Top 20 Hottest WAGS In The WWE Today

Throughout the course of pro wrestling history, we’ve had the good fortune of seeing some of the best looking WAGS in all of sports. The 90s in particular was littered with former WAGS of certain Superstars, with most of them actually being wrestlers themselves. The likes of Debra, The Kat, Terri Runnels and Sable all provided us with some great visual appeal during this time frame.

This article will press fast-forward from that era and take a lot at today’s current WWE roster, including NXT, and some of the hottest Superstar WAGS in the company. The list includes a variety of females, but the better parts are currently with the WWE. As for the others, some work the indie scene, while others are completely out of the business which seems to be a rarity in the world of pro wrestling when it comes to relationships.

Enough of the talk, let’s get to it. Be sure to let us know who your favorite WWE WAGS are and whether you agree with our selections or not. Without further ado, here are 20 of the hottest WAGS in the WWE today, enjoy!

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20 Candice LaRae (Johnny Gargano)

As you will see in this article, some of the most stunning WAGS in the wrestling business are also in the same field as their significant other. This situation in particular is pretty unique as Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae worked the independent scene together for years. Johnny shined brilliantly and his talents would eventually lead him to the WWE. His future appears to be extremely bright.

As for his stunning wife, Candice LaRae, she remains a prominent face on the independent scene. You truly have to believe the higher up Gargano gets, the greater the possibility of his new-wife joining the WWE is.

The couple is happily married, just recently tying the knot on September 16th at Disneyland

19 Thea Trinidad (Austin Aries)

Poor Austin Aries just recently suffered one of the more gruesome injuries in recent history. The NXT star fell victim to one of Shinsuke Nakamura’s brutal kicks which literally caused his eye to swell shut. The aftermath picture is available online, but viewer discretion is strongly advised!

What’s going to make his time off a little better is getting to spend it alongside his spouse, Thea Trinidad. Like Aries, the talent toured the indie scene for years making several pit stops with promotions such as TNA and the WWE. She even recently appeared at an NXT taping, taking on Asuka in a losing cause. With the need for more talent, don’t be too surprised if the young 25 year old stays a little longer and joins the developmental brand permanently.

18 Lauren Hashian (The Rock)

The Rock’s love story is basically like the popular dude in school who had that ride-or-die chick nobody knew about behind the scenes. Since his public divorce, the Hollywood star has kept his personal life very secretive until he finally unveiled Lauren Hashian at a movie premiere. The two had met on the set of the film The Game Plan and the interest pretty much sparked from then on between the two.

In a shock to many, the two had actually been dating for almost nine years despite little rumblings about the two. In addition, the couple welcomed in their first child just recently. This was Rocky’s second kid, having another one from his previous marriage.

The couple is said to be very happy and proud parents of their daughter, Jasmine, who was born in December of 2015.

17 Kim Marie Kessler (Randy Orton)

The once troubled WWE star seems to have made a 360 since his relationship with Kim Marie Kessler began. Outside and inside the ring, Orton was a complete and utter mess at one point. He was dropping the ball as the company’s youngest champion ever and was an absolute mess outside of the ring, turning to drugs and alcohol.

After sustaining a rocky past, Orton finally got back on his feet and appears to be happier than ever with his new wife Kim. The two officially tied the knot in November of 2015. This was Orton’s second marriage.

In May of 2016, it was announced that the happy couple was expecting their first child. It would be Orton’s second, while Kessler had three from a previous marriage.

16 Jennifer Hudson (David Otunga)

After only seven months of dating, David Otunga decided to get hitched with the singer/actress, proposing on her 27th birthday. Shortly after, the two welcomed their first child into the world in August of 2009, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Many within the WWE universe love to ridicule Otunga, claiming “he hit the jackpot” with someone that not only looks visually stunning, but holds such a strong position in the entertainment industry. Some even go as far as to claim that Otunga is only still employed by the WWE for that very reason. A little harsh? Maybe. But you can’t help but think it’s a pretty valid point when assessing the WWE and their constant need to bring in mainstream media into the program.

15 Raquel Diaz (Aiden English)

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Raquel Diaz, whose real name is Shaul Guerrero, is indeed the daughter of WWE great Eddie Guerrero. Walking in the footsteps of her father, Diaz gave the world of pro wrestling a try, signing a deal with the WWE’s developmental brand of FCW. She stayed on board until the company rebranded to NXT. She would ultimately leave the company because of an apparent eating disorder. She left in August of 2014 and hasn’t returned since her departure.

The El Paso beauty however has more than one connection to the business. Her husband is former NXT star and current SmackDown Live Superstar, Aiden English. The two got engaged in December of 2014 and tied the knot a little more than a year later, on January 3rd of this year.

14 Natalya (Tyson Kidd)

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At the age of 34, we can truly say that the Calgary, Alberta native looks better than ever. As opposed to some of her peers, Natalya seems to be getting better with age, especially physically. For that, we must applaud her efforts.

If you watch Total Divas (or are forced to because of the constant re-runs on the WWE Network), you are well aware that the former Divas Champion is dating WWE star Tyson Kidd. The two have been in a relationship since 2001 and finally tied the knot in 2013.

Nowadays, the two reside a long way from home, enjoying the beautiful Florida weather in the Tampa Bay area. Her husband Tyson still remains out with an injury and it remains to be seen if he’ll ever return.

13 Dana Brooke (Dolph Ziggler)

The latest WWE couple behind the scenes, according to the rumor mill, is WWE veteran and Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler alongside NXT alumni and member of the Raw roster, Dana Brooke.

Dana Brooke’s rise in the WWE has been remarkable. She went to NXT with no prior experience, coming from a bodybuilding background. Her work ethic and personality would drive her to the top rather quickly, as she graduated from the NXT brand in just a couple of years, despite her lack of experience.

Since joining the main roster, she’s lost a heck of a lot, but on the bright side, remains an active part of the show on a weekly basis. The WWE has big plans for her, so you can expect those loses to turn into wins shortly.

12 Sable (Brock Lesnar)

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Granted, she’s almost 50 years old and far from the same person she was from the Attitude Era, but regardless, she still deserves a spot on this list for her legacy alone.

Although the women’s division is all about wrestling today, that wasn’t always the case. The Attitude Era was all about in your face, hardcore, controversial and sexual content. Looking at those criterias, Sable thrived, becoming one of the most popular Divas in WWE history. According to reports, the Sable segments were usually the highest rated on the entire show and that isn’t too surprising given how great she looked.

Nowadays, her prior engagements with the WWE are a thing of the past. She spends most of her time isolated out in Saskatchewan, alongside her kids and husband, WWE mega star Brock Lesnar.

11 Renee Young (Dean Ambrose)

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If you don’t have a soft spot for Renee Young, chances are you’re going to hell. Seriously now, even Dean Ambrose, who seems like the most anti-social human being on this planet and who resides in Vegas out of all places, has a soft spot for the WWE host and is happily dating her at the moment.

Her rise in the WWE has been pretty great, as she started off as a quiet WWE personality and later became the company’s best host. Like Alexa Bliss says, “she’s the Katie Couric of the WWE.”

The Canadian has done a spectacular job thus far and continues to see her role increase within the company. Her future is brighter than ever at the tender age of 31.

10 Carmella (Big Cass)

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Like with Dana Brooke, Carmella also rose up the ranks rather quickly despite her lack of experience. She gained popularity as the valet of Enzo and her boyfriend Cass, but later branched off on her own once the duo got called up to the main roster. Since then, she hasn’t looked back, constantly improving in the ring and becoming a solid part of the future of the women’s division.

As for her personal life, she still maintains a strong relationship with her real-life boyfriend, Big Cass. Despite being on separate shows, the two remain together. The future looks bright for both of these wrestlers on different shows and uniting them one day seems like a legit possibility. But for now, they’ll keep working on their craft and developing apart from their partner.

9 Naomi (Jimmy Uso)

This Florida native always had the beauty to be a huge star, but didn't have an original gimmick to truly stick out as a legit WWE star. She finally seemed to be finding her footing with Team B.A.D. but an injury would derail her momentum.

Ultimately, this injury was the best thing that could have happened to her. Instead of walking in the shadows of Sasha Banks, Naomi returned with a fresh new gimmick as a babyface, something that suits the WWE Superstar far more.

Glow sticks and all, Naomi has thrived on the SmackDown brand during the split, becoming one of the most improved workers on the entire roster. Oh, and her spouse Jimmy Uso is one lucky dude, locking down the beauty in 2014. We hate Jimmy for it, but understand nonetheless.

8 Alexa Bliss (Buddy Murphy)

We previously discussed how quickly Carmella and Dana rose through the ranks, but those two don’t hold a candle to what Bliss has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Despite being only 25 and signing her first deal in 2013, Bliss is already on the main roster and involved in the main feud for the WWE Women’s Championship on the SmackDown Live brand. You can make the argument that she’s one of the top heels out of all the women in the WWE at the moment.

Her look, in-ring ability and persona is all working for her. Despite her aggressive attitude, we still find her smoking hot and envy that damn Buddy Murphy for being with her. The confirmed their relationship back in November of 2015 and are still going strong today.

7 Emma (Zack Ryder)

The WWE has done a tremendous job of confusing the hell out of us when it comes to Emma. So let’s get this straight, she started off as sidekick to Santino Marella, then had a partnership with Dana Brooke and now she's going to be hot model named Emmalina... but after seeing the promos and photographs, even though we're confused, we have no objections.

We're not sure why the WWE gave her such a weird character twist, but she looks incredibly hot in these weekly vignettes on Raw that we just want to see more of. The 27 year old is set to return very soon and we can’t wait to see her in the ring or doing whatever the hell she chooses to, as long as she appears on our television.

Props to Zack Ryder for scoring the beauty, as the two have been linked for quite some time now and are still together today. Damn you Zack, damn you!

6 Catalina Hager (Jack Swagger)

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Remember when SmackDown fans got excited for the debut of Jack Swagger? Wait, they didn't? From the moment his theme song hit and he began to speak, there were crickets, as he couldn't even lose the crowd, as he never actually had them. One thing he wasn't lying to us about was his random comment about his “smokin’ hot wife” Although that part of his promo had no purpose or context whatsoever, he made a serious point and his wife is certainly smokin' hot.

Swagger was able to lock down his model wife in December of 2010. The couple has two children, the first being born in 2011, while the second popped out just recently in May of 2015, as the couple gave birth to a girl. If she looks anything like her mother, Swagger will have his hands full in the future.

5 Brie Bella (Daniel Bryan)

Even with a little baby bump, Brie Bella looks as stunning as ever and was one of the best looking females during her time in the WWE. Nowadays, Brie is happily expecting her first child alongside SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan. We truly couldn’t be happier for the couple, who seem to be great people as documented on the reality show Total Divas and now the newly added Total Bellas. 

Brie is currently enjoying her time away from the ring, but admits a return is a pretty strong possibility in the future, as she’s only in her early 30s. We might not have seen the last of “Brie Mode” and I’m sure nobodies objecting to that. The only thing that would maker her return to the ring even better would be the return of her husband as well, if he's fully healthy of course.

4 Maryse (The Miz)

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Since the return of Maryse into our lives, no Superstar has thrived more than The Miz. Joining the SmackDown brand, his journey got off to a terrible start, as he was a “forced” draft pick by Daniel Bryan, since hwas as the Intercontinental Champion. Little did we know, this would ignite a fire under The Miz and he’d completely revamp his gimmick, feuding with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan and absolutely thriving as the show’s champion.

His real-life wife Maryse has aided immensely in bolstering his status in the company, helping him with his career resurgence. She has played a crucial role helping The Miz win several matches and has also added a tremendous degree of draw value to his overall character. In addition to that, she’s hot as hell and we hope that she never leaves our sight again.

3 Stephanie McMahon (Triple H)

If you don’t find Stephanie McMahon attractive, do yourself a favor and stop lying to yourself. She’s the Queen of the WWE and you should worship her, even if she does emasculate us on every single WWE telecast.

Watching her transition during her WWE career has been truly remarkable and one of the better stories in WWE history. She began as the shy love interest of the late Test and later blossomed into one of the most villainous heels in the history of the business.

Despite her devilish ways, we can’t help but find her attractive, despite the fact that she’s always yelling at our favorite WWE Superstars. One guy she isn’t yelling at is Triple H, as the two are happily married and enjoy the family life away from the ring with three children that no doubt will be great looking once they get older.

2 Lana (Rusev)

On January 31st, 2014, Lana made her WWE debut and it was a memorable one. She immediately caught the attention of the WWE Universe and it was almost impossible to boo her, no matter what she said. Lana would constantly bash the United States, but fans continued to cheer her, just happy to be in her presence.

Her strong connection with the WWE Universe caused an impromptu gimmick change, as she became a babyface. The storyline was a major fail and came to an end when Lana announced her real-life marriage on social media to her apparent foe on screen, Rusev. Since that occurred, the two have been placed back together again and have had some success with Rusev winning the US Title. They later departed for a little while celebrating their wedding overseas.

1 Nikki Bella (John Cena)


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There was some fierce competition, but it’s only fitting that Nikki Bella lands the number one spot as the hottest WAG in the WWE today here on TheSportster.

Putting aside her obvious good looks for a second, her growth in the WWE has been something to behold. Nikki began as a valet with no role whatsoever in 2008 and would later remarkably transform into the face of the Divas Division.

Similar to Trish Stratus, Nikki became so much more than just eye candy, improving her in-ring performance drastically over the years. She is now not only the best looking Superstar on the roster, but also one of the better in-ring performers in the women’s division. For that reason, Nikki deserves and lands the number one spot as the hottest WAG in the WWE today!

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