedding ceremony storyline was probably one of the more disturbing and uncomfortable we would see from the WWE during that era. Being Lita’s rival, Trish obviously played the heel role and berated her fellow Diva with tongue in cheek insults throughout the ordeal. One of the most memorable moments happened in the middle of the ceremony, where Trish crashed the “wedding” wearing this seductive number. The sultry maid of honor “dress” she has on here is one of the most iconic things she wore throughout her time as a WWE Diva as it perfectly highlights her sex appeal while putting her fierce attitude on display for all to see.

3 Flaunt It

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Well we get another generous look at Trish during a bra and panties match with this GIF here. Trish was defending her Women’s Championship against Terri Runnels here, and while the fight itself wasn’t much to look at, the two women were. But as you can guess, Trish was just on another level in terms of looks. While she started the match off wearing a normal set of undergarments, Trish quickly revealed herself to be sporting a racier paring of a red bra and flashy red thing. It of course went over well with the fans in attendance, and Trish was looking as good as ever, carrying herself with some swagger and confidence as she departed the ring.

2 Filthy

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If you remember anything from when Trish was still active as a WWE Diva, it’s that she was often used in a number of flirty and often risqué segments and promotional videos. Trish was always popular throughout her tenure, and her incredible sex appeal played a major part in that. As a performer she pretty much had it all. She grew into her role as a wrestler in the ring and was absolutely great at getting the crowd going. Just look at her, she fits the typical Diva template to a tee and combined with her ability to entertain and her natural charisma, she was one of the best the WWE had for a long time. It’s hard to forget a woman like that.

1 Better With Age

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You usually see a lot of former Divas change a lot with age, and often times it’s not exactly in a great way. The effects of time on someone’s appearance are inevitable, and some have chosen to age gracefully while others have taken a more cosmetic route. But then there are those rare few that actually seem to look better now that they have some more years on them. Trish definitely fits into that category. It might be hard to believe, but she looks 100 times better now than she did while active in the WWE – and that’s saying a whole lot. Maybe it’s all the yoga she’s been doing, but post-WWE Trish Stratus is one of the best women you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

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