Top 20 Hottest Women Wrestlers To Never Work In The WWE

Vince McMahon has been known to like attractive women. He’s hired a bunch of them over the years, but he's never hired these women.  

It was surprising to learn that many women wrestlers who don’t normally get associated with WWE turned out to have wrestled for the company at some point. Such names include: Ivelisse, Katrina from Lucha Underground (Maxine), and Angelina Love. Many others have at least had tryout matches with the company, as well.

The criteria for this list is that a wrestler must have never signed a full-time and exclusive contract with WWE and appeared on company programming. This means that working once or twice as a jobber on WWE or NXT programming is not counted as having worked for WWE. Appearing multiple times for the company, such as the case with Maxine and Ivelisse, however, counts as having worked for WWE even if the bulk of their career has been spent somewhere else.

Considering the WWE’s recent tactic of signing all the top talent from the independent promotions as they can, many of these women could find themselves in WWE shortly. But they haven’t made it there yet.

Here are the top 20 hottest women wrestlers never to work for WWE.

20 Beulah McGillicutty

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Beulah McGillicutty is the stage name given to Trisa Hayes by ECW owner Paul Heyman.

Her time in ECW was actually not Hayes’ first foray into the world of pro-wrestling. In 1988, she was dating Brian Pillman, a wrestler several decades ahead of his time. He was wrestling in the Calgary-based “Stampede Wrestling” at the time. Hayes appeared on one show for the company in a staged angle where the heels were harassing her, and Pillman, a babyface at the time, saved the day.

She was brought into ECW at the request of Raven who had met her through baseball player Ron Gant. At the time she was working as a backup dancer for Prince. While wrestling in ECW, she would begin an off-screen relationship with Tommy Dreamer that somewhat mirrored their on-screen one (minus the relationships with Raven and Kimona).

While she did appear on a One Night Stand ECW reunion PPV promoted by the WWE, she never worked for the company directly.

She retired from the business in 2014 at House of Hardcore 7. Her and Tommy Dreamer are married and have twin girls.

19 Mandy Leon

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Those of you who watch Ring of Honor programming every week can count on two things happening every episode: Jay Lethal will let you know how you can get a pain-relieving knee or back brace by calling the Health Alert Hotline, and you will get a Ring of Honor update with “The Exotic Goddess” Mandy Leon.

Leon is a 24-year old graduate of the Ring of Honor dojo, trained by Delirious himself. You can currently see her on Ring of Honor’s Women of Honor shows, having excellent matches with stars like Taeler Hendrix.

In addition to being a wrestler, Leon is also a dancer and model, which are usually traits Vince McMahon likes to see in the female wrestlers he signs.

Until the WWE eventually signs her, wrestling fans will have to make due with her periodic updates on ROH television.

18 Madison Rayne

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For whatever reason, the WWE seems to be avoiding any of the women wrestlers that were involved with TNA’s “Beautiful People” stable. The WWE has never taken a chance on Ashley Nichole Simmons, better known to wrestling fans as Madison Rayne.

She is a 5x TNA Knockouts champion, and also held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship 3x with other members of the Beautiful People.

Rayne is currently a member of TNA’s creative team, having replaced Chris Hemme who left the company this spring.

In 2013, she took time off after giving birth to her first son, Charley. She ended up divorcing from Charly’s father later that year, and in 2015 would inexplicably marry the much maligned TNA announcer, Josh Mathews.

Outside of TNA Wrestling, Rayne has only appeared for independent wrestling organizations such as Shimmer and the ill-fated Wrestlicious promotion from 2009-10.

17 Thea Trinidad

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The Tommy Dreamer-trained Thea Trinidad can’t seem to get signed to the WWE. She has had a few tryout matches, including as a jobber to Asuka on NXT back in October. So far however, the WWE has chosen to pass on the 26-year old New York resident.

You can see Trinidad wrestling for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion, but she probably received her most exposure from her time in TNA Wrestling. She once held the company’s Knockouts Tag Team Championships, along with partner Sarita.

Trinidad has a few connections in WWE that may result in her getting signed at some point in 2017. In addition to listing current WWE cruiserweight, TJ Perkins, as one of her trainers, Trinidad is also engaged to Austin Aries. With Aries’ role increasing in the company, he might just have enough stroke to get his fiancee signed.

16 Kimona Wanalaya

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Remember Kimona Wanalaya from ECW? Well WWE did one time have the opportunity to bring her into the company, but ultimately declined. In 2001, Kimona was a member of the WCW roster when it was purchased by Vince. Her principle role at the time was as the manager of the Jung Dragons, a group of cruiserweights that debuted near WCW’s final months.

Kimona made her mark on pro-wrestling in Extreme Championship Wrestling however. Originally she was brought in as Raven’s girlfriend, but ended up being involved in multiple angles. At one point, Kimona and Tommy Dreamer’s girlfriend Beulah McGillicutty entered a ground-breaking onscreen relationship of their own. It was ECW doing stuff they knew neither WCW or WWE could get away with at the time.

During one ECW show, when the ring ropes broke, the production team needed to kill time. So what does Paul Heyman decide to do? He just tells Kimona to entertain the crowd by doing a strip tease atop the eagle’s nest in the ECW arena. Well played ECW, well played.

15 Lacey Von Erich

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Lacey Von Erich once had a developmental deal with the WWE, but ultimately the company decided to pass on this 3rd generation wrestling bombshell.

Lacey Von Erich is the daughter of “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich, and grandaughter of Fritz Von Erich. The Texas based wrestling family once ruled World Class Championship Wrestling, but would suffer tragedy after tragedy until Kevin Von Erich was the only brother left. 

It is amazing that after all the tragedy her family went through, that Lacey would go into pro-wrestling at all. She appeared briefly with TNA Wrestling from 2009-2010 but then largely left the business afterwards.

Her cousins, Marshall and Ross Von Erich, both sons of Kevin Von Erich, have wrestled for Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan and TNA Wrestling.

Lacey now runs an advertising agency based out of southern California and has 3 kids.

14 Gorgeous George

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In 1999, Stephanie Bellars began dating “Macho Man” Randy Savage and ended up appearing in World Championship Wrestling as “Gorgeous George”.

You may recognize the name Gorgeous George as the gimmick of George Wagner, a famous wrestler whose career spanned the early 1930s to early 1960s. He is largely credited with bringing a new degree of showmanship to pro-wrestling. Macho Man bought the rights to the name, and it was intended to be used by his brother Lanny Poffo. The WCW signed Poffo in 1995, paid him for 5 years, and never used him. So Macho gave the name to his girlfriend instead.

After Macho’s final run with WCW ended so did Bellars’ career in pro wrestling. She would go on to marry the guitarist from the Misfits, who also had a run in WCW’s final days.

13 Veda Scott

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Veda Scott could potentially be on her way to WWE sometime in 2017, though that is only speculation. She has officially left Ring of Honor, and seems to have an open schedule for the early part of next year. That could possibly be because she intends on heading to the WWE performance center in Orlando.

Scott has been a standout personality for independent wrestling promotions such as Shimmer since her debut in 2011, as well as playing a key role on Ring of Honor programming.

She is what aficionados refer to as “bookworm hot”.

It is easy to tell that Scott, real name Lindsey Kerecz, is a longtime wrestling fan. In fact, she gave up a career as a lawyer to pursue her dream of going into pro wrestling. She would wrestle part-time and go to law school part-time starting back in 2011. She eventually graduated from law school but has continued to pursue her pro-wrestling career.

12 Rebel

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Tanea Brooks, better known to fans of TNA Wrestling as “Rebel”, didn’t get into the business until May of 2014, already in her mid-30s by the time.

She is a former model, actress and dancer as well. It’s not hard to see why TNA signed her, but it’s harder to see why WWE has never given her a glance. She was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when she was 18 years old, and would later play with the New York Euphoria of the Lingerie Football League. Summer Rae also played in that league.

She is friends with Christy Hemme, which may have led to her joining TNA in 2014. Rebel, along with many others, left TNA in 2016 as the company’s future became increasingly in doubt. She still wrestles with Ohio Valley however, and won the OVW Women’s Championship back in November.

11 Kobra Moon

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This is going to be considered a controversial inclusion on this list. Is Kobra Moon ridiculously hot? Not in the traditional sense, but if you like your women with a Cleopatra-esque flare to them than Kobra Moon is your gal!

Recently Lucha Underground has started a storyline in which Kobra Moon is the leader of an ancient Aztec Tribe of... well… snake people. There have been some allusions to Kobra Moon’s character being similar to that of Cleopatra. The real Cleopatra committed suicide by forcing a poisonous snake to bite her. Lucha Underground will often make similar subtle references in other storylines as well.

Now Kobra Moon has two flunkies that do her bidding for her. One resembles an alien that Captain Kirk once battled on Star Trek, but it’s still a fairly cool gimmick. She looks to be entering a storyline with Drago, where she is attempting to force him back to her tribe. Not exactly Frank Gotch vs Bruno Sammartino, but lots of people like it.

10 Reby Sky

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The wife of “Broken” Matt Hardy and the mother of King Maxel, Reby Sky has never worked for the WWE, and that’s a good thing.

Reby Sky, who was trained by Matt Hardy, made her pro debut in 2010. She wrestled various independents as well as in Shine before making her debut with TNA Wrestling in 2014. That’s when all the magic began to happen.

Her marriage to Matt Hardy became a part of storyline as Matt became “Broken”. All of a sudden “the Final Deletion” and “Total Nonstop Deletion” are being filmed in her house, with her son and her father playing the role of Senor Benjamin. When Reby first got into pro-wrestling she couldn’t have imagined it would turn out like it has.

If the Hardys ever find their way back to WWE, it is possible Reby could go with them.

9 Cheerleader Melissa

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She first made her pro-wrestling debut in 1999, but is only now getting the kind of exposure that she deserves. Many know her as “Cheerleader Melissa” as she has been known in Shimmer and various independent promotions. Others know her as “Mariposa” the evil sister of Marty “the Moth” Martinez in Lucha Underground.

On Lucha Underground her and Martinez kidnapped Sexy Star for a period, and entered into a long program with her and the Mack.

She has also wrestled for TNA under two different gimmicks. She was put under a full niqab as Raisha Saed, the manager of Awesome Kong. She also wrestled under the name Alissa Flash for the company.

Amongst others, she lists Daniel Bryan has someone who trained her, yet she has never been able to leverage that relationship for a WWE contract.

8 Santana Garrett

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Santana Garrett has never signed a WWE contract, though she has received several tryouts. She tried out of the company in 2013, wrestling an NXT dark match against Charlotte. She then played the role of jobber for Billy Kay, Asuka and Emma on NXT, but again never got signed to a contract.

Garrett also works as a model, which makes it even more perplexing as to why the WWE has never chosen to sign her. She even lives in Orlando, Florida where NXT Developmental is, but there just doesn’t appear to be any offers coming from Vince.

She has appeared on-and-off for TNA Wrestling, having first appeared there back in 2010. Garrett has also been wrestling regularly for Shine Wrestling since 2012.

Garrett got into the business in part because her father, “TNT Kenny G”, was a wrestler based out of St. Louis.

7 Sexy Star

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Recently Sexy Star has been featured prominently on Lucha Underground television. In the 3rd ever “Aztec Warfare” match, she shocked Dario Cueto’s temple by winning the whole thing. Not only that, but the match just so happened to be for the Lucha Underground Championship, making her the first ever woman to win the belt.

This has caused some controversy naturally, as man vs woman matches are seen as not appropriate to some. Lucha Underground fans will counter this by saying there is a comic-book feel to their show, and in comic books female superheros and villians compete on the same level as male superheroes and villians.

Shortly after winning the championship however, Johnny Mundo cashed in his “Gift of the Gods” title and challenged Sexy Star for the title. With help from Taya and the rest of the Worldwide Underground, Mundo defeated her to win his first world championship.

The WWE has never shown any interest in Sexy Star, possibly because she is not considered to be that great of a wrestler.

6 Jade

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Also known by the ring name Mia Yim, 27-year old Jade has never worked for the WWE. She has worked regularly with Shine Wrestling since 2012, and started working for TNA Wrestling back in 2013. Her career with TNA wouldn’t really get kick started until she became a member of the Dollhouse faction in 2015 however.

A unique part to the “Dollhouse” was that they came out to the song “Doll Parts” by Courtney Love’s band Hole. The song was a fitting one for the group, but considering the weird past that one-time TNA President Billy Corgan has with Courtney Love, it was also a little odd.

Recently Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Jade at the 6th best female wrestler in the world in 2016. She is a former Shine Champion and a former TNA Knockouts Champion.

Why the WWE has never chased after Jade is not currently known.

5 Velvet Sky

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When the Dudley Boyz returned to WWE programming last year, Bubba apparently made a big push to get his girlfriend, Velvet Sky, into the company. No dice apparently. 

It’s surprising to learn that this multi-time TNA Knockouts champion has never worked for the WWE. She has appeared as an extra a couple of times, and was once a jobber for Victoria on an episode of Heat. But she has never signed a WWE contract. She seemingly has everything Vince McMahon looks for in a female talent, and a few other things too. Her “Beautiful People” gimmick storyline in TNA got over arguably as well as any other angle in the Knockouts division ever has. But still it has never been enough to earn her a roster spot.

Outside of wrestling for TNA, Velvet Sky has only ever appeared for one other major wrestling company: AAA Lucha Libre in Mexico.

4 Rosemary

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After wrestling as Courtney Rush for 8 years on the independent scene, Holly Letkeman is currently getting an opportunity to shine as Rosemary in TNA Wrestling.

Rosemary comes from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, a city rich with wrestling history. Among others, Chris Jericho and Steve Corino are both from the city. With plenty of indie feds around for her to work for, Rosemary spent years looking for her big break.

Earlier this year she was signed to TNA Wrestling, the first major wrestling promotion of her career. She was put in “Decay”, a stable of Marilyn Manson-loving goth characters. Her teammates are Crazy Steve and Abyss.

She has been thrust right into the middle of the “Broken” Matt Hardy storyline, and was even once responsible for kidnapping King Maxel.

Also cool, is that Rosemary will use the poison mist every so often.

3 Taeler Hendrix

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Unless you count briefly being a member of Adam Rose’s “rosebuds”, Taeler Hendrix has never worked for the WWE. This fact is really unfortunate for WWE fans who have never been given the chance to see her wrestle (or just see her).

While she has appeared on TNA programming, as well as in their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, her most prominent role in wrestling has been that of Jay Lethal’s valet in Ring of Honor.

Hendrix joined Lethal’s entourage in 2015, and played a pivotol role in his lengthy run as ROH World Champion. Since Lethal turned babyface however, we have seen her less aligned with him.

You can also check out Hendrix as a member of ROH’s “Queens of Combat”, the company’s all women division. She is not one to miss.

2 Taya

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Also known as Taya Valkyrie, you can see this Lance Storm trained woman wrestling for Lucha Underground and AAA Lucha Libre in Mexico.

Taya did sign a developmental contract with WWE in 2011, but never appeared on any programming for the company. This despite coming highly recommended from Lance Storm, who has also trained Emma and Tyler Breeze.

On Lucha Underground, Taya is a member of the “Worldwide Underground” along with Johnny Mundo, PJ Black and Jack Evans. Just recently on Lucha Underground television she helped Johnny Mundo win (and defend) the Lucha Underground Championship.

In Mexico, Taya is arguably the top woman performer in the country. She has held the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship since August 17th, 2014. There can be no doubting that the WWE really dropped the ball by never picking up Taya. Their loss is Lucha Underground’s gain.

1 Cherry Bomb

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You may be more familiar with Laura Dennis by her TNA Wrestling name, Allie, but she has also been wrestling as “Cherry Bomb” for 11 years.

Somehow the WWE has never shown any real interest in Allie/Cherry Bomb, and in fact she wouldn’t even debut for a major wrestling company until 2013, some 8 years into her wrestling career.

She has been wrestling for Shine Wrestling, which is the major women’s independent pro-wrestling promotion. She has even appeared regularly for Combat Zone Wrestling, the leading independent hardcore wrestling promotion.

Allie had appeared on 2 of TNA’s One Night Only PPV events before finally being signed to a contract with the company in March of 2016. She was then given the gimmick of Maria’s apprentice, before surprising everyone with her wrestling ability and winning the Knockouts Championship in August.

Why the WWE has never picked up on her is anyone’s guess.

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