Top 20 Hottest WrestleMania Moments

The Showcase of the Immortals, the Grandest Stage of Them All, the Show of Shows, and the Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment are all phrases identified with WrestleMania. The sexiest show on earth certainly isn’t another one but that doesn’t mean that the annual event hasn’t seen more than its fair share of memorable moments featuring hot women over the years. That may come as a surprise to some of you but it really shouldn’t considering that the WWE has a long history of mostly hiring attractive women over the years. In fact, if you think of some of the most important names in the history of the WWE’s women’s division, Trish Stratus, Sable, Lita, Paige, and AJ Lee all spring to mind, most have incredible looks. Realizing that was the case is what inspired us to put together this list of the hottest WresleMania moments, in case a few of our readers have forgotten about just how sweet Mania can get.

In order for a moment to be considered it first of all needs to have happened at WrestleMania. Whether that means that it took place out in the ring in front of thousands of fans or was previously taped in the back or off the grounds, as long as it first aired during the event, it qualifies. Next, it needs to be one that features women and is sexy for one reason or another.

20 Stacy’s Flash - WrestleMania X8

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If you’ve been a wrestling fan for any significant amount of time then you will know that the WWE has a long history of hiring women strictly for their looks. While times have changed and the majority of their female wrestlers today are hired in large part because they have the ability to grapple in the ring, that wasn’t always the place. One of the women that epitomized that trend was Stacy Keibler, who ended up taking place in matches but was relatively inexperienced when hired and remained best known for her looks. A leggy blonde who looked different than all of her peers at the time, most of whom had buxom bodies, she is also well remembered for her dancing skills. That is because of moments like at WrestleMania X8 where she accompanied The Dudley Boyz, a duo she managed at the time and danced seductively alongside the band Saliva that performed their theme song/ Let's not forget how she flashed her goods to distract Jeff Hardy - and got spanked in the process.

19 The Kat Strategic Baring It All - WrestleMania 2000

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A moment that took its cues from the Austin Powers franchise, during a scene that aired as part of WrestleMania 2000 The Kat actually appeared seemingly wearing nothing at all. This was possible due to the fact that it was staged in such a way that wherever she went there was something in between her private parts and the camera’s lens. Getting ready for an upcoming match with Mae Young in the room, there were props such as a chair, cell phone, and a pair of water bottles in place to obscure our view too. They even used Mae’s arms at one point to cover her up which isn’t exactly the typical use of an eventual Hall of Famer but judging by the other things she has done in her career, we’re guessing she was cool.

18 The Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls - WrestleMania XIX

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For those of you that don’t remember the “Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls”, they were the subject of a series of beer commercials in which two beauties got into an argument and then had a sexy fight. The talk of the media at the time, they ended having spreads in magazines like Stuff and were even a big enough deal that the WWE promoted them as appearing at WrestleMania XIX. Mostly shown in the back, they were seen talking with the “WWE Divas” before arguing with one another and eventually going out in front of the audience. Fighting on a bed as Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson did the same thing on the floor near them, all four ladies had their tops ripped off, leaving them in just bras in front of thousands in attendance and millions at home.

17 Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly’s Stinkface - WrestleMania XXVIII

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There have been a lot of celebrities at WrestleMania over the years, including several we’ve discussed already on this list, but most of the time they just take part in some minor way. Maria Menounos, a long-standing television host, on the other hand, is a huge wrestling fan and opted to take part in a match at the event instead. Teaming up with Kelly Kelly, she took on Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres in a match where her in-ring work wasn’t as bas we thought it could be. Part way through the fight there was a moment though that looked less lethal and more arousing when Eve Torres found herself huddled up in the corner of the ring. Both Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos opted to hit her with a Stink Face simultaneously, which was meant to be humiliating but when it involves hotties shoving their butts in each other’s face it is something else entirely.

16 Terri Runnels vs The Kat - WrestleMania 2000

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Remember when we mentioned that The Kat was prepping for a match in our previous entry? Turns out it was worthy of inclusion here too as things got pretty steamy when she took on fellow WWE sexpot Terri Runnels later in the night. The Kat came out to the ring wearing gear that was see-through aside from small patches of black and the bra and thong she had on underneath, it left next to nothing to the imagination. Terri, on the other hand, was largely covered up but after her arm was raised in victory her opponent attacked her and ripped her bottoms off, leaving yet another thong briefly uncovered. You’re certainly not likely to see something like that in today’s PG version of the WWE, are you?

15 Lex’s Ladies – WrestleMania IX

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When Lex Luger was in the prime of his career and physique anyone with eyes and knowledge of the type of people Vince McMahon likes to push knew they seemed destined for one another. A massively muscled fellow who was given a lot of opportunity in the business because of his look, McMahon even signed him when he couldn’t wrestle yet to be a part of his bodybuilding company. Finally brought into the WWE, he was rechristened as “The Narcissist” Lex Luger and at WrestleMania IX he fought Mr. Perfect but not before making one hell of an entrance. Coming to the ring in an outrageous robe, he was flanked by a quartet of lovely ladies, all of whom were dressed solely in bikinis that had thong bottoms. That may not have been shocking in the Attitude Era but in 1993 it was far from expected and very hot.

14 Lana’s Ring Gear – WrestleMania 32

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The match this happened in took place on the pre-show, however, it took place in front of the WrestleMania crowd, aired on the Network, and will go down in history so we’re counting it. A bout between “Team Total Divas” and “Team B.A.D. and Blonde”, it featured the in-ring debut of “The Ravishing Russian” Lana. Understandably she wasn’t a virtuoso in the ring due to her lack of experience but despite working alongside more talented performers she by and large stole the show. That is because she wore a purple outfit that hugged her body and showed off almost all of her righteous derriere. The fact that she also slapped her own butt earlier in the match just served to make it all the sweeter in our eyes.

13 Chyna’s Wardrobe Malfunction - WrestleMania 2000

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A woman that arguably broke more ground in the WWE than any that worked there before her or after, Chyna will always be remembered for wrestling men and being a huge star. Very deserving of enshrinement in any wrestling Hall of Fame in our opinion, her matches weren’t the only thing that was noteworthy about her as there were lots of people who had crushes on her. That is why the Playboy issue she posed for actually outsold Sable’s. Wrestling against the Radicalz alongside Too Cool at WrestleMania 2000, she came to the ring in eye-grabbing attire that showed off her incredible body but eventually showed more than she planned. By the end of the match, her pant leg split up the side which led to them sliding down her body and just barely revealing the thong she had on underneath as well as a hint of her rear end.

12 Lumberjill Match - WrestleMania XXIV

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A relic of a time in which the WWE and Playboy had a mutually beneficial business arrangement, this match took place at WrestleMania XXIV. A tag team affair, the one pairing was Maria and Ashley Massaro, two ladies who appeared nude in the magazine and on the other side was Beth Phoenix and Melina, who hadn’t. Based around a storyline in which the latter group was jealous they weren’t chosen to appear in the adult magazine, it was nice to imagine all four ladies in the buff. Called the “Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjill match”, which was way too wordy, fortunately, the appeal of the match was much easier to understand. Featuring four attractive women battling in the ring while surrounding by oodles of others, all of which looked great themselves, it was an embarrassment of riches for fans of gorgeous gals.

11 Trish Stratus Gone Bad – WrestleMania XX

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Prior to WrestleMania XX, Christian and Chris Jericho had been an awesome tag team due to their obvious chemistry together and the palpable feeling they truly liked one another. Both playing cocky and brash characters, they created a juvenile bet about who could bed a diva first with Y2J trying to earn Trish’s affections and Captain Charisma setting his eyes on Lita. When Jericho actually copped feelings for Trish Christian was having none of it and told her about the bet which turned the two guys against one another. Coming to a head in a match at WrestleMania XX, the crowd expected Jericho to prevail with Trish by his side but the woman he’d fallen for slapped him which gave Christian the win. After the pinfall, Trish and the Christian made out in front of the crowd in a hot moment. After all, as dastardly as she looked at the time, we all have to admit that there is something sexy about a bad girl.

10 Pillow Fight - WrestleMania 22

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The second of three “matches” on this list that were branded with the name of Playboy, the world’s most famous adult magazine, this bout was between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. A very thinly veiled excuse to have two ladies with bodies to die for come to the ring and show off them off, there was no question in our minds it would end up near the top of this list. Coming to the ring in dresses that looked like they would be more at home in a ball than a match, they had a “pillow fight” which was really just a match with a bed present. Ending up the “action” with both of them wearing nothing but their undergarments, it certainly knew what it was meant to be and played it up.

9 AJ Lee and Paige Teaming Up – WrestleMania 31

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Arguably two of the best female wrestlers to ever tie up in a WWE ring, AJ Lee and Paige both won more the Divas Championship multiple times and deserve to go down in wrestling history. While we loved seeing them in the ring no matter who they shared it with due to their impressive wrestling and looks, there was always something glorious about them sharing it. At the thirty-first WrestleMania, they did just that when they teamed up to take on The Bella Twins and prevailed. Seeing them making their way down to the ring together was great enough, especially due to the short shorts both of them wore when they worked, but things were the hottest after the match. Hugging one another in celebration, it was a memorable moment, as we sure do respect them as professionals and seeing them embracing one another was titillating.

8 Evening Gown Match - WrestleMania XX

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A moment at WrestleMania XX that immediately followed up the presentation of that year’s Hall of Fame class, we guess they wanted to get the fan’s pulse racing yet again. A match that involved four beautiful blondes, Torrie Wilson, Sable, Stacy Keibler, and Miss Jackie, coming to the ring in glamorous dresses, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they didn’t stay on for long. After all, it wasn’t branded with the Playboy name for nothing. As soon as all four women were in the ring Sable grabbed a microphone and announced that she and her tag partner, Torrie Wilson, decided they wanted to start the match in their underwear. Not to be outdone, their opponents followed suit and the world got to see these four women in a series of revealing angles wearing nothing more than their undies.

7 Sable’s Debut - WrestleMania XII

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The second major female star in WWE history to be best known for her physical attributes, after Sunny, Sable may not have been great in a match but she had a hand in bringing women back to the WWE. Eventually a major part of the WWE’s Attitude Era, she used to her curvaceous figure to bring some serious sex appeal to the company due to her numerous scantily clad appearances. However, she wasn’t always a gigantic star and when she debuted at WrestleMania XII where she served as a valet to Triple H, it was a role several women had played in the past and swiftly disappeared afterward. Fortunately, for her, Sable’s body looked great in the dress she wore that night and she was brought back soon there afterward because the WWE could use more hot moments like this one.

6 Pamela Anderson & Jenny McCarthy - WrestleMania XI

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In 1995, when WrestleMania XI aired, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy were two of the most lusted-after women in the world. Pam was co-starring on Baywatch, a show that was propped up by horny folks who love to see beauties in bathing suits and Jenny was a co-host on the game show Singled Out, where she gained a large following. The WWE has a long history of trying their best to bring in mainstream stars to their landmark annual event and that year it was a marvellous coup for them that two hotties answered their call. Accompanying Diesel and Shawn Michaels to the ring outfitted in tight dresses that showed off their curves, it made millions jealous of the two wrestlers who had them by their sides for good reason.

5 Sable’s Dance – WrestleMania XV

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We already touched on Sable’s status as a gigantic star in the WWE during the Attitude Era and moments like this one go to give you an idea of why if looking at a photo of her didn’t make it clear. Known to go to the ring and do sexually suggestive, appear in bikinis, or even body paint in one memorable moment, she was extremely adept at tantalizing an audience. Booked to wrestle Tori at WrestleMania XV, she came to the ring while the announcers promoted her Playboy issue. Once she arrived in the square circle she promised her appearance would be for “the women who want to be me and the men that come to see me” before she began to grind to the pleasure of those in attendance.

4 Stephanie McMahon’s Outfit – WrestleMania X8

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Stephanie McMahon has gone through a few separate eras of her career on WWE television. Initially seen as an innocent young woman who was kidnapped by The Undertaker, she currently is portrayed as a business-minded and powerful woman who is not to be trifled with. In the middle, however, she took on a much more sexy characterization, often seen in rather revealing outfits, making out with her father’s former enemy Eric Bischoff and even having her breast size examined. Making her mark on WrestleMania from a sexy standpoint at its eighteenth event, she came to the ring wearing a skin tight outfit that fans were blown away by. Extremely curvaceous at the time, we know it was a view that we embraced wholeheartedly and judging by the look on her face that night she knew exactly what she was doing.

3 Peeping Hurricane – WrestleMania X8

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One of many wrestlers who held the Hardcore Championship during WrestleMania X8, The Hurricane’s run with the title happened when it could be won anytime and anywhere, as long as a ref was there. Ultimately losing the belt when Mighty Molly, his trusty sidekick at the time, attacked him from behind, it was his trust in her that was his ultimate downfall. We say that because earlier in the night he could be seen making his way around backstage and trying to find a place to hide away from the multitudes of people who wanted what was his. Unfortunately for him, but happily for lovers of hot women, he was chased out of his hiding spot because it turned out to be a part of the changing room for The Godfather’s “Hos”. Prior to having to flee, The Hurricane and the camera following him got a view of several women undressing which is a moment for the ages and this list.

2 Cameron’s Wardrobe Malfunction - WrestleMania XXX

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One of the final WrestleManias to date where it was abundantly clear that the women wrestlers in the WWE were less important to the company, there was only one match featuring them. Named the Vickie Guerrero Invitational Match, it featured fourteen women wrestling for the WWE Divas Championship in just six minutes and forty-eight seconds. One of the participants was Cameron, best known as one of The Funkadactyls, who had a remarkable moment in the midst of the melee. Dressed in a two-piece outfit, her top burst off mid-move. Fortunately for her, she was able to keep her modesty mostly intact by covering herself up with her arm quickly and departing the ring but it is was still a tantalizing moment, to say the least.

1 Mickie and Trish’s Love/Hate Relationship - WrestleMania 22

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This match was seen by a lot of people as the best women's match at WrestleMania for years on end. Some think it has been surpassed since but it still absolutely belongs in the discussion in our opinions. The culmination of a feud between Mickie James and Trish Stratus that touched on psycho-sexual elements rarely seen in the company since, it went places few would have expected. Focusing largely on the attraction Mickie felt for Trish, someone she initially saw as a mentor, by the time WrestleMania came around the two were strictly foes, or so it seemed. In a moment the WWE has censored since, Mickie crossed the line with her opponent in a creepy, confusing, and awe-inspiring way. Grabbing Trish in the crotch at one point during the match, Mickie proceeded to turn to the camera and lick the hand that had been there, to the shocked reaction of the crowd. We don’t support taking advantage of someone like that in real life but seeing as she was just portraying a character, a psycho one at that, there was something undeniably hot about it at the time.

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