Top 20 Hottest WWE Divas Who Are Blessed In The Chest

During the 1990s, WWE began to push provocative and beautiful women which helped lead to the Attitude Era, where female wrestler really pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in the squared circle. WWE’s main demographic was, and still is, male so they played to this by hiring the prettiest and biggest chested women in order to maintain the male audience’s attention.

Matches like Bra and Panties were invented where the main aim of the match was to strip your opponent down to their underwear faster than they could strip you, but the winner usually stripped herself after the match anyway.

WWE has started to treat its Divas more like female wrestlers over the past few years but it seems the company still only hires a certain kind of female wrestler to join its roster.

Women like Trish Stratus and Lita lit up the women’s division in the early 2000s, following down the path that women like Sable and Sunny had left before them, before they were then progressed by the likes of Mickie James and Melina.

The following is a list of WWE’s hottest female wrestlers who were blessed with more than just their talent during their time in WWE.

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20 Candice Michelle 

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As a Playboy cover girl and the first ever Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women’s Championship, Candice Michelle left her mark on WWE in more ways than one. She also became known as the figure head of Go Daddy.com following a string of suggestive adverts.

She was one of the masters of the bra and panties match and Torrie and Candice even had a Playboy Pillow match on the Grandest Stage of them all, at WrestleMania 22, though Candice sadly lost that one.

19 Lita 

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Sadly, Lita will be remembered more for her time with Edge, when she was referred to by derogative names, than she will be for her incredible career.

Lita was an innovative superstar who stood out alongside the aforementioned Trish Stratus, but following her real life affair with Edge and the subsequent love triangle feud between the duo and Matt Hardy, Lita became a household name for all the wrong reasons.

Luckily for her, all that has died down and she is still (rightfully) considered one of the most beautiful and powerful Divas to ever grace a WWE ring, Lita will be remembered as a four time Womens Champion.

18 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn was very well known for being “blessed in the chest,” but she was also blessed technically and proof of this was when she and AJ Lee stole the 2013 Payback event as they fought it out for the Divas Championship.

Kaitlyn came through NXT to become a WWE Diva but she didn’t stay at the top for long, as the former Champion decided to call time on her career when she found out WWE had no storyline plans for her.

Regardless of her abrupt departure, her feud with AJ Lee in 2013 is still listed as one of the best Diva feuds in the company’s history.

17 Nikki Bella  

The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History has become a well known figure in WWE along with her sister Brie, ever since they debuted as The Bella Twins in 2007.

The girls can no longer considered completely identical twins at this point, since Nikki’s breast enlargement surgery see her stands out from her sister and it is fairly easy to tell the difference between the two sisters.

Nikki is currently dating fifteen time WWE World Champion John Cena and the two are considered to be the current power couple of WWE. She is also one of the main characters on WWE’s highly rated Total Divas.

16 Eve Torres

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The 2007 Diva Search winner, the final winner of the search recognized by WWE, was the first Diva Search winner to win the Divas Championship and to be used effectively by WWE.

Eve was also the first person to win the Divas Championship three times and was the first contestant winner to become general manager, when she took over the reins of SmackDown.

Eve impressed in her time with WWE and was a natural talent when it came to in-ring action until her shock retirement from the company in early 2013. Eve is fondly remembered by the WWE Universe and is often requested for a return.

15 Torrie Wilson

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If ever there was a Diva that embodied the Attitude Era, it was Torrie Wilson. The Playboy Cover girl was rarely seen in clothing, happy to make her way to the ring in very little and compete in even less.

He dog Chloe became as big a star as her and Jerry Lawler's “Puppies” catchphrase was used mostly to describe this beauty.

Torrie never won a championship in her time in WWE, but she won over the WWE Universe and captivated a generation, which ensures she will always be remembered fondly when it comes to the women who paved the way for today’s current crop of women.

14 Sable 

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The current wife of WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, Sable has her own reasons for being on this list, as she is typically viewed as one of the first ever Divas in WWE.

Sable battled the likes of Debra and Torrie in evening gown matches when all the audience cared about was seeing some skin, not so much about their in-ring talent.

Making her debut back in 1996, Sable changed the face of WWE and showed the audience at the time what a Diva was all about. She is also recognized as just the second WWE Women’s Champion following the reinstatement of the belt and will always be remembered for the moment where she was wearing nothing but handprints over her chest.

13 Sunny 

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WWE Hall of Famer Sunny is considered the first ever WWE Diva and was remembered as one of the women who, along with Sable, began the female involvement in WWE. Sunny made her WWE debut in 1995 and only appeared for three years before she was released from the company because of reports that she had problems backstage with Sable and was no-showing events.

Sunny has since attempted to sell her 2011 Hall of Fame ring on eBay and the company have talked about removing her from their Hall of Fame all together, showcasing the complete fall from grace that Sunny has suffered.

12 Ashley 

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2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley is one of many of WWE’s women to have undergone breast enlargement surgery.

Ashley was brought into WWE to feud with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle, but mostly stood out because of her clothing... or lack thereof.

Ashley had a look that was completely different than conventional Divas and was never shy about showing what was underneath, so bra and panties matches were where Ashley really shone, much to the enjoyment of the audience.

11 Mickie James

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One of the greatest female wrestlers to step through WWE’s ropes, Mickie James and Melina’s feud of 2007 kept the WWE gripped on the Women’s Division following the departures of Trish Stratus and Lita.

Mickie was a talented performer and certainly looked the part, but when she began gaining weight it seemed WWE wanted to punish her for it and the “Piggy James” storyline was born.

It was this storyline that eventually saw Mickie walk from the company after it was revealed that a lot of the 'jokes' were the way WWE actually felt about her weight. Mickie then ventured to TNA and became a Knockouts Champion, making her the only wrestler to hold the WWE Women's, Divas and TNA Knockouts championships.

10 Ariel 

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One of the lesser known WWE Divas, Ariel was introduced into WWE when ECW was enjoying its revival in 2006 and she gained exposure because of her intense vampire gimmick and incredible use of makeup.

Along with Kevin Thorne, Ariel and her incredible ring entrance helped ECW find some fame in its early days.

Ariel was released from WWE in late 2007, but has remained on the wrestling circuit after she signed for TNA later that year, though she was released in 2008. She has since continued to work with many independent promotions all over the world.

9 Beth Phoenix

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One of the most dominant Divas to ever set foot in a WWE ring after Chyna, Beth Phoenix is still considered to be one of the best wrestlers of the last decade and her talent can speak for itself.

Phoenix was brought into the company after the departure of Lita and Trish and she helped lift the Divas from obscurity in 2008 and 2009 before her shock departure from the company in 2012.

Beth is currently married to WWE Hall of Famer Edge which means she is still connected to WWE and talks of a return have been speculated recently.

8 Natalya

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The daughter of Jim Neidhart, Natalya was always going to become a WWE Diva and she is talked about as one of the best on the roster at the moment, even though WWE have no idea how to book her.

She is a former Divas Champion and is married to former Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd. Natalya has always stood out above the other Divas because of her incredible technical ability. Let's hope that they remember that and push her in 2016!

7 Jillian Hall 

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Jillian Hall was brought into WWE as JBL’s secretary but she ended up becoming a recognizable face for that era of SmackDown Divas.

After her time with JBL was over, her gimmick became that she thought she could sing, even though she was absolutely terrible at it. Jillian will be remembered for her huge chest because one of her favourite moves in the ring was to shove her opponent into her cleavage to the delight of the watching crowd.

6 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa hasn’t had the best career as a WWE Diva, as she is rarely used in the ring and has just been given the job as a backstage announcer on WWE.com.

She underwent breast enhancement surgery much like many Divas before her and is mot known for her spot on E! Network show Total Divas which seems to have worked well for her.

Rosa revealed that she was pregnant a few months ago and it seems WWE will be keeping her around the company for the foreseeable future after the announcement of her new job for WWE.com.

5 Melina 

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Melina is quite possibly the most flexible WWE Diva in WWE History, as her ring entrance is world famous and it tells you everything you need to know about the fiery Californian.

Melina began her career as the manager of MNM before she was finally allowed to venture out on her own, where she became one of the most successful Divas the company has had as a former Divas and Women’s Champion.

While she will mostly be remembered for her entrance to the ring, Melina was one of the most talented in the ring as well and her career outside of WWE is further proof of that.

4 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is widely considered one of the most successful WWE Divas of all time. A seven time Women’s Champion, three time babe of the year and the only ever Diva of the Decade, Trish ensured that she will always be remembered in a class of her own.

Her feud with Lita led to the first time any female wrestler had ever main evented an episode of WWE’s flagship show, Monday night Raw. While Trish never posed for Playboy, she was a fitness model before her time in WWE and that showed in her ring style and physique.

3 Naomi 

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As a Total Divas star and current member of Team BAD, Naomi is talented in more than one way and continues to prove that every week for the WWE.

The most athletic Diva on the current roster, Naomi steals the show at every opportunity with her flashy shoes and even flashier moves. Whether as a Funkadactyl or as a heel star, Naomi has shown that she is here to stay.

Married to one half of The Usos, Naomi is already considered a credible threat to the Divas championship but it’s the fact that she also looks the part that is the main factor in this argument.

2 Eva Marie

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“All Red Everything” has taken over WWE since Eva Marie made her first WWE appearance in 2013. The red haired Diva, along with JoJo, were the winners of the online Diva Search that then gave them a place on the WWE's reality show, Total Divas.

Another female to have undergone surgery in favor of larger breasts, Eva Marie is one of the women in WWE who is allowing this to work for her.

Eva has taken a lot of abuse and online hate for the way her career with WWE began but she has decided to head back to developmental and train, as she is now part of the NXT roster and is proving that she has all the capabilities to be a Divas Champion one day.

1 Stephanie McMahon 

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One of the principle owners of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon also underwent breast enhancement surgery and it led to plenty of humor as wrestlers routinely bugged her about it, but it also led to fans looking at her in a different light.

Ever since she emerged as The Billionaire Princess, Steph has been a huge part of the on-screen product and is currently playing a big part in the current high profile feud between The Authority and Roman Reigns.

There is also ongoing speculation that Stephanie could be facing former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey at this year’s showcase of the immortals in April.

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