Top 20 Hottest WWE Divas Halloween Costumes

It’s a recipe for success. Halloween, a time when people love to dress in costume, the wilder the better and show off big time. WWE Divas, ladies already used to showing off in unique outfits of various types and in hot ways. Put them together and it’s a great show for fans as these ladies show off big time and always go out of their way to impress on that date and have some fun with their outfits.

It gets better with the addition of them going at it in battle royals for fun and how costume contests invariably end in a big brawl or such. It’s an annual tradition to see the hottest ladies in wrestling dressing up nicely and giving the fans a good time. The costumes aren't quite as revealing as they used to be, something that is expected as the WWE transitioned to the PG Era. Still, there's plenty for us to enjoy now and Divas seem to embrace the idea of dressing in costume.

Picking the best is tough but here goes with the 20 hottest and sexiest costumes worn by WWE Divas and why Halloween is such a great time of the year for wrestling fans.

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21 Alicia Fox - Sailor

via wwe.com

A few years ago, Alicia Fox made a heckuva choice with her costume. The Florida native used her experiences by the ocean for this outfit, mixing an old-school style with modern sex appeal. The skirt was nice with a top to show off her cleavage, knee-high boots and the cap on top of her hair the perfect addition. With that dazzling smile, Alicia Fox made this a voyage you more than wanted to take.

20 LayCool - Beyonce & Lady Gaga

via wwe.com

The best Diva duo to watch, LayCool were great as the gals you loved to hate, always going around in pairings of various types. Playing two major music stars, they had a fun time, with Michelle as Lady Gaga with the quirky look and glasses while Layla vamped it up as Beyonce. It was obvious the two loved it and it fit them perfectly as Divas playing divas. They couldn't have picked a better duo.

19 Kaitlyn - Vickie Guerrero 

via wwe.fr

For an NXT Halloween challenge, Kaitlyn hysterically channeled the hated authority figure with a low cut dress, black wig and dead-on rendition of the screeching “Excuse me!” The audience howled while Vickie herself wasn’t amused but Kaitlyn looked great, a fake trip in the ring and a fun bit backstage where Dolph Ziggler seemed more attracted to her than the real Vickie. As impressions go, Kaitlyn was easily better than the real thing.

18 Natalya - Matador 

via lazygirls.info

She may not go as much for the classic Divas antics as others but Natalya can still show off her stuff when she wants. She's kept showing that, altering her look over the last few years. In this case, her matador outfit did that nicely, the tight pants accenting her rear, a nice top and red jacket adding, rather than taking away from her hotness. Throw in the usual streaks in her hair and this was an outfit that had fans ready to charge at.

17 Aksana - Devil 

via thedailyknockout.blogspot.com

The NXT Diva broke out in a costume competition in this outfit. The skin-tight leather fit her well, the blonde hair adding to her appearance and the smirk was just the topper. Aksana would eventually work her way up to the main roster, where she's mostly remembered for being Teddy Long's flame and Cesaro's valet. Her tenure in WWE wasn’t long but at least she gave us one devilishly good appearance to remember her by.

16 The Bella Twins - Super Mario Brothers

via wwe.com

It’s no surprise that the sisters coordinate costumes as they do all their outfits. Being Mario and Luigi may be an offbeat choice but they made it work, showing off their bodies in tight costumes and actually making the mustaches look sexy as hell. As ever, figuring out who was who was part of the fun as the twins made Mario actually look attractive. You won't see that every day.

15 Eve Torres - Robin

via evetorres.com

She prefers “action girl” outfits like a Ninja Turtle or just pure ninja but Eve hit a great one with this costume. It's not that far-fetched that Eve would be able to pull off a Robin, as she has a vast knowledge of martial arts. The showcase for her chest and legs, the way it fits, the mask adding to her hot features, it all comes together for a package that makes you want to break out the “Holy” lines in no time.

14 Stacy Keibler - Angel

via fanpop.com

By the end of her WWE run, Stacy was in costume all the time, as Super Stacy, alongside Hurricane and Rosey, but this one still takes the cake. With her long and stunning legs, Stacy Keibler is able to make any Halloween costume a standout. She’s had good outifts in the past but this angel outfit seems a great pick, able to show off her gams and her blonde hair giving her an innocent air but also one of pure sex appeal and thus a showcase for Keibler’s goods.

13 Beth Phoenix - Roman Gladiator

via wwe.com

What better costume for the Glamazon than a gladiator? This outfit was great with a tight leather motif, a shield, helmet and sword, gorgeous in so many ways yet also strong and fitting. Phoenix wore it with pride, showing her mix of beauty and strength that’s made her one of the best workers out there and hotter than some give her credit for. She hit a home run with this choice.


11 Victoria - Baseball Player

via fanpop.com

The quirky wrestler often went for whacky costumes for Divas stuff like a sumo wrestler and even a banana. But this showed her true hot side as she came down in 2005 in a ballplayer outfit. It showed off her underrated legs and nice chest, the cap giving her a good edge and showed the mix of beauty and power that made her such a favorite for her time. Victoria may be one of the more underrated divas of all time, as Lita and Trish tend to come to mind first when one thinks of the era, but Victoria more than held her own.

10 Mickie James - Lara Croft

via giantbomb.com

Her outfits have ranged from Indian princess to Trish Stratus but her Tomb Raider outfit is something nice. She fits it well from the shorts to the very nice top as well as a tough and intense expression that looks hot as hell. This definitely was her best ensemble. Mickie was a trooper and this shows how the entire “fat” thing was a joke, nothing wrong with a body that lived up to the iconic game character.

9 Kelly Kelly - Little Bo Peep 

via wwe.fr

Fairy tale characters are right up the alley for Divas and Kelly Kelly chose well with this classic. The bare midriff is fun along with the short shorts and nice cleavage, her smile and all-American girl demeanor fitting for the Diva. It all adds up to one fairy tale you wouldn’t mind exploring a bit more in detail. Kelly Kelly wore this outfit in 2010. Some of her other costumes included a cowgirl and a pimp, but we're going with this one.

8 Torrie Wilson - Tinkerbell

via fanboyplanet.com

This was a hard one to pick. Torrie Wilson had a countless amount of stunning costumes. The knockout blonde was a Halloween favorite, slews of great costumes over the years. Her best might well be a sexy take on Tinkerbell, showing off her long legs and nice bust, wings framing her outfit and the wand a nice touch. Throw in that sexy smirk and it was the best for a lady who never failed to impress on Halloween.

7 Melina - Spider-Woman

via canoe.ca

Melina always loved showing off her amazingly flexible body and Halloween was right up her alley. We all remember her entrance the most, but Halloween time made it extra special. Her Spider-Woman costume was a good choice as she could stretch it out, the mask fitting well with her long mane of black hair and accenting ever curve of that fun form that showed Halloween was a great time for the character.

6 AJ Lee - Kitana

via wwe.com

The ever-outspoken Diva channeled her inner geek by coming out to a costume battle royal dressed as the popular character of Princess Kitana from the Mortal Kombat video game series. She earns bonus points for how she actually pulled off a few of the character's moves in the battle royal and looking great through it all, reminding you of the nice criteria that made her such a star.

5 Candice Michelle - Catwoman 

via officialfan.proboards.com

The sultry Diva chose well with this outfit, based on the Halle Berry version of the costumed character. Candice Michelle was one of the more memorable Divas of the Ruthless Aggression era due to her willingness to constantly push the envelope. Crawling about, moving wonderfully well and using the whip nicely, she sparked quite a few fantasies to add to her already hot standing with fans.

4 Stephanie McMahon - Witch 

via wrestlingforum.com

The joke of course is that her costume was much like her on-screen persona but you can’t deny how Stephanie lived it up in that 2002 Halloween SmackDown episode. Going around in black cloak and pointed hat with her cleavage pushed up, she worked the room well and clearly had a blast living up her bad side which remains quite hot. They couldn't have picked a better outfit for her.

3 Eva Marie - Jessica Rabbit

via prowrestling.wikia.com

She gets some slams from people for her in-ring ability and WWE rushing her, but there’s no denying how incredibly gorgeous Eva Marie looks. She lived up to it with the perfect outfit as the cartoon icon, her red mane fitting and that tight crimson dress fitting her like a second skin. Truly a cartoon character come to life, Eva shows she knows where her talents lie.

2 Maria - Bunny

via jeffreykyles.wordpress.com

The redhead was always fun to watch with her amazing body and loved showing off on Halloween. Her bunny costume was a great touch, the long ears on her head, the tail and the addition of the carrot a nice touch to prove how the bubble-headed lady was a favorite. Maria has since grown as a wrestler since her time in WWE, as she's not just eye candy when she goes into that ring.

1 Trish Stratus - Wonder Woman

via fanpop.com

When you thought of Trish Stratus wrestling, you always pictured Wonder Woman. The fantastic worker was always a joy to watch show off in various outfits and in 2005, went all out playing the DC heroine. With a dark wig, her body perfectly fitting the curves of the costume and working her title belt with it, Stratus was a standout to prove once more why she’s truly a wonder among Divas. If there was one Diva fitted to be Wonder Woman, it was Trish.

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