Top 20 Hottest Wrestling GIFs Of All Time

Gifs are one of the most common file types on the internet for good reason. The proper pronunciation of the word is widely contested, and we’re not going to touch that with a ten-foot pole, but there is no doubt just how useful they are. Perfect for visual images that don’t need to be accompanied by any audio, they are great for physical jokes or reminding people of fantastic scenes from movies or television. That said, they have really found their true calling when it comes to moving images of beautiful women, after all this is the internet, the place to find anything that can be construed as sexy. Since the wrestling industry is filled to the brim with athletic people, many of whom are extremely attractive, there are loads of sexy gifs from the business. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the top twenty hottest wrestling gifs of all time.

In order for a gif to be considered for inclusion here, it has to feature images that were recorded and released by professional wrestling companies or include people linked to the business. Next, it needs to show images of women from the industry that look fantastic in them. It does not matter in the slightest what aspect of the business it comes from so it can stem from in-ring action, interviews in the back or anywhere else.

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20 Eva Marie’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”

via Boxden.com

Brought in to star in Total Divas as a new WWE employee with no experience trying to make her way in the company, Eva Marie is one of the last women brought into the company strictly for her looks. A practice that used to be the norm, these days the WWE clearly considers athletic ability and it seems as though the fan’s refusal to embrace Eva Marie may have played a part in that. Someone the company seemingly has had big plans for several times in the past, her ineptitude in the ring has clearly held her back. That said, she is still great at the thing that earned her job in the first place, looking great. In this gif from the latest attempt the WWE made at making her a star, this time on Smackdown, she is seen in the ring after supposedly suffering a wardrobe malfunction. Clearly faked, as she had a gimmick at the time where she went to great lengths to avoid wrestling, our instincts don’t care. She is still only covered up because of the placement of her hands and that is hot.

19 Trish Stratus As A Schoolgirl 

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Considered one of the sexiest women in the history of the business by a lot of people, there was never any question that we had to include a gif of Trish Stratus as part of this list. Someone that was brought in for eye candy alone, she was used as the valet of a tag team made up of Test and Albert that she managed to eclipse before too long. Committing herself completely to learning the craft of in-ring wrestling, Trish managed to remake herself as arguably the best woman wrestler in the history of the business. A multiple time champion who has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, her legacy of the business is beyond repute. Still, there is still no question that her look is something she is very much remembered for as well and if you ask us, this gif of her in an innocent but revealing dress captures one of her most physically appealing moments.

18 Stephanie McMahon’s Subtle Lip Bite

via wrestlingwithtext.com

There are a lot of reasons to wish that Stephanie McMahon was no longer on WWE television. The main antagonist on RAW, she routinely gets the upper hand over the brand’s most popular good guys which make her hated, the goal any villain should aim for. The problem with that, however, is that she is a McMahon and woman which means that the heroes never get to return the favor, especially since she regularly slaps them with impunity. Though she makes the guys we are meant to root for look like wusses all the time there is still one reason to want her around, she can be really sexy. This gif is a great example of that as the look on her face and hinted lip bite makes us think very naughty thoughts. Don’t tell Triple H.

17 Melina’s Entrance

via Pinterest.com

One of the more controversial performers in WWE history, Melina is remembered for several things. Having a reputation as a drama magnet behind the scenes to the point that it leaked out to even some casual fans. Accompanying Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro to the ring and constantly letting out high-pitched squeals while they wrestled. Winning championships personally in the WWE on five separate occasions. Really, though, for a lot of us, there is something that immediately comes to mind the second she is brought up, her mind blowing entrance. Walking to the ring and then straddling its side before doing the splits while typically wearing a skirt or dress that sometimes revealed her undergarments. If we need to explain to you why that is hot we would be truly baffled.

16 Bayley’s Bump

via giphy.com

Someone who has won the WWE and NXT Women’s Championship during her time under the WWE umbrella, Bayley has proven herself an invaluable member of the team. One of the most lovable figures in all of wrestling history, she is finally starting to find her stride on the main roster but any NXT fan will be able to tell you she is capable of much more still. The ultimate underdog who is still easy to buy as a champion, if they put her in the right situations like the ones she enjoyed in NXT, audiences will absolutely explode with joy with her every win. Still, even though there is room for her to grow, we can take pleasure in the ways her character is working so far. Speaking of being happy because she is around, the roundness of Bayley’s incredible derrière is something that practically demands tribute.

15 Lana Stretch

via ifunny.co

Speaking of flexibility, there is another woman on the current WWE roster that has proven herself to be a little bit more so than even Naomi, Lana, who we can seen doing her thing in this gif. Known as the “Ravishing Russian”, she has spent most of her years on WWE television as the valet, manager, and wife of the highly villainous Rusev. A dominant pairing, they bring to mind the story of Beauty and the Beast, even though he likes to tell you how handsome he is. Of course, neither is as kind of heart as their animated counterpart on television but that is ok since the storylines they are involved in are every bit as fictional. One thing that is very real, however, is that Lana is a seriously arousing individual and looking at a gif like this one, there is something beastly inside of us that reacts too.

14 Paige Dance

via pinterest.com

Paige is one of the most talented women in the history of the WWE from an in-ring standpoint probably because she was brought up in the industry by two parents who were wrestlers themselves. The first person to be crowned NXT Women’s Champion, she also won the WWE Divas Championship for the first time during her first night on the main roster. Also one of the stars of the company’s “reality” show Total Divas, her unique personality has earned her millions of fans that have no interest in seeing her compete in-ring. A bewitching woman who seems to ooze sex from her every pore, this gif of her that was used to promote the aforementioned “reality” show is a perfect example of why she seems to be sexual napalm.

13 Lita’s Whale Tail

via wrestlingforum.com

We’ve already touched on the career of Trish Stratus and for those that are unaware, her time in the company is very much linked to another woman present at the time, Lita. Incredibly popular and hated at various points in her WWE career, one thing remained constant for the most part when Lita was around, the crowd stood up, took note, and reacted loudly. Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, she certainly deserved the honor, in part due to her time as part of Team Xtreme, a faction that was made up of her and The Hardy Boyz. Truly beloved, one of the aspects of their group was their image including the Hardy brothers coming out in colorful and tight clothing. When it came to Lita however, she was well known for her “whale tail” which is people being able to see part of the underwear she has on even while fully dressed. It may seem silly that it gets us going so but the fact that we can see a bit of what she has on underneath her clothes is simply tantalizing.

12 Natalya’s Entrance

via Reddit.com

A member of the much celebrated Hart wrestling family, Natalya is the heir apparent to the crown once worn by men like Stu, Bret, Owen, Jim, and Davey Boy. Arguably the best worker of her generation, she has found more success in the WWE, at the very least, than DH Smith or her husband Tyson Kidd. Initially seen as a no-nonsense wrestler who could put on a great match with virtually anyone, in the last few years she gave her image a bit of a makeover. Embracing a look that brings to mind S&M, she portrays herself in a sexier way than ever before.Epitomized by a gif like this one that shows her entrance in a skin tight outfit that also shows some skin, in it, she looks simply fantastic.

11 Brooke Tessmacher’s Body

via directwrestling.com

Someone that competed in bikini pageants like Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters prior to joining the wrestling world, there is no question that her looks have taken her far. Not content with that she then worked hard to become better in the ring than a number of her peers and she is a three-time TNAKnockouts Champion and a former Knockouts Tag Team Champion too. In short, she isn’t just a looker. Still, she is a woman that sometimes doesn’t get called out enough for being one of the most attractive women alive today, since Brooke has a body that just won’t quit. If we were pushed to defend that contention we’d look no further than a gif like this one that shows off exactly what she is working with and what makes it so desirable.

10 Nikki Entrance

via gfycat.com

Brought into the WWE alongside her twin sister Brie, Nikki Bella was initially used as nothing more than eye candy as she accompanied male wrestlers and celebrity guest stars to the ring. Fortunately for her, that didn’t remain the case and after taking some time away she returned to the company with a renewed vigor. Becoming a far better in-ring performer than many people ever thought she was capable of, there was an extended period of time in which she was arguably the flag bearer for the entire women’s division. Also a showman, however, she always kept a measure of sex appeal in her presentation. One of the most obvious ways in which she did that was continuing to do the little booty dance that we see in this gif whenever she comes to the ring and we couldn’t be happier it stuck around.

9 Naomi Stretch

via heartbreakers.me

Introduced on WWE television as one of the contestants in the third season of NXT, back when it was a competition style show, it was clear that she had very impressive athletic ability. That is why it seemed somewhat surprising when she was packaged with Cameron as one of Brodus Clay’s backup dancers known as The Funkadactyls since she had so much potential in the ring. These days we are finally getting to see her reaching some of the goals many of us wanted her to attain early on, including a long-awaited run as champion, even if it was cut short. In short, we are quite enthused by the direction her career is going. Speaking of being pleased, there is just something awfully sexy about a woman that is that flexible, isn’t there?

8 Renee Young’s Photo Shoot

via ign.com

Brought into the WWE a few years ago as a backstage interviewer, Renee Young has quickly made herself one of the most integral parts of WWE’s broadcast team. These days seen most prominently as one of the hosts of Talking Smack, she is a big part of the reason that a lot of fans see that show as the highlight of the WWE week. Infinitely likable, she oozes personality from her every pore and seems like a joy to be around. Case in point, in this gif that is taken from a photo shoot she took part in she looks both beautiful and awesome to hang out with for a day. Makes us imagine spending time with her while she is wearing very little, as she is here, which has to be one of the best fantasies around.

7 Catrina’s Embrace

via wwedesderingside.blogspot.ca

A woman that started out her wrestling career in the WWE as Maxine, it is said that she asked to be released from her contract due to frustration with her inability to move forward in the company. If that is true it makes us wonder if the powers that be there have ears and eyes that work as she could have easily been one of the most entertaining characters on their television. Sure, her in-ring work doesn’t hold up against some of her peers but there are other women working for the company that never even step in the ring. Currently working as Catrina for Lucha Underground, she has been one of the most intriguing characters they’ve created. A gothic figure that has lead a faction of dark characters, one of the things she regularly does is lick the face of her foes in a sign that dark things will befall them. This gif takes place mere seconds after one of her targets got that treatment and while it is supposed to be scary, it certainly looks pretty great to us.

6 Asuka’s Lick

via tenor.co

The current NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka has cut a path through WWE’s developmental television show. A woman that took a couple months to find her stride in the company, now that she has been a dominant champion for months she seems ready and able to make the leap to the main roster any day now. Undefeated in NXTat the time of this writing, it has been her in-ring work that does the majority of her talking, which is great as it gives her a mystique. That said, a gif like this one is proof positive of why she is great at communicating through body language alone. Looking very pleased with herself, at first she seems fearsome and then suddenly out of nowhere it looks as though she sees something she wants to devour. Oh, if only she could be peering at us while looking like that.

5 AJ Lee Exhausted

via giphy.com

We’re going to have to be a bit careful with the wording of this entry. No longer working for the WWE these days, it is a real shame that AJ Lee is gone as she was great in the ring. Perfectly built for the current version of the WWE’s women’s division where wrestling skills are often paramount, it is too bad that she didn’t get to work with the likes of Bayley or Mickie James. Still, there is no doubt that she was involved in her fair share of memorable WWE moments so at least we have that to look back on and enjoy. While her matches were often fantastic, she also had a number of sexy moments too and while we considered including the time her shirt rode up revealing her bra this gif won out. That was because of the look on her face that can be construed as exhaustion while lying which is perfect fantasy fodder as it brings to mind the post workout expression that comes with certain activities.

4 Peyton Royce’s Swagger

via twicsy.com

From one NXT wrestler to another. This time around we are looking at a gif of Peyton Royce, a woman very much on the rise in the women’s division. Teamed with BillieKay of late, the duo has been christened The Iconic Duo for good reason. In fact, we put serious thought into putting a gif of the pairing’s entrance together here instead (once you finish this article and the others The Sportster has to offer up you should seek it out) but this was undeniably a better fit once we thought about it. Showing Peyton as she is just about to make her way into the ring, her movement gives us a great idea of how well she can use her body. Speaking of which, we also get a great view of her midriff which doesn’t seem to have an extra ounce on it and looks awe-inspiring.

3 Alexa Bliss Desire

via imgur.com

A wrestler that spent much of her most notable time in NXT as the manager of Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake, she was then abruptly separated from them before being called up to the main roster. A surprising choice to jump over some more seasoned performers at the time, it seems they knew something we didn’t as she quickly became one of the most charismatic WWE women. Currently, a two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion at the time of this writing, considering how well she seems to know her character and commit to it, that seems like just the beginning. A villainous woman that sees everyone around her as of a lower stature, in this gif she is seen eyeing Renee Young. While she may have been trying to communicate her superiority it looks completely different as she looks ready to pounce on her if you know what we mean.

2 Nikki Backstage

via gfycat.com

The only person to be the focus of more than one gif included in this list, Nikki Bella’s clearly enjoying wearing clothes that show off her body has a lot to do with that fact. A clip taken from a video of her that was uploaded to the YouTube page she shares with her twin sister Brie, it shows her lounging and eating in a locker room at a WWE event. Never has a backstage pass seems so appealing! Wearing Calvin Klein branded undergarments that totally accentuate everything that makes her so entirely attractive, they got millions of dollars in free advertisement from her. After all, she looks better in their goods than any of the litany of emaciated models that are typically used these days.

1 Torrie And Stacy

via Reddit.com

Two beautiful blondes brought into the WWE after they bought out WCW, where they were working at the time, they were both pretty awful in the ring. It is a good thing for their careers then that they were not hired due to their ability to take part in five-star matches. Two of the sexiest women to ever work for the WWE, they were used as eye candy even though the women’s division was going through a golden age at the time. Case in point, this gif of the pair taking part in a beauty contest against Billy and Chuck. Once they began interacting with another like that nobody else stood a chance against them considering that the wrestling audience is largely made up of men.

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