Top 20 Hottest Wrestler WAGs Who Are Blessed In the Chest

Ever since WWE’s “reality era” began a few short years ago, the Internet Wrestling Community has been obsessed with the private lives of WWE’s most famous superstars.

More than a few times WWE have managed to bring real life scenarios onto WWE TV, much like the real life saga between Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge a few years ago. This proved to lift the ratings of the longest running sports show in the history of TV and has since seen WWE share a lot of information about the personal lives of their wrestlers, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

Total Divas has been airing now for four seasons and the main pull of the show is to see what the WWE Divas and their boyfriends get up to behind closed doors. Are we are just an era of nosey people? Or do we just care to much about the relationship status of the superstars we seen on WWE TV every week?

The following is a list of the most blessed of WWE’s spouse, the ones who fans are drawn to because of their chest size and not necessarily their abilities.

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20 Sable 

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

The wife of Brock Lesnar and one of the biggest pin up Divas in the history of WWE, Sable was such a sex symbol when she was a part of WWE that the company even agreed to allow her to pose for Playboy.

She famously bared her chest in favour of hand painted breasts at a live WWE show and has been known to use her best assets to her advantage on many occasions.

Brock is still used on WWE TV which keeps Sable in the minds of the WWE Universe; maybe someday she could make a return to the company where she found both fame and a husband.

19 Denise Hartmann 

via wrestlenewz.com

The wife of former WWE Superstar Christian, many of the WWE Universe are familiar with Denise because she is German Supermodel and looking at her, you would understand why she stands out from the crowd.

She met and married the former tag team champion back in 2001 and has since been known as one of the most attractive WAGS of WWE’s Roster. There was a storyline during Christian's TNA run a while back where Denise was stalked by Father James Mitchell, manager of TNA’s Abyss. This gave Denise some TV time for wrestling fans and allowed her to become a household name.

18 Rebecca Curci 

via fantasticpictures4u.blogspot.com

The former WCW Nitro girl is currently married to former WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels and is formerly known to the WWE Universe as Whisper. At the same time, she is also well known for her curves.

She married The Heartbreak Kid in 1999 and famously appeared after Shawn Michaels' match against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 22 when Michaels ran over to kiss her as a celebration.

It is well known that Michaels is a born again Christian and Rebecca has played her part in helping him stay on the straight and narrow for the last few years. You only have to look at her to understand why.

17 Galina Becker 

via hdpixa.com

Married to current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, Galina is one of the most known current WWE WAGS given that she appears at many public WWE events with her husband and eight year old daughter Joelle.

She appeared at the Hall of Fame ceremony back in March and caused a online surge and looking at pictures of her, it is easy to understand why.

Galina married Roman Reigns, real name Joe Anoii, early last year in what was said to have been a private ceremony and, with a chest like hers, there is no way Roman is ever going to wander.

16 Natalya 

via breakingwrestlingnews.com

The wife of former WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd, Natalya is the daughter of former WWE Superstar Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and niece of Bret Hart. Kidd was stated to have been the love of Natalya’s life and the two finally were married in an episode of Total Divas last year. Even though the pair appeared to be having problems on the show, which were obviously dramatized, they are said to be quite happy together.

Natalya is known for her physicality and her chest plays an important part in this aspect. The former Divas Champion always looks on point, regardless of what she wears, and her proportionate chest plays a big part in this.

15 Naomi 

via villains.wikia.com

Another original member of WWE’s Total Divas cast, Naomi is married to one half of the two time Slammy Award winning Tag Team of the year, The Usos. Jimmy Uso, Naomi is known as one of the most athletic Divas on the current WWE roster and is also well known for her well endowed bosom.

Naomi can currently be seen on WWE TV as a member of Team BAD, along with Tamina and Sasha Banks, and even though her in-ring talent is the main reason the Diva is known worldwide, Total Divas has a lot of viewership to thank Naomi for.

14 Maryse 

via sportshdwallpaper.blogspot.com

The former WWE Divas Champion and current wife of WWE Superstar The Miz, Maryse was always going to make the list. Known for her exotic French accent and unique hair flick, Maryse was a hit with the WWE Universe from the moment she auditioned as part of WWE’s Divas Search.

Maryse had it all, looks, personality, talent and that chest! Maryse was always the stand out in a depleted Divas Division that was a long time before NXT’s women took over. Maryse has been rumored to be making a return to WWE many times to partner her husband, but these claims still await substance.

13 Beth Phoenix 

via sportskeeda.com

The Rated R Superstar was always going to choose wisely when it came to choosing a spouse and you are probably not shocked to learn that Edge chose former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix.

Now a wife and mother Beth still definitely looks the part and could still return and be the most dominant diva in the division, the way she was a few short years ago. The Glamazon was always going to be a part of the list, given that she is the best kind of blend of beauty and power that is why she makes the list at number 13.

12 Kim Marie Kessler

Via static1.therichestimages.com

Married to The Viper, Randy Orton, Kim Marie was always going to have to be a stand out when it came to looking the part.

Randy Orton is a third generation superstar and is known as one of the most attractive male athletes on the roster, so Kim Marie was always going to have fierce competition with a ladies man like Randy, but it seems the stunning star seems to have everything Randy needs. After his recent divorce from long time wife Sam, you can see why Randy was eager to make Kim his wife.

11 Emma 

via pwpop.com

Current NXT Diva and former WWE Diva Emma is a late addition to the list after her boyfriend Zack Ryder tweeted to say that the two were an item. Emma burst onto the WWE Scene as the first Australian born Diva and was known as a bit of a clutz, given her strange entrance dance and accident prone in-ring gimmick.

Since then Emma has proved that she has a dark side and with the help of fellow Diva Dana Brooke, the duo have run wild in NXT and proved that there is nothing wrong with a good girl, going bad.

10 Dana Brooke

Via thedivablogger.files.wordpress.com

The self proclaimed Total Diva is, without a doubt, the future of the Divas Division; she is currently a main place holder in NXT and is dating WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. The two haven’t been dating for long, but given the hectic travel schedule of all of WWE’s employees, it seems that many Superstars are happy when they find a partner within the company, so they can see them on a daily basis.

Ziggler tweeted about Dana while he was still in an onscreen relationship with Lana, which gave “The Showoff” some heat from backstage creative personalities, but you can understand why Ziggler would want everyone to know that he was dating the whole package.

9 Renee Young 

via fanpop.com

Backstage interviewer and girlfriend of current Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose, Renee Young seems to be a big hit with many of the WWE Universe.

She joined WWE a few years ago from The Score (a Canadian sports network) and was only supposed to be used as a backstage interviewer, but she has since been promoted to being the host of the Raw and PPV Pre-Shows and regularly helps NXT’s commentary team. Dean Ambrose may be billed as unstable, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he found Renee. She stated in a recent interview that the two were dating but even when they are on-screen together, WWE never makes it obvious that there is a relationship.

8 Michelle McCool 

via mindofcarnage.com

Another former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion, and one of the first women to hold both of the belts and the first ever Divas Champion, Michelle McCool was always going to leave her mark on WWE History, but her husband is the one with the most dominant streak in WWE. The wife of the legendary Undertaker, Michelle McCool really left her mark on the wrestling world before her retirement from the company back in the spring of 2011.

7 Jennifer Hudson 

The singer and actress best known for her time on American Idol before she was cast in DreamGirls, the biopic film about Diana Ross and The Supremes, Jennifer Hudson is a well known star in her own right but she is also engaged to WWE Superstar David Otunga.

The former superstar has not been seen on WWE TV for a long time but is well known due to his brain, as he's graduate from Harvard Law. Otunga proposed seven months after meeting the singer and the two have since had a son who was born in 2009.

6 Brandi Runnels (Eden)

Via i0.wp.com

The beautiful wife of WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes and the step daughter of the late, great Dusty Rhodes, Eden has made a name for herself many times by stepping into the well worn shoes of Lillian Garcia and announcing on both Raw and SmackDown.

WWE has never acknowledged that Eden and Cody are a partnership, but during NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic finals, Eden accompanied Cody to the ring when he gave a speech and it seemed that holding her hand managed to get him through what seemed to be an emotionally driven dialogue for the benefit of WWE Universe.

5 Zahra Schreiber 

via prowrestling.wikia.com

One of the most controversial WWE stars of the past few years, Zahra is currently dating the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

The two began dating when Zahra was still a part of the NXT Roster and after Rollins’ real life fiancé Leighla Schultz discovered the affair, when a naked picture of Schreiber was posted on Rollins' Twitter account, she decided to post compromising photos of the fromer WWE Champ online.

Zahra has since been released by WWE due to pictures that she had shared on Instagram before WWE hired her, but Rollins has continued to allegedly date the outspoken star and if you’ve seen the leaked pictures, you will fully understand why.

4 Karina Steen 

via twitter.com

The stunning wife of WWE’s newest superstar Kevin Owens, Karina is well known through Kevin Owen’s Twitter where he tweets pictures of all of his family on a regular basis. Owens also talks about his wife in WWE Interviews when he is addressing his son Owen and the fact that he hates the travel schedule and being away from them.

Karina has ever been seen on WWE TV, but aside from Owens' Twitter account, she normally avoids the spotlight that has been switched on by her husband.

3 Lana 

via hawtcelebs.com

There is a reason she is known as The Ravishing Russian, as Lana is one of the most attractive WWE Divas on the current roster and is also the real life fiancé of The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev.

Lana isn’t actually Russian, she is portrayed by American Actress CJ Perry, who is also well known as a former gymnast and model. At one point, she had broken it off with Rusev on WWE TV, but TMZ published a story about their engagement and WWE decided to reunite them on their show as well.

Recently, Rusev has been appearing without Lana and the WWE Universe have began to chant for the missing beauty since no explanation has been given to her whereabouts.

2 Stephanie McMahon 

via hawtcelebs.com

As the wife of WWE COO Triple H and the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, there is no woman more powerful in WWE than Stephanie McMahon.

She was well known during The Attitude Era after she had a breast enlargement and suddenly became very popular with the WWE Universe. She has since become a mother to three children but is still in peak physical condition and is considered to be one of the biggest female pulls that WWE currently has.

Stephanie is used on WWE TV regularly as she plays a big part in the current Roman Reigns vs The Authority storyline.

1 Nikki Bella 

The WAG of all WAGS, Nikki Bella began her WWE Career with a relationship with Dolph Ziggler but she has since hit the jackpot by becoming the long time girlfriend of fifteen time World Champion John Cena.

Nikki is best known for her figure and her chest (and many accidental wardrobe malfunctions) after what was a very public breast enlargement in the early stages of her career. Since then she has gone on to become the face of WWE Divas Division and the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History. There is no debating that Nikki Bella is a deserving number one.

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