Top 20 Hottest Women In WWE History: Where Are They Now?

The WWE grew as a top wrestling company in the 90s, but more importantly, it gained its viewers because of the wacky entertainment provided during that crazily competitive decade for wrestling. Because of their need to get more eyes on their product, the WWE decided to bring in some gorgeous women to attract viewers with their sexy looks and the different sorts of gimmick matches which revealed their "assets" to the audience, which made the women extremely popular.

But as the Monday Night Wars wore on and WWE established itself as the dominant company in wrestling, it became more focused on giving the women some time to actually wrestle rather than simply sexualize them. The Golden Age of Women's Wrestling came together after the Attitude Era, with those ladies paving the way for women to get more attention for their wrestling rather than their figures. The Women's Revolution in WWE kickstarted a few years ago has led to the peak in Women's wrestling.

Regardless of whether they are skilled or not, WWE always hires the hottest of women to make sure audiences swoon over their looks. So let's have a look at the Top 20 Hottest Women In WWE History and where they are now.

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40 AJ Lee (Then)

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AJ Lee was portrayed as this unstable, crazy women in the WWE but she definitely had the sexy looks to back up her amazing talent in the ring as well. AJ would be pushed in romance angles at first where she was some wrestlers "girlfriend" before she became the Raw General Manager. Lee started to go over at this point, after which she received a mega-push as a singles star. Lee would the Divas Championship and would go onto hold it for an incredible 295 days, during which she helped to get some spotlight back on the faltering Divas Division in WWE. She won the Divas Championship again for a while before she was forced to take a step back because of injuries. Lee would leave the WWE in 2015 and retire from wrestling altogether.

39 AJ Lee (Now)

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AJ Lee actually followed the footsteps of CM Punk, who had sensationally left the company in 2014 and retired from wrestling as well. Lee accompanied Punk and helped him morally when he was training for his UFC Debut while doing some writing on her side as well. Her autobiography, "Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking The Rules" was published earlier this year. It covers her difficult childhood and drug-addiction, as well as her time in the WWE. AJ seems to be doing really good right now with the book becoming a best-seller in a matter of weeks and the crazy hot diva seems to be enjoying her time away from wrestling as well.

38 Kaitlyn (Then)

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Kaitlyn growth as a wrestler in the WWE was quite commendable, with the winner of the NXT Season Three later getting some recognition on the main roster as well. She was built as this underdog diva who had to fight her way into getting opportunities, with Kaitlyn finally winning the Divas Championship after having a long feud with Eve and dethroning her as Divas Champion. The stunning Diva ruled over as Divas Champion for quite a long time, defending her championship really well before dropping it to AJ Lee to end her reign at 153 days. Kaitlyn would continue to feud with AJ for the rest of her WWE career, opting to leave the company in 2014 as she wanted to return to the fitness industry.

37 Kaitlyn (Now)

Soon after leaving the WWE, Kaitlyn decided on opening her own fitness clothing company called "Celestial Bodiez". She also became a spokesperson for Blackstone Labs and Prime Nutrition, which is owned by her husband. Kaitlyn and her husband also opened a smoothie bar inside the Busy Body Fitness Center in Florida. Kaitlyn only recently went through a divorce with her husband, but she continues to work in the fitness industry as she also occasionally works for Hardbodynews.com where she contributes in interviews, photo ops, and blogs. But it doesn't seem like a return to the WWE is written on the cards, with the sexy diva now looking to increase her personal projects and become something on her own.

36 Jackie Gayda (Then)

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Jackie Gayda was definitely not brought in by the WWE for her wrestling skills, which was definitely poor, to be honest. But she had the looks which pleased management enough to give her a push on the main roster, even though it didn't work that well. Gayda did make some good memories with a few feuds and manager of wrestlers, but it was because of her scintillating figure that she survived in the WWE for those years. Jackie's found herself as the manager of her then real-life boyfriend Charlie Haas, later also losing a feud with Dawn Marie in a weird romantic angle where Haas would be tied up with these women but reject them both in the end. Jackie couldn't find anything after this angle and was released by the WWE afterward.

35 Jackie Gayda (Now)

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Jackie got married to Charlie Haas quickly after leaving the WWE, as she'd then have a short stint in TNA for a few years. After Haas also found himself out of the WWE, both of them opened a nutritional store called "Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop" In Frisco, Texas in 2008. They settled into raising a family together, with Jackie becoming a stay-at-home mother for many years before returning to the ring in the Independent scene. She wrestles occasionally when she's not looking after the kids these days, but seems to have settled well with Charlie Haas with both of them now looking to live a happy family life after serving their years in wrestling.

34 Torrie Wilson (Then)

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Torrie Wilson was among the female exports from WCW when WWE bought up its opposition and she would be the sexy diva whom WWE would portray as eye-candy to the audience. Torrie was always part of some raunchy or romantic angle which made her show her stunning figure in all its glory, barely wrestling in the company. She later became a part of "Vince's Devils" where she portrayed a heel along with Victoria and Candice Michelle and always attracted audiences with her stunning looks. Torrie would later also become the on-screen girlfriend of Carlito who later betrayed her and she was barely part of anything interesting towards the end of her WWE career and only survived because of her beautiful looks.

33 Torrie Wilson (Now)

Torrie would go onto join the entertainment industry after leaving the WWE, as she signed up as a participant of the reality show "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" some-time after leaving WWE. She came runner-up in the show. Torrie also dated New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for four years before breaking up with him in 2015. She's now doing some model-work and trying to get more deals in movies or TV shows but continues to look absolutely amazing despite being 41, as this recent picture of her looking absolutely smashing shows why Wilson was pushed as more of an eye-candy by the WWE during all those years.

32 Terri Runnels (Then)

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Terri Runnels was at her hottest when she debuted as Marlena, who was the valet of Goldust and brought an edgier side to WWE as she smoked cigars while at ringside. She was extremely sexy and got really popular for that, later being put in an all-women stable called "Pretty Mean Sisters" with Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock. Terri then started to get really intimate with their slave in "Meat" which also resulted in the Pretty Mean Sisters breaking up because of how infatuated Terri was with Meat. Terri would be used in many angles in the next few years and wrestled some gimmick matches, also later becoming the host of WWE Excess. She also won the Hardcore Championship for some time but was later released by the WWE who had nothing else left for her.

31 Terri Runnels (Now)

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Terri decided to do some good charity-work after leaving the WWE, as she signed up with many charity foundations and did whatever she could do for them. In 2008, Terri also began a contest called "Make the World Write" where the contestants wrote about how they would make the world a better place. Terri reappeared in the WWE during the 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony where she came to support Jacqueline and Big Bossman's induction. WWE.com later also had an interview with her where she explained her closeness to these two and what she is doing nowadays, as it won't really be surprising if we see her inducted into the Hall of Fame in a few years time.

30 Candice Michelle (Then)

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Candice Michelle was recruited by the WWE for being "eye-candy" to the audience, as she barely had any wrestling training before appearing in the WWE. She was a part of "Vince's Devils" with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, with the three being a prominent stable and Michelle showed off her terrific figure during this time as well. After the stable disbanded, Michelle headed her own way and got a push in the ring where she even went onto win the Women's Championship! But she had a painful way of losing the championship, suffering an awful injury in the process. Michelle came back and wrestled in the main-event level at the time, but was later released by the WWE who didn't need her anymore.

29 Candice Michelle (Now)

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After leaving the WWE, Michelle never really tried to come back to the company or wrestling, in particular, opting to focus on her personal life. She decided to start up a family with her husband and is now mother to three children, but has amazingly kept her incredible looks intact. She's now more of a stay at home mother who loves to show off her amazing figure on social media and it doesn't seem like she's interested in coming back to the WWE, as she now looks focused on raising up her family.

28 Gail Kim (Then)

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Gail Kim had a lot of potential in the WWE, but they never really utilized her that well despite giving her a strong debut when she won the Women's Championship on her first night in a WWE ring. She was given a weird matrix-themed gimmick which didn't work at all in the WWE, as she was released a year after making her WWE debut. Kim went to TNA later on, becoming the valet for Beer Money Inc. and also getting involved in singles competition before returning back to WWE. They again misused her and used her more for an eye-candy rather than utilizing her wrestling scenes after which she got sick of her treatment in the company and left, vowing never to sign with the promotion in the rest of her career.

27 Gail Kim (Now)

Kim went onto join back TNA after leaving the WWE, but she was treated like a real star upon returning to the company. Kim was one of their top knockouts' as TNA had it's own "Women's Revolution" and gave much priority to their knockout's as well and Kim would be treated like royalty this time around. She went onto win the TNA Knockout's Championship 5 times after returning to the company and having memorable feuds with the other women in the promotion. She was also inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2016, becoming the first ever women to get this achievement. Gail Kim keeps on wrestling for TNA through and ups and downs and even though she's currently injured, she vows to come back to the place which made her the superstar she is today.

26 Lita (Then)

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Lita was nothing but an ordinary, "extreme" diva when she came to the WWE, but she developed herself into a stunning top female wrestler as the years wore on. After enjoying the early part of her career with the Hardy Boyz, Lita went her own way after the Attitude Era and quickly established herself as one of the most talented divas in the locker room. Her iconic feud with Trish Stratus helped to put women's wrestling on the map, with Lita also going onto win the WWE Women's Championship multiple times. Lita would then get tangled in some romantic storylines with Kane and Edge, as this hampered her in-ring work and she'd have to retire from wrestling in 2006 due to nagging injuries which hampered her wrestling.

25 Lita (Now)

Lita came back to the WWE on many occasions after retiring from in-ring competition, opting to make appearances at special events and even wrestling a match against Heath Slater on the 1000th episode of Raw. She was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Lita before WrestleMania XXX, as she opted on sticking around with the company. Lita became a trainer for the new Tough Enough program in WWE and also became a full-time creative writer for the company as well. She also unveiled the new Women's Championship at WrestleMania 32 and made occasional appearances afterward as well. Even though she's now gone from the company, there are rumors floating of bringing her back as we'd love to see this stunning diva back where she belongs once again.

24 Eve Torres (Then)

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Eve Torres was another one of the Women chosen by the WWE as part of their "Divas Search" program, but she really impressed as the years passed by in an authoritative and heel role in the WWE. Eve was definitely over at first for her stunning looks, but she got a lot of heat for her heel role in many romantic angles and as a wrestler as well. She was later given a push and won the Divas Championship three times in her WWE career, during which she also got really famous for her romantic story-line with Zack Ryder and John Cena. She also had a prolific time as the Executive Administrator of Raw and Smackdown and left the company to teach girls about self-defense.

23 Eve Torres (Now)

Eve went onto become an instructor for the Gracie Women Empowerment Self-Defense program. She also later became its spokesperson and is also currently the head instructor at the facility as well. After leaving the WWE, she made an appearance in late 2013 for the Slammy Awards, awarding Diva of the Year to the Bella Twins. She has since been an ambassador for the WWE, as she's also doing business with her sister-in-law and became an event manager, opening their own business page in the "inJoy The Party". Eve seems to be doing well in her personal projects right now and her spent her time away from the WWE doing something good for other people's safety.

22 Stacy "The Kat" Carter (Then)

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Stacy "The Kat" Carter came to the WWE as the valet for Jeff Jarrett, but her sexy figure forced the WWE to make her a bigger star than that. Carter was quickly removed as Jarrett's valet, later going onto wrestle as a singles star. She won her first and only WWE Women's Championship in a Four Corners Gown Match. Delighted with the win, Carter also went onto flash her breasts at the audience, making it the first incident of Intentional Nudity in the WWE. Carter then went onto wrestle in similar gimmick matches over the years which displayed her stunning figure in all its glory. Carter was abruptly fired by the WWE in 2001 because of her negative backstage attitude, as her then-husband, Jerry Lawler also followed suit with her.

21 Stacy "The Kat" Carter (Now)

Stacy Carter went onto appear in some Independent circuit shows after leaving the WWE along with Jerry Lawler. But the two got divorced quickly after leaving the company together, after which Lawler would eventually return to the WWE but Stacy wouldn't get that luxury ever again. She worked in the real estate business some time after getting divorced from Lawler for a company called Century 21. Carter made the news in 2010 when she married fellow wrestler Sinn Bodhi.

20 Eden Stiles (Then)

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Eden Stiles climbed the WWE ladder really well in her years in the company, as she transitioned herself into a really good ring announcer when she realized that wrestling wasn't for her. Eden would do a brilliant job on NXT, which got officials impressed enough to push her to the main roster as a ring announcer. She would later become the head announcer for the company while Lillian Garcia was out with an injury, making her PPV debut at WrestleMania 31 and becoming one of the voices of the WWE for the next year or so. But Eden proved herself to be a devoted wife to Cody Rhodes, as she left the WWE along with Rhodes last year despite having such a bright future ahead of her in WWE.

19 Eden Stiles (Now)

Eden decided to travel around the world with her husband Cody Rhodes, with the two appearing together in the Independent circuit where Rhodes would wrestle. She also started to wrestle in the Independent circuit as well, even defeating Prince Ameen at WCPW No Regrets. Eden would also debut with Rhodes in TNA last year, where she took out Maria while Cody attacked Mike Bennett. She kept on wrestling Intergender mixed tag team matches on TNA, being victorious in most of them. Eden was also part of the gauntlet match to determine No #1 contender for Rosemary's TNA Knockout's Championship, but couldn't win it. She's doing really well as wrestler and valet to Cody in the Independent circuit, as her gamble of leaving the WWE seems to have paid off.

18 Ivory (Then)

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Ivory managed to get her own popularity during the Attitude Era and managed to give stiff competition to the top Divas at the time with her stunning figure. She started off as the valet for D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry but soon transitioned into a wrestler in the company as she was a trained wrestler before coming to the WWE. She was in the top feuds among Divas at the company and at a time when WWE focused on the sexualization of women, Ivory let her wrestling do the talking. She won the WWE Women's Championship for the 3rd time during her stint as part of "Right to Censor" where she portrayed a more conservative character. Ivory kept on putting over new Divas who came to the company in the next few years before she bowed out of the company having done everything she could.

17 Ivory (Now)

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Ivory kept on wrestling after leaving the WWE, going to the Independent circuit and helping a new promotion called "Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling" and help put it on the map. After leaving wrestling, Ivory took a different route in her career as she started to work for Animal Shelters. She later opened an Animal Daycare called "Downtown Dog" where she helps train and groom pets. Ivory has taken classes on taking care of animals and is now an expert daycare specialist. She reappeared in WWE at Wrestlemania Axxess in 2015 and even appeared on an episode of Table for 3 with Alundra Blayze and Molly Holly as this could be an indication for a Hall of Fame induction which is long due for her.

16 Kelly Kelly (Then)

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Kelly Kelly was signed to be an eye-candy for ECW because of her terrific figure, as she debuted her "Kelly's Expose" on the promotion where she would striptease for the crowd. She was later also joined by Candice Michelle for this, as this weekly segment helped her get over with the fans. This also infuriated her on-screen boyfriend, Mike Knox, with whom she'd break up with and go on to wrestle. She was quickly drafted to the main roster where she would take a few years to hone her wrestling skills which were extremely minimal. After years of trying, Kelly finally won the Divas Championship in 2011 and stayed as a top diva till the rest of her WWE career as she opted to leave the WWE in 2012 and had plans to be a model.

15 Kelly Kelly (Now)

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Kelly Kelly decided to enter the entertainment business after leaving the WWE and did some work as a model before she signed up to appear in the E! reality tv show called WAGs. This started to air from 2015 and it focuses on the wives and girlfriends of sportsmen, as this started as Kelly was engaged to former Hockey Player Sheldon Souray. Kelly is also currently an ambassador for the WWE and has appeared in a few WWE events in the past few years. Many rumors were floating around about her making a return to the company and even though that looks to be bleak at this point, we'd love to see this sexy diva on WWE once again.

14 Jacqueline (Then)

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Jacqueline was the women who feuded with Sable as the prime Diva when the Attitude Era had kick-started. She would become the first ever African-American Women's Champion when she defeated Sable for the title, but she lost it a few months after. She was then put as part of the "Pretty Mean Sisters" with Terri Runnels but that didn't work well for her at all. Jacqueline was definitely one of the sexier divas of the time, as she regained her momentum after disbanding the stable and winning the Women's Championship once again a few months later. She kept on headlining the Division for the next few years before she even won the Cruiserweight Championship and would be released by the WWE later on after losing the title because they didn't have anything left for her.

13 Jacqueline (Now)

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Jacqueline went on to join TNA after being released by the WWE, becoming the valet for Beer Money Inc for some time. Jacqueline kept on wrestling in singles competition on the side but failed to capture the TNA Knockouts Championship before she left in 2009. She came back a few years later when she started a tag team with ODB as the two vowed to clean up the Knockouts Division. Jacqueline kept on wrestling along with ODB during this time before she left the company yet again sometime later. She was called back by WWE in 2016 when she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and became the first African-American woman to get this honor, as she's keeping on appearing in Independent wrestling shows now that she can't wrestle that often anymore.

12 Dawn Marie (Then)

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Dawn Marie has to be considered as one of the raunchiest but hottest WWE divas of all time, with the ECW export acting as the perfect eye-candy for the WWE when she arrived in 2002. She had that erotic behavior to her character and looked absolutely smoking hot during that time as she fought with Stacy Keibler over the position of being Mr. McMahon's assistant. She then got involved in a controversial feud with Torrie Wison, where she demanded the affections of Wilson. She threatened to marry Wilson's real-life dad Al if Torrie didn't follow her orders and Marie went with the promise as she married Al in the ring. She then announced that Al had died(kayfabe) after "rigorous numerous sexual activity" on their "honeymoon". Torrie won their match which blew off the feud and Marie would spend the next years putting over other divas before being released by the WWE.

11 Dawn Marie (Now)

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Dawn Marie was actually released by the WWE while she was on maternity leave and decided to sue the WWE for wrongful termination of her contract. She filed a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the WWE for wrongfully terminating her contract and the case was settled outside of court later on. She continued appearing for Independent shows for a few years before retiring from wrestling, after which she has been doing some good work for her fellow wrestlers. She started an organization called "Wrestlers Rescue" in 2012 which aimed at helping for healthcare issues for broke former wrestlers and is doing her best to help these poor wrestlers in need, however she can.

10 Debra (Then)

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Debra might have joined the WWE as Jeff Jarrett's valet, but she gained more popularity in the WWE for revealing her "puppies" to the audience which was meant to distract the opponents so that Jarrett could win his matches. She got extremely over and was removed as Jarrett's valet, later getting a push as a top diva. Debra went onto win the Women's Championship from Sable in an Evening Gown match after Shawn Michaels gave her the victory. She quickly lost it to Ivory but was still pretty popular for her stunning looks and she later turned on Jarrett. Debra would then be involved in real-life husband Stone Cold's feud with The Rock when she became the valet for The Great One in WWE. She left the WWE along with Stone Cold when they had a heated clash, but didn't return with him.

9 Debra (Now)

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Debra was involved in a nasty divorce with Stone Cold after leaving the WWE, as she stated in interviews that Stone Cold had beat her at least three times during their marriage, once leaving her with a bloody nose and bruises. She moved away from wrestling afterward, later opting to do some charity and anti-bullying campaign work on the side before deciding to go back to college to get an honors degree. Debra graduated from the University of Alabama with honors in 2013 and is pursuing a master's degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama as she looks for a new career after completing her education.

8 Trish Stratus (Then)

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Not many expected Trish Stratus to become the legend she is when she arrived in the WWE as the manager of T & A, as she was this evil, sexy valet at first. But after she was transitioned into a wrestler, she started to amaze people with her superb wrestling and alongside Lita created history by being the first women to main event Raw. Trish was the woman who ruled over the Women's Division for many years, winning the WWE Women's Championship an amazing 7 times during all those years. She also put over many women towards her final years, before bowing out on a high when she won the Women's Championship in her final appearance in the Unforgiven PPV in 2006.

7 Trish Stratus (Now)

Trish has made several part-time appearances in the WWE ever since retiring, but she bowed out of wrestling to focus on creating her own brand and got popular in the entertainment industry after appearing in some TV shows and hosting others. Stratus then had her own TV show called Stratusphere which focused on Trish traveling around the world to participate in local sports and adventures. She has also appeared in a few movies over the years. Trish became the youngest WWE Hall of Fame inductee when she was inducted in 2012. But she's currently very happy as a successful yoga constructor, having her own yoga studio called "Stratusphere" in Toronto, Canada and has successfully developed her own brand outside WWE.

6 Sunny (Then)

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Sunny might be in the news for all the wrong reasons right now, but she will always remain as one of the hottest women to step foot in a WWE ring. Sunny came to the WWE with Skip Candido and acted as a valet for the Bodydonnas and The Godwinns as well. She also acted as a manager for Farooq before she began acting as host for several WWE shows like WWE LiveWire and Shotgun Saturday Night. But more importantly, Sunny was the main factor of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's real life feud and played a hand in the ushering in the Attitude Era. Sunny later went onto be the manager for the Legion of Doom as well, before being fired by the WWE because of backstage problems and no-showing several shows.

5 Sunny (Now)

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Sunny had a short stint in ECW after leaving the WWE which didn't prove to be fruitful at all, later opting to make a few appearances on the Independent scene. She seemed to have gone sober and was recalled by the WWE, who inducted her into the Hall of Fame in 2011. But she has got herself entangled in controversy yet again after that, getting arrested numerous times since her induction. To make things worse for her own image, Sunny agreed to star in a porn film last year where she also wore her Hall of Fame ring. Things are not going well at all for this washed up diva, who needs to get her life back in track before she ends up in a disastrous situation.

4 Stacy Keibler (Then)

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Stacy Keibler was definitely the hottest export from WCW for Vince McMahon with the stunning diva making an instant impression after arriving at the WWE. She had an exceptional, tall figure which made her stand out from others and her sexiness was always displayed by the WWE. She became the "Duchess of Dudleyville" for a bit, before becoming Vince McMahon's personal assistant. She then also became the valet for Test and Scott Steiner after that, as she was barely made to wrestle in the WWE and kept as eye-candy for the audience. She mostly wrestled in gimmick matches after that, before becoming "Super Stacy" along with The Hurricane and Rosey. Keibler would be released by the WWE afterward as she had nothing else to give them after this point.

3 Stacy Keibler (Now)

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Keibler looked to break into the entertainment business after leaving the WWE, as she bagged roles in ABC's shows What About Brian, The Comebacks, and October Road. She also kept up her model work and was on many top model charts as well. Keibler is currently the host of Call of Duty Elite's Friday Night Fights as well. She also acted as the host called "Supermarket Superstar" where home chefs would fight for their products to be sold in Supermarkets. Keibler also dated many celebrities including George Clooney for a few years, before dating Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre. She got married to Pobre in 2014 and is continuing her work in TV shows while also looking after her family, as she seems to be happy in her life outside the WWE.

2 Sable (Then)

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Sable had actually debuted in the WWE as a nobody, but she quickly asserted herself as the hottest thing in wrestling with some of the raunchiest segments in WWE history. After being Marc Mero's valet for some-time, Sable went her own way to become a famous WWE Diva and caught everyone's attention when she exposed her breasts with hand prints on them during a bikini contest. She gained a lot of popularity from this and was pushed as the top diva, winning the WWE Women's Championship multiple times and continuing to dazzle the audiences with her amazing looks and also appearing on the cover of Playboy Magazine multiple times. Sable left the company in 1999 and later sued them for "sexual harassment" and unsafe workplace environment and the deal was settled. She returned again in 2003 where she got kinky with Torrie Wilson and had an affair with Vince McMahon as well, before leaving for good in 2004.

1 Sable (Now)

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Sable actually left the WWE to take care of her family, having been dating WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar during her second stint with the company. The two tied the knot in 2006, with Sable also accompanying Lesnar during his time at New Japan Pro Wrestling and acting as a valet for him during his matches. Sable then settled into having a family of her own with Lesnar, going on to have two children with him and she's also a stepmother to Lesnar's child with his ex-fiancee. Sable is someone who doesn't like to make public appearances at all these days as the Lesnar family loves their privacy and lives in an isolated place and even though her husband is wrecking everybody at WWE, a return for the dazzling diva looks quite unlikely at this point.

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