Top 20 Hottest Female Wrestlers of All Time

In professional wrestling, a performer that is not known as a solid wrestler usually needs something extra to put them over with the fans. For some, it is an incredible gimmick or personality and for others, it is their manager. Over the years, we have seen managers like Jimmy Hart, Captain Lou Albano, Paul Heyman, and Paul Bearer either help us love or hate the men they manage. On the other side, it hasn’t only been the male managers that have helped fans love or hate certain characters. There have also been countless female managers, or valets, that have helped us show some sort of emotion towards their client.

In many cases, these female performers stuck to just managing and some of them were remarkable. Other decided to enter the ring and compete. These women all did their part to enhance the sport. Some of them were considered pioneers for the current generation of female performers, which are now known as Divas or Knockouts. For the millions of men that enjoy watching the sport each week, some of these women have been the reason why they tune in.

Over the years, there have been countless female wrestlers that weren’t exactly what you called smoking, while there have been countless others that have been considered drop-dead gorgeous, while some were even Playmates.

Who are the 20 hottest female wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling?

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20 Candice Michelle

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Before ever even stepping into a World Wrestling Entertainment ring, Candice Michelle had already posed nude and had developed a small following. She entered the wrestling business in 2004 when she was competing in the Divas Search competition and while she lost that competition to Christy Hemme, another member of this list, she would go on to do big things. She appeared on the cover (and in the pages) of Playboy in April 2006., she became a WWE Women’s Champion and appeared in the infamous GoDaddy.com commercials.

19 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis was another Diva that appeared in the WWE’s search for their next superstar female talent. She didn’t win the show, but still earned a contract and became one of the most loved females in the history of the sport. In April 2008, she was the cover girl for Playboy magazine. She was also a contestant on the hit NBC reality series, Celebrity Apprentice, and while her WWE career ended soon after (she's now a member of ROH), she will always be remembered as one of the sexiest women to ever be employed in the professional wrestling business.

18 Eve Torres

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To say that Eve Torres was just around for her looks wouldn't be fair to her at all. Torres was the winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search competition and was diva that went from solely being eye candy to one of the most talented in-ring performers in the division. Eve is a former WWE Divas champion, but long before entering WWE, was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, so she was a diverse talent. She left the wrestling business to focus on teaching women about self defense.

17 Missy Hyatt

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For many new fans of professional wrestling, the name Missy Hyatt doesn’t mean a lot. She was one of the sexiest female wrestlers long before many of the women on this list were teenagers. Now 50, the former valet made a name for herself in WCW and Extreme Championship Wrestling. Over the course of her career, she managed many wrestlers, but is most likely remembered for managing The Sandman in ECW.

16 The Bella Twins

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Just like with any set of twins, most people feel one is usually hotter than the other. Instead of trying to pick and choose which Bella Twin is hotter than the other, we just figured it would be easier to leave them as one. Nikki and Brie can both call themselves former WWE Divas Champion and both Divas are stars of the current E! hit series, Total Divas. The sisters also took home a share of the 2013 Diva of the Year award and both are in relationships with wrestling royalty, John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

15 Mickie James

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When Mickie James first appeared on WWE television as a somewhat psychotic fan of Trish Stratus, little did anyone know that James would become one of the most loved Divas. The former WWE Women’s Champion and WWE Divas Champion would go onto become a fan favorite, even after pulling off the upset of upsets at WrestleMania 22 when she beat her idol to win her first title. Her WWE career ended after WrestleMania XXVI and she later moved on to TNA. James is known as one of the most energetic female performers of all time.

14 Lita

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Who doesn't love redheads, especially those that are athletic, sexy, and can kick some butt? That is exactly what the WWE Universe got from Lita during her time in WWE. She began to grow in popularity as the manager of The Hardy Boys and turned heads for her top-rope backflips. As time went on, she would go on to manage Edge and take part in many memorable moments, including the "Live Sex Celebration" with the Rated-R Superstar. The former Women's Champion is also known for taking part in one of the greatest feuds in Diva history with Trish Stratus.

13 Ashley Massaro

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Of all the WWE Divas to appear in Playboy, Massaro may be the least-known or remembered. That doesn’t take away from her high level of hotness. The 2005 WWE Diva Search winner was the cover girl for Playboy in April 2007 and is remembered mostly because of her time in the popular magazine, but she is one of those performers that turned into a talented wrestler. The tattooed and pierced Diva also appeared on the CBS reality show, Survivor: China.

12 Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky is as sexy as it comes in the current wrestling landscape. The current TNA wrestler is one of the most popular “Knockouts” in the promotion’s history. As a singles competitor, she is the former two-time Knockouts champion and also won the Knockouts tag team title as a member of the Beautiful People with Angelina Love. The bodacious blonde has gone from just being eye candy for the men in the crowd to being an accomplished in-ring performer.

11 Christy Hemme

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The winner of the 2004 WWE Diva Search was Christy Hemme. The fiery redhead went on to have a stellar career with WWE, making it to the cover of Playboy in April 2005. She never reached the height of other women on this list in terms of wrestling ability or even when it comes to winning the women’s championship, but she will always be considered one of the hottest. Following her WWE career, she would sign with TNA Wrestling where she is still an on-air personality.

10 Madison Rayne

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Another member of TNA, Madison Rayne is one of the most talented and accomplished Knockouts in the history of the division for the promotion. Rayne is a former five-time Knockouts champion and a former two-time Knockouts tag team champion. She was briefly a member of The Beautiful People with two other members of this list, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. She is reportedly the only women to ever give birth and come back to wrestling and compete in the ring. Fans are happy she did, both for her great talents and amazing looks.

9 Sable

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The thing about Sable is that when she first came into the wrestling business, there were other female performers that were as hot or hotter. What set her apart, aside from her noticeable assets, was her sexuality. One of her most iconic storylines in WWE was when she was with Marc Mero. She was just beginning to gain popularity at the time and Mero wanted to keep her clothed. As part of this storyline, she would appear in a WWE ring wearing only pasties on her breasts. Sable also appeared in Playboy on two occasions, first on her own in April 1999, and then again with Torrie Wilson in March 2004.

8 Stacy Keibler

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To the outside world, Stacy Keibler might be known more for her time on Dancing With the Stars or for dating George Clooney. To the world that is professional wrestling, she will always be known as the women with the sexiest legs in the world and the look that just made men instantly fall in love. She got her start in the wrestling business as a member of the dancing group, the Nitro Girls. Keibler would never go on to win the world title, and took part in many memorable feuds with Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Victoria.

7 Torrie Wilson

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What more can we say about Torrie Wilson than that Billy Kidman was a really lucky guy? The couple was married and many fans wondered what he had that they didn’t. Wilson, a former fitness model, got her break in the business with World Championship Wrestling in 1999. When Wilson entered WWE in the early 2000s, she quickly became a fan favorite and landed on the cover of Playboy twice, first in May 2003, and then against with Sable in March 2004. Wilson was recently dating suspended Major League Baseball superstar, Alex Rodriguez.

6 Angelina Love

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The hottest female wrestler in the business today is Angelina Love. The current TNA knockout is a former six-time Knockouts champion and is also a former Knockouts tag team champion along with Winter. She is also a member of the Beautiful People along with Velvet Sky, making their group the hottest in the history of professional wrestling. With her long blonde hair, sexy tattoos, and great in-ring ability, Love has had one of the best careers of any performer that hasn’t made a name for herself as a member of the WWE roster.

5 Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth was the original Diva before the term was ever even coined. As the valet to the “Macho Man” Randy Savage, she quickly became wrestling’s darling. She was an elegant presence in a brutal line of work. The “First Lady of Wrestling” would do anything for the men she managed during her career. She is also remembered for her role in the Mega Powers, which aligned Savage and Hulk Hogan. During her legendary career, she would also manage Ric Flair and the nWo.

4 Maryse Ouellet

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In 2006, Maryse Ouellet competed in the WWE Divas search competition and while she didn’t win the show, she went on to have a memorable career. She met her husband, The Miz, during her time in WWE. The French Canadian bombshell would go on to win the WWE Divas Championship, defeating Michelle McCool to win the gold. She went on to win the title once more, beating Gail Kim in a tournament to crown a new champion. Despite her in-ring success, she will always be remembered as one of the sexiest of all time.

3 Kelly Kelly

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When WWE rebranded ECW, one of the main focal points of the process was Kelly Kelly. She started out in ECW as an Extreme Expose dancer who enjoyed taking her clothes off. Since then, the sexy blonde has ended up with a stellar record inside the ring, winning the WWE Divas title from Brie Bella. Despite not having the same experience as other performers in the promotion, Kelly had a solid run as the champion and unfortunately for fans everywhere, has left the promotion. Whether she ever returns to wrestling remains to be seen, but there are only a handful of female performers that can be called hotter.

2 Sunny

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To many wrestling fans, there was no hotter female wrestler than Tammy Lynn Sytch, or Sunny. During her time with WWE and ECW, her stock as a sex symbol never faded. Performing as Sunny, Sytch got her first chance to shine in front of a WWE camera when she managed boyfriend, Chris Candido, and Tom Pritchard, as the Bodydonnas. She would also go on to manage Legion of Doom 2000, Smokin’ Gunns, and Farooq. She also holds the distinction of being known as the most downloaded person of the year, according to AOL.

1 Trish Stratus

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The hottest female wrestler of all time is the Canadian-born blonde bombshell, Trish Stratus. Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 after a stellar career that saw her win the WWE women’s championship a record seven times. When she first came into the WWE, she was an established fitness model and began her career in the promotion as the manager of T&A. After she was done managing, she became the most popular Diva of all time, taking part in many memorable feuds with Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, and Mickie James.

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